My Name is Fred Ch. 03

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As they say in every “Dragnet” episode, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. As they say in every “Law and Order” episode, none of this is real. Versh might be familiar to guys who drove long haul trucks and parked sometimes at a certain truck stop around Indianapolis. After college, Versh got hungry for something she had tasted once long ago in the ghetto. You always go home. Most suburban middle class folks know what Versh got a taste for as “heroin.”

Versh had stayed clean in college. Versh fell hard and fast when she got on the junk after graduation. Versh paid her bills by turning tricks at the truck stop outside of Indy. Versh was still hot so she made good money. She shared an apartment on the east side of Indianapolis with a guy named Wilbur. Wilbur was the first guy Versh slept with—back when Versh was sleeping with guys just for fun.

I don’t think the Black Crowes ever met Versh. But whenever I hear “She Talks to Angels,” I think of Versh. Sometimes I shed a tear when I hear that song. For me, that is Versh’s song.

Wilbur had no balls. He lost them in a prison knife fight a couple years back. Needless to say, that changed Wilbur’s outlook on the world. Versh didn’t care that Wilbur couldn’t fuck much anymore, Versh fucked too many guys to pay the bills and her sexual taste had turned to girls anyway.

One day Wilbur got caught trying to shoplift two suits from a department store in downtown Indy. Versh had the cash to pay for the suits. Wilbur was an idiot. Wilbur had a long record so the prosecutor sent him back to prison for a long time. The prosecutor said something about needing to keep a dangerous menace off the streets.

Versh had a hard time keeping life together without Wilbur. Maybe two months after Wilbur was sent up, Versh overdosed. They autopsied Versh and found she was carrying a baby. About three months along. They also found a picture of a small white penis in Versh’s purse. The picture was a bit tattered and didn’t have any names or anything on it.

Versh had been back to the Large Midwestern State University shortly before Wilbur got sent up. She had visited her old college friends Fred and Sarah. The baby was probably Fred’s. Versh usually didn’t like to fuck Fred. Versh said Fred was too small and they were “incompatible.” But Versh had Fred’s “cute” little penis picture with her all the time. Most of the truckers who fucked Versh were too small too when it got right down to it. If Versh was going to fuck a guy, she wanted a real fuck. It took 8″ thick inches or more for Versh to feel “fucked.” Versh was pretty up front about what she thought. Versh wanted a penis that could hurt her before she called it a fuck.


My name is Fred.

I am in my third year in the graduate History program at a Large Midwestern State University. I live in a four bedroom off campus house with my girlfriend Sarah.

Last May, Sarah graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in English. About a month before graduation, we had the talk about how we planned to fill the time until death. We decided we were not yet ready for marriage, but we were crazy in love and belong in the same town. Sarah agreed that she should stick in town until I finish my Ph. D. Sarah took a job as a cashier at the bookstore at the student union to pick up some extra cash. Those who pay attention might have seen some of the modeling work that Sarah did for the bookstore’s advertising and web page. Sarah looks good in pictures. Sarah has also been doing more with her photography “hobby”, but more on that in a bit. Also my Sarah is not to be confused with the “Infamous Sarah” for those who know her. That is another story.

Sarah and I have a “roomie,” Missy. Missy is a junior and the setter on the women’s volleyball team. Missy mostly sleeps with girls, but has been known to sleep with me on occasion, and with me and Sarah on occasion as well.

I think I am in the best shape of my life. Missy is a master motivator and she insists that Sarah and I do a good run every morning. We try to run with Missy (if we can keep up with Missy). Missy also makes me hit the weight room over at the HPER. Sarah likes to keep limber and does a bit of yoga when she gets home from work at the bookstore. Sarah hasn’t taken a dance class in some time, but she maintains the diet and physical discipline you see in dancers.

Missy has a sometimes relationship with a girl on the track team, Vershana or Versh. Versh is about 5’8″ and lean. Because Versh is so lean she seems taller than 5’8″. Versh has nice B-cup breasts that seem larger than B-cups, again because Versh is so lean.

Versh and Missy’s relationship is “sometimes” thing because Versh has also been seeing a woman affiliated with a pro sports league. Ms. Pro-sports is about 15 years older than Versh, and pretty rich. Ms. Pro-sports might almost be called a sugar-mommy. Pro-sports thinks Versh is hot. Sarah thinks Versh is hot. Missy thinks Versh is hot. I have to agree that Versh is hot.

Versh is also kind Escort Bayan of ghetto. That’s not fair. Better to say Versh grew up in the bad part of a fallen Midwest Industrial Town. Her dad, the man who got her mom pregnant, is in prison for the rest of his life for beating a county jail guard to death with a pipe wrench. The jail guard was the second person Versh’s semen daddy killed. The first man he killed was an old man in semen daddy’s neighborhood who caught semen daddy stealing tools from a cable TV installer’s truck. Semen daddy knifed the old man as payback, which is what landed him in the county jail with the jail guard.

Versh’s mom was sixteen when she had Versh. It would be one of those perfect tales to say either that Versh’s mom walked the streets and took drugs but Versh got out, or that Versh’s mom worked two jobs to support Versh and fought to make sure that Versh could escape. Neither is true. Versh’s mom got her GED after she had Versh and went to a small bible college. Versh’s grandmamma watched Versh while Versh’s mom was in college. At college, Versh’s mom met her dream guy. Dream guy became a Baptist preacher. Versh’s mom married the preacher and the happy couple moved right back into Versh’s ghetto neighborhood and opened a Storefront Baptist Church. Versh has two half-sisters from mom’s marriage to dream guy. So Versh has a felon semen daddy, but grew up a minister’s daughter not quite dirt poor in the ghetto. Versh has seen quite a bit more than any of the rest of us ever will see. Versh is sweet as they come. And she is hot.

As I said, Versh is on the track team here at the University. She will never be Olympic caliber, but she will be all conference and likely show well at the NCAAs. Versh has friends back in the ghetto, but that is not where she wants to end up. That’s what Versh always says.

Being a minister’s daughter, Versh denies ever having sex. When she does admit to having sex, she will never admit that any of it happened before she was of legal age. Today Versh is squarely on the women’s team when it comes to sexual preference. The twenty or so guys she slept with before joining the women’s team were maybe an accident or something that happened after her eighteenth birthday. Some of those twenty guys now are probably in the same prison where Versh’s semen daddy lives. I sometimes wonder if those boys have butt-boy sex with Versh’s semen daddy. It’s a small world that way.

I mentioned that Sarah has been doing more with her own photography. Sarah has dabbled with photography for years. Her grandparents gave her a pro-quality digital camera for graduation. That inspired Sarah. Summer time was picture time, buy more lenses time, buy lighting gear time, photoshop time, and shoot, shoot , shoot time. Sarah carried the camera everywhere. Sarah shot pictures of everything and everyone.

In October Sarah got the bright idea that she wanted a home photo studio. The house we rent has big rooms, white plaster walls and 10 foot ceilings, 15 foot ceilings on the first floor. That is not pro-studio space as such, but its good space and Sarah and the girls moved a bunch of the living room furniture to bedroom four—turning bedroom four into the “TV” room. They moved the single bed from bedroom four into the dining room as a possible photo “prop.” The stuffed some furniture in the attic. They pushed one of the couches against the wall in the dining room. Sarah now had a studio.

Sarah bought some lights, not the best, not the worst. She found an old department store mannequin at an antique store. She bought that. She found a little pedestal table, she bought that. She seemed to spend the entire month of October shooting “Mannie” the mannequin and a bunch of pottery and flowers sitting on the pedestal table. She had fun. Missy and I (and Versh when she came over) watched a lot of TV in the TV room while Sarah took pictures of “Mannie.”

Come November Sarah declared herself an artist and wanted a human model. We all nominated Versh.

Versh, however, did not nominate Versh. Versh had no problem walking around a college track meet in those little bits of spandex that pass as track uniforms these days. Versh has no problem walking around a locker room stark naked. But there is something about adding a camera to the mix that runs square into the storefront Baptist Church conscience that she grew up with. Not sure how sleeping with girls and twenty guys squares with that conscience.

Versh spent some time considering the offer to model nude for Sarah.

After Sarah showed Versh her portfolio of “Mannie”, clay pots, and flowers, and after Versh had time to think, and after Sarah and Versh talked in private (the betting here is that Sarah gave Versh the best sex Versh ever had had) Versh agreed. Versh trusted that Sarah would show good taste and not smear Versh’s pictures all over the Internet. Versh saw herself as a college track star, not an Internet sex bunny.

Sarah and I fucked like bunnies after Versh agreed. The thought Bayan Escort of Versh naked got Sarah crazy hot. Sarah stripped naked, bent over, and told me to take her ass hard. Sarah wanted a punishing ass fuck to celebrate. I lubed up and went to work. Not sure my small wee wee ever punishes someone’s ass, but I pumped hard. Sarah screeched. She moaned that she wanted my cum in her mouth. I got close and pulled out of her ass. I shoved my ass-dirty cock in her mouth. Sarah swallowed it whole. She licked and slurped. She sucked and sucked and I filled her mouth with sperm. She drank it down then made sure to lick all of the butt-juices off my cock, balls, and crotch. She was a dirty girl some times. Sarah looked very satisfied.

Two days later was Versh picture day. Missy and I sat on the couch in the dining room to watch Versh. There is a big arch that separates living room from dining room. It started as a fashion shoot. Versh posed in a white summer dress that she liked to wear to Storefront Baptist when she was home. Maybe Versh could give one of these pictures to her mom and the Preacher.

Then Sarah shot Versh in this little black cocktail dress that Pro-sports had given her and liked Versh to wear when they did dinner and such. The cocktail dress reminded you that Versh had breasts and long legs. They also showed off that Versh hadn’t shaved her pits in a month. Black girls with furry pits slay me (and Missy).

Next up came a few shy jock shots of Versh in a warm up suit. Sarah used those to get Versh familiar with various poses. Sarah walked Versh through a bunch of the poses and postions Sarah used when she modeled for Art classes a couple years back.

Then came the nudes. Versh walked into the living room wearing a robe. There was nothing new here for Missy. She and Versh were bed buddies. But Sarah and I had only seen Versh half-naked when she ran around the house in a T-shirt and panties.

Versh dropped the robe and stepped under Sarah’s lights. Stunning.

As Versh started, I could see only the back side. Versh has a great back. She is strong with slender hips, but she still has a delightful curve down the back through her waist to her hips. Her butt is small and tight. You can see the strength and muscles in her thighs, and as she tenses in her calves.

Sarah moved slowly. You could see Sarah’s nipples go hard. Versh was making Sarah hot. Sarah had Versh turn and I could see the front side. I went hard. Missy giggled when she saw my little bone poking in my shorts.

Versh’s breasts, I’ve already called them deceptive. Versh is slender so her B-cup breasts look large. You could not hang D-cups on Versh’s chest. C-cups might look fake. Versh’s aureole were bigger than silver-dollars, not “saucers” (for those guy’s who fantasize about saucer sized aureole) because a B-cup can’t do a saucer. But her aureole were large, puffy, and dark, dark brown. Versh’s nipples were wide but not that long. They were hard.

Versh’s belly button was a cute little outie.

Versh’s girly parts with natural, no razor for this girl. And she had a set of lips that looked long and dangled. If I was closer, I could have seen her clit better. From across the room, it looked long and like it stuck out just a little. I am tempted to call Versh’s genitals aggressive. Versh nude has girly parts that ask to be sucked. Her lips and clit stand out and are framed neatly by her natural bush.

Missy started to rub my cock through my shorts. I think the setting was making Missy hot.

Versh was warming to being naked. Her body was moving like in a slow dance at suggestive angles. Versh knew she was making Sarah hot.

Sarah wanted porn, not just naked. Called a time out to move the “day bed” under the lights. Sarah wanted Versh to recline and spread her legs. Sarah wanted Versh to touch herself. Versh was totally up for it.

This was too much for Missy and me, we excused ourselves to go fuck.

In some ways Missy and I were like an old married couple, we had our routine. We didn’t play alone much, but when we did we knew what we liked about each other. Missy was instantly naked and I followed. Missy was on the bed on her back legs in the air. I dove between her legs and started to lick. To tease, I tongued her asshole just a bit. Missy thought that tickled. Actually, she tingled a bit and you could see her juices flow. Missy was like a river when she got wet. I made her clit wait. I licked and pulled on one lip with my lips, then I slowly kissed down her thigh to her knee. Back up the other side and I licked and sucked on the other lip. I tongued her slit. Finally, I licked her clit. Gently and slowly at first, then faster and harder.

Missy squirmed and slid. I wrapped my arms around and over her legs to hold her close. I tongued her clit harder and faster. Missy came. Waters ran. Missy needs like zero recycle time after a cum so I kept tonguing her clit. Her body convulsed. I kept licking, pausing just a moment, then licking again. Then I Escort paused and laid back. That was Missy’s cue.

Missy sat her pussy down on my little dick and fucked away. Her ass pointed toward my face. Missy’s strong legs gave her the perfect control to go up and down on my little wee wee. I could feel Missy’s juices running down my balls. Then I shot. Missy kept grinding till I went limp.

We hadn’t even kissed. It was all clit and cock action. We caught our breath, barely, and went back to the “studio” to see what was going on.

Sarah was still taking pictures. I didn’t understand how she had endured that long without surrendering to her desire for Versh. I would imagine neither did Missy.

Versh was on her knees, face and breasts pressed down into the day bed, ass up and pussy lips sticking out boldly. Sarah was about two feet away carefully composing shots telling Versh to touch her clit, rub, and then shooting more pictures. Versh’s hand reached back and under her body to her clit. Versh slowly rubbed her clit herself while Sarah captured image after image of Versh’s growing arousal.

Missy and I stayed silent.

Sarah had enough. She set the Camera down and planted her face on Versh’s pussy. Sarah’s tongue eagerly probed Versh’s slit. Sarah sucked on Versh’s large lips. Versh moaned. Versh’s breathing got heavy. Versh pushed her ass back into Sarah’s face. Sarah held onto Versh’s thighs and kept licking. Versh came.

Sarah pushed Versh on her side and lay next to her. The two started to kiss. Sarah pushed Versh’s arm up and played with the hair in Versh’s pit. Sarah moved her mouth to Versh’s pit and licked the hairs. Versh moved like she was being tickled. Sarah’s hand moved to Versh’s clit and rubbed. Sarah was going to get Versh off again. Versh bucked against Sarah’s hand. Sarah stuck in one finger, then two, then three, then four and fucked Versh’s pussy hard. Versh’s body arched and she came again.

Missy and I added ourselves to the pile on the day bed—which was far too small. We adjourned the cum fest to the master bedroom. But even the King-Sized bed there was barely space for sex for four. But we still had sex.

Late night Missy and Versh moved to Missy’s bed. Sarah and I stretched out in our bed. Sarah smiled. She had fun. Sarah told me she wanted me in a picture or two with Versh “tomorrow.”

Tomorrow arrived and Sarah “announced” her idea for dramatic art. She wanted images of my small pee pee set against Versh’s dark skin. Sarah had a few sets in mind. And we had to behave. No erections to ruin the shot. Missy watched. Versh and I got naked and took direction.

Shot one, I was to stand there naked, legs slightly spread. I was to encourage wee wee to be as soft and small as possible. Sarah wanted Versh to sit on the ground away from me, stick out he hand and long fingers palm side up, and barely touch my balls with the tips of her fingers.

Shot two, I was the same, and Versh was to turn her hand over, arm outstretched and barely touch the tip of my wee wee with her hand extended and index finger bent down slightly. You would see the long hand stretched versus the small wee wee hanging limp.

Sarah shot close up from a few angles for both shots. All you really see is small wee wee and finger.

Shot three was harder—and harder on Sarah to frame it—Sarah wanted Versh to put her face near my crotch and stick out her tongue so the tip barely touched the tip of my cock.

Shot four was similar, but she wanted Versh’s lips on my cock.

Then Sarah shot about a dozen of just my little cock. Sarah made one of those the wallpaper on her I-phone.

Sarah was done for a bit.

Once Sarah had finished with her crop and edits in Photoshop you couldn’t tell it was Versh or me. Sarah loved it. Sarah shot some smaller sized jpegs of the Versh and Fred pictures to Versh in an email for her to take a look.

Versh meant well, but she printed one of the images and mailed to it semen daddy in prison with a comment that his daughter had taken a liking to white meat. Versh also sent one of the jpeg images to one of the “twenty boys” back home with a similar comment.

That got Mister One-Of-The-Twenty a bit upset, and he sent the jpeg back to a friend at Large Midwestern State University wondering who Mr Tiny Wee Wee in the picture could be. The way these things work, the picture of my tiny wee wee and Versh’s finger was all over campus in about a week.

I glared at Sarah when I got home after the first time I saw my little wee wee was someone’s computer wallpaper. I saw that one at the library. I am sure there are others. My little wee wee likely would be all over the Internet before too long.

When Versh saw me she was so apologetic that my little wee wee was all over campus, her Storefront Baptist conscience and all. Versh admitted that her playful childish side had wanted a little fun so she sent some of the jpegs to a few of the “guys” she knew back home. Versh prattled a bit about it being so small and cute next to her long black fingers. Versh wanted to get under the skin of the boys back home. Versh was very sorry. She knew she had done bad. Versh came by the house to talk privately when she knew Sarah was at work and Missy was at practice.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32