My Neighbor the Cop

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Big Tits

My neighbor across the street asked me to help him move some dirt to his backyard, which he had delivered and dumped in his driveway. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and, being the good neighbor, I walked across the street to tell him that I would give him a hand. My wife was going out of town to her cousin’s house to spend the night and do some shopping. I thought I would have the weekend to myself to watch porn and jackoff, but I still had plenty of time for that.

My neighbor was a cop, 6 feet two inches tall; age 48 same as me; very hairy with muscles that will take your breath away. I took my five foot six inch self-home to put on some shorts, work boots, and a tank top then went back across the street. We hauled dirt for about 3 hours, in 95 degree weather. Frigin sweating like a pig, no pun intended.

We finally finished about 3pm. Dave thanked me for all the work. He said he ordered a pizza, and would could grab a couple of ice cold beers and relax in the hot tub. Dave had a nice big jetted hot tub with a large closed in gazebo in his backyard, which he made totally private. That sounded like a plan, so I told him I would go back to my house, grab a towel, and change into a bathing suit.

Just then the doorbell rang and the pizza was already here. Dave paid for the pizza and told me the pizza would get cold if I went home to change. He told me to go in the spare room and grab a suit from the top drawer of the dresser while he set things up in the spa room.

Rather than walk across a hot black street I decided the quickest way to that spa, and a cold beer, was to take Dave up on his offer. I went into the bedroom and pulled off my sweaty dirty clothes. When I opened the drawer I was a little surprised to find various sized speedos, but they were all white. I guess he had them there for guests. I thought, ‘What a nice host.’

I looked through the suits for my size. The closest size I could find was a 30 inch waist, a bit small for me. I grabbed the suite and slipped it on. It was snug and did not leave much to the imagination. I looked down and was thankful that I shave my cock and balls so the hair is not poking out the sides. I grabbed a towel and went out to the spa.

Dave had cold beers and the pizza waiting. As he passed by me he said, “I’m going to make a quick change into my suit, go ahead and grab a slice of pizza and a beer, and jump in the spa.”

I downed half the beer, grabbed a slice of pizza, a plastic plate, and stepped into the hot bubbly water. I hung over the edge and ate the first slice. Even though the gazebo was like a sauna from the hot spa water, it felt very relaxing.

Dave came back wearing a pair of white speedos as well. Except his suit was more of a pouch in the front, that was losing the battle to hold back his very full package; it was high cut on the sides exposing his hairy thighs and ass cheeks. His chest was matted in a nice tuft of reddish brown hair with large nipples jutting out, at least a half inch, through his dense forest of chest hair. I thought I was a hairy guy until I saw Dave.

I love rough nipple play and my wife has worked my nipples so that they are always sensitive and sticking out about a half inch as well. My thoughts raced through my mind, ‘he must like his nipples worked over just like me.’

I finished my slice of pizza and Dave asked if I wanted another. I stood up out of the water to hand Dave my plate, when I realized that a white suite turns transparent when it gets wet, so I quickly dropped back down in the water and submerged myself to hide my see through suit.

Dave put another slice of pizza on my plate and handed it to me, along with a fresh cold beer. As Dave joined me in the water he turned his back to me to balance himself down the steps and that is when I noticed that his suit was more like a g string and his ass cheeks were fully exposed. I followed the string of his swim suit from around his waist down through his ass crack. His suit disappeared into the crevice of his ass, and a tuft of thick reddish brown hair covered the string completely.

We took the last few bites of our pizza and tossed our plates to the side table. Dave got up to get us another beer. Dave’s suit also became very see through. As he stood up, his cock was right in front of me and very visible as his wet suit clung to his cock.

To avoid staring, I laid my head back to enjoy the heat. I was getting hard sitting next to this hairy god like guy. My emotions were running wild. I have never looked at a guy like this before, yet here I am married and checking out this guy. I can feel my heart racing in my chest.

I know I like being submissive in bed with my wife, letting her take the lead in sex. I love when she rides my cock, pulling hard on my nipples, until I shoot into her. Then she turns around and sits on my face and tells me to, “Clean up your mess, you cum sucker. Make sure you lick every drop of your hot gooey cum out of my pussy. I Bursa escort bayan want to see cum on your face when you’re through.”

That kind of talk usually gets me horny for the next round of sex. I love the taste of my own cum and I have wondered what another guys cum would taste like. My head was spinning from the beer and thinking about sex with my wife.

I watched Dave’s ass the entire time he was out getting the beer. He would bend over to grab the beers from the cooler, or pick up a dropped napkin, his ass was fully exposed for my viewing pleasure. Was he putting on a show for me?

I was so hard my cock was poking out the top of the suit. Thank goodness for the bubbles to hide my hardon. Dave came back in the tub, but instead of sliding into the water he just sat on the side and dangled his feet. His cock was getting hard and his balls were squeezing out the sides of his suit. Not that the suit was hiding anything, it was totally transparent. My breathing was getting shorter and the beer was making my head lighter.

We talked about stupid stuff until Dave brought up sex. He said he had some porn and that he usually sits out here and watches it on the TV he had in the corner. I hadn’t even notice it before. This gazebo had everything, a bar with a couple of stools, a ledge that wrapped around three sides of the spa, fogged out windows to let the light in, and now a TV with surround sound speakers in every corner. He asked if I wanted to watch some. I figured that that was my plan anyway this weekend, so I said “Sure.”

Dave grabbed the remote off of the counter and turned it on. The first seen was a man and women in a living room watching porn. Standard porn movie plot, get horny watching porn then they get naked and down to business. Dave sat on the edge of the spa rubbing his cock. I was doing the same, but kept hidden under the water. I kept stealing glances at Dave and his cock.

I was knocked from my trance when the doorbell rang on the TV, the couple that was now doing it doggy style in front of their TV had to stop to answer their door. The guy tried to hide behind the door to answer it, it turned out to be a UPS driver with a “package”, the driver said he needed to get a signature.

The woman came to the door and asked the driver in. Of course the driver came in seeing that the woman was naked. She ushered him in and pulled his pants down revealing some nice hairy legs and a nice limp cock that she immediately started sucking.

Dave reached over and grabbed a couple of fresh cold beers before he slipped back into the water, taking the seat right next to me. I didn’t think much about that since the seats were facing directly at the TV. I had to down the last third of my beer to accept the new bottle from him.

Dave put his beer in one of the built in cup holders, then he put his hand around my back and easily guided me off the seat and pulled me in front of him. With my back facing him he continued to guide me in between his legs, “Your muscles look so tight from all the work today, let me rub some of that tension out of you as a big thank you for all your help.”

As he was talking to me my body drifted through the water and I felt his strong hands start to knead my neck and shoulders. My head was in a cloud, the beers were hitting me hard and fast. His hands felt so damn relaxing. Who doesn’t love a good massage?

My body was all tingly feeling. My breathing was heavy. My cock was so hard it felt like it was stretched to the max. My head was cloudy, I couldn’t seem to focus. I could hear the sucking and slurping sounds coming from the TV. Why couldn’t I focus?

I felt Dave moving behind me, getting in a better position to continue my massage. First he stopped massaging with his left hand, he moved his body behind me, and then I felt his hand return to giving me my massage. He repeated the process with his right hand. My head was getting heavy, I felt like it would roll off my shoulders.

My head was in a daze. The heat, dehydration, the hot water, the steam, the beer, it made sense that I felt like this, I guess? Here I am a married guy, nearly naked, getting a massage from another guy that is also nearly naked, watching porn, and enjoying it. What is going on?

Dave’s soothing voice relaxed me more as he softly spoke into my ear, “Just let it happen. Let the feelings go. Enjoy the warm water, my hands massaging the aches and pains of your muscles. It feels good doesn’t it? You don’t want to leave do you?”

I could feel his breath against my ear and the roughness of his day long beard scratching against my shoulder as he spoke to me. I felt so secure in this man’s hands. I felt, more than heard, myself answer, “It feels so good, please don’t stop. I am not going anywhere.”

Dave’s hands moved down my back, his big furry legs coming around and wrapping around my torso. Somehow I didn’t feel pinned, I felt a more comfort feeling. Instinctively, my hands Escort Antalya went to his legs and stroked them a couple of times. What was I doing?

Dave moaned in my ear, “That feels good. You like feeling my legs around you don’t you Tony? You’re nice and relaxed now.” I felt hypnotized. The hair on his legs felt good against me and I let my head fall back resting on his shoulder. I sat there enjoying the touching and comfort in his arms.

I looked up at the screen and the husband had crawled over to the UPS man and started to suck his cock with his wife. Dave let a moan and expressed, “Oh ya suck it, that is so hot. You like the movie Tony?”

I responded breathlessly as I told him, “Ya this is really hot.”

Dave leaned into me, pressing his furry chest against my back, his hands glided along my sides and I felt his thumbs slide into my suit. His warm, soft, lips pressed against my ear, “Oh you like what you’re watching? You like to watch a guy sucking another guy’s cock?”

My head was spinning in lust and beer as I just kind of nodded a ‘yes’ as I was trying to focus.

With that David, gently lifted my ass off the bench seat and slid my suit down to my knees. He then used his foot to grab my suit and pull it down and off of me. The water and bubbles from the jets flowed over my hard cock and balls adding to my massage.

“There doesn’t that feel better? Just relax and enjoy the massage and movie.” Dave reached across my chest and lightly started to rub my right nipple, slowly doing circles around the hardening nub. I pushed myself back against

Dave’s chest and I let out a moan, or more like a whimper, of pleasure.

Dave leaned into me and started talking softly in my ear again, “Mmmm, you like your titties played with don’t you baby?” My nipples are so hot wired that once my nipples are played with my wife knows I will say and do anything she wants, seems like Dave picked up on that as well.

“Look how nice and hard your titties get when I play with them. Mmmmm. Oh ya baby you like that don’t you? You want me to play with your titties? You want me to play with you like the guy on the TV don’t you?” I looked up to see the UPS guy getting rimmed by the husband as the wife was sitting on his face. I gave another little boy whimper and my hand moved to Dave’s leg to give him a squeeze of assurance.

My head was spinning, I wanted to be touched. I wanted to shoot my cum. I wanted to please Dave. I’m married and I was letting myself be seduced by a man. I didn’t want it to stop. I didn’t do anything to stop it. I wanted to be seduced like a girl on her first date. My hands were rubbing up and down his furry legs as I continued to watch the movie.

“That feels nice. I like when you touch me, do my hairy legs turn you on boy?” He started to pull on my nipple a little bit and I lifted my ass up off the seat, pressing my back harder against Dave. I could help but to moan in ecstasy. Dave took advantage of that and put his hand under my ass, resting a finger against the tight opening to my boy pussy.

When he released the pressure on my nipple I came back down feeling his finger pressing firmly in the crack of my ass. “Feels good doesn’t it boy? You want to be my little boy and play with me, is that what you like?”

Flashes of seeing my dad naked as he walked out of the shower to get dressed, his big hairy body and giant cock swaying from side to side was my first time I saw a naked man. Here I was in the arms of a naked hairy man. I wanted to be his little boy and him my daddy.

I nodded yes, my nipples were giving me away and I just wanted to be touched by him. Dave used the hand under my ass to lift me in the water, at the same time he pushed his finger in my boy pussy, just a little bit, as he was turning me towards him. He lowered me onto his lap. The water made me feel like a little boy being lifted by his daddy.

I came to rest just above his naked cock, feeling his hardon pressing against my cock. When he did all that moving around during the massage, that’s when he must have taken off his suit. I wrapped my arms around Dave’s neck. He pulled me into him so that he could suck on my nipples. I felt his mustache against my chest and his lips suck in my nipple.

I started whimpering and moaning like a bitch in heat. Dave seemed to know what I liked and started to gently bite my nipple. Dave pull on my nipple with his teeth and stretched it out a couple of inches. “Oh ya that’s it bite my tits hard daddy, work them hard please oh please.” Oh god I started getting into this, my mind was somewhere else.

I leaned back and started to grind my boy pussy against his hard cock. I wiggled and moved until I could feel the head poking against my hole. My wife fingered me a few times and I really loved the feeling. I think she didn’t like the fact that I enjoyed it so much so she doesn’t do it anymore. But now I wanted more than just a finger.

Dave Manavgat escort continued to swirl his tongue around my hard nipple. His teeth clamped down into my skin as he sucked my tit in his mouth. My hands were behind his head, running my fingers through his hair. When I felt his teeth sink into my flesh, I grabbed onto his head and pushed it to my chest. My ass was gyrating against Dave’s hard cock.

My body was on sexual overload. My head could no longer make decisions. I only drank three beers I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I could not control myself, I wanted sex. I wanted sex from Dave. A MAN. I wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted him to make love to me. No, not make love. I wanted raw rough animal sex.

Dave pulled off of my nipple and pulled me to him. I hugged him tight. I felt his warm mouth against my ear, “Oh yes Tony. You are so hot baby. You want this bad don’t you? You want more, you want me to fuck you don’t you?”

I was rubbing my hands all over his back and head, feeling his strength and power over me. I felt my cock flex and press into Dave’s stomach.

My nipples were on fire from the chewing they just went through. I wanted more. Dave’s cock head was demanding entrance to my tight hole.

Yes I wanted him. “Yes,” was my only response.

“Tell me to make love to you. Tell me what you want. Tell me you want to feel my cock in you.

Let it go. Tell me your desires.” Dave whispered in my ear as he continued to lick and suck on my earlobe.

“God yes Dave. Please fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel you shoot hot cum inside me. I want to taste your cock. Please, oh please, fuck me.” I lost any will to fight him off. I wanted to be this man’s fuck toy.

Dave pinched both my nipples hard. They were already sensitive from the great chewing session they both endured. David sent me to a new height of pain and pleasure as he grabbed my hard red nubs and rolled them around between his fingers and thumbs. He gave them a slight tug, pinched them tight, and then gave them a hard twist. I screamed out in pain and ecstasy, “UUGGGHHHH, YES! THAT FEELS SO GOOD. HARDER, PLEASE PINCH THEM HARDER.”

David looked into my eyes, “You’re mine baby. I am going to take my big dick and fuck your tight little boy pussy and you’re going to love it. I am going to stretch your pussy with my cock until I fill that tight ass of yours with man cum. That’s what you want, to be fucked by a man’s cock?”

“Yes, yes, fuck me Dave. I need it so bad. Fuck me, stretch my pussy open. Shoot your hot cum inside me.” I was begging to be fucked by this man’s cock.

Dave lifted us out of the water and he sat on the edge of the spa. He spread his legs open and I slipped back in the water until my face was even with his cock. “Suck it boy. Taste your first cock. Lick the head that will be pushing into that tight hole of yours.”

My first close up look at a cock. Not just any cock, but the one that is also going to fuck me for the first time. His cock was bigger and thicker than mine. I grabbed onto the shaft, my fingers could barely make it around the thick shaft. I could use both hands to grab onto the shaft it was so long.

His head flared out beyond the thickness of his shaft. It was pinker than his white shaft. The shaft had bulging veins protruding along its length. There was a clear drop of precum seeping out at the tip. He had a thick bush, of the same reddish brown hair, at the base of his shaft.

His balls hung really low, probably from the hot water of the spa. His balls were totally shaved smooth, and each of them just a little smaller than a golf ball. I was mesmerized staring at this big cock, until I felt the pressure on the back of my head pulling me closer to his cock.

Just before Dave’s cock pressed into my face, my mouth opened up wide and my tongue flicked out like a snake as I licked the tip of his cock. His precum was smooth and slick as I used my tongue to smear it all over his cock head.

Dave sucked in a breath through his gritted teeth, “PHWWW! Ya baby that’s it lick that head.

You’re my little cock sucker now. That’s it suck that man cock. You like having a cock in your mouth don’t you Tony? You need a real man to show you what good hot sex is. Ya, that’s it lick my shaft up and down.”

I pushed my tongue against his spongy cock head. I could smell and taste the cleanliness of the chlorine from the spa. I concentrated more on the feel of his cock. My mouth opened up as wide as possible, trying to avoid rubbing my teeth against his cock head. I could hear Dave calling me a cock sucker and urging me to suck his cock. I wanted to please my man.

I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, exploring every inch and vein along its length. His cock head was hot and soft. It continued to drip clear cum. I licked it up like a cat does with a saucer of milk. I could finally taste his cum, sweet, not at all bitter like I expected. I jacked his cock a couple of times milking his cock for more cum.

Dave grabbed my head and pulled me off his cockhead and pushed me down to his balls, “That feels so good, but I don’t want to cum yet. Lick my balls. Feel how full they are, they are going to really fill you up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32