My New Place Ch. 12

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Hey guys, sorry it’s taken me so long to add another chapter. Things have been pretty bust lately and I’ve had a bit of writers block, but I think I’m getting the juices flowing again. Hopefully, the stories will keep rolling in more consistently now. Thanks for being patient. If you haven’t read any of the previous chapters yet I would suggest you go back and do so before reading this one. Thanks again for all the positive messages and feedback; it means a lot.

It had been almost a week since my friend Caroline left and I still couldn’t believe what had taken place while she was here. Back in school it wasn’t out of character for her to get me into some interesting situations but to end up having a threesome with my neighbor was more than I expected. Not only that, but I was so turned on at the time that I ended up letting John record me sucking his dick and telling him that he can have me anytime he wants. I half expected a knock on my door the next day but by the following Saturday I still hadn’t heard from him. That was until around 1:30 when he came knocking. My stomach was in knots as I walked towards the door and opened it.

“Hey John, what’s up?”

“Not too much Andrea just wanted to come by because I’m having a few friends over later to play cards.”

“Oh that sounds like fun.”

A rush of relief washed over me; he just came over to invite me to his party. I thought he was going to…

“Yeah, it should be a blast; especially with you as our hostess for the evening?”

“Wait, WHAT?!”

“Well after last weekend when you showed me what a little slut you can be I knew you would be a perfect addition to poker night. I even went out and bought an outfit for you to wear.”

“You want me to wait on you and your friends all night while you play poker? I’m not doing that?”

“Oh… well I’m sorry you feel that way. I guess we’ll have to do without you. At least the neighbors will have a fun evening watching this video I’m going to send them from my cell phone. There’s this really cute slut that looks a lot like you, sucking dick like a pro. This girl is such a little whore; they are going to love it.”

Shit… I guess I don’t have much of a choice.

“Ok, I’ll do it. Just PLEASE don’t send that video to anyone.”

“I thought you might say something like that.” I could tell he was enjoying this by the smirk on his face.

He handed me a bag of clothes and told me to swing by around 9; then he turned and went back into his house. I closed my front door and immediately ran to my bedroom and dumped out the bag of clothes onto my bed. OH MY GOD! My jaw dropped to the floor as I looked at what lay before me. There was a “dress” if you can call it that. It was a black dress with alternating stripes of black spandex and some sort of see through material. Thankfully John also included a black bra and a pair of spandex boy shorts to wear underneath. How the hell am I supposed to spend my night serving drinks to John and a bunch of his horny friends in something like this? I walked out of the bedroom and tried to go about the rest of my day without thinking about what I would be dealing with in a few hours. In what seemed like no time I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 8 o’clock. Well, I guess if I’m going to do this I might as well do it right. I slipped into the bra and boy shorts; then slid the dress over my body. As I walked over to the mirror to do my hair and makeup I had to stop at the sight before me. I looked sexy as hell in this thing! By the time I finished my hair and makeup I was actually starting to feel excited about this. What the hell was going on with me? First, I’m acting like a whore on camera for my older neighbor and now I’m about to head over to his house in next to nothing to serve beer and food to him and his horny old friends… and it was getting me horny! I slipped on a pair of black heels and put on a long coat to conceal my outfit while I walked over to John’s.

When he opened the door John almost looked disappointed. He didn’t really think I was going to walk over in just that “dress” did he?

“Come on in Andrea, the guys and I were just getting started with our game. Why don’t I take your coat before we head downstairs?”

I opened my coat and slipped it off of my shoulders. I thought John’s eyes were going to pop out of his head.

“Damn! That looks even better on you than I imagined!” As he took my coat, John reached around my back and ran his hand over my ass before giving it a firm squeeze. “Oh yeah; the guys are going to love you!”

I followed John downstairs, and as we reached his “man cave” I began to feel like a bunny walking into a wolf den. As he introduced me to his friend Fred, Rick, Barry, and Bill I could feel them undressing me with their eyes; although there wasn’t really much to undress I guess.

“Fellas, Andrea here is going to be taking care of us tonight. When you need a fresh beer or a cocktail all you have to do is let her know and she will be happy to serve. Now let’s get going gaziantep escortlar so I can clean you fuckers out!”

The guys started playing cards and I headed behind the bar to get familiar with all the liquor and stuff that John had. I took a shot of tequila to help take a bit of the edge off a bit and could already feel the warmth traveling down my body. It wasn’t 5 minutes when Barry called over that he needed a beer so I grabbed a cold one for him and walked it over. As I set it on the table I could see him leaning back in his chair a bit to get a better look at my ass. As I started to walk back to the bar I could hear him say “If I get to see that every time I get a beer I’m going to get pretty drunk tonight!” The guys all laughed in agreement as they continued playing. I delivered a few more beers over the next hour and had a few more shots at the bar as well. I was starting to feel pretty buzzed and maybe that’s why I started feeling a bit more flirtatious. When Fred asked for another beer I clumsily stumbled when I got to the table and “accidently” fell right onto his lap. “I’m so sorry; I think my heel got caught on the rug” It was the best fake excuse I could come up with at the time. “Oh, don’t be sorry. In fact, why don’t you stay right here a while? Maybe you’ll bring me some good luck.” I gave him a shy little chuckle and said ok. I looked over at John, but he seemed pretty focused on his cards so I figured he didn’t care. As the cards were dealt Fred took a look at his cards and decided to fold. As I watched the guys play the rest of the hand, Fred began to play a hand of his own. I felt his right hand on the top of my thigh; then begin to move up my leg. When he reached the hem of my dress he paused as if he was unsure how far I was going to let him go. Almost instinctively I opened my legs just enough for his hand to get between them and find my pussy through the thin spandex of my boy shorts. He began to rub me gently so that the guys wouldn’t notice what he was doing under the table, but it was enough to get my pussy wet enough to soak through the spandex.

“Hey Andrea, could you grab me another beer?” Rick called out from across the table

“Sure thing!” I smiled and got up to get his beer. I looked back at Fred and could see him trying to adjust the erection he had in his pants. Fuck, I’m getting horny again. I took another shot on my way back to the table.

“Why don’t you come have a seat over here for a while babe?” Barry called from across the table. I started to walk over to him when John chimed in.

“Fellas, we’re here to play cards, so how about this. You win the hand and Andrea will sit on your lap until the next hand is over. Sound good?” They seemed to be in agreement so as they played their next hand I excused myself to the bathroom to freshen up a bit. As I came back into the room and approached the table I asked who the big winner was and found out it was John. I smiled and jumped onto his lap. He whispered to me and asked if I was having fun so far. I decided to answer by taking his hand and guiding it under my dress to my wet panties. “I knew you would enjoy showing your hot little body off to my friends. You can try and deny it all you want but I know deep down you’re a dirty little slut like the girl on my phone.” As he said this he pushed a finger into me through my wet panties causing a rush of pleasure to run up my body. John looked at his cards and raised his bet. A few more cards were dealt and the pot seemed like it was getting pretty big. It was down to just John and Rick. Rick raised the bet a final time to John. He looked at the pot, then back at his cards, then back at the pot again. “Might be too much for me this time Rick. Unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Well how about instead of another 10 bucks I call you with Andrea’s bra?”

My head snapped back to look at John, but he just whispered into my ear. “Don’t pretend like you don’t want to show them more, I felt how wet those panties are.”

“Deal!” Rick quickly replied

They laid their cards on the table

“Lose the bra! Lose the bra! Lose the bra!” The guys chanted in unison

I stood up and looked back at John who simply smiled and gave me a wink.

“Fine, but I’m not doing it in front of you animals.”

I went to the bathroom and removed my bra. I looked in the mirror and the way the stripes were aligned my nipples were covered by one of the lines, but that was it. Pretty much everything above and below them was exposed for the guys enjoyment. I walked back into the room and the guys were all sitting at the table waiting for me. Their eyes devoured me as I got closer to the table.

“Well, I won the hand; get on over here baby!” Rick hollered towards me

I walked over and sat on his lap. I could already feel Rick’s hard on poking into me. I reached back carefully so the guys wouldn’t notice and I found his hard on with my hand. I started to squeeze it in my hand gently, then a bit harder. I couldn’t move up and down much without the guys catching me, but the little bit I could do seemed to be keeping Rick stiff as he played his next hand. He must have been distracted because he lost the next one to Bill who seemed more excited about me sitting on his lap than winning the money on the table. When I sat down my assumptions were confirmed because his dick was very hard and felt pretty big too. As he played his hand I started to grind my ass into him slowly, pressing my body into his cock. Being a dancer, I’m pretty good at moving my hips and can do so pretty well without my upper body moving too much. As I ground into him faster his free hand grabbed my waist and pulled my ass into him more. A few more minutes and I might have been able to make him cum in his pants. Unfortunately for Bill he lost the hand and I was back on John’s lap again.

“You ready for more fun sweetie?” He whispered into my ear. I had a feeling I knew was he was implying. Before the cards were even dealt John asked to the table. “Who wants to go all in for Andrea’s panties?”

The guys looked at each other and their chips. Finally, it was Fred with only a few chips left who accepted the bet. “Fuck it! I only have 5 bucks left anyway. That’s well worth a chance at seeing that sweet little pussy of hers.” I know it was only $5 but it was something about hearing Fred talk that way about me that got me pretty worked up. Fred pushed his chips into the middle of the table and all the guys seemed to sit up in their chairs. The cards were turned and the cheers rang out like the Chargers had just won the Super Bowl. I stood up and walked to the center of the basement. With all eyes on me I pulled the hem of my dress up just enough to reach the waistband of my black boy shorts. I turned my back to them as I slowly slide them to the floor and stepped out of them. I pulled the hem of my dress back down; not that it covered much. I picked up my panties from the floor and tossed them to Fred.

“GOD DAMN! These things are fucking soaked!” He exclaimed before bring them to his nose and breathing in my aroma.

I again felt like prey as the guys were staring right at my shaved pussy which was clearly visible through the fabric of my outfit. I probably should have felt more exposed than I did, but I guess the exhibitionist in me was kind of enjoying this. I decided this would be a good time to excuse myself to the bathroom to freshen up a bit and I took the guys drink orders on my way. When I walked into the bathroom I looked in the mirror; I might as well have been naked. The only things that were even sort of hidden were my nipples, which were so stiff they were poking through the thin fabric and making themselves plenty visible. You know what? The guys have been having plenty of fun with me so far tonight; maybe it’s time for me to start having some fun of my own. I pulled the “dress” over my head and left it in a pool on the bathroom floor, then made my way back to the party. As I entered the room the guy’s jaws dropped.

“Who wants to do some body shots?”

All five guys stood up immediately and led me to the bar. I felt several hands pawing at my body as I was lifted onto the bar and laid down on my back. John came over with some salt, lemons, and tequila. I grabbed the salt and lemons from him and sprinkled some salt on my left nipple, then placed a lemon slice on my right. The guys were fighting to go first, but John had the bottle so he took the first round. He poured the alcohol onto my stomach; I watched my belly button fill then overflow with liquor. John leaned in and took my left nipple into his mouth, sucking the salt from my body. He moved down to my stomach and slurped up the tequila, then quickly returned to my chest, devouring my right breast and the lemon wedge that rested upon it. Fred, Rick and John each took their turns as well. My body was being licked and sucked by these men but I had more in mind. As Bill came over to take his turn he salted my nipple, filled my stomach with liquor and placed the lemon on my other nipple. He leaned in to lick the salt from my body but I stopped him. He looked at me puzzled and so did the rest of the guys. I took the lemon wedge from my nipple and place it between my legs. Bill smiled and leaned into my chest. He licked the salt from my hard nipple; then sucked up the tequila. As he lowered his head to the lemon I opened my legs and hung them off either side of the bar and pressed Bill’s head into my pussy with both hands. The guys went nuts and started cheering Bill on. He turned his head to the side and spit the lemon out of his mouth and buried his head back into my pussy. My body arched off of the bar as Bill ate my pussy like a pro. The rest of the guys started groping my body as their friend pleasured me. I had hands on my tits, pinching and pulling on my nipples. There were two other guys rubbing my feet and legs while they pulled them apart, spreading me open for Bill. I was moaning and groaning as Bill continued working on my clit with his mouth. I felt my arms being pulled to the sides and suddenly each hand was filled with a cock. I opened my eyes to see John and Rick smiling as I began stroking their cocks in my hands. I felt Bill slip a finger into my pussy and he began finger fucking me while his tongue flicked my clit. It was enough to send me over the edge. My body began to convulse on the bar as my orgasm washed over me from head to toe. As I came down from my climax the guy lifted me off the bar and pulled me over to the couch. Bill sat down and pulled his cock out.

“I think it’s time for you to return the favor sweetheart.”

I knelt on the floor between Bill’s legs and took him into my mouth. I started sucking him deep into my mouth. I was taking his entire length down my throat in no time and I was doing my best to “return the favor” for the huge orgasm he has just given me.

“I had a feeling you could suck a cock, but fuck, you’re even better than I thought. John, I guess you weren’t kidding about this little whore after all ha-ha.”

“Yeah, too bad that friend of hers with the big tits isn’t here too.”

Oh my God! He showed them all the video? I wanted to yell at him but when I started lifting my head; Bill grabbed my hair and pulled my head back into his waist. I instinctively continued sucking his dick and that’s when I realized that maybe I was more like the girl from John’s video than I wanted to admit. I felt someone pushing my legs apart; then pressing their cock against my wet opening. As it pushed into me it slipped right into me, filling me completely.

“Holy shit this little bitch was ready to fuck. She’s got a tight little pussy but she’s so wet I slid right in.”

It sounded like Fred from what I remember but all I could see at the moment was Bill’s stomach as my face was buried into him. Rick and Barry sat on the couch on either side of Bill and pulled out their dicks. I saw them stroking themselves as they watched me sucking Bill so I reached my hands out and began stroking them as I sucked Bill. Fred meanwhile began fucking me from behind harder. I would have fallen over if it weren’t for Bill’s hands that were squeezing my tits as I sucked him. I had a hard time sucking him with the fucking Fred was giving me. I guess he hadn’t been fucked in a while based on the energy he was putting into it. Bill took his hands off my chest and moved them to my head.

“Suck it baby, I’m almost there” he groaned as he started guiding my head up and down at the pace he wanted me.

His ass came off the couch and I felt his cock begin to pulsate within my mouth as he came inside of it. I swallowed his seed as fast as he could provide it and I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the taste. When he finished up, I lifted my head and opened my mouth looking for more. Bill got up and Rick pulled me towards his cock. I took him into my mouth next and starting sucking him with the same energy I did with Bill. I watched Rick’s head roll back as my mouth pleasured his cock. I was concentrating so much on Rick’s cock and the fucking the Fred was giving me that I had forgotten about Barry sitting on the couch in front of me. I reached back over to him and played with his cock with my free hand. Fred meanwhile, began to slow his pace a little and soon I felt him cumming inside of me. His cum was so warm as it filled my womb. Why did I love that feeling so much? Maybe I really am a slut! When Fred pulled out of my pussy Barry got off the couch and replaced him. His cock felt bigger than Fred’s and stretched me out a little more. It didn’t stop him from immediately pounding my pussy with everything he had. I let out a loud moan through Rick’s cock and the vibration must have felt good because I felt his dick pulse when it happened. So I started moaning more and louder while I sucked him until he blew his loud in my mouth the same way Bill did. I swallowed it all down as blast after blast shot into my mouth. It was so warm and salty, but it was so good. When I finished cleaning up his softening cock Rick got up off the couch and that’s when I heard John from behind me.

“Hey Rick, take the camera for a bit”

I turned my head to see John handing a video camera to Rick. He’s been videotaping this whole thing? So much for worrying about his camera phone; now he has a video of me taking on 4 of his friends and soon his cock as well. He walked towards me and whipped his big cock out for me.

“I’ve been wondering when I would get to see this big cock of yours again.” I smiled as I reached up and grabbed John’s fat dick in my hand. I pulled him into my mouth and started blowing my older neighbor like a dirty little slut… again.

“Mmmmm… I almost forgot….. mmmmm…. How big you are…. Mmmmm”

John looked down at me as I worked his manhood and smiled. Barry began to groan behind me and for the second time tonight I felt the warmth of a cock exploded deep in my pussy. It felt so good that it drove me over the edge again and I came again with Barry’s dick emptying inside of me. I moaned on John’s hard dick, sucking, and slurping through my climax. As Barry pulled out from behind me I felt John backing away from my mouth. My first reaction was to move with him to keep his cock in my mouth, but he slipped out of my lips grasp.

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