My New Business Partner

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I walked into her air conditioned office that late Thursday morning as she stood up to greet me and shake my hand. She was elegantly dressed in a pastel green suit with a tight fitting skirt which accentuated her hips. Her jacket was open and I could just see the outlines of a dark bra behind her sheer shirt. Her hijab was a stunningly colourful and tasteful blend of light greens, blues and pinks. I felt her soft hand in mine for the first time, even though I had known Rasha for years. She was the widow of my friend and business partner who had died five years earlier. Rasha had taken over the business, grown it, modernized it and moved the main office into the ground floor of their building outside Cairo.

“American coffee, right?” she asked.

“Yes please. Cream no sugar,” I replied.

She ordered her assistant simply with a glance and we sat down for a long day of discussions. She had big plans for our business and was pushing me to expand in other parts of the US. Our heated debates lasted late into the day and was getting extremely detailed and I felt cornered. I had run out of excuses and was starting to visualize her plans.

It was around 7pm and dark outside when she suggested we continue upstairs in her apartment and have dinner together. I was starving by then so I agreed. We climbed the two flights of stairs while I struggled to keep my eyes off of her hips as they swayed in that tight skirt. Her perfume was light and sweet as she brushed alongside me. When we arrived at the landing, the door magically opened from inside. As she stepped in she introduced me to Mariam, her assistant who took care of her apartment and had just opened the door.

Unlike her boss, Mariam did not wear a hijab. On the contrary, she was dressed extremely provocatively. Tank top, tight short skirt, high heels and nothing else. She seemed very young, her blonde hair was cut short like a boy and she wore tiny earrings and a very thin necklace tight around her long neck.

Mariam had already set the dinner table for two and some appetizers were already out.

“Have a seat please,” Rasha said, “while I change for dinner.” She walked down a hallway towards what I guessed was her bedroom.

I sat at the table as Mariam brought me a Diet Coke. She stood so close to me as she poured it out slowly over the ice, I could feel her legs touching mine and her bare arm touching mine. She was wearing the same perfume that Rasha was, which surprised me a little. Mariam turned to face me and gave me a little smile, as my eyes for a split second looked down her tank top revealing small perky breasts. Mariam stood up straight when she was done and I could see her nipples were hard. I must have stared at them a little too long, because when I looked at her face she giggled. She put her hand lightly on my shoulder and turned to walk away so slowly as her little tight ass swayed. She turned around and smiled an even bigger smile.

“Mrs Rasha will be with you in a minute. I will go help her get ready for dinner.”

I sat at the table sipping on my Diet Coke and adjusted my hardening penis in my trousers. I sat in anticipation wondering how Rasha would be dressed. Her dreamy brown eyes and lovely full istanbul escort lips appeared much more attractive than I had noticed before. There was something different about how she spoke and moved. Something much more tempting. She had definitely lost some weight since I had last seen her the year before, and her figure looked tight, like she had started working out. Based on what I knew about her, I estimated she was in her early forties. She had definitely been taking good care of herself.

My mind then drifted to my family back in New Jersey. I checked the time on my phone and noticed that my wife and kids had been messaging me for a while. I was about to reply to some of them when Rasha appeared.

She wore a light pink hijab that was loosely placed around her head; one end dropped on her shoulder and the other end between her ample sized breasts. Strands of her black hair were slightly exposed and she tried lazily to push them back under the silky scarf. She wore a pure white long robe that dragged on the floor and was held with a thin white rope at her small waist. The fabric of the robe was so silky and smooth it followed the contours of her body and I could tell she was not wearing anything at all underneath. From her height and the sound of her footsteps I could tell she was wearing high heels, but they were hidden by the long flowing skirt of her robe.

She smiled widely at me as Mariam walked behind her with a tray filled with two glasses of lemonade.

“Oh you sat at the dinner table? Come let’s sit here on this couch for a while. Bring the tray here Mariam,” she indicated. Rasha bent over ever so slowly and elegantly to move a small table to where she wanted me to sit. I sat at the dinner table mesmerized by the view of Rasha’s sexy curves through the light robe as she leaned over. Once again Mariam caught me staring and smiled. She too gave me a show as she placed the tray down gently, intentionally sticking her ass out and quickly turning around to check that I was watching her too.

“Come here, Amir,” Rasha indicated to the couch again. “Come sit next to me,” she said as her robe fell slightly revealing her smooth white legs. She adjusted it and looked at me searching for a reaction.

We sat next to each other drinking the lemonade. “Don’t you miss Egyptian lemons? You can’t get this soothing flavour in New Jersey. Mariam, don’t you think Mr Amir should come back to Cairo and stay with us?”

“Of course, Mrs Rasha,” she replied as they both stared me down. “Egypt is the mother of the world and anyone who leaves it must come back.”

Rasha then dropped the bomb!

“I want you to come and stay longer in Egypt. A few days a year is not enough. If you are concerned with where to stay, my apartment here is too big for me. Mariam and I, we are all alone here. We need a man. Just say yes, and tomorrow morning I will arrange for the Imam to come and we can be married.”

“What?” I almost spit out my lemonade.

“Yes. Why not? We will be working a lot together. Tarek left me alone without children and I need help with the business. You are the perfect man for the job. You know the business kadıköy escort inside out and you know me. And,” she chuckled “now you even know Mariam!”

I was completely confused. But to be honest, at that moment she was making perfect sense. My religion allowed me to have other wives, and having her here in Egypt was perfect, as my first wife would never find out. I could come three or four times a year, spend several weeks. It would be great for the business. It made perfect sense. But I was married! I had a whole family life back in Jersey.

Rasha stood up slowly, exposing some cleavage ever so slightly, grabbed my arm gently and said “Come let’s eat and talk about it.”

Over the dinner of kebab, rice and salads I didn’t speak much. Rasha did most of the talking trying to sell me on the idea. Just after she laid down her knife and fork and wiped her sexy lips with a napkin she said “Of course, if you don’t find me attractive or you’re not interested in me, I totally understand.”

“No. No. It’s not that at all. I mean look at you. You’re an angel in white who came down from heaven sitting right next me.”

“So what’s the problem then?” she asked as her slender manicured fingers reached out and touched my hand suggestively.

“I, I, I… I don’t know. This is all very sudden. I just need some time to figure some things out. Is that OK with you?”

“Of course, take all the time you need,” she said as she slowly got up pushing her chest forward. She turned around and said “Excuse me for a moment.” Rasha walked back towards her bedroom and Mariam followed.

I sat there at the dinner table trying to make sense of what was going on. A few minutes later Mariam reappeared and said “Mrs Rasha would like to see you please. Follow me.”

I followed Mariam through a dimly lit hallway staring at the tight little ass in the short skirt. Mariam came to the end of the hallway to a door, she opened it wide and gestured for me to come in. I was in Rasha’s bedroom and she was sitting at an arm chair at the other end of the room. “Come in Amir please. Mariam is leaving but she has one more thing to do. Come sit here,” she indicated to another armchair. I walked over and sat next to Rasha facing Mariam who was standing in a clearing in the room. Rasha glanced at her and Mariam started to dance ever so slightly even though there was no music.

“During Tarek’s last weeks with us, Mariam was assigned to us as a nurse. She remained with me during the mourning period. I later insisted she stay working for me as an assistant looking after all my needs,” Rasha explained to me. She turned to look at Mariam who was now moving her body sexily and turning around slowly. “She meets ALL my needs.”

With her back to us Mariam moved gently and started lifting her tank top, and in one smooth move raised it over her head tossing it in the corner of the room. Still facing away as her hips swayed, she pushed down her small black skirt and bent over sticking her ass up high revealing a skimpy black thong. Her cute white ass, fully exposed now shone like a full moon in the quiet dark room swinging and twisting in circles. She raised kağıthane escort her arms high above her head, her fingers pointing up towards the sky as if she was a demon dancing on a mountain top in the night. Mariam slowly turned around to face us and took a few small steps towards Rasha. I stared at the tiny black satin triangle between her legs as Rasha indicated to her to go to me.

I raised myself up in the seat, once again adjusting my hardening dick as Mariam kneeled down between my legs and unzipped my trousers. She looked at Rasha who nodded and then got up and walked gently towards her. Mariams nipples now were fully erect and her sexy fragrance overwhelmed me. Rasha spread her legs out wide and leaned back in her chair. Mariam kneeled down between her legs and pulled open the white robe exposing Rasha’s clean shaven pussy.

Mariam closed her eyes and leaned in with an open mouth and covered the opening completely. I heard Rasha moan as she turned to look at me, then closed her eyes as Mariam’s mouth went to work. I heard sounds of licking and sucking from a hungry mouth eager to take in every drop of pussy heaven. Mariam reached up and undid the rope that was holding the robe together and pulled it apart revealing Rasha’s naked body. Rasha pushed her head back as the silky scarf fell down to the ground and her chest started to heave as her breathing became more intense. Mariam reached up towards her silky breasts, cupped them and started massaging them, all while her face was deeply implanted between the two long smooth legs. Her fingers slowly surrounded the erect nipples and started to squeeze. Rasha released another soft moan causing my cock to get quite erect. I had resisted touching it all that time but looking down i noticed it was already hanging out of my fly. I started stroking it gently at first speeding up as the action next to me started getting hotter.

Mariams head was bobbing up and down but in the darkness I could not see exactly what she was doing. I told myself, who cares what she’s doing, this is the hottest thing to ever happen to you so sit back and enjoy it. My dick certainly was enjoying it. I was completely erect now and the show was reaching a climax. Rasha’s moans got louder and louder and Mariam’s actions became more animated and intense, using her fingers and her tongue on that soaking pussy. Rasha’s thighs were wet with pussy juice and saliva and she was squeezing Mariam’s head as the pleasure gained in intensity. Rasha was squeezing her own nipples now and screaming louder and harder as the waves of pleasure took over her body causing her body to convulse as she came. I could not hold myself any longer and exploded just as Rasha was climaxing.

Mariam raised her head and looked up at her mistress whose eyes were shut as she lay back in the chair facing the ceiling. Mariam turned to look towards me holding my dick and glanced at the pool of cum in front of me on the wooden floor. She pulled a couple of wipes from under a side table and cleaned it up swiftly. She stood up as both Rasha and I were gathering ourselves together.

“I can have the paperwork ready tomorrow at 10.”

I nodded and stood up ready to leave.

“Don’t forget to bring a dowry. I am worth a lot.”

“Yes, you definitely are.”

Mariam put on her skirt and tank top. Then she reached underneath, slipped out of her tiny panties, walked over and gave them to me before walking out of the room without a word.

“Bring two dowries then. Mariam is a nice girl and the Imam would love to draw up two sets of papers.”

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