My Nudist Sister Ch. 05

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I heard my parents fucking that night.

It’s not something I’ve ever heard before, although the individual sounds were familiar to me. My father’s grunts, my mother’s begging.

“Please…” she moaned, so loudly that it echoed down the hallway and into my room. “Please…”

Presumably at some point they’d made love while I was living with them – how else could Elly exist? – but it wasn’t something I’d ever been aware of. After half an hour, my father gave out one loud grunt and my mother gasped one loud gasp, and for a few minutes there was silence.

Until they started again.

I suppose I could have closed my door, but something stopped me. After all, the sound wasn’t offensive – it was just inconvenient. I was trying to sleep, but I couldn’t, not with the volume. I wondered if Elly was having any better luck.

And of course, once that thought entered my head, I couldn’t get it out.

Before long, I had slipped on a dressing gown and – ignoring the grunts, gasps and pleading of my parents – found my Porno way to Ellora’s room.

She was naked, of course. Not even covered by a blanket. At first I thought she was asleep, but after watching her for a few seconds, her eyes opened and she looked at me.

And smiled.

Before I knew what was happening, my pants were off, and my cock was buried deep inside my sister’s beautiful pussy. It felt better than I could ever have imagined – warm, wet, tight, and so very inviting. I could honestly have cum within seconds, but my sister’s eyes told me that she wouldn’t like that, and so I held off, distracting myself by biting and sucking on her neck, leaving marks that I knew she’d get in trouble for at school.

Marks that I hoped she’d get in trouble for at school.

As I slowly pumped in and out of my sister’s tightness, her skin began to get flushed. Her beautiful green eyes stared deep into mine, and my mouth moved to hers. Soon, our tongues were playing, entering each other’s mouths, and I began Altyazılı Porno to run my fingers down her bare back as I increased my pace.

I needed to cum. In that moment, I needed to cum more than I needed oxygen.

My sister’s legs spread wide, inviting me to plunge deeper. Her pussy was sucking me in, sucking the cum out of me – the flush had reached her neck, her face. Ellora shut her eyes, and bucked her hips against mine – she was cumming, a fact that made me feel oddly proud, and her orgasm triggered mine.

Something primal overcame me and I couldn’t help but cry out as I climaxed – not words, just a feeling of absolute pleasure and achievement. My cock twitched, and I filled my nudist sister with my cum as her pussy clenched repeatedly, and her entire body flushed red.

Rolling over, I held her in my arms for a few seconds before I looked up and noticed an unusual sight:

Standing in the doorway, totally nude and looking at us proudly were our parents. Ellora sat up and a smile Brazzers came across her face. No one said anything as Mom and Dad came and joined us in Ellora’s bed, the four of us naked, hugging, as sleep came over us…

One week later:

I smiled down at Mom, who was dutifully licking my cock every time it slid out of Ellora’s perfectly-trimmed pussy. Ell’s mouth was busy deep-throating our father, and he in turn was going down on Mom.

It was my last night in town. I sure was going to miss catching up with the family.

My cock twitched as I came inside my sister; I could tell from the flush spreading across her body that she was still approaching orgasm, but as I pulled out, Mom’s mouth quickly cleaned me off before she turned her attention to Ell’s now-empty pussy.

I watched the three-way with satisfaction for a few minutes, before my erection returned. Mom must have seen it out of the corner of her eye, because she wiggled her rear, and it wasn’t long before I was pumping my seed into her tight ass while Dad filled Ellora’s mouth with his spunk. We all paused to watch as Ell reached an orgasm of her own, but once it passed, we picked things up again.

They were going to miss me when I went back to college, but not nearly as much I was going to miss them.

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