My Multi-Man Momma

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I was just returning home a couple of days early from my first year at college and came into the house by the back door. I put down my duffle bag and was about to shout, I’m home, when I heard my mom yelling at dad.

“It’s your fault, Jim. You started this and now you’re unhappy. Well, that’s too fuckin’ bad,” she screamed at him. I heard dad trying to get a word in and she kept shouting him down. “I love what’s happened to me. I was never like this and you were the guy that insisted I try doing it.”

I didn’t know what to do so I just stood still listening to their one-sided argument. Finally dad started to speak. “Look Nancy, I know I got you into this but I never thought it would get to this point. I never thought you would go out and start fucking men that you met at bars and clubs. This was to have been something we did together and shared in the opening of our sex lives.”

Now I was somewhat terrified and totally confused. Other men were screwing my mother and this was something they had started together. What the hell was going on in my house? At the same time I felt my dick starting to rise as I heard more of their story.

“Jim, I’m sorry that it embarrasses you but now I need more than one man to enjoy sex. I just don’t enjoy sex alone with you. I don’t want our marriage to end but… I love you but you got me started at swingers clubs and I can’t get excited anymore with just one lover. I can’t wait any longer for our weekend parties. I need loving during the week also and I want two or more men with me. I’m tired of fucking your father and brother and just because they have been having group sex with your mother and sister-in–law doesn’t mean they are good in bed. They’ve been screwing me with you and neither of them has a big dick. They suck and I don’t mean that as a compliment. Either you get some guys to group fuck or I’ll find them for some afternoon fun. It’s your call. And now Kenny will be home from college and it will be even more difficult at home and our weekend parties. What are you going to do about it. Are you going to suggest what Joyce and Howard are doing with their son? You going to suggest I try fucking my own son!”

“No, no, he mumbled, but I thought it was working for them and perhaps you might consider it.” Did I hear my dad correctly? He wanted me to fuck my mother with him because she seems to need more than one lover. Oh God, this was crazy. My mother’s been fucking my grandfather and uncle and other men at swingers’ parties and at home. This was crazy, but I could feel my dick getting harder. Also my grandmother and aunt had been having group sex with them. Was my dad fucking his mother? And friends of theirs were having sex with their son, Oh my God!! I had only had sex twice in my life and this was overwhelming me. “Maybe, my dad said, “if you seduce him it will work and the whole fucking world doesn’t need to know that you’ve become a fuckin’ whore. But a whore wife that I still adore and want to stay married to for the rest of my life. I don’t mind sharing you as long as you don’t embarrass me and make me look like a cuckold.”

I quietly reopened the door and slammed it shut, shouting, “I’m home, where is everybody?” The house got quiet for a moment and then I heard mom laugh and tell me they were in the living room. As I walked into the living room, dropping my duffle bag, they seemed to look bursa escort bayan like I did when I was caught with my hand under my date’s dress by her parents. That’s how my parents looked to me. I suppressed a grin and asked if anything was wrong. “Nothing’s wrong,” they both said together and then both laughed, easing the tension in the room. Mom came over to me and gave me a hug, welcoming me back for the summer.

“Let’s take your stuff to your room and get you settled in, big guy,” as she put her arms around me and walked me to my bedroom. I could feel her breasts pushing against my arm and I started to get hard again. “Dad and I are so glad to see you again after being gone for so many weeks at college. Straight A’s, super. You deserve a great treat for that.” I imagined several treats she might give me as we entered my room. “Clean up after your trip and come down later and I’ll have your favorite meal ready for you. Your dad picked out a great desert for you after dinner.”

After she left, I stood dazed as I could still feel the warmth of her breast and thought of the double entendre about dessert that left my head buzzing and my cock hard. I jumped into the shower and slowly jerked off, thinking of what she had said before they knew I was home and what might happen tonight. I squirted my cum right across the tub as I came stronger than I had ever experienced.

I rested for an hour or so, my head buzzing with all sorts of images of my parents, my grandmother and grandfather and uncle and aunt. I didn’t think that people my grandparents’ age still had sex. Wow, I tried to think about my grandmother naked but just couldn’t picture it in my head. Now my aunt, her I could see naked because she always was a flirt, teasing me and rubbing her hand in my hair. Finally I got up and went to dinner. When I sat down I saw mom had made my favorite, meatloaf and potatoes. She leaned over to put the food on my plate and I could feel her breasts pushing into my shoulder as she whispered into my ear, “I’m so glad you’re home.” Her breast continued to push into my shoulder as she put both arms around me, giving me a hug. Thankfully, the napkin hid my hard dick. “Aren’t you glad he’s home, Jim?”

Dad smiled broadly saying,”Sure, I bet there are plenty of things we can do together this summer.” I immediately thought of sex but he continued, “First, he has to apply for a position down at my office. They promised me that there were plenty of opportunities for him. How about it, you ready to work down at the office this summer?”

“Thanks dad. That’s really great news.” I forgot all about the sex thing as I started to talk to my father all about the job that I would do. Having money to spend on girls and parties was what I was interested in. Dad filled me in with the information and mom sat across the room smiling at both of us. The job was going to start next week so I had seven days of fun. I looked at my smiling mother who was wearing a low cut top and as she leaned forward listening to us talk I could see the cleavage of her breasts. There I went again, dreaming about what I had overheard. I said goodnight and went to bed, dreaming of a new job and sex with my family. In bed I wanked off again, thinking of her tits pushing against my arm.

The following morning I woke up late, showered and putting on my cutoffs as I went down gorukle escort for breakfast. Dad had gone to work and I wasn’t sure if mom was still home. But was she there, wearing a long tee shirt and clearly no bra underneath. “Morning, my big guy,” she said as she put her arms around me and gave me a big hug. I could feel her tits pushing against my chest. Deciding then to play the game I hugged her back and put my hands on her butt and pushed her against my now hard cock. “Whoa, big guy, I’m your mother, not your girlfriend.” She pulled my hands off her butt and pushed me away. I blushed and stammered, “Sorry, I got carried away.”

I was confused but I knew she wasn’t mad, but just teasing and flirting with me. I had to pretend I didn’t know what was going to happen but not let her have complete control. They didn’t know I knew what was going on and I was going to take advantage of my knowledge and not make it easy for her. In fact I wanted to make it quite hard for her, ha, ha.

“Hey kiddo, how about you joining me in the pool after I clean up? I haven’t seen you for so long, we can catch up on the last six months. Hmmm.”

Looking at my mom with her nipples sticking out of her T-shirt I knew I was going to join her at the pool. “Sure mom, I’ll even rub some oil on you like I used to do.”

About an hour later she came out on the patio wearing a thong bathing suit that blew my mind. “Mom, you look so hot. What’s changed with you? You never looked this fantastic or wore suits like that last year.”

“I’ll accept that as a backhanded compliment, Kenny. Now how about getting that oil on my back. She lay down on a chaise lounge next to me, spreading her legs apart and opening her bra strap. “Now, carefully put the oil on my back and legs,” she said.

I started to gently rub the oil on her back and shoulders, going to the side of her ribs, just touching the edge of her breasts. She started to moan and encouraged me to continue. As I rubbed down her cheeks that were almost totally exposed she started to rock a little. I was a little nervous but I knew this was my big chance. I kept putting the oil on her legs, which were beginning to spread further apart.

“Rub the insides of my thighs,” mom said to me with a sexy smile. I did as she said and my hand was eventually up by her pubic area as I stroked her thighs and ass. When I stopped she said,” Take a swim and cool off and then come back and oil my front, ok?” With a raging hardon, I jumped into the pool wearing my cutoffs. I needed to cool off but instead as I stared at me mother from the water I remained hard.

As I climbed out of the pool I could see she had turned on to her back and her bra top was off. “Come rub my front before I burn to a crisp,” she said. I realized I was thinking of my mother as a she or her and not as a mother. There she was, lying on the chaise, with her tits exposed. “I know you’ve seen girl’s breasts before, so don’t look so shocked and start to put the oil on me.” I smiled as I picked up the oil and began to rub her stomach and then started to massage her breasts. I squeezed her nipples and she smiled and said, “The rest of me, please.” I started to rub down her legs but I was staring at her pubic area, the red triangle covering her love box. As I rubbed up her thighs she started to again spread her legs. I went bursa merkez escort bayan for broke and started to rub her little triangle, slipping my wet hands inside her bikini bottom. Glancing at her I saw her eyes were closed her head thrown back and a big grin on her face. I continued rubbing her pussy lips and pushed my fingers inside of her cunt.

I felt her fingers rubbing my hardness and trying to undo the zipper. I helped by dropping my shorts and climbing atop her, pushing the fabric away from her cunt and stuck my cock inside of her. I started to laugh as I plunged my cock deep inside her pussy and saw that I was pushing her ass through the straps of the lounge. “Hold it, she said, let’s take this upstairs where it’s cooler and we have more room.” Grabbing my cock by her hand she pulled me into the house and upstairs to her bedroom.

As we went into the bedroom she stepped out of the bikini bottoms and turned to face me, full frontal nudity. My mouth dropped open again as I said, “Mom, are you sure you want me to have sex with you. I gotta tell you that I overheard your argument with dad last night. Otherwise, I never would have had the nerve to do what I did at the pool.”

My mother started to laugh as she said, “We both knew you were there. It was a setup. Your roommate had phoned and told us you were coming home early. Now I would like you to come slowly. What you overheard is true and I do need more than one lover and dad assured me that you would be able to fill the bill. Come here, now!

As in a trance, I went to her bed as she lay spread-eagle, her finger calling me over. Trying to be cool I whispered into her ear that I wanted her on her knees. With a laugh my mother changed position quickly, getting on her knees, wiggling her ass. Dropping my shorts, I shoved my cock right into her beautiful pussy and she ready for it, juicy and hot. Within minutes she was moaning and pushing hard against my stomach. Grabbing her ass, I tried to pump harder into her and soon I cried out as I began to come, squirting long and hard into my mother’s pussy. I fell atop her as I started to laugh over the thought of me fucking my mother. Never could I have imagined this taking place. As I lay laughing, mom rolled over and took my soft cock into her mouth and began to suck it hard again. It delighted me and I started to laugh even more. It must have become contagious as she started t laugh with me and dropped my soft hardon out of her mouth. “No,’ I shouted, “keep sucking because I’ll be ready for a repeat in just a few moments.

A squeal of delight came from her lips as she began to suck again, saying, “I knew you young guys could get it up faster and more often that the over 40’s. Let me know when you’re ready and then I’ll call dad with the good news.

This time it was taking me at least 20 minutes and I felt her reaching orgasm several times. First I was on top, and then she climbed atop me, with her smallish breast hanging over my face. I started to squeeze them and pull on her nipples.

“Mmmmm, God, it’s good, I’m getting close again, keep pinching my nips even harder but keep fucking also.”

After a few minutes I had her lie on her side with me behind her, as I stuck my dick into her. She helped get me inside her as I began to push some more. I was starting to get tired but knew I could come again. I whispered into her ear, “Call dad at work now and tell him what we’re doing. Tell him that your son is giving you a royal fucking and that you found your summer replacement.

“Oooh, that’s so good. Yeah, I’ll tell him all about this morning and what’s gonna be tonight. Ooooh, I think we made a good decision.”

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