My New Life

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Snow was falling heavily as I rushed to get home from work and start my weekend. This weekend however, would be like none I had ever spent before. It was my last day at my job and I had been recently laid off due to cutbacks and restructuring. That morning when I arrived at work I had been a handsomely paid executive bringing in a six figure salary, and that afternoon when I returned home I was an unemployed cuckold husband.

My wife had become less and less into sex with me in our marital bed and it was driving a wedge between us. I suggested a counselor, marital aids, porno movies, you name it, and I tried it. And yet, each day she dressed more provocatively wearing more revealing clothes that I had ever seen her wear during our marriage.

One night at wit’s end, I cried in Suzanne’s arms and pled with her not to give up on our marriage. I told her how much I loved her and how devoted I was to her. I assured her that there was nothing we couldn’t overcome. There was no burden I wasn’t willing to bear to make things worse. I even confessed to her about my fascination with female domination internet porno sites and told her that if she would not leave me, I would cease frequenting those sites.

Suzanne is a rubenesque beauty who I had fallen in love with the first minute I saw her. With her long, flowing brown hair, deep brown eyes, incredible legs and breasts, she captivated me. She towered over me physically and emotionally. I was always the bread winner, the guy in charge, the executive, but at home, Suzanne was always in charge. She ran the household, our finances, and every aspect of our daily lives even telling me what clothes to wear, what food to eat, what books to read. I loved it and it wasn’t so much her dominating me as it was me wanting to make her happy.

She stroked my hair as I cried into her lap kneeling in front her as she sat on the couch. In a soft almost hypnotic voice, she told me that she loved me too, but that I didn’t please her sexually. How could a man with a four inch cock when it was rock hard expect to possibly please a woman like her she asked me? I felt ashamed, humiliated, and inadequate and began to weep more. I told her I wanted nothing more than to love her and please her and have her in my life whatever that meant.

Stroking my hair almost like a pet, she asked what I proposed to solve the problem since I obviously couldn’t grow a bigger dick. And so to my own undoing, I was the one who suggested at first and then pleaded that she take a lover on. Oh I guess at first in my mind I didn’t see the whole picture and see what would eventually develop. I was merely thinking that it would solve the immediate problem. I never imagined it would lead us down the path to where we now live. That night, as if she had coaxed it out of me even though I was the one who suggested it, Suzanne acquiesced and agreed to take a lover.

Her conditions at first were simple. She would find him, they would meet outside the house whenever she felt the need and our life would go on as normal as possible. I of course agreed, and little by little the changes happened. It drove me crazy when I knew she was going out even though she would give me a vague idea but never come out and say it, only say that she was ‘going out.’ Those times alone with her out I would become more and more obsessive about pleasing her, and attempting to profess my love for her. I cooked, cleaned, shopped, kept the house up, did laundry, making it possible for Suzanne to never lift a finger to do anything in our home.

Sexually things seemed to improve a bit. She seemed to want sex more, but with a twist. I was relegated to licking her pussy, or sucking on her toes, licking her ass. More and more humiliating things followed. It was as if Suzanne was trying to find some imaginary line that she wanted to push me over. I never asked for intercourse because I knew it would never be granted. So after I was finished whatever humiliating thing she wanted performed, I was usually allowed to cum by playing with myself but I always had to use a condom as Suzanne didn’t want a mess around her bedroom as she referred to it.

I never asked her about her lover or lovers, but it was killing me inside. I wanted to know, I needed to know. One night after and exhaustive hour and a half licking Suzanne’s pussy, I lay with my head cradled between her legs inches from her soft, puffy, swollen, shaved pussy lips I asked her. She stroked my head and told me that if I wanted disclosure that it would change things. It would mean that she would want to include him in our daily life which up to this point she had kept him out of. She asked me if I was man enough to accept that burden and if my love for her was that deep. It was a mix of emotions like I had never experienced, hurt, anger, depression, curiosity, excitement, love all mixed into one. I told her yes, I loved her that much.

There in the flickering candle light she told me about him. His name was Thomas; he was a lawyer that represented her real estate agency on occasion. She told me he was thirty five, ankara olgun escort six foot four, and ex football player in college, had sandy blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a gorgeous eight inch cock. The more she went on, the more mixed my feelings became. She talked about him like he was some sort of god. On and on she went. I guess this is what I asked for, and so now I had to live with it.

The next month was a blur of Suzanne going out with Thomas and coming home to tell me about it. Now she would tell me where they were going, what they were going to do, and she even enlisted my help in helping her get ready for her dates. Her dates which at first lasted only a couple of hours, now turned into eight or ten hour marathons and on a couple of occasions lasted several days. My libido surged during this time, always wondering where they were and what they were up to. One night, while I was home alone my email beeped letting me know I had an email. It was from an address I didn’t recognize and when I opened it I was shocked by the image on the screen. Suzanne half looked at the screen sitting naked with a huge cock in her mouth, the caption read, ‘hope you’re having as much fun as I am!’

One night while we were eating dinner, our doorbell rang. I answered the door to find a tall, blonde man standing in the doorway asking for Suzanne. My breath was almost cut short as I realized that this was Thomas whom I had never seen or met before and here he was standing in our doorway. I apologized for being flustered and invited him to come in. I got Suzanne from the dining room and told her she had a visitor. She smiled and went into the living room, giving Thomas a big hug and a very wet kiss. I stood there meekly not really knowing what to do or say. As they broke their embrace, Suzanne told me to get them each a glass of wine and clean the dinner dishes up.

Like an obedient child I followed her orders to the tee. As I stood at the sink wearing my yellow Playtex gloves doing the dishes, my mind raced and I wondered what was going on in the other room. When all the dishes were dried and put away I went into the living room and saw Suzanne sitting on the couch, her blouse unbuttoned and Thomas playing with her tits as she stroked his massive cock. Taken aback does not adequately describe how I felt standing there watching this sight unfold. Suzanne looked at me and told me to go turn the bed down. I moved as if I were a zombie having an out of body experience. I did as instructed and soon the two of them were in the bedroom undressing each other, Suzanne told me that would be all and I could out and catch a movie.

Yeah right, I was going to be able to concentrate on a movie while my wife was home in our bed fucking another man! But that’s what I did, I went to the mall and watched a movie that I couldn’t tell you the name of if you held a gun to my head. When it was over I hurried home surprised to see Thomas’s BMW still parked in the driveway. I let myself in and spotted Suzanne in the kitchen getting two glasses of wine. She was wearing a black sheer robe that I had bought her for hour honeymoon.

She sat down on a kitchen chair and pointed for me to kneel next to her in my usual position. I knelt and she stroked my hair, her hypnotic voice luring me into a surreal state. She asked me if I liked what I had seen tonight and I knew she wasn’t talking about the movie. I told her yes, it aroused me very much. She smiled and told me she was glad because I would be seeing a lot more of it in the future. She took the two glasses of wine and headed upstairs, as she climbed the stairs, she looked back over her shoulder and told me she’d see me in the morning.

That night as I went to the spare bedroom to sleep I found an envelope with my name on it taped to the mirror. I opened it and read Suzanne’s neat curling script:

My pet,

I’m glad you liked what you witnessed tonight. From this point forward our lives will be forever changed. I know deep down inside how much you love me and how much you want only one thing, my total and complete happiness. I love knowing that I have a man in my life who is that dedicated and in love with me.

Thomas satisfies me in ways you can’t my pet, but you provide for me and satisfy me in other ways. So now that our lives have changed and will forever change I thought I would make the transition easier for you and more enjoyable for Thomas and me. So here’s how things will change:

1.You are to shave all the hair from your body tonight and always keep it shaved from this point forward

2.You are to be naked at all times in the house unless instructed otherwise by Thomas or myself.

3.This is now your room. Thomas will be moving in and sharing my bedroom with me.

4.You will address Thomas as Sir at all times and you will address me as Miss Suzanne.

5.From this day forward, your main purpose in life will be to serve Thomas and myself in any way we see fit. This means physically, financially, or otherwise without question.

6.You ankara ucuz escort will only speak when spoken to. You will continue to prepare all meals, do all housework, and provide for our comfort.

7.There is a packet of papers in the top drawer of the desk which you need to sign. These papers in effect sign all your property and assets over to me as of today’s date and appoint me power of attorney over you.

8.Your sexual release will be at my discretion.

9.If you do not agree to any of these conditions, Thomas has drawn up divorce papers which I will serve to you in the morning. Otherwise, we’ll have breakfast in bed at ten a.m.

Love Suzanne

That was it, my life was changing and the conditions were being dictated by Suzanne. I read the letter, and re-read the letter time and again, coming to the same conclusion time after time, I loved Suzanne unconditionally and more than anything on the face of this earth and would do anything for her. Taking the pen from the top drawer, I signed the papers, went to bed and looked forward to my new life which would begin tomorrow.

My New Life part two by cuckytoher

I stood naked at the entrance to my wife and her lover’s bedroom with two breakfast trays and tapped lightly. Suzanne told me to enter and as I did the view was incredible. Suzanne lay naked with her head on Thomas’s chest cuddled up like a honeymoon couple. I served both of them breakfast and stood meekly at the foot of the bed. I felt embarrassed and humiliated; here I was standing naked and shaved at the foot of my wife’s bed while she lay in post coital bliss with her new lover. They ate their breakfast watching TV and snickering at some private joke between the two of them.

When they were finished with breakfast Suzanne commanded me to clear their trays and then come back for further instructions. I obediently did as was instructed and once again found myself standing at the foot of their bed. Suzanne propped herself up on her pillows her beautiful breasts popping out over the sheets.

“Well there my pet, I see you’ve agreed to all the terms in the letter or else you wouldn’t be standing there.”

“Yes Miss Suzanne.” I replied, looking into the eyes of the only woman I had ever loved.

“Well here’s the deal. Now that you’ve read the letter and signed the papers, you’re ours.” As she spoke Thomas got out of bed to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t help noticing his huge cock flopping in the breeze. He smirked and stopped right in front of me looking down at me, “See something you like?”

“I…I…was just admiring your cock Sir.”

They both laughed. “Well don’t worry you’ll have plenty of opportunity to do that!” He continued on to the bathroom and Suzanne resumed her conversation with me.

“Thomas as you know is a lawyer, he is currently representing a conglomerate that is in the process of taking over your firm. He’s let me in on a little secret too. As of tomorrow, when the acquisition is complete, there’ll be some restructuring and you’ll find yourself without a job. You don’t even need to go to work tomorrow since it’s your last day and there’s no sense in you going in just to be laid off.” She said all this as if she was enjoying it, giving me the news that as of Friday I would be unemployed and I had just signed everything I owned in the world including power of attorney over to her last night.

“But Miss Suzanne, I don’t understand.” Suzanne jumped up and slapped me hard across the face.

“Apparently you didn’t understand the part of the letter last night that stated you’ll only speak when spoken to. Now stand there and don’t say another word until I finish.” She lay back down and covered herself up.

“So you’ll have plenty of time on your hands and your new job will be to keep this house clean and make sure Thomas and I are happy and satisfied. Since you now have no money, personal belongings or any rights whatsoever you had better serve us well or I swear at the first sign of unhappiness on either of our parts I’ll throw your ass out on the street.”

I stood there still trying to take it all in as Thomas sauntered back into the room and flopped back into bed planting a big wet kiss on Suzanne.

“I was just telling our little pet here about his impending job loss and his new role as our little bitch boy!” They both squealed with delight and hugged each other.

Thomas looked at me and in a very firm tone said, “Listen it’s pretty easy, you do what you’re told when you’re told and there won’t be any problems. You disobey and there will be punishment. We expect one thing, total obedience without question is that clear?” It wasn’t a question.

“Yes sir.” I said as obediently as I could.

Suzanne then instructed me to start on the laundry and told me when I was finished with that I was to go to Thomas’s condo and move the entire contents with the exception of the furniture over to our house. Then just like that, they began making love and I figured I was dismissed.

I did several loads of laundry, ankara yabancı escort then went to a U-Haul store and rented a truck and went to Thomas’s apartment and let myself in with the key Suzanne had given me. I couldn’t believe the task I had in front of me. First of all, the condo was a mess which would require me to clean it before I even began moving things. Secondly there was dirty laundry all over which meant as I was cleaning and packing I would have to do laundry too. For four solid hours I worked and toiled like never before. Finally 10 pm I pulled into our driveway and began unloading Thomas’s items into the house. Suzanne and Thomas weren’t home but there was a note on the table in Suzanne’s familiar handwriting.

My pet,

Thomas and I are out to dinner and shopping, we may not be home tonight. Remove all your clothes from the bedroom closet and dressers and replace them with Thomas’s. You can put all your clothes in the trash as you won’t need them anymore; I’ve taken the liberty of buying you some new clothes to wear. Put all the other items in the garage until we decide where we want things and we’ll instruct you at that time.

As for your new clothes, you’ll find three packages on your bed, labeled one, two and three. Inside package number one, you’ll find the outfit that you’re to wear around the house and you are to wear this tonight while you’re moving Thomas’s stuff into the house. Package number two contains some items which you are to wear also around the house; they will be self explanatory to you. And finally, package number three contains a few outfits for you to wear if you need to leave the house.

Hope you have a good time moving! See you in the morning…

Miss Suzanne.

Making my way to the bedroom I eyed the three packages and opened the first one. Inside was a pink lace and sheer baby doll with spaghetti straps. It was a pretty lace baby doll that had a floral lace stretch bodice and a skirt of sheer net and lace panels with a matching G-string. I took it out of the box and held it up. Then I stripped of my clothes and put on my new outfit. In the second box I found to my distress, pink nail polish, lipstick, other makeup, and to my astonishment, a long platinum blonde glamour girl wig. I knew I would be in trouble if I disobeyed their orders so I took the contents of the second box and headed for the bathroom.

It took me a full thirty minutes to get my fingernails and toenails painted, the makeup on, and the wig fitted correctly. Looking at myself in the mirror I saw an image staring back at me that I almost didn’t recognize. There I stood, totally shaved from head to toe, wearing the pink baby doll, the long blonde platinum wig, with pink fingernails and toenails, pink lipstick, rouge, and pancake makeup, complete with eyeliner and eye shadow. And to top if all off my tiny cock was as hard as a rock.

I had always been fascinated by cuckolding and serving, but now my life had come full circle and here I was standing in the middle of my fantasy and very excited about it. I went out to the truck and backed it up as tightly as I could to the garage door so none of the neighbors could see as I unloaded Thomas’s belongings. I worked furiously, and after about an hour all his things were in the garage and his clothes took the place mine formally occupied in the bedroom. I finally collapsed in my bed in the spare room at about three in the morning. I was exhausted, excited, humiliated and curious to know what else was in store for me.

I awoke in my bed the next morning to the sounds of snickering. Opening my eyes I could see Suzanne and Thomas standing in the doorway laughing at me. I still had the baby doll and the wig on and they began to make out, Suzanne telling me they would be in the bedroom and would call for me when they wanted me. Groggily I got out of bed and made myself some coffee. I began to clean the house and go about my duties, I heard Suzanne screaming in pleasure from what I remembered to be her orgasm and then silence.

She summoned me to their room. I hurried and stood by the foot of the bed watching the two of them ignore me while they kissed and whispered in each others ear. Finally, they broke their embrace and Suzanne and Thomas focused their attention on me and began laughing.

“Well don’t you look pretty in your little baby doll?” Suzanne said as her and Thomas burst out laughing. “I think that’s what we’ll call you from now on, Baby Doll!” Again they both burst out laughing. I was standing there feeling humiliated, excited and embarrassed but more than anything aroused. Before I could tell what was happening I could feel a warm, wet sensation between my thighs and looked down to see I had cum all over myself.

Suzanne pointed and squealed with laughter, “Look! Baby Doll came all over himself, just standing there while we talk to him! No one even touched him and he came all over himself!” They both roared with laughter as I could feel my face turning crimson red with embarrassment. After they had calmed down from their amusement, I found myself standing there mortified. It’s one thing to be excited and know your role when you’re sexually excited, but once you have an orgasm all of that leaves your body and you’re forced to stand there totally stripped of any dignity or pride. It’s then that you know the true meaning of a being a cuckold.

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