My Name is Sue Ch. 02

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Reading the first chapter first will help. Strong sexual content. Love your e-mails and comments!


About a month has passed since I last wrote anything about Jim and me. He has had three surgeries to make a new passageway to be able to breathe through his mouth again. It has been a real ordeal for him to go through but all seems to be going well. He is now off the respirator and we are hopeful that they will try taking the trach tube out tomorrow. It has been plugged with a cork and the cuff down for two days now and things are going great. A plastic surgeon will close the hole and repair things as best he can. Jim will never be able to talk or make any kind of sound again but we are ok with that.

Physical therapy has been spending a lot of time with him and he is becoming quite proficient with his prosthetic arm. He does not have enough muscle left to be able to lift it (bend his elbow) even though he is a below elbow amputee. The prosthetic people had made the arm like he was an AE so it is spring loaded.

With all that has been going on Jim has not been able to come to my place any. We have been able to sneak a little sex time when a certain nurse was on duty at night and knew and understood what was going on between us. I had sucked him off good and he used his hooks on my cunt in the beginning. The week after he was at my place I had my tubes tied, and a period right after that, so I was planning to let him fuck me with no rubber as soon as possible. Jim wanted to help me change my tampon one night and I let him to see his reaction. He was not repulsed and in fact got quite hard. He wanted to fuck me but I told him we would make too big a mess and let’s save it for next time at my place. I sucked him off right there in the bathroom sitting on the john.

I knew he would soon be discharged and that he was worried about where to go. I had not told him yet, but I wanted him to move in with me. We had developed a close relationship with more than sex being the basis. When I got to the hospital this evening we took a walk and I asked him if he would like to live with me. He was very surprised at my offer and said are you sure. I told him I was very sure and liked him very much. (Remember Jim has a talking tablet computer he carries around to communicate with.) We knew a quiet place that we went too and when we got there he pulled me into his arms and mouthed and nodded his head ok.

We kissed for a bit then headed back to his room and sat and made plans. He typed how much rent do I have to pay and I told him none but he could help with the groceries. He said he would still be in the military for a while and there were some benefits he had coming. I said good, he needed clothing and some things. Keeping a straight face I asked if he wanted to sleep with me or use the guest room. The turkey said the guest room and did a good job of also keeping a straight face. We broke out laughing and then kissed and we said good night.

About 1 am I snuck back into Jim’s room. He was asleep as I had not told him I was coming back but Janie was on and she knew. I was able to gently pull the cover back and took his cock in my mouth and got him hard before he awakened. His good hand flew down to my head and it took him a few seconds to understand what was going on or who it was. He found my empty shoulder area and got the picture. I moved up to his mouth then told him I needed a good fucking. I had just finished my period and was still Horney as hell. I climbed up in bed and told him to pull the bottom of my dress up. When he had it up I straddled his hips and sat down on his cock as he held it in place. As I started to fuck him his hand came up to my breast and he latched on to it through the thin material of my dress.

It did not take me long to cum and I knew Jim was close. His hand went down to my pussy and he used his finger to rub my clit. This sent me over again and the clinching of my cunt muscles caused him to flood my pussy with his cum at the same time. When I was done I fell forward on to his chest with him still hard in me. He put his hand on my empty shoulder area and we kissed with him still pumping his hard-on in and out of me. Both of us were still charged up but I don’t think we would make it all the way. It just felt very good to be with him and have him continue to fuck me that way. After several more minutes he stopped and soon after went soft and slipped out. I rolled off to his side and it was again that I wished for a moment that I had arms to hold him with but it was just a fleeting moment.

I got out of bed and moved down to his deflated cock and took it in my mouth and cleaned him off enjoying our mixture very much. He got up and washed the rest of the mess off and then washed me off. He pulled the wet sheet off the bed and replaced it with one we had stashed in his room. We kissed good night again and I snuck back out blowing a kiss to Janie and I went out.

I was off the next day and slept late. After I was awake I just laid there thinking about things. I remembered the good Maltepe Escort time with Jim last night then Dot came into mind. She is a sales lady at one of the stores I like. She is a bilateral above elbow arm amputee and also a bilateral mastectomy patient. She had cancer but for now they thought they had all of it. She has given up on men and sex but the last time she admitted she was interested in me. She had never been with another woman and had not learned to masturbate with her short arm stumps. Dot said she also liked me as an amputee as she had become a devotee. I dialed her number and she answered.

She recognized my voice and I came right out and told her I would enjoy her company if she came over for dinner this evening; that I had been thinking about her while in bed this morning and that I wanted her badly. Dot did not miss a beat and said she felt the same way and what time should she come over. I told her 3 would be good and she said fine. I got up and straightened up some and checked the ice box. I had the stuff for a good chef’s salad and then headed for the shower. I had some pussy hair since Linda had not been over for a while but was not worried about it.

At 3 the door bell rang and I used my foot to push the lever handle down and open the door. Dot came in and after a few seconds we kissed for the first time. Like me she had shorts on and it was the first time I had seen her legs which were very nice. She is a few inches taller and somewhat on the thin side with all the chemo she had been through. Her prosthetic arms protruded from a short sleeved blouse. She had told me she did not wear breast prosthesis. We headed out to the patio and talked for a while. I was hoping she would relax and did not want to rush her even though her hooks were driving me crazy.

We talked about general things and I could see her eyes jumping from my face to my missing arms and shoulders. I had a t-shirt on and the neck had slid to one side exposing the area. My breasts and nipples were very obvious. Dot finally admitted she was very Horney, time for her period, and could we please go to my bedroom. I told her I would love that. When we got there I had her sit on the bed and stood in front of her. I asked if she would like to pull my shorts down and she manipulated her arms and hooks to do it. To be honest I was in heaven watching. I squatted down so she could reach my t-shirt and she got it off. On purpose I had my legs spread wide open and hoped she would notice how wet I was. When I was naked I asked if she wanted me to use my feet to undress her and did she want me to remove her arms. She said yes, and please take them off.

I assumed right and she was like most amputees and paras; she used Velcro to close clothing instead of buttons and hooks. I pulled the front of her blouse open and helped her get her arms out of it. She told me she was amazed at how I could stand on one leg and do that. I grinned and said lots of practice. She showed me which straps had to be undone on her arms and I used my toes to get them lose. When I had them all, she lay back on the bed and slipped her upper body out from the prosthetic arms. She sat back up and I told her how sexy and beautiful her stumps were. She stood and I undid her shorts and got her out of them. Like me she did not have panties on. She sat back down and I got the stump socks off of her stumps.

I moved up close to her and after a few seconds she reached out with her stumps and rubbed the tips over my nipples. The right stump was several inches shorter than the left, just enough there to get an arm on it but I bet not enough to be real useful. I told Dot that she should get back in the middle of the bed and let me do her first and for her to just relax and enjoy. I could tell she liked that idea, one, she needed to get off and two, she wanted to find out how two women made love.

I lay down beside her and we kissed for some time. It took a few minutes, but Dot finally relaxed and got into it and opened her mouth and started using her tongue. After a while I told her I did not want to wait any longer and wanted to look at her stumps. She sat up and I sat on my thighs beside her and started looking. I was on the short right side and the first thing I noticed was how fantastic a job the surgeon had done putting her back together. The scars were very fine and hard to see. The suture marks were nonexistent. She had her head turned watching but when I started to look around front at her chest wall she turned away. Again, the scar across her chest was very fine. She jumped when I leaned forward and kissed the scar. I then licked it and Dot looked down at me like I was crazy.

I looked up and said what? It took a little while to get anything out but she said why are you doing that? I told her because it is part of you and went back to doing it. In one place she said my God, it feels like you are licking my nipple. I said good, enjoy and switched to the other side. She finally admitted it felt good and thanked me. I told her to get back on her back and Cevizli Escort kissed my way down to her pussy. She had some hair down there and I could tell it was growing back in from the chemo. When I got down close to her I asked her to spread her legs as wide as she could. Dot did and I told her how sexy she was, how much I liked her long lips and that she was very wet. I dove in and with neither one of us having anything to spread her cunt lips I used my nose to open them. My tongue was right behind it and I lapped all the juice up.

Dot immediately started reacting saying how great it felt. Her hips started bucking and I had trouble staying with her. In a few minutes she came big time making lots of noise. I kept her going until she used her feet and scooted back away from me saying she could not take any more. I laughed a little saying good, now she knew what she was missing. She turned around towards me and we kissed with her tasting her juices on my face. I rolled over on to my back and she started working her way down to my breasts and nipples. She was a good lover and for some reason knew just how to do it. Her one stump was just long enough that she could push on my breast some as she sucked. After doing both of them she moved her kisses down my abdomen towards my pussy.

I spread my legs wide and she looked at it for a few minutes having never seen one that close. Dot slowly moved her mouth towards my pussy not sure what it would be like. Her lips made contact and then she used the tip of her tongue to touch my labia. As wet as I was, she got a taste and tried it in her mouth. Her eyes got bright and said tastes good and started using her tongue and lips more and more. She finally got into my slit and soon found my vagina. She did not go in it right away, just continued up towards my clit. She found the tip sticking out of my hood and licked it, sending an electric shock through me and I moaned and told her how good that felt. She found that the taste was the same there and started sucking and licking more. My hips started grinding and I tried to hold still enough that I would not break contact with her.

I must have been primed because I came quick and gave her a good dose of my cum. She dove in and really ate me out good like she was a pro. After a few minutes of her lapping at my vagina she stuck her tongue in and I came again. I told her how fantastic she was and she had two hours to stop. Dot moved back up alongside me and on our sides we kissed passionately with her using her stumps to push into my big breasts. I pulled my knee up between her legs and pushed on her pussy rubbing my knee into it. We finally rolled on to our backs and I asked her what she thought. She said she never dreamed it would/could be like this and thanked me for bringing such pleasure to her.

We decided on a shower together and washed each other good having a good time. I told her I wished we had some way of shaving our pussies; I said we will have to get Linda over and have a three-way. She asked who that was and I told her all about her. Dot said sounds like a plan. In the back of my head I wanted to pair Dot and Linda off so if Jim moved in there would be no problems. I had not talked to him about my being bi-sexual but knew I should. I would not mind if he joined us sometime and I knew the girls would not.

After we dried off I helped Dot get her stump socks and prosthetic arms back on but neither of us put any other clothing on. We went into the kitchen and fixed the salad and drinks. We both watched each other do things either with my toes or her hooks and got a thrill out of it. After we sat at the table I would take a bite using my feet then she would use her arms to take a bite. We could both see how aroused we were. It took us a while to eat as salad is not the easiest to eat. We got the dishes done then went back out on to the patio. After Dot sat down I got between her legs and ate her for desert. She was soaking wet and tasted fantastic. We changed places and she ate me. After she was done she looked up with her shiny face and said thanks for keeping after her and showing that how she was now made no difference. She said she thought she could even take on a man. I pulled her to me with my legs and we kissed.

After we finished our tea I asked if she was interested in seeing my rubber cock or was she all fucked out for now. Dot said she was all for more and we went back to the bedroom and I got it out of my nightstand. After getting on my back I showed her how I used my feet to put it into my cunt and she was amazed at how I did myself. I asked her if she wanted to try and said for sure. I was going to wash it off but she said not necessary we had already mixed cum today. I got her propped up on pillows so she could see better and she started in on trying to learn. We both laughed hard watching her try and get it into her cunt. After about 20 minutes she did and finally got it pushed in all the way. Dot rested a while then took hold of it with her toes and started moving it in and out. That part Atalar Escort was not that hard and soon I could tell she was getting quite wound up and aroused. I sat beside her and started kissing her chest and it did not take long for her to have a good cum.

Dot had a good time with the dildo and I did not think she was ever going to stop! She finally got enough and moaned how good that felt. She said she had not had anything hard in her cunt for a couple of years. I told her I was very glad I could help and pulled a new one, still in the package, out of the drawer and gave it to her. I told her the bad news was she had to give it back so I could get it to Linda and she would put the handle on so Dot was able to use her feet with it. She understood and gave it back. I thought to myself I would invite Linda to be here when she had it done and she could use it on all of us.

Dot asked me to help her get her arms on and I did. She then had me get on my back and used the dildo on me along with her hooks. I was in heaven needless to say and lost count of how many times I came. At the end I had her sit on my face and we were both down for the count after that. I asked her to spend the night and we went to sleep quickly.

I talked to Linda the next day and arranged to get the toy to her. I told her about Dot and suggested we all get together when it was ready and she was all for it. She had no problem with Dot not having breasts and said sounds sexy. I told her it was, very!

I made my usual visit to Jim after work and told him I needed to tell him something about me. Looking into his face I told him I was bi-sexual. He shrugged his shoulders and said ok, no problem. I mentioned that they were both amputees and I could see that pique his interest. Laughing I asked if he wanted to join us sometime and he typed if you don’t mind I would love too. I told him I did not think that would be a problem as the two girls loved to have a hard cock in them also. I could see the effect our conversation was having on him and I told him to get it out for me and I quickly locked the door and knelt down in front of him and got him in my mouth. In 30 seconds I had what we both wanted and his cum tasted great in my mouth and throat.

Linda had the toy ready fast and I checked with Dot and we set Friday as the date. I did not tell her about Linda being here. I had Linda come early and she shaved my pussy and legs for me. I told her I thought Dot would like it also and she said no problem. Linda got her pussy shaved and it was almost time for Dot to get here. I had Linda naked on my bed and went to let Dot in. I led her straight to the bedroom and Dot was very surprised to see Linda there. I could tell it was like a moth to a flame when Dot went straight to the bed to see Linda’s hipless torso. I introduced them to one another and we all got on the bed. I helped Dot undress and Linda wanted to see her prosthetic arms and Dot loved to show them to her. She did not seem to be at all concerned now that someone else was seeing her mastectomies.

Linda gave Dot the modified penis and she said she could not wait to use it. Linda and I said have at it and we fixed the pillows for Dot and she got started. She was able to use her hooks to help get the tip aimed into her cunt and she got it in much faster than the other night. Linda was close to her and used her fingers to stimulate Dot’s clit while she was doing herself. She was also watching Dot’s arms very closely. Dot came quickly and I let Linda eat her out first. The fact that she had hands and fingers got Dot Cumming again right away. After Dot came down Linda said let’s get Sue and I got into position. Linda put the rubber cock in me and Dot used her hooks on my nipples. She managed to get hold of both at the same time and had not changed the rubber bands to lighter ones. The pain and arousal were something, and with the hard toy cock in my cunt I came big time.

Linda left it there and soon Dot was licking her pussy. With all the bone and tissue that was gone, she was only about six inches wide. Dot has a fantastic mouth and tongue and soon had Linda in a continuous cum. I had regained my mind and had latched on to Linda’s big nipples. As flat as she was that was all that stood up from her chest I soon made an excuse to leave the bedroom and let the two of them have some alone time. I got some supper going and when I checked back Dot and Linda were in a 69 together. I watched until both of them had come then said we would be ready to eat in a while. I suggested that Linda go with Dot to the shower and shave her good. Dot helped her into her wheelchair and they headed that way.

About thirty minutes later they were in the kitchen and Dot looked super sexy with her shaved snatch. She did not have her arms on and said Linda wanted to feed both of us tonight. She liked to feed me and I was glad to see that she included Dot into it. We soon were done eating and had the dishes in the dishwasher. We sat on the patio for a while then Linda and Dot said they had to get home and got dressed and left. We talked about having to do this again soon and I headed for bed as soon as they were gone. I smiled to myself wondering which of the girls was headed to the others house. I was very glad that it had worked out since Jim would soon be moving in with me.

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