My NY Princess

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Big Tits

Landing at JFK served as my first wake-up call. The airport looked the same as it had when I was a teenage girl and the crowds were as demanding. I looked for a young woman carrying a sign with my name and I saw her in no time. She offered to help me with my bags and invited me in the back of the limousine. She got behind the wheel and drove me into Manhattan with little discussion. She was simply a driver for hire and knew nothing about my business in New York or who I’d meet. Sometimes we find ourselves pondering our actions during or soon after an event. I had corresponded with a woman named Sally for three months prior to my flight from the west coast. She had initially contacted me to say how much she enjoyed my contributions to this erotic site. I was intrigued by this urbane woman and the more she wrote the more I fantasized about an erotic soiree. The letters became increasingly risque and I began to think of her constantly. We each shared a bisexuality but she knew my submissive desires through some of my writings. Only one person before Sally was privy to this and I blushed tremendously at the idea of being with her in a matter of minutes.

I had never seen a picture of Sally and didn’t even know her last name. Her husband was a corporate magnate and she was guarded about revealing too much information. I figured she would tell me in due time. If she had misrepresented herself, I would simply board the plane and head back to Washington. She did pay for my airfare first class so I knew she was not short of money. Neither was I but she insisted on paying for the flight. The car pulled up to a curb and a uniformed gentleman opened my door. He was some sort of butler. I looked around as he proceeded to pull my luggage from the trunk and placed them on a cart.

“Julie?” said a woman approaching the sidewalk.

I turned as a professionally dressed woman purposefully walked toward me with an extended hand. She had just turned thirty but looked older and sophisticated.

“Hi, you must be Sally?” I asked as her firm grip held my hand.

“I am. Wow, you look really good, Julie. Come on in”.

We walked inside and waited at the elevator. I quietly examined Sally as she spoke to the doorman. She seemed out of my league as she beamed him a perfect smile and then turned towards me.

“I’ve got it from here, guy.”

She took hold of the cart as we entered the elevator. Sally stood on the opposite side of the cart and pushed a button. Soon we were whisked to her floor and the door opened.

“Why did you bring so much stuff? I told you we were going shopping!” she said.

“Oh, some of this stuff is for you.” I said.

I had brought some coastal Indian art for her as well as other artifacts from the coast.

I unzipped the bag I thought contained her gifts but opened a bag containing some sex toys we’d discussed.

“Fuck the art!” Sally said. “Give me that!” she said as she reached for a butt plug.

“Guess what I’m wearing.” She said as she began to grasp the hem of her skirt.

I blushed big time.

“Are you really wearing the thong I’d sent??”

Sally smiled that toothy grin as she lifted her skirt.

“I’ll show you.”

My heart pounded as her hands pulled her skirt up to her crotch. Suddenly the familiar panties came into view and my face grew hot.

She let go of the fabric as the skirt fell back into place. I was still staring blankly as she approached me and caressed my face. I felt her hands momentarily but my hands fell to my sides as she placed her lips to mine. Her hands unzipped my cotton cardigan and cupped my demi-cup bra. We let out a collective gasp as her fingertips traced my erect nipple as they peeked over the shiny fabric. My sweater fell off my shoulders and behind my back.

Sally’s leg rubbed my inner thigh as I began to breathe heavily. She was aggressive and wasted no time in unfastening my belt. Instead of moving down to my 501 buttons she removed my belt completely and moved away from me. Suddenly the sight of her with a leather belt in her hands caused me to grow weak. She looked in my eyes with a deviant glimmer. She dropped the belt on a credenza and examined my half naked body. I noticed her breathing was become heavy as her arousal heightened.

Sally’s fingers knowingly unbuttoned my faded jeans and helped the soft denim peel down my hips. I swaggered my hips back and forth to help the effort but knew my wiggling served to turn her on. She was on her knees by this time and smiled when she noticed my matching thong. I fought the urge to cover my taksim escort body but helped pull the jeans off completely.

Sally placed her open palm against my thighs and softly proceeded to feel my panties and thighs.

I closed my eyes and rubbed in cadence to her movements. I opened my eyes when she suddenly stopped and stood up.

“Knees” is all she said.

I dropped to my knees as she stepped directly in front of me.

Instinctively, I guided my hands up her stockings and felt the garters. I took my time feeling the smooth skin which led to her pantied crotch. The heat was evident long before my fingers found her freshly shaved pussy.

“OH!” she bellowed.

Her composure slipped as she began to rub her pelvis over my hand. She furiously unbuttoned her blouse and I took the opportunity to tuck my head under her skirt. I was still shy and didn’t want her to see my face as my tongue maneuvered around her thong. Her hips gyrated around my lips and tongue and soon her skirt was gathered around her waist. She struggled with the zipper before pulling the entire thing over her head. Sally’s pendulous boobs bounced as her long nipples snagged the fleeting fabric. Orgasm number one for me.

Sally pushed me backwards but my mouth never let go of her hot lips. I was soon on my back when she forcefully straddled my head and grounded her muff onto my soaked face. I could hardly breath but did not care. She rested her upper body over a chair for leverage before shrieking in ecstasy.

We held perfectly still for what seemed like ten minutes. Her juices were dripping down my neck and inside my ears.

“Julie baby?” she asked.

I nodded with curiosity in my eyes.

“I hope you aren’t planning on going anywhere,” she said playfully.

I shook my head in wordless agreement and smiled.

“Where is your husband?” I asked.

“He’ll be back in six days.”

I stared blankly and Sally sensed some concern. She laid down and spooned me. She kissed me behind my ear and in my blond locks.

“I think I want you forever, Julie. I want to own you and take care of you, beautiful creature.”

“Well, for the next six days, at least,” I said with a smile.

We studied each others eyes intently. My darting eyes scanned her steely gaze and I could tell she was about to say something important.

“For the next six days you are mine,” she said.

She was not smiling.

Then Sally repeated herself.

“Did you hear me?…slut?!

My pussy pulsated as I looked away and affirmed her assertion.

“Good! On your knees, Julie.”

I worked my way to my knees and straightened my hair. Sally walked to the other end of the entry way. I nearly melted watching her long legs make their way over to a desk and stop. Sally brought back a box as I watched the front of the same tone legs work their way toward me. Her thong was still pulled to the side and I could see her inner labia getting closer. My only concern at this point was to satisfy that very treasure. It came as no surprise to see her pull from the box a set of handcuffs and I automatically brought my wrists behind my back.

She clicked the steel and pulled me to my feet.

“How does that feel?” she asked.

“It feels wonderful, Mistress!”

Sally softly chuckled and whispered the word ‘mistress’ half-mockingly.

I felt embarrassed and had to explain.

“I’ve only got six days to satisfy you and I’m hoping to be of total service to you.”

“No boundaries?” asked Sally.

“None,” I said without hesitation.

Sally walked behind and started working my panties off my hips. I obligingly stepped out of them before she brought them to her face.

She wadded them up and forced it into my mouth. She thought for a moment and pulled off her pair and stuffed them into my mouth, too.

I wasn’t sure where she was going with this but I knew something was about to happen when she eased me down to the floor with my bottom in the air. She laughed at my predicament and stepped over me. I could feel her calves against my ribs as she brought down her hand in repeated blows to my butt cheeks. After a dozen or so she ordered me to hold still.

The next minute or so was filled with anticipation as she prepared my holes with lubricant.

I had spoken too highly of the butt plug I’d bought and she was about to introduce one of her own. The bulb shaped phallus was waved in front of my face before it found my bottom and entered. Sally delicately worked it back and forth beşiktaş escort before giving a big continuous thrust.

“MMFFF!” I exclaimed.

The plug was substantially larger than the one I’d tried and hurt me. I cried as she pulled and pushed the intruder ten or more times before leaving it in place.

I sobbed uncontrollably when Sally pulled a strap-on from the same box.

“No boundaries, right?” she announced.

Oh my god! She was going to penetrate me with a large black dildo.

Again, she wasted no time in sliding it in. Her nails dug into my soft skin while grabbing hold of my hips.

The panties fell from my mouth as I bellowed in pain.

“Shut up, Bitch! You’re a fucking tease and this is a long time coming!” she seethed.

I was about to come when she stopped pumping and stepped out of the dildo. Both holes were stretched beyond belief and I was left cuffed on the floor.

The panties were quickly wadded up and replaced in my quivering mouth.

The sound of my belt buckle dragging across the credenza made me aware of her intentions. Sally was unrelenting as she brought down my own belt down across my bottom and lower back. I had never felt both the pleasure and pain as she circled me with wanton brutality. I caught a glimpse of her rubbing her clitoris with her free hand as her other continued with the lash.

Sally grabbed a handful of my hair and raised my head from the floor.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

I nodded with agreement

She pulled me by my hair several feet and she sat at the edge of a sofa. As soon as she removed the panties from my mouth I was expected to service her again.

This time she climaxed quickly and squeezed my head between her inner thighs.

I was drained and did not climax myself until she removed both objects from my holes.

Sally spanked my crotch twice and quickly flicked my clitoris. I was in love.

“That was just an icebreaker, Julie. You know, to rid ourselves of inhibitions quickly. Six days is not enough time. No offense.”

I understood completely.

For the next two days we did not leave her place.

By the third evening we went to all the forbidden places about which we spoke. The lesbian bars and seedy sex houses, the fetish shops and clothiers. We became increasingly drunk and found a tattoo parlor. The owner specialized in piercing and I was more than happy to offer my nipples for rings. Sally sat behind me and held my hand as I bit down on a wet cloth. The needle poked and the resistance gave way to a shooting pain that caused me to lose consciousness momentarily. The heavy gauge ring was in place before I knew it and then came time for the next. It, too, was over too quickly and I sat clutching Sally’s hand.

“Well?” said the ringmaster. “Is there anything else I should pierce?”

I noticed him not asking me but over my shoulder. He understood our arrangement and waited for Sally’s approval.

“The big three.” said Sally.

She said it like a well versed piercing aficionado.

It was a sobering feeling to have this stranger remove my skirt and panties before preparing me for what was next.

I was handed a pill for the pain and washed it down with a cup of water. I had no idea what the pill was but I’m sure it went right to work with all the alcohol we’d consumed.

I felt absolutely naughty. He handled and stimulated my clitoris and inner labia much longer than expected. I panted heavily as Sally held me upright with a wet cloth over my forehead.

I was about to climax if this guy didn’t stop messing with my privates.

I was now completely naked as the ringmaster stood up and drew back a curtain. The street level crowd quickly gathered at the exposed window and watched me completely humiliate myself.

“Sally! What are you doing to me?” I pleaded.

“Relax, babe! No one knows you here! Besides, I’ve got more to lose than you.”

She was right but that was little consolation as I writhed in pain from the first insertion. My clitoris felt on fire as I shrieked.

The ringmaster had seen it all before and wasn’t slowed by my flailing legs.

When I finally stopped moving he prepared my labia for rings on both sides. I glanced at the window to see a crowd of ten or more men and women. One in particular had his hand in his pants and was furiously jerkin off. At my expense no less. I was sooo humiliated!

The needles pierced my skin and I passed out. I was barely conscious when the other lanced my sensitive etiler escort fold and I bellowed. The pill had no effect on the pain I was experiencing but it took effect the moment he was finished.

I felt like I was floating in slow motion as the ringmaster smiled and handed my skirt to me. As Sally helped me to my feet and pointed me towards a door opposite of the entrance. I wondered where we were off to next and as I opened my mouth to ask, I noticed a room full of men and women waiting and watching.

Sally pulled me close and gave me an open mouth kiss before the people closed in an pulled us from each other’s embrace. Sally watched in admiration as several men brought me to my knees and began the all night gang-bang. I was penetrated my two to three men at once several times throughout the evening. Sally had it much easier as I only noticed the men taking her one at a time. She asked me more than once if I was still okay with the course of events – to which I nodded approvingly. She seemed to know these gentleman and I trusted her to my best interest.

I was covered in semen and smelled like sweat. Most all of the men had taken their turn more than once and I felt completely spent. By the time the event had ended and the camcorders were put away, I donned my skirt and we left for home.

I slept on the floor and awoke with crunchy hair and an aching body.

“Good morning, Slut!” said Sally.

My hand was stuck in my hair and I felt like crying.

Those men were colleagues of mine, don’t worry about a thing.”

I only wanted a shower and some coffee.

Sally was accommodating and I was good to go except for a mild headache.

Still, my hair was matted and Sally suggested we simply cut it. Little did I know she meant completely. She took my shoulder length hair and reduced it to stubble which was quickly shorn. I did feel like a freak albeit clean. We spent the next two days sex-free and relaxed.

Sally showed me her wonderful city during the day and I bought a Yankees cap to cover my bald head. I was scheduled to leave in twenty four hours and more importantly, her husband was due back by then. Sally was already beginning to lament this fact and I wanted to please her with some sort of surprise. I told her I wanted her name tattooed to my body and I wanted to return to the parlor from a few nights before.

We returned to her place and showered with each other before going out. She wore a topless rubber pencil dress and I wore a matching skirt and boobless top.

Sally insisted we both wore raincoats on the way out to prevent anyone from her building seeing us with latex on.

We did a little bar hopping and soon ended up at the parlor. The ringmaster was shocked at my lack of hair and even more so when I asked for Sally’s name to be tattooed on the side of my head. This was a painful ordeal but well worth wait. My hair would grow out in no time and I had to do it quickly before I decided not to.

I willingly let him inspect the piercing job before we left. This time without the curtain open. I knew I’d miss the fun of NY the moment I arrived back in Seattle so I decided to let loose once more. I stood up to leave and gave pause when Sally let me decide which door to exit. I looked to the street and back to the alternative room before Sally offered me her hand. I quickly jumped for the back room door and turned the knob. To my dismay it was locked. I was saddened beyond belief.

“Well?” said the ringmaster. “Knock on the door!”

I gingerly knocked and waited.

Soon the door opened and a familiar crowd of men were already banging away some girl on a table. Every man sported an erect cock and I knew I was in for something fun. Without a word I was stripped down to my thong and surrounded.

I was put through the same paces as Sally watched and masturbated. The men seemed to respect her boundaries and I noticed only one service her all night. She was speaking to one woman while a gentleman rode her from behind. She raised her drink to me in a blase gesture.

At the end of the evening I tried to slip into my rubber dress but was too sweaty. Both of us wore our raincoats home and went to bed with each other.

The following day saw my packing and eventual emotional departure. Sally drove me to the airport in her Porsche.

I flew home without any of the clothes I’d brought with me. I left those to Sally who seemed very sad..

Before long, I was heading to Washington where the next weeks were lonely and bored. I tried to keep busy and was tempted to return to NYC. Sally’s husband would be there and that would ruin everything. Life went on as normal.

One evening a delivery person left a box on my porch. There was no return address but the contents came as a surprise: A video of my orgy – part one and two.

I will always treasure these thoughts.

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