My New Sister Ch. 02

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I didn’t get a lot of feedback from my last story but what I did get was positive enough to write another chapter of “My New Sister.”

* * *

I woke up alone in my bed the next morning. Giving the evidence before me I had to think that the previous nights events were just a dream. But what a wonderful dream it was. Meeting my half sister for the first time and then her coming on to me and having the best fuck I’ve had in a long time, maybe even ever. God she was gorgeous. Perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect tits, ass, and pussy, I wish I really did have her to myself. Well, no sense living in a dream. I got out from under the covers and opened my bedroom door getting ready to take a shower. When I stepped out in to the hall I heard something coming from the living room. I didn’t think that I had left my t.v. on last night but I must have. I went to go check it out and when I got a look at the living room my heart started racing as I realized that last night was no dream. My sister, Jennifer was watching t.v. and lying seductively naked on the couch like she was posing for a magazine. I walked closer and she sat up to make room for me next to her.

“Good morning little brother. Did you sleep well?”

“Slept great. Haven’t slept that well in a long time. Something must have worn me out.”

“I wonder what might have done that? Anyway I could tell that you have a nice dream,” she said while looking at my crotch. It was then I realized that I was completely naked and walking around with my everyday morning-wood. I tried to play it off like I got my dick nice and hard for her.

“Well I thought that after last night you might some more of my cock stuffed inside your pussy and decided to get an early start to our dirty fucking.”

“Ooo, you’re such a horny little boy. I guess that big sis is just going to have to fuck and suck her little brother until he just doesn’t have anymore cum in his balls.” With that she bent down and wrapped her hand around my cock and started to take it in her mouth. It felt terrific especially since it was a little sensitive from last night, but that made it all the more enjoyable. She only took my cockhead into her mouth but while she was sucking and licking it she was also jerking me off and fondling my balls. It felt great, I couldn’t get enough and wanted nothing more than to sit back and enjoy the pleasure. Then I realized that I wouldn’t be a good sex partner for her and reached my hand around her chest and grabbed her breast. I started squeezing her breast and pinching her nipple like I couldn’t get enough of just a few short hours ago. Jennifer took her lips off my cock and while still slowly jerking me off gave me a look and a smile that said, “You and your titty fetish.” I just gave her one quick hard squeeze in return for her gesture that gave her a jolt and got her all the more excited.

After our little delay she went back to working on my cock, but she had a little surprise for me. “Watch this,” she said. I looked at her and pulled her hair aside so I could get a good look at her mouth and she slowly put her lips on my cockhead and proceeded to SLOWLY move her lips all the way down my shaft. I could just moan my pleasure and enjoy the show as I watched her hungry lips devour all eight inches. But that wasn’t the end of it. She kept my cock in her throat and just for a few heavenly seconds I could feel her throat muscles stimulating my cock. The feeling was incredible. It lasted only a precious short moment but it seemed to go on forever. I watched her head come back up and release me from her warm wet grasp. “Enjoy that?” she asked while wrapping her hand around my cock again and jerking me slowly.

“Where the fuck did you learn to do that?”

“Just something that I picked up through my years.”

“Well it almost made my cum right down your throat.”

“Then hold on little brother because I’m going to make you cum in my mouth, and you’re going to watch me swallow every drop.” She replaced her mouth around my cock and went on sucking me faster than before. The combination of her mouth and her hand jacking me off ensured that I wasn’t going to last much longer, in fact I could my orgasm building up already. I still had hold of her breast but it wasn’t so much that I could play with it, more like I was holding on for dear life. Her mouth started moving faster as she sensed my impending orgasm. I leaned my head back, feeling the pleasure and had to let go of her titty as Jennifer moved from her position of lying belly down on the couch to a kneeling position between my legs on the floor. I was going to bursa eskort bayan cum soon and we both knew it.

“Oh Jennifer, I’m going to fucking cum, I’m going to fucking cum in your mouth! I want to see you take every fucking drop in your mouth and swallow it down! Oh fuck, Jennifer, I’m fucking cumming!!!” She took her mouth off of my cock and starting jerking me off like crazy, pointing my cock towards her open mouth. Staying true to my word, I shot a load of white creamy man-seed onto her waiting tongue and in her mouth. One spurt, two, three, four fucking spurts of cum shot out of my cock. Jennifer kept her promise as well. With a pool of cum on her tongue I watched as she pulled it back into her mouth, closed her eyes and swallowed every drop of cum that was shot from my cock. After, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as if to say, “All gone.”

“Mmmmm, delicious. My little brother has such tasty cum. He’s also a little bit messy. I’m going to have to clean him up.” The mess she was referring to was the few drops of cum that landed around her mouth, which she promptly licked off, and the last bit of cum oozing out of my still hard dick. Jennifer wrapped her lips around my dick and with her tongue licked my cockslit to make sure she got every drop of cum out of me and down her throat that she could. When she was sure she was done she got off her knees and sat next to me on the couch.

“Thanks, Jennifer, that was one fucking great blowjob.”

“Nothing’s too good for my family, I was happy to do it.” We moved our lips forward and embraced in a passionate kiss. When our mouths opened and our tongues met, I could taste a little of my own cum on her tongue, but for the most part, she had swallowed it all. I moved my hand again towards her breast but she slapped my hand away before I could make contact. “Hold on a second there big boy. We got a long day in front of us and before we get started, we should eat some breakfast.” Couldn’t argue, I was starving from last night’s romp. I nodded my head and watched Jennifer shake her naked ass as she walked into the kitchen and started making both of us a hot breakfast to energize us for the day ahead.

* * *

I have never before had any difficulty eating a meal before. While Jennifer was cooking breakfast I got up and told her that I was going to put on some underwear before I sat down at the table. But she forbid it and insisted that we sat naked at the table. The entire time that I was eating, Jennifer kept rubbing her foot against my hardening cock and couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. When we both had our fill she insisted that I relax at the table while she cleaned the dishes. When she came to pick up my plate she teased me with a little kiss and gently rubbed her tits in my face and gave me a close up look at her beautiful pussy. I couldn’t help myself. I had a raging hard on and a naked beautiful goddess who was teasing me with everything she had. While she was standing over the sink cleaning plates I quietly snuck up behind her, pressed my chest to her back, reached around to grab both tits and placed kisses all over her neck. I must have successfully snuck up on her because when I grabbed her she dropped a plate in the sink, breaking it. I couldn’t care less though, I could always replace it. I had in my hands what I truly wanted.

Her skin felt so soft and silky against my own that I didn’t want to break away from her. My gropes and kisses met her approval and she vocalized it with soft moans that also turned me on even more. I placed kisses on every spot imaginable on her neck, and when I ran out of space I moved onto her shoulders. I looked into the sink and noticed that she had the water still running with steam rising from the bottom of the sink. I thought that it was appropriate since neither of us felt hotter than right now. I took my left hand and removed it from her breast, much to her disappointment, and turned off the hot water, leaving just cold water in the sink. After waiting just a few seconds, confident that the water had cooled off, I released her other breast and both hands under the very cold water. When I released my grip on her tits, Jennifer opened her eyes wondering what was happening. When she gazed at my hands being soaked in wet under the water. She looked back at me, playfully biting her lower lip as if she knew what was coming next.

I pulled my cold wet hands out from under the running water and replaced them on her warm breasts. I got my intended response with a back-straightening gasp and an, “Oh my God.” My hands were cold enough that bursa merkez escort while I was pinching her nipples I could feel them getting stiffer in between my fingertips. The sensation must have been amazing because Jennifer stood up straight for what seemed like forever. When the feeling subsided she said to me, “That was so mean, freezing my poor titties like that.”

“Don’t give me that shit, I saw the look on your face. You liked it you little bitch.”

“What did you call me, you little cocksucker?” she said with a grin on her face.

“You heard me, Whore.”

“Oh, if I didn’t like your cock so much and couldn’t get enough of this incestuous love I’d cut you off right now. But you’re also just so damn cute with your hard cock and always playing with my tits. You can fuck me anytime,” and she reached her arm up and around my neck to pull my head down and kiss her again.

“How about right now? You standing over the sink, me fucking you from behind, you want that?” Since I was standing up against her back, my dick was already between her legs and rubbing up against her pussy. It wouldn’t take much maneuvering to enter her steamy velvety grip.

“God, you’re so horny. Didn’t that blowjob tide you over until at least lunch?”
“I just can’t get enough when it’s your body sis.”

“That’s so fucking cheesy, but it’ll work,” she said with a smile, giggle, and a kiss. I grabbed my cock about halfway down and guided it into the hole that it had fucked just a few short hours ago. As I was entering her I could see her skin get covered in goose bumps in anticipation of fucking her brother for the second time in less than twelve hours. “Don’t be fucking gentle with me, Johnny. I want to feel that meat fucking my pussy and your balls slapping up against me!” That was all the encouragement I needed. I didn’t fuck at top speed, but rather a nice steady pace. Jennifer was standing with her hands leaning against the counter, holding her up. I was, of course, behind her fucking her lovely pussy with my hands on her waist and even though I was behind her and looking at her back and not her beautiful face, I have to tell you that the view was still great. With each thrust that forced as much as my cock into her pussy that could fit, I had my choice of either seeing her hair bounce up and down, her ass cheeks jiggle, or see just a little of her titties bounce as well. Like I said, it was such a great view and I found that my eyes were moving more and more towards her lovely ass. Thinking that if she’ll fuck her own brother, then maybe a little bit of rough play wouldn’t be out of the question. So without breaking motion I lifted my right hand up from her waist, picked right where I wanted it, and then *SMACK*! I could see a little red mark on her ass where my hand had impacted, and I could her a little “Ummm,” escape Jennifer’s lips. But that wasn’t the only word that escaped her mouth.

“Oh yeah, spank me Johnny, I’ve been a bad girl. I deserve a spanking.”

“What makes you *SMACK* such a bad little girl?” *SMACK*

“I’m a bad girl because *SMACK* ooo, I let my little brother *SMACK* ah, fuck me. And the worst part is that I can’t get enough. *SMACK* Ummm, I want his big meaty cock to make me *SMACK* CUM! I’m such a bad little girl.” *SMACK* One last time, then I thrust all the way into her and stopped. Before she could react I reached both my hands around her chest, grabbed hold of her tits and pulled her against me. I moved my mouth next to her ear and started to taunt her.

“You want to cum, Jennifer, is that what you told me? You want me to make you cum?”

“Yes, Johnny, please make me cum, I was so close before you stopped.”

“Then beg me, beg me like the brother-seducing whore that you are.”

“Please, Johnny, please make me cum, I’m so fucking close, I can feel a big orgasm inside me, please make me cum. If you make me cum Johnny, I’ll let you play with my tits as much as you want. I’ll let you suck them, lick them, squeeze them, pinch my nipples, anything, just make me fucking cum brother.”

“Now how can I refuse that offer? Tell me Jennifer, fucking you from behind, what can I do that will make you cum so hard that you won’t forget it?”

“If you spank my ass and tweak my nipple I’ll scream so loud your neighbors will think someone’s being killed in here,” she said sort of sheepishly. Was she just playing along or did she really, really want to cum? My left hand stayed where it was, on her ample breast with my thumb and index finger doing what she said, pinching and tweaking bursa sınırsız escort bayan her nipple. I let go of her right breast with my other hand and slowly moved it down her side, resting it on her ass. I whispered in her ear that I wanted another kiss. She turned her head around as much as possible and I pressed my lips to hers. While our lips were locked, I lifted my hand off her ass and quickly brought it back down, slapping her ass and starting fucking her again. I did exactly like she said; I fucked with a steady motion, tweaked her nipple with one hand and smacked her ass with the other. And from the noises escaping her lips, it was working like a charm.

The moaning coming from her was music to my ears and I wanted nothing more than to make her cum, I wanted her pussy juices to sock my cock. With every thrust I could hear my balls slap against her lovely clit and I loved watching her ass jiggle with every slap. I was fucking my sister and loving every second of it. Every time my cock entered her warm love hole, I had to see her beautiful body in motion. I had to see her ass shake, her tits jiggle, her hair bouncing up and down, the more everything shook, the more confident enough I was that every thrust was doing it’s duty and bringing her pleasure. And as if the sights in front of me weren’t enough, the words coming out of her mouth were just as reassuring.

“Oh, Johnny, fuck me, Johnny, *SMACK* oh fuck me hard! *SMACK* “Mmm, your cock feels so big in me, *SMACK* it’s filling my pussy, stretching me out *SMACK*! Spank me, Johnny, *SMACK* spank my ass *SMACK* I’ve been a bad girl and I need to be *SMACK* spanked!! Oooo, spank me, fuck me, *SMACK* pinch my nipple, it all feels so fucking good!! It makes me want to cum, please make cum, I want to cum, I need to cum, please make me fucking cum, Johnny!! I need to cum!!” Her left hand was on top of mine on her breast. She was pressing down against it in the grips of passion and the make sure I didn’t let go and stop playing with her nipple. Her right hand was between her legs, playing with her clit, helping to bring her climax sooner. But no matter how soon it came, it couldn’t come soon enough for her. She needed to release, and she let me know it.

“Oh, Johnny, just a little more, I’m *SMACK* almost there, I’m gonna cum, make me cum, *SMACK* I’m gonna cum, I need to, please, *SMACK* I’m gonna…I’m gonna…I’m…I’m, I’m cumming!! OH FUCK, I’M CUMMMMMINNNNGGGGG!!!!” Her orgasm was not only mind-blowing, but knee buckling as well. In the midst of her orgasm her knees gave out on her and on instinct I pulled out and wrapped my hands around her waist to try and catch her. But her fall caught me by such surprise that I couldn’t keep her standing and her momentum brought us both to the kitchen floor.

“Jen, are you alright?”

Her response was sparse, in between her gasping for air, “Yeah, I’m fine. Oh God, I’ve never cum so hard in my life.” Lying on the floor we were in the same position that we were standing up, me behind her facing her backside. When I readjusted myself on the floor, my cock ended up grazing against her pussy. This brought a revelation to her head. “Oh my, you didn’t cum did you?” I shook my head. “That effort can’t go unrewarded. Lie on your back and I’ll ride you to till you cum.” Who was I to argue, I wanted to cum just as bad as she did only she beat me to it. I did what she said and laid flat out on the kitchen floor. I watched her get up and straddle my body. She grabbed my cock and pointed it at her pussy. Slowly she began to lower herself onto me. When I began to penetrate, I could hear her start to groan and wince.

“What’s wrong? You look like your hurting.”

“It’s nothing. My pussy’s just a little sensitive from my orgasm. Don’t worry about it, I want you to cum,” and she continued to engulf my cock. Before she could completely take me in I placed my hands under her thighs and lifted her off of me. “What are you doing?” I guided her thighs north enough of my crotch so that when she rested herself she would just miss my cock. Then I wrapped my hands around her back and pulled her towards me.

“As much as I would love nothing more than for your pussy to make me cum, I can’t make you go through the pain. Let your pussy rest.”

“But you need to cum.”

“And I want to cum, but we have the whole day ahead of us to fuck. I love you Jennifer and I can’t hurt you in any way.” It sounded so stupid as I repeated the lines in my head but got the results I wanted. A smile on her face and her lips touching mine.

“I love you, brother.”

* * *

What a busy morning they had. And there’s still the afternoon and evening before Jennifer goes home. Gee, I wonder how they would say goodbye? I won’t have any motivation to tell you unless I get some feedback. Until next time remember, If you don’t like the hand of fate you were dealt, ask the Dealer for some new cards.

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