My Night with the Internet Star Pt. 05

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My night with the internet star. Part 5.

Our camping trip.

Jacob and I planned for weeks on what weekend we could go camping; and where we wanted to go camping. We finally agreed on eastern Pennsylvania at a state park. We planned our adventure by phone, text and reviewing maps on line, deciding we are going to meet in the parking lot of cove 4 and walk the trail loop spending two nights out in the wilderness. We are going to camp at two separate locations during the trip, so we are carrying in and out all our food, tents, cookware and clothes. Stopping at select site locations to shower up and refresh any needed supplies.

On Friday morning I left my house and started the 6-hour drive to meet him. I was so excited to see him again. I started thinking about the last weekend we spent together about a month back. I couldn’t stop re-living his dick sliding in and out of my ass. How horny I had been for him and how bad I wanted his cock again. I was rubbing and touching myself as I drove west down the highway. I was so turned on and so ready to have a weekend of cock again, that I just couldn’t wait.

Jacob text me when I was about 45 minutes away to let me know he had arrived. My heart started beating a bit faster and my stomach was doing flips knowing he was there waiting for me. I pulled into cove four and saw his car (I know it was his because of the state license plates he had) and got out of my car and started walking towards him. I surprised Jacob when I opened his passenger door, since he was in the middle of watching videos on his phone. “Hi” I grumbled out as I leaned into his car.

I closed the door behind me, kneeling on his passenger seat facing him. I leaned over and wrapped my arms around him, kissing his neck. “Hi,” he chuckled out as his arm wrapped around me. I pulled my face away a bit and gently kissed his lips.

“I’m so happy to see you.” I blurted out.

Jacob smiled and said, “I am happy to see you too.”

I was in awe of him and felt as giddy as a school boy seeing him face to face. I ran my hand along his face and leaned in for a deep kiss. I was so horny and so ready for him I didn’t care if anyone saw us. I wanted him. We kissed deeply for a long time as our tongues danced around each other’s mouths. I have been waiting for almost a month to see him, touch him and kiss him and now we are finally back together.

Our kiss turned from a warm welcoming reconnecting kiss, to an overly heated make out session within minutes. My cock was rock hard in my pants and I wanted his cock in my ass so bad I could feel it. I broke from our kiss and reached down to his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them. He whispered, “Here?”

“Yes, here!” I said. “I have been waiting so long. I want your dick.”

I reached my hand down into his boxers and gently pulled out his partially hard cock. Jacob let out a soft loving moan as my hand started stroking up and down his half hard cock. I starred at his cock just memorized by it. Infatuated with it. Wanting it, needing it.

I couldn’t tell you how many times in the last month I thought of him. Thought about sucking him off, needing him back in me. I even bought a dildo and sucked it off pretending it was him. I loved how his dick looked. How big the head was. How hard I could get him and how much cum shot out of it. I couldn’t stand my desires anymore.

I looked around and made sure no one was around and leaned my head down. I put his cock in my mouth and started bobbing up and down. It tasted amazing. I felt him get harder and harder as I sucked his cock. Jacob popped his seat back a bit and wiggled his pants down off of his hips slightly as I continued sucking him off. I pulled his cock from my mouth grabbing his shaft with my hand moaning, “I have been waiting for this cock for too long.” And slid his dick right back into my mouth.

I continued sucking his cock as he sat in the car moaning and groaning, I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out of my underwear and was slowly dry stroking myself as I sucked his dick. I stopped sucking Jacob off and sat back onto my seat correctly holding my hard cock in my hand. “Look what you do to me Jacob,” I moaned out, as I showed him by bulging hard dick.

Jacob leaned over the center arm rest as I lifted my hips upwards towards him and he slid my hard cock in his mouth. “Oh yeah Jacob,” I moaned out as his wet mouth slid up and down my shaft. Jacob was sucking me off for about two minutes, when a car came pulling into the parking area, interrupting us. His head popped up and he sat back upwards into his seat using his hands to cover his exposed cock.

After the car passed by, him and I just sat there starring into each other’s eyes, both of our dicks out and in our hands trying to figure out if we were going to finish giving each other blow jobs here or finish this later. I was literally less than a minute from cumming and I’m sure he was close too. We both leaned in and started kissing softly again. I reached down Etiler Escort and wrapped my hard around his shaft, just holding his erect cock in my hand. I was caressing and teasing his tip, wanting to make him cum hard. Wanting him to make me cum hard.

Jacob whispered through our kiss, “Lets finish this later tonight.”

As disappointed as I was, I knew he was right. We both put our hard cocks back into our pants, leaned in one last time for a soft closed lip kiss and exited his car. After composing ourselves, we both grabbed our backpacks and Jacob started filming his video. I didn’t want to be in it, so when he was filming as we were walking and making our way deep into the woods, I stayed out of the camera view.

We walked about two miles to the first primitive site we would be staying at. Jacob did a bit more filming as he was setting up his gear, walking his viewers through what he “normally does.”

When he was done, we unloaded my stuff into his tent and began the process of building a fire and deciding on what to eat. We both had brought MRE’S and freeze-dried food, using our water to rehydrate what we planned on consuming. We celebrated our night with a large dinner, and he brought a six pack of beers so we each had one toasting “camping and being together out in the woods.”

As the night got later, we decided it was time for bed. We climbed into the tent and started getting undressed, climbing into our sleeping bags. Of course, it wasn’t long until we were cuddled up next to one another in just our underwear, since it was a warm late summer night. As we cuddled in together, the passion started again. A soft kissed turned very heated and erotic quickly as we both felt each other up. My hand was down in his underwear, as his hand was down into mine. I moaned out, “Jacob I want to fucking cum.”

Jacob pulled his hands from my pants and edged his way down, he climbed in-between my legs pulling my underwear off. His head lowered and I felt his warm wet mouth cover over my hard cock as he slurped up and down on my shaft. I knew he was rock hard and I wanted his cock in my mouth and I wanted it in my ass. Yes! I wanted it in my ass…

Jacob and I spent the next part of a half an hour bounding back and forth blowing each other for minutes at a time. We ended up in a side 69 sucking each other off at the same time. I must tell you what an incredible feeling it was getting my dick sucked while having his hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I was so turned on, so aroused, so excited to be sucking his cock again. I came first after a few minutes in this position, Jacob shortly behind me.

Our releases were explosive and erotic each of us swallowing down every drop of our cum. When we were done and finally relieved, we cuddled in naked under his sleeping bag, after getting each other off and drifting off to sleep.

The next morning, we made a light breakfast and after he went off on his own to film for his video. When he returned, we packed up the site and started making our way through the woods towards our next site, which was about 3 miles away. Throughout our walk and breaks Jacob filmed when he needed to, as I remained out of camera view.

At one point we were deep in the bush as he was filming by a stream; filling / purifying water when I got an idea. When he was done with the scene, he wanted to film I walked up to him and took the camera from his hand. I turned it on my face and said into the camera, “This is who Jacob is with this time in the woods over this weekend. And this is what we are doing.”

I guided him backwards to a fallen log, as he kept questioning me on what I was doing? When we got to the log, I used my free hand and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulling them down. Jacob shyly and fearfully kept mouthing out, “No, not on camera.”

I got down on my knees and turned the camera onto him. I looked up and down his body focusing on him standing there in his boxers. I slid his underwear off, revealing his limp cock hanging between his legs. I edged him back and up against the fallen log, focused in on his cock, while he was still suggesting that I didn’t film this.

I held the camera out on the side of me and leaned my head inwards and placed his limp cock in my mouth. Jacob moaned out load and even though he was still wasn’t keen on me filming this, I kept sucking his dick. Seemed the more I filmed and the more I sucked his cock, the more he was getting into it. As I continued sucking his cock, he got harder and harder. I held the camera out and to the side, hoping I was filming at the right angle to capture me sucking his cock.

When my arm got tired, I handed the camera to Jacob and told him to film me giving him a blow job. I placed his cock back into my mouth and I spent the next 5 minutes slurping back and forth on his cock. I licked the tip, the shaft, went faster, then slower, teased him by jacking him off, just wanting him to remember getting a great blow job in the woods. I sucked Escort Bayan his cock with vigor and passion and I was hard as a rock.

Jacob moaned louder and louder with each passing moment as his hard cock was slamming deep into the back of my throat. The sounds of woodland creatures, sucking, slurping and moaning filling the air. Jacob begged me, “Don’t stop, don’t stop! Oh fuck, don’t stop.”

Every time I looked up, Jacob had the camera pointing down at me as I erotically and seductively slid his cock in and out of my mouth. When Jacob was about to cum, his whimpers got louder and louder as he was gasping short quick breaths. I was so hard and ready to explode in my pants knowing he was filming the entire thing.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum,” he belted out as I felt his legs shake and his stomach tighten. Within seconds Jacob was blasting his load deep into my throat. It was warm, sticky and salty and I was swallowing every bit of it down.

After he finished cumming, I stood up. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Jacob filmed me pulling out my hard cock and holding it in my hand. I stood there with my pants wide open, stroking my cock moaning out in pleasure, as I stared down at his hard cock. “Oh my god Jacob, I wanna fucking cum.”

I continued stroking my cock for just over a minute, spitting in my hand when needed. Jacob ‘s camera focusing in our me jacking off. “I wanna cum on your cock,” slipped from my lips. I kept stroking hard and fast as I stared at his dick. Getting more and more turned on. I let out a long deep groan as I started shooting my cum all over the top of his cock and his balls. Jacob whimpered aloud watching me cumming on his cock.

I pulled him into me and we kissed deeply for a length of time as I continued dripping cum from my cock. The camera hanging down next to both of us, surely not filming anything but the ground as we stood there with out cocks out making out in the woods after cumming.

Jacob and I finally got dressed, finishing up the hike to our next camp site. We showered up just after dinner and sat and had the remaining beers as the night got darker and cooler. We climbed into the tent at just after 10 P.M., both of us absolutely exhausted from walking all day coupled with our little mid-afternoon wilderness fun.

It wasn’t long until I heard Jacob lightly snoring next to me. A smile came across my face as I lay and listened to him breathing. I dozed off a few minutes later dreaming of things to come.

About 3 A.M. I woke up and had to pee. I tried to quietly sneak out of the tent and did my business. The night was cool, but not cold but there was a great amount of dampness in the air, making it seem a bit chilly. When I climbed back in. I got situated under the sleeping bag and was trying to doze back off, when Jacob rolled up behind me. Jacob wrapped his arm over the top of my arm and torso along my side as he edged in a bit further. I felt his hard cock pressing up against the back of my thigh and I still wasn’t sure if he was sleeping or awake.

Jacob’s head nudged and rubbed against the back of my neck and I felt him breathing in and out long deep breaths. He edged his hips in closer to me, pressing his cock further against my leg. I was so turned on that I licked my lips and began thinking of what was coming next. I felt Jacob place a soft light kiss on the back of my neck. I moved my arm backwards, sliding my hand in-between our bodies. I caressed his leg, making my way inwards, finding him lying next to me naked and hard. I grabbed a hold of his shaft and slowly started stroking his cock, all while mine slowly got harder and harder. I could hear light moans and groans coming from him as I continued playing with his dick.

I sat up and turned towards Jacob, throwing the sleeping bag off of me. I wanted to suck his cock more so I leaned down, sliding my body down the along the tent flooring. Jacob rolled backwards as I put his hard cock in my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock for some time, just taking every bit of it into my mouth. I was so hard and so ready to be fucked that I just wanted to climb on top of him and start bouncing up and down.

After sucking his cock for a bit, I slid my underwear down and started rubbing my fingers around my asshole. I was turning myself on and getting my ass ready to be penetrated. I pulled away from Jacob momentarily and reached into my backpack zipper pocket, where I had placed a box of condoms and a bottle of lube. I popped the top of the lube bottle open and squirted some on my fingers. I went back to rubbing my asshole as I went back down on Jacob.

When I felt I was ready and he was rock hard. I started to open the condom wrapper. I slid the condom over Jacob’s hard cock and squirted some lube over the tip. I stroked his cock with my hand getting the condom all lubed up.

I climbed on top of Jacob and after some re-adjusting finally managed to get his cock lined up to my asshole. I slowly let myself down istanbul Escort feeling the tip of his cock pushing at my hole. With a few misses and unsuccessful attempts to get him inside me, I finally managed to get it right and felt him pop right into me. I groaned in pleasure as his hard cock slid deep inside me. I have been waiting for this for well over a month and now I finally had his cock back inside me.

I slowly rose and fell letting his cock slide in and out of my ass. Jacob placed his hands on my chest, as I continued bouncing up and down on him. What a tremendous feeling to be here, rock hard, alone in the tent in the middle of the woods, with a hard cock in my ass. It couldn’t have been any better. As I continued riding him, I picked up my pace and was thrusting up and down as hard as I could, feeling my cock flapping up and down.

Light moans filled the tent as I continued taking every inch of him. “Oh Jacob,” I moaned out. “Ohhhh, you’re so fucking hard.”

The pain and the pleasure of being ass fucked was so sensual. “Oh baby.” I cried out several times. “Oh yah, oh yah, oh yah.”

Jacob whispered out, “I want to suck your cock.”

I pulled myself off of him and laid down next to him as he was getting himself up. Jacob leaned over and put my hard cock in his mouth. His head bobbed up and down in the darkness of the tent as he pleasured me. I was so hard and I wanted to be inside him. “Holy Fuck Jacob,” I cried out. “I want to fuck you.”

Jacob pulled my cock from his mouth and asked, “Do you have more condoms?”

“Yes.” I replied.

I reached over by my bag and found the box of condoms. I began to open one up as Jacob got onto his knees. I got up and slid a condom on as I found the lube bottle. I squirted a generous amount over the condom and used my hand to lube it up thoroughly. I slid my lubed fingers in-between Jacob’s ass cheeks getting his asshole all lubed up. I climbed in behind him and in the complete darkens of the night, I managed to finally got lined up correctly and slid my cock deep into his ass. He was wide open and so ready that I slid right inside of him without having to push hard or struggle.

I softly pushed in and out of him feeling the warmth of being inside him as I listened to him moan out. My cock was rock hard, as I slowly and gracefully penetrated him. Jacob’s moans increased as he was on all fours being ass fucked.

“Jacob, I love being in you,” slid from my lips as his body rocked back and forth in opposite motion as my cock slid in and out of him.

I must have been behind him for 5 or so minutes when he said, “I want to be in you again.”

I pulled my cock from inside of him and went down on all fours. Jacob found the lube squirted more on his cock, still covered with the condom, edged in behind me and slide his cock deep into my ass for the second time. When he went all the away in, I whimpered out loud in a high-pitched squeal.

“Holy fuck!” slipped from my mouth as he started fucking me harder and harder. I was jacking myself off trying to stay hard, as he was ramrodding my ass. Pounding me like I should be pounded. I was in absolute heaven. “Jacob, OH MY FUCKING GOD,” squealed from my mouth as he just kept ramming his cock deep inside me. At one point he was fucking me so hard that my cock went soft and I started pulling and tugging on my balls, just taking his cock like anyone having anal sex should.

After fucking me for a while, Jacob moaned out, “I want you cock inside me.”

“Ok baby.” I replied.

Jacob thrusted as hard and as deep as he could for about 15 seconds, sending feelings throughout my entire body, I’ve never felt before. My body being sent into over load before he even pulled his cock from my ass. My head was spinning, my cock limp, my asshole tingling, my body wanting more cock, bigger cock, thicker cock, deeper penetration, harder thrusting, my innards tingling, as I was stuck on all fours, begging in silence for more. Jacob laid down flat next to me. I leaned further down and kissed him deeply as I was getting ready to climb on top of him.

I laid my body on top of his, all I could do was kiss him deeply. I was suddenly puddy in his hands, wanting more and more cock. Changing internally, feeling re-born, feeling gay, feeling like I’ve never felt before. Realizing I am deep in the woods getting fucked by his hard cock and ready to suck him and take his cock all night. This wasn’t a romantic weekend with a girl. There was no pussy here, just two cocks. And since my arrival yesterday all I want to do is suck his dick. And after how hard and deep he just fucked me, all I want is to have him bang me more. Jacob what have you done to me?

I laid on top of Jacob, between his legs just softly kissing, rubbing and touching him. Jacob reached his hand between us and started softly stroking me as we kissed passionately. When I got hard again, I pushed his knees up to his chest and literal slid right back inside of him as I started pushing and thrusting back and forth. This time I knew I was going to cum quickly. I held myself up by my arms and hands, looking down seeing his rock-hard cock sticking straight up along his stomach, while his balls rocked back and forth as my cock was sliding in and out of his ass.

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