My Nude Day Starter Pt. 02

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I was all ready to leave. My stuff was all packed into a van and I was looking forward to starting my new life with Maya but it was to be delayed.

“It’s one more week Marcus, it will give me time to move us both into the bigger room. You can live without me for one week,” said Maya, kissing me.

“I don’t understand why I can’t just leave, Mom,” I said.

“Marcus, I will not debate this with you. To you it’s just a job but Mr. Fredricks has been very good to you and this family for many years. You told him you’d stay another week to train your replacement and I will not have you go back on your word,” added Mom.

“We have our whole lives together my love, one more week is nothing,” said Maya.

“I’m sorry, I just got so excited about leaving,” I said.

“Maya won’t be driving up alone, I have an appointment with the realtor to see that house so I’ll be in the van with her, she’ll get there safe,” said Dad.

“I’m sorry, I’m acting like a child. I didn’t sleep too well last night,” I replied.

“Even after I wore you out? Have I failed you?” said Maya with a grin.

“I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Well, we have one more night in your empty room together, how about we go have an early night and I’ll make sure you’re asleep before me.”

“Maya, it’s only 2pm,” laughed Mom.

“Well, we don’t need dinner, you can join us too,” replied Maya.

“Tempting as that is, I have too much to do,” said Mom.

“Well, I’m going to take this man for a nap and make him chill out some more,” said Maya.

“I have a couple of calls to make, try and keep the noise down,” said Dad, winking at Maya.

“No promises,” she replied with a grin.

Maya led me by the hand to my barren room and closed the door behind us. She quickly took off the summer dress she was wearing and had me strip too. She got on the bed on her back and opened her legs.

“Now there’s an invitation to something magical,” I said with a grin.

Maya started laughing.

“Oh, my love, that was super cheesy,” she said with a grin.

“Whatever, I’m really going to miss you,” I replied.

I kissed her softly on the lips then kissed a trail down her body, slow kisses on her neck and taking time to harden her nipples with my tongue. She was already wet and almost writhing on the bed by the time I finally got to her beautiful pussy. I licked her labia with a broad stroke of my tongue then slowly explored, listening to her moans of pleasure as I tasted her. When I could feel her clit was engorged, I rasped it with my tongue and brought her to climax.

“I… I w.. want you in me..” she gasped.

I was hard already from eating her, I pushed deep inside her with ease, groaning in pleasure with her.

“You feel so good, Maya,” I said as I began to thrust.

“You do too baby,” she gasped.

I gazed into her eyes as we made love, I tried to hold out, savor the warm tightness of her pussy as it gripped my cock but she was tightening on purpose every time I thrusted. She grinned at me when I looked at her with ‘I’m not going to last’ written all over my face.

“Cum in me, I want to feel it,” she said to me in her mostly sultry voice.

I lost control at that point, my desire to take my time and delay the inevitable was futile and I could only push in deep as my cock sprayed my seed into her.

She snuggled into me when I finally pulled out of her.

“My love, I know you want this all night but your dad and I have to drive back tomorrow and we’re leaving early,” she said, kissing me.

“I know, I’ll just miss you,” I replied.

“I know you will my love but we have our whole lives to look forward to. I promise you that you will want for nothing as long as you are mine.”

I must have dozed off for a while, when I woke, Maya wasn’t in bed with me. As I sat up though, she walked into the room with Mom, both naked of course. They both smiled at me.

“So, I know it’s implied but with us apart for a week or so, your cock belongs to Aunt Louise, your Mom, to keep her satisfied while she’s away from your Dad,” said Maya.

“And you are going to have a hard time keeping up Son, just saying,” said Dad as he walked in behind them. He too was naked.

“I don’t know about that Uncle Ken, he has quite the stamina, I’m not sure I’d manage without help,” said Maya.

“Well, I just wanted you to hear it from her so you don’t second guess when I wake you with a blow job,” said Mom.

“Still keep thinking I’m going to wake up from a dream or something, I love you guys,” I replied.

“Well, I’ve had some of my herbal relax tea, I really need some sleep. We can snuggle but no sex,” said Maya, kissing me.

“Or, since your Dad has had his sleeping pills, you can come wear me out downstairs then go back and snuggle,” said Mom.

I looked at Maya, she just mouthed ‘GO’ and Mom grinned as I left with her. I laughed a little, our basement used to be a nice family room with a couch but it had already been converted to a sex room.

“So, this is what you and Dad were doing Girne Escort while Maya and I packed,” I said with a laugh.

“Well, this stuff was mostly here but hidden away, no point keeping it that way now. It’ll take at least six months to find a place closer to you and you father and I do like our fun. Now, let’s get you nice and hard so you can fuck me.”

Mom got on her knees in front of me and took my cock into her mouth. I was immediately groaning, her tongue and suction felt amazing and I was hard in no time. She got up and knelt on the couch, it was already covered with towels and blankets.

“Nice and hard my love, I’m already soaked,” she said, shaking her beautiful ass at me.

I guided my cock inside her, groaning as I slipped into her warmth. I was still getting over how surreal my life had become and could only grin as I began to thrust. Mom saw my reflection in one of the mirrors and asked about it.

“I, oh fuck that feels good, I’m just still getting used to all this. I’m promised to a beautiful woman who I’ve known my whole life, making love to my own Mom at her insistence and know that when I do get home with her, she’ll have me fucking her mom or any number of sexy women who live there,” I said, continuing to thrust.

“W…we can talk after this, harder baby,” she stammered.

I did as I was asked and grabbed Mom’s waist as I slammed into her. She started cumming after a few minutes and her climax set me off, I groaned loudly and pushed deep into her as I sprayed my seed into her pussy. We stayed coupled until I started getting soft then she had me sit beside her. She quickly sucked our juices from my cock then curled beside me on a towel, a sated grin on her face as she gazed at me.

“I’m so glad you have embraced this my love. You’ll soon see all this as your normal, sex should be all the time wonderful, not hidden away and shameful. Maya is going to make you so happy. Until then though, we are naked in this house, if I see you’re hard I’m taking you, if you want me, just take me whenever,” she said softly.

“Work is going to suck, having to wear clothes all the time,” I replied.

“Well, I’ll be waiting for you when you get home. It’s just a week.”

Maya was already asleep by the time I went to bed; Mom had got me hard and rode me on the couch until she was worn out but I snuggled into Maya and slept pretty hard. When I woke up, Maya was gone and she left a little note on her pillow. I got showered, had my coffee and breakfast then rode my bike to work.

“Well, I’m sure sorry to see you leave Marcus but I sure appreciate you working your last week to help train your replacement. You remember my niece, Heather, right?” said Mr. Fredricks as he greeted me.

“Yes, she’s going to work full time?” I replied.

“I sure am, I’m taking a year out before I join the Navy,” she said, I hadn’t seen her behind me.

“Oh awesome. Well, you know most of the daily stuff but there’s a few more things I do. Let me put my bike away and we can work on the stock list.”

Heather had been part time, mostly filling in when other staff were sick. I’d asked her out at one time too, she’d string me along and tease me but she rejected me. I didn’t care by then, she was hot, pretty much cheerleader body with bigger breasts but was a bitch about it to be honest, something I’d ignored before Maya.

“So, you’re leaving town for good?” she said to me as we headed for the stock room.

“Yea, new life, really looking forward to it,” I replied.

As the day went on, I could tell she was expecting more than the cordial interactions she was getting from me. When we sat in the break room at lunch time, she sat pretty close to me. I was texting Maya, she was telling me about giving my Dad road head, asking how many times Mom had jumped me but I made sure Heather couldn’t see my phone. I could tell Heather was getting frustrated that I wasn’t flirting with her, it was quite funny really.

Towards the end of the day, Heather and I were standing behind the main counter just waiting for customers.

“So, is it because you fucked Clara that you don’t want me anymore, Marcus?” she said of the blue.

“What?” I replied, a little stunned.

“I know you and Clara were seeing each other.”

“Yes, she didn’t want anything serious though, we’re still good friends.”

“You used to flirt with me all the time when I was here, even though I turned you down.”

“I’m leaving town to be with someone, Heather.”

“Oh. I uh…”

I’m sure it was less than a minute later but what felt like forever, my Dad’s lifted and souped-up truck pulled up in front of the store. He didn’t take it out too often but Mom loved driving it. She texted me once she’d parked.

“Oh sweet, Mom’s letting me drive the beast home,” I said.

“Well, I have the keys and alarm codes, I can do the final walk through and close up. I’ll let Mr. Fredricks know,” replied Heather.

“Awesome, thank you. I’ll grab my bike.”

I thew my bike in Magosa Escort the truck bed and got into the driver’s seat of Dad’s truck. Mom was grinning, had her hair in a ponytail.

“So, your Dad has been telling me about all the road head that Maya is giving him and I think it’s only fair you should get some too. Take the long way home,” she said, already pulling at my short’s button.

Before we had even pulled away from the store, Mom had my cock in her mouth and her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked me. We were emboldened by the fact that Dad’s truck was double the height of most of the vehicles in town and pretty much only an 18-wheeler could have seen in the cab. I drove carefully, taking the back roads home so I could take my time but I had to pull over when I got close. Mom didn’t stop sucking me of course, I took my feet off all the pedals and shuddered as I exploded cum down Mom’s throat. She swallowed every drop then gently tucked my softening cock back into my shorts.

“That was amazing, thank you,” I said when I’d caught my breath.

“Well, I want you lasting longer when we get home. I’ve been horny all day,” she said with a grin.

It was nice getting my clothes off when I got home, Mom had made a nice salad and a quiche for dinner but I was no sooner out of the shower when I was being pulled by the hand to the basement. She sat me on the couch, sucked me to hardness then mounted me, riding me deep as I sucked and played with her nipples. I think I lasted through 3 or 4 of her orgasms before I was ready to cum again. She knew I was close and had me finish in her from behind, holding her waist as my cock pulsed seed deep inside her.

“Ready for dinner now my love?” she said as we sat together, catching our breaths.

“Yes, but if this is going to be a regular thing this week, I’ll need more than salad to keep me going,” I replied with a laugh.

“This was just round one, you’re in my bed tonight, I already stripped the sheets from yours.”

“Then I’m really going to need a big dessert.”

“Maya and your Dad should be calling soon, let’s go eat.”

We had no sooner finished eating when Maya video called us. She looked a little out of breath.

“Hey, we made it here safe. Would have been earlier but I was teasing your dad so much he pulled over and fucked me a couple of times. I miss you,” she said.

“I miss you too, you look out of breath,” I replied.

“Well, Mom missed me so she pretty much pounced on me as soon as I got home. How was work?”

“It was okay I guess, they have me training Heather to replace me.”

“That prissy blonde you told me about?”


“Fun, oh hey, your Dad wants to chat. I love you Marcus.”

“I love you too Maya.”

“So, I hope you didn’t get any cum on my truck seat my man,” said Dad with a grin.

“Please, like Mom would spill a drop,” I replied with a laugh.

“She texted me; I hope you can keep up, her appetite is almost as bad as Maya’s.”

“You say ‘bad’ like I’m not loving this.”

“Uh huh, is your Mom there?”

“I’m here honey, how was the drive?” replied Mom.

“Well, our future daughter in law teased me the whole way so we stopped several times for fun breaks. We’re here safe, all that matters,” replied Dad.

I left to let Mom and Dad chat for a bit and was just resting on Mom’s bed. I must have dozed off but I woke to her straddling my head and her running her fingers through my hair before she lowered her pussy to my mouth. She was already wet and pretty aroused. I explored her labia then reached up to grab her ass as I rasped her clit with my hardened tongue. Before she came though, she climbed off my face then impaled herself on my cock, kissing me as she began to ride me.

“Your Dad got me so turned on, left the video on as he joined your Aunt and Uncle on the couch for sex,” she said between kisses.

“L… like I’ll complain about getting this,” I replied.

Mom slowed down when I got close and kept me on the edge until she’d cum. She had me take her from behind, I think I lasted maybe four or five thrusts before I pushed in deep and exploded, spraying my seed deep inside her. We collapsed together on the bed as we caught our breath.

“Let’s go shower then I’ll let you get some sleep,” she said.

I slept really well in their more comfortable bed. Mom woke me about an hour before my alarm with a wonderful blow job, she made me cum then kissed me on the cheek, said she had to go into work for a while. I rested until my alarm went off then got ready.

I cycled to work again, locked my bike up and helped Heather get the store ready to open. We were a little busy in the morning but she was really quiet, almost like she was avoiding me. I assumed it was still because I wasn’t flirting with her but I wanted things to be cool between us.

“You seem quiet today, you okay?” I said to her.

“Pretty much, yea, I’m fine,” she said with a very forced smile.

“Are you still annoyed I’m not flirting with Kıbrıs Escort you anymore?” I said, grinning, trying to lighten her mood.

She looked right at me for a few seconds then got her phone from her bag.

“I need to show you something, come with me please,” she said.

I followed her to the 2nd floor, we had a small area with seasonal clothes and other stuff that didn’t sell as often. It had a large tinted window that faced the street, Heather stood in front of it.

“So, you know we have to come up here to unplug that horrible old neon sign at night, it’s no big deal, one plug,” she said.

“Yea, takes all of 20 seconds, did it spark on you or something?” I replied.

“Stand where I am.”

Puzzled, I did as she asked.

“Um, what’s going on?” I asked.

“I wanted to see the truck you were talking about, from here I could see right into the cab though. Y.. you said your Mom was picking you up but why did she immediately start blowing you as soon as you got in? Nobody else could have seen you, you wouldn’t be able to see me with the tint on the window but was it really your Mom?” she said, she was talking really fast.

“I uh, are you sure you saw that?” I replied.

“I’ve watched this 4 times, she gets it out then starts sucking it,” she said, showing me a video on her phone.

“I uh, it’s a lot to explain,” I said, I could feel my face getting red.

“It’s really not. I played hard to get, it’s how my Mom said it makes them more eager but you gave up. You’re going to fuck me for the rest of the time you’re in town or I post this. And not some quickie in the store room, in a bed. You’re going to tell me where by the end of our shift.” she said then walked away.

“Fuck.” I said to myself.

I immediately texted Mom and Maya, Mom got on a 3-way call with us both.

“Maya honey, I’m sorry I put him in this position but I can fix it. He may still have to fuck her but she won’t be saying a word to anyone, are you okay with that?” said Mom.

“Of course, can you at least record it so I can watch with him?” replied Maya.

“Marcus, go, I have a call to make but bring her home tonight, I’ll text instructions but trust me, okay?” said Mom.

“Okay,” I said quietly.

“Marcus my love, it’s fine, really, don’t stress about it. I love you, I can’t wait to watch. I uh, may have a price for you though,” said Maya.

“I love you too, Maya but what do you mean by a price?”

“Nothing bad my love, you’ll see.”

“Well, I’d do anything for you my love, I’m not afraid.”

“There’s no reason to be, I just wish I was there with you.”

“Well, go and get this girl excited about it. I can’t wait to see what your mom has planned. I love you with all my heart, remember that.”

“I love you too Maya.” I repeated then hung up.

I read the quick text Mom sent me a few seconds later, grinned then went to the counter. Heather was dealing with a customer but they left by the time I got to her.

“Tonight, my house, you’ll have to drive though, I just have my bike and Mom hadn’t planned to be home or pick me up,” I said to her.

“Okay, I can’t wait,” she replied, grinning.

“You haven’t shown that to anyone else right?”

“No, I’ll be honest in that it turns me on, not sure why but it does.”


“Hey, I want you to enjoy this, I really do.”

“I will. I have quite the appetite you know, hope you’re ready for it,” I said, smiling.

I kept myself busy for the rest of the day. I got an “All set my love” text from Mom. When we were done closing up, Heather grabbed me and kissed me on the lips. She pressed a pair of damp panties into my hand then started arming the alarm.

“I’ll be in the car,” she said then left me to lock the door.

I stuffed the panties into my pocket and followed her to her car, the engine was running but she was in the passenger seat.

“I suck at following directions so I thought it would be easier if you drove,” she said, smiling.

“That works,” I replied.

“I’d give you head on the way there but my little Honda is too small for that. You can totally finger me on the way there though.”

It wasn’t hard to get excited about fucking Heather. She was pretty hot but Maya had my heart. It felt odd getting permission to fuck her but with Mom involved too I felt more comfortable with it. I had to laugh inside too, such a crazy life.

I waited until I was out of the many turns to get out of the town center before I reached over and began to rub Heather’s leg. She opened them a little and I pushed up her light dress and led my hand to her pussy. She was soaking wet and my finger slipped inside her with ease. She felt pretty tight and began to breath heavier as I explored her. I had started rubbing her clit when we pulled up to my house, I stopped and put her car in park and got a frustrated sigh from her.

“We’re here, I thought you’d prefer to finish inside,” I said to her.

“Well, you can, I’m on the pill,” she replied, grinning.

I led her inside and had her strip with me, putting our clothes on a chair in the lounge.

“Why are we stripping out here?” she asked.

“We’re nudists at home, I don’t want to risk either of us leaving something in their room. My room is empty now,” I replied, remembering Mom’s instructions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32