My New Mistress Pt. 01

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As I’d secretly hoped, Dr. Young was assigned to my appointment today. She was always dressed so sexily, but wore a lap coat over her office attire, to always give a professional appearance. She was quite busty, and it was always a challenge to keep my eye up on her face. Not that there was anything wrong with her face — she was quite pretty, but man, that big rack, especially stacked above her small waist — I could get lost just staring at her big breasts, and I tried to make sure she didn’t catch me looking at her chest when her attention was on her clipboard, or the computer monitor, or especially on me, when doing any kind of examination.

Today she was wearing a tight white blouse, of some satiny, shiny material that caught the light when she turned, drawing my attention to the curve of her large breasts, beneath her lap coat. And she wore a tight black pencil skirt, ending just below her knees, fairly modest, but I’d seen her without her lab coat in the past, and I knew her ass was quite tight and shapely. Clearly she worked out on a regular basis… I wondered about the strength in those thighs… what it would be like to have them clamped around my head… oh man.

Dr. Young was not tall, perhaps 5′ 4″, but today she was the same hight as me, as she was wearing black pumps with 3 inch heels. Professional, not your fuck-me-pump type, but sexy just the same, as I’m often drawn to women’s high heels of any type. But what really drew my attention as she entered the room today, was a flash at her ankle. I couldn’t tell what it was, not wanting to stare… lord knows it was hard enough for me to keep from getting a big hard on when we were alone together. She always acted tightly professional, not even friendly, stern in fact. Especially when she’d berate me to take better care of some part of my health, lose a little more weight and I’d be in the best range for long-term health, she’d say.

One time she even suggested I do more squats to tone up my butt. Man, I had to go home and masturbate after that one, I almost couldn’t wait and was tempted to try and find a safe location in the parking lot where no one could see. But the building was 6 stories high, I couldn’t tell who might be able to see me from up there.

Anyway, she wasn’t friendly or warm, always on the stern side, with an attitude that she knew best, and I’d better pay attention. Almost implying that I’d better stay in shape, or there’d be consequences. Today though, there was that flash on her ankle, and I had a bit of trouble paying attention to what she was saying, wanting to get a look at her stocking-clad feet, and figure out what was up with her ankle. I was looking down at the wall to the side of where she was sitting, and she was looking at my medical records on a computer monitor, trying to see her feet in my peripheral vision.

Today she was wearing white stockings, to match her tight white blouse and contrast well with her black heels. And there it was, she was wearing an ankle bracelet. Wow. Was that professional attire for a doctor? Her feet were turning me on, and now she was wearing a bracelet… were those letters on the bracelet? Was that just a contemporary style… but didn’t it mean something when a woman wears an ankle bracelet? What did those letters say…

I realize istanbul travesti she’s stopped talking, and I froze, she was looking at me, and I’d slipped, I was looking right at her ankle, no longer using my peripheral vision. She sat there for a moment, staring at me staring at her feet. And I thought I saw a brief smirk on her face for a moment there. Then she turned back to my medical records and said “well Tony, I see here that you haven’t had a full physical in well over a year, you’re overdue. You’ll need to schedule an appointment and come back when I have a big enough hole in my schedule for that, takes over an hour, plus blood tests at the lab the week prior, and you know you have to fast for that. Won’t hurt you to fast some, seems like I’m always telling to get in better shape. I can see you work out, but you still need to improve your diet some.”

Since she was looking back at the monitor now, I snuck a glance back at her feet, then at her chest. Wow, the curve of her breasts beneath her open lab coat was… I could feel some pressure building in my jeans. She was still looking at the monitor, so I braved another look at her breasts. Wow.

“Since you’re overdue and my schedule is tight, no sizable holes with everything going on these days, I’m sure the girls out front won’t be able to fit you into my schedule for at least 6 to 8 weeks. So we’ll just do a few tests today, help make sure there’s nothing going on that could cause you problems.”

Wow, was that another smirk on her face? I never see her smile, but she was thinking of something… shit, did she see me looking at her body? Shit.

“Yes Tony, I’ll need to check out your private parts to make sure you don’t have any lumps, and we’ll need to check your prostate.”

Oh SHIT! My dick almost leaped in my jeans. Crap! She was going to touch my dick! And my balls! And then… Shit! How the hell was I going to keep from getting a hard on while she did all that??!!?

“So go ahead and take off your shoes and your pants. You can leave your underwear on for the moment, but we’ll need to pull those down as well once I get back. Is that clear?”

“Y-yes doctor Young.”

She stood and went to the door, opened it partially, but then she looked back at me, and… what is going on? She gave me a look for a moment, then turned back to the doorway. I swear, she smirked again as she walked out and closed the door. And did she whisper something? I could swear… just under her breath. It almost sounded like she said “That’s a good boy.” I was so taken aback that I completely forgot to try and sneak another peak at her ankles…

OMG OMG… how long will she be gone? I gotta get rid of this hard on! Maybe some cold water.

I quickly took my shoes off and undid my belt. Opened my pants and began to take off my jeans… and couldn’t resist. I pulled down my boxers, grabbed my dick and gave it a few strokes. OMG Dr. Young… she was so… commanding. And she was going to put her hands on my dick and balls, and then stick her finger up my ass!!! OMG!!! It REALLY turned me on!

Fuck… a couple more strokes, then I took my jeans the rest of the way off, folded them and put them on the chair, went to the sink and splashed cold water on my face. Fuck, how many times had I masturbated thinking travesti istanbul about her and her hot body. I’d spurted cum all over myself thinking about eating her tight pussy. And now she was going to touch me… Fuck.

In desperation I squeezed my balls until it hurt some, and my dick stiffness lessoned a bit. Still larger than flacid… but that’s ok, I’d rather be a bit larger when she examined me. OMG, she was going to look at my naked junk.

The door knob turned and she walked in. “Ok Tony, did you get ready for me?” She looked at me, sitting there on the edge of the examination table. “Oh, that’s good. Let me adjust the table and we’ll see what we’re working with here.”

She closed and locked the door.

OMG! Why did she lock the door? Was she… that CAN’T be professional talk. OMG! Is she flirting with me? How do I keep from getting hard?

She raised the back of the table and told me to lean back and relax. Yeah, right, relax??!?

She pulled on some latex gloves and snapped the latex against her wrists.

“All right, let’s get started… let’s see here…”

She cupped my balls with one of her hands. Oh FUCK! Please caress my balls doctor, please!

But she didn’t do that, she just cupped them firmly, pretty much filling her somewhat small hand. She gently held my penis between her thumb and forefinger, grasping it about halfway down.

“Ok, ummm hmmm.”

She turned my dick one way and slightly pulled my balls the other way, then began squeezing my scrotum, I guess checking for lumps. But now every movement felt like a caress, and a couple of times I could feel the edges of her sexy fingernails brush my balls. Not too long, but not to short either, and polished with a sexy pink-salmon color. Oh Man! I was getting hard and I could feel the swelling begin…

“Ummm…” I said, I just couldn’t keep quiet.

“Ok, a bit of reaction here. That’s normal, in fact, we might have something to worry about if you didn’t react. If it’s uncomfortable you can let me know. I can even help you calm down, if you want it.” OMG, what??!?? She gripped my balls a bit harder in her hand and poked each of her nails into the base of my sack. OMG, she was IN CONTROL! I instantly got really hard!


“Oh, I see. One of those, are you? Natural arousal, but cat got your tongue. I thought so, from the way you’re always ogling me, but trying to hide it, too shy to make any remarks. But don’t worry, I know just how to handle your type. You’d never get away with much unless I decided to allow it. You’ve got some good size here Tony, some healthy girth when you’re pumped up a bit.”

Still gripping my balls in her left hand, she now put her entire right hand around my rapidly hardening shaft. She was in control and she knew it. Oh FUCK!!

“I see you watching me, I know to expect it whenever you’re in here for an appointment. Usually you’re staring at my tits, but today… actually Tony, I wore this ankle bracelet in anticipation of your appointment today. I knew I could easily mesmerize you with it. I saw you sneaking a peak at my ankles and feet. And you know what a bracelet on my ankle means, don’t you Tony? Just look at it.”

She lifted her right leg and put her foot on another stool. There is was, her istanbul travestileri silver anklet. So shiny… so beautiful. I could read the letters now. Just four of them… F D O M. She moved it back and forth slightly, so it caught the light, and grabbed my attention.

“Do I have your full attention now Tony? I’m sure you appreciate my anklet. Just watch it…

Look at it…

See it sparkle…

What does it say Tony?

It commands your full attention, yes Tony. Tell me, say Yes, yes it does?”

I felt a but numb, but was vibrating with energy. And my cock was raging hard now. Just pulsing in her hand.

“Yes, yes it does.”

“Yes what Tony?”


“Say Yes Mistress, your powerful anklet has my full attention, Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress, your powerful anklet has my full attention, Mistress.”

“That’s right my good boy, you’re sinking under my power now, boy, deeper and deeper. With every breath you sink deeper. THink of my anklet, and of my ankles, think of my heels, and my breasts. You’ve wanted my breasts, oh so badly, haven’t you Tony? Tell me.”

“Yes Mistress, I have wanted your breasts Mistress.”

And what do you do when you think about my breasts, Tony? Tell me.”

She was slightly caressing my balls now, and ever so slightly she was moving her hand on my dick, up and down, up and down.

“Mistress… oh Mistress…”

In a strong, stern voice, she said, powerfully: “NOW Tony, tell me what you do when you think about my big breasts!”

“Oh Mistress, I masturbate, Mistress.”

“Is that so Tony, you masturbate to the thought of my breasts? Do you cum Tony? Do you cum when you’re masturbating to my breasts? Look at them, look at my breasts now Tony, and tell me!” She thrust her chest out and pushed her coat aside, fully exposing her big breasts to me, tightly encased in her tight, white blouse.

“Oh yes mistress, I cum, I cum thinking about your big breasts!”

“I just knew it. What a slut. Now, look at my anklet again, and tell me what it says.”

I didn’t want to stop looking at her gorgeous breasts, but I had no choice, I had to obey and tear my eyes away, looking down at her anklet.

“Do you know what my anklet means Tony? I’m sure you do. I’ll bet you cruise the BDSM sites, and the Femdom sites, probably right there on you phone, in your browser history. The anklet on my right ankle means I’m a top. And you’re a natural bottom, you’re SO obvious. That means I’ll have you wearing MY ankle bracelet, the one I grace you with, on your left ankle. And the letters on your anklet will clearly show what you are, Tony, what you clearly need. Anyone who cares to look and understands the signage, they’ll know your predilection, and even if they don’t know what to do with you, I will give them instructions.”

“Commands, Tony, I KNOW you love to obey commands. You WILL obey my commands, won’t you Tony? TELL ME!”

She gripped my cock hard, and jerked her hand up and down my shaft.

“Yes Mistress, I must obey your commands, mistress!”

“You just want to stick your tongue in my cunt, right now, don’t you Tony?”

OMG! “Yes, yes mistress, please may I…”

She released my cock and balls. Oh please mistress, don’t stop, please… but I was unable to say anything, unless she commanded me to say something.

“NO SLAVE! You may NOT! You must EARN any such privilege. And you will, slut, you will. And we’re only part way through your exam today.”

She reached over to the counter and grabbed a container of KY Jelly…

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