My Older Lover and His Mistress

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This is a follow up to “The Barista and the Older Business Man” and “Seeing My Older Lover.” Like the other two stories this is not a true story but has truth in it.

In the second semester of my freshman year at college James, the sixty year old man whom I fucked two times before when he was in my city for business, mentioned how his wife would be away one weekend to visit her sister.

“You probably couldn’t get away for a weekend if I paid for your plane ticket,” James said hopefully.

“I’ll have to check my schedule. Maybe I can meet Irene,”

“Really you would come out here to see me?”

“James, I would love to as long as I don’t have any commitments. I would love to taste your cock again,” I said, a hand started to snake in between my legs. The two of us eventually turned the conversation into phone sex.

Since I last saw James, I hadn’t made any boyfriends but I wasn’t looking for any. There were a few guys I fucked and all of them were older than me. The guy I was fucking on a weekly basis was forty five. I was up front with all the men. It was all in good fun.

When James and I were together last time, he mentioned a woman in work he became friendly with. He said they were only close friends but I got the feeling there was more going on. Shortly after he went home from the business trip he was on when he was in my city, he told me something happened between him and Irene. Genuinely I was happy for him.

“I don’t think I would have had the courage to make a move with her if it wasn’t for you Sandy,” James had said. “Being with you made me realize I’m not ready to live a passionless life.”

It made me feel good that I gave him confidence to find a little piece of happiness. He loved his wife but she made it clear that sex was something that wasn’t going to be in their marriage any longer.

One thing James told me he always wanted to do was have a threesome. Like most men of course. Though I was much younger, I was the one with some experience with this. I had a few threesomes. Sometimes we would dirty talk about me visiting him and having a threesome with Irene and the two of us.

Irene was forty two and had gone through a divorce. She had a son that was actually around my age. Irene married her high school sweetheart and only ever been with one man. She had told James she would be up to try a threesome as she had sometimes fantasized being with another woman.

I prefer men but I love eating pussy sometimes. Even better if a man is fucking me while I do it.

There was something I had said I would go to on the weekend he invited me to see him. However it wasn’t really important and not a big deal for me to cancel. After I cleared that off my books, I was good to go.

Packing for my trip, I was excited and couldn’t decide what to bring. I definitely over packed but I figured it would be better to be over prepared rather than under.

James didn’t feel right letting me stay at his house and didn’t want neighbors seeing some “hot young teenager” visiting him while his wife was away so he booked a hotel room for us to stay. Which was fine with me and I preferred it that way.

When he picked me up at the airport, I gave him the biggest hug. After he put my bags in the car, I gave him a big passionate kiss when we got seated in the car. On the escort gaziantep bayan ilanları drive to the hotel my hand was on his knee and I couldn’t help but tease him by placing it on his crotch.

James had gotten two rooms with king beds since Irene would most likely be sleeping over as well if we hit it off. They were adjoined and we could leave the doors open between the two.

“We’ve upgraded to fucking and cuddling rooms,” I joked, referring to the two beds and what we used them for the last time we met.

Getting into the room, we immediately went to it. Kissing and undressing each other.

“I want to taste your cock,” smiling I got on my knees. I savored him, licking up and down his shaft while playing with his balls.

James grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth. I made gagging noises and spit started to dribble down my chin but I loved every second of it. It took no time for him to be feeding me his cum.

Leading him in the shower, we kissed and touched each other. He got down on his knees and ate me out till I came.

When we were dressed, we went to pick Irene up to go out to dinner. She was a pretty woman. A little taller than me at five foot five and had shoulder length blonde hair. She wore a cute blue sundress while I wore a yellow one. James must have a type because she was a busty lady. She had more weight on her but she had a sexy shape and I thought her ass looked fantastic.

She gave me a big hug, “Sandy, so nice to meet you.”

“Same here,” I smiled back. To strangers it might seem this meeting was innocent. However I was imagining what it would be like to have my face between her thighs.

We went to dinner and had a good time talking and laughing. Though Irene was over twenty years older than me, we got along fine and poor James hardly got a word in edgewise.

Usually I get carded but James ordered a bottle of wine for the table and no one asked for my id like the last time I was out with him. I was in good spirits as I was getting tipsy and a bit horny too.

We ended up at the hotel and had yet another bottle of wine. With Irene there the dynamic was different. If it was only me and James there, we would have been naked as soon as we got in the door.

There was a couch that James sat on while Irene and I lounged on the bed. We were having a good time but I wanted to touch her.

“You are so pretty,” I blurted out.

She looked adorable blushing at my comment, “You’re gorgeous. I can’t compete with you.”

My hand reached out and rubbed her arm, trying to reassure her, “This isn’t a competition. You are seriously hot and I’ve been wanting to kiss you all night.”

“You have,” she said, sounding as if she didn’t quite believe me, “I’ve been wanting to kiss you all night too.”

I caressed her cheek then leaned in and kissed her. It took a few seconds but eventually she let herself let go and the kiss turned more passionate. Tasting the wine on her lips made my pussy wetter.

James stayed on the couch watching the scene, letting us become more comfortable with each other. Reaching for the hem of her dress, I lifted it up and then off of her. She was wearing a lacy bra that I could see her pink nipples through. I kissed her neck eskort gaziantep bayan and reached around to unhook her bra. Her breasts were double D’s and though they weren’t perky as my eighteen year old D cup tits they were beautiful in their own right. I went to devour them. Kissing and sucking the way I would want. She moaned as I laid her down on the bed, working my way down her body.

Taking her panties off, I looked down at her pussy. She didn’t wax like me but she shaved and was trimmed down there with only a little bit of hair. I spread her pussy lips and I really liked what I saw. Putting my mouth on her sex, I savored the flavor of her.

Irene moaned in pleasure and was pushing my head closer to her. Her pussy tasted fantastic and I loved my tongue on her clit. I put in a finger and pushed up to where the g spot would be. At this point, James moved to kiss her then down to play with her breasts.

From Irene’s reaction she was in heaven. I worked on her pussy until she was shaking and coming all over my face. As she came down from the high, I gradually eased up on my efforts. Finally I looked up at her and she was grinning from ear to ear.

“Wow, you’re amazing,” Irene praised me.

I went up to kiss her straddling her. She moved to lift my dress over me. James helped take off my bra. He kissed me deeply and licked around my lips and chin.

“I love tasting Irene on you,” James practically growled. He then bent down to kiss Irene again.

I was moved so that I was on my back and Irene was kissing her way down my body. She took my panties off. Blowing on my clit, Irene made me gasp. She then went to eat me out. It felt nice but it was obvious this was her first time.

James was undressed and fully hard. He kissed and rubbed my breasts as Irene ate me out. Between the two of their attentions on me I was able to have a small nice orgasm. When she came up to kiss me, it was sexy tasting me on her lips.

Our attention then went to James, giving him a double blow job. As one would have his cock in her mouth, the other would be licking and sucking on his balls.

When he came, it was in my mouth but I had a very porno idea. I didn’t swallow and went to kiss Irene. She had her head tilted up and her mouth was open. I proceeded to spit James’ cum in her mouth which she swallowed. We began kissing again and then James was added into the mix. We laid there on the bed, cuddling and kissing until we got ready to go to bed and slept in the other room. James slept in the middle, falling asleep with each arm over the other woman.

The next morning we got up and took advantage of the free breakfast. Afterwards we went back up and started playing again. Once again naked, we were three bodies entangled in each other. James was rock hard so Irene rode him while I decided to hop on his face.

Riding his face, I came. Irene and I ended up switching our positions. When James was close to coming, he said he wanted to cum on our faces. Kneeling before him, we were saying sexy things like how much we wanted his cum. He exploded on both of us. The two of us ladies licked up where his cum was on the other one. Before we did so, he asked if he could take pictures of us. We told him it was ok.

Normally I wouldn’t do face escort gaziantep bayan pictures but I trusted him.

We cleaned up and then proceeded to go out and do some sightseeing. The day was lovely and I couldn’t help but wonder if people thought I was out with my parents. We must have seemed like a nice family.

Later that night we were tired but had energy to have sex again. This time James came in Irene. Watching his cum ooze out of her pussy was so sexy, I reveled in cleaning him up from her. She squirted so hard all over me.

The next day we had breakfast and went back to the room and fucked. We were going to go to a museum but we decided to stay in the room naked all day enjoying each other’s bodies.

We took periodical breaks during our fuckathon and then went back to our perverted desires.

At one point, I laid atop Irene and James took turns of whose pussy he was fucking. I told Irene I thought she had a fantastic ass and grabbed and massaged her. I ended up kissing it which led me to eat her ass. My tongue would alternate from her ass to her pussy. My finger played with her clit. James fucked me from behind and eventually we all came together.

“Fisting is too scary for me,” Irene had said later.

“It’s fucking amazing to be stretched and filled,” I tried convincing her, “James’ hands are big but if you want I can try. My hands are a lot smaller.”

Irene agreed. I never had fisted any one before but I was up for the challenge. She was so wet as I worked my hand in her pussy. I sucked on her clit as I was putting it in.

She was making noises but they were of pleasure. She was coming as I worked my hand in her. James was kissing and playing with her breasts as I did this.

“You’re doing so well. Fuck you are hot,” I told Irene as I worked my fist in her. I had my hand all in her and she was cuming. Her clit was being played with as well. It felt amazing to feel her tighten around me. Experimenting, I twisted my hand in her and moved it almost out and then back in. From her responses, I would adjust. She came another time and as she came down, I eased my hand out of her.

“That was amazing but I need a rest,” she said, all breathy. While she took a shower, James and I fucked in all kind of positions. As I rode his dick, he made me squirt all over him. When we were done, we took a shower and then joined Irene in the cuddling room.

We ordered from a pizzeria not caring about if we would have anything fancy for dinner.

Again we were fucking in all manners of combinations. By that Sunday night, Irene had proved to be a quick learner because her pussy eating skills greatly improved. She even managed to make me squirt like James could.

Before the weekend was over I wanted James’ cock in my ass. He fucked my ass hard as Irene watched and masturbated. When he came, she licked my asshole clean of his cum.

We stayed up pretty late that Sunday night but they didn’t have to be at work early. As I came to find out, James was Irene’s boss. He gave Irene and himself the day off. My flight wasn’t until the late afternoon. James was able to get us a late check out so we got to fuck even more before I left.

Kissing my two lovers goodbye, I felt satisfied yet a little sad I was leaving. I enjoyed both their company and appreciated these trysts for what they were. I was happy that James had Irene.

I kept in touch with both of them but eventually we moved on. James’ wife eventually found out about the two of them. It was a hard time to go through but eventually the dust settled. They ended up married to each other and enjoyed a swinging lifestyle.

Unfortunately I never got to meet up with them again but I will cherish the memories.

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