My Much Older Love

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Big Dicks

I loved to go out and have fun with my friends and they seemed to feel the same way about me. Most of my friends were girls but I did have some male friends. We would hang out at the local neighborhood bars during the week and hit the clubs on the weekends. I would always save a good part of my paycheck every week to go out with my friends and buy a new outfit for Saturday night. I then would have new clothes for work and could mix and match and have a whole new look if I couldn’t afford to buy one that week. I lived home and gave my parents money for rent and food as well. I paid my own bills, insurance, telephone, etc. they let me use the washer and dryer so I wouldn’t have to go to the laundromat and I paid the quarterly water bill. I found out it later years that all the monies I gave them they had put into a savings account for me so when I was 40 they threw me surprise party with my friends and paid for the entire party and presented me with a nice bank account that they told me they did so if and when I needed money, I would have some to fall back on. They showed me all the deposits made from the money I gave them every week and it was all there including interest.

I was working for a small company as a girl Friday and I loved it. My bosses were top notch and treated me really good. I got a raise twice a year and a birthday gift, a turkey and trimmings gift certificate as well as a very generous Christmas bonus which was usually a month’s salary and a small gift of a pair of earrings or a purse that I knew that their wives had a hand in picking them out because of the wonderful and very expensive taste.

I got along very well with everyone in the office and in our warehouse/factory. Most of the employees were men – there were 2 other women in the warehouse and 2 in the office – the 2 in the office were getting close to retirement and they were showing me their jobs as I would be taking over for them within the next year or 2.

One man in the warehouse John, this huge teddy bear of a black man and hit it off exceptionally well. He and I had lunches together and talked as he had daughters my age 20 and 22.

One particular Monday morning I came into work in a very down mood. John picked up on my mood right away and wanted to know what was wrong and I told him that I would talk to him at lunch. My weekend sucked. Went out to the bar Friday night with friends and some of them left with guys they picked up and I was left with one of our male friends who is a great guy but not my type for a boyfriend. Saturday night at the club, one of my friends decided that she wanted to have more fun so she drank and decided to flirt with all the guys in the band and one took her to a motel and she was in her glory.

I had had enough of the weekend and then Sunday came and a friend from school had be in town and called me to meet her for drinks and she end up hooking up with some guy and asking if I wouldn’t mind if we picked up the following month when she was back in town because “he was a hot subject”.

I went home and my parents knew something was wrong but I’m not about to tell them about all my girlfriends getting laid and sucking some dick.

We had a nice dinner that mom prepared of pasta salad and garlic bread. I helped as I always did with the clean up and dishes and she wanted to know if I wanted to talk and I told her that I didn’t . Mom was not the one to talk to about sex as she was on the shy side on that subject.

I read the newspaper before I turned in and was actually looking forward to going to work and the busy week we had ahead with inventory and working late with John in the warehouse and maybe 1 or 2 other guys. He was such a nice man – very attractive for a man of 52 and always looked after me. We had a guy in the warehouse Lara Escort try to hit on me and he made sure he didn’t bother me anymore and eventually the guy was fired because he screwed around too much and messed up on some shipments and deliveries and my bosses didn’t tolerate that.

I promised John on Friday that I would treat us to lunch of my homemade chicken salad sandwiches, German potato salad and homemade lemonade/ice tea combo with mint. He loved it when made it once for myself forgetting I was being taken out for lunch and I offered it to him.

I got all the goodies ready fresh that morning – I got up extra early and last night I brewed the tea and mint leaves and made the lemonade.

He came up to the office and told me that it looked as if I needed to talk really bad so he said we would go to a local park and picnic our lunch.

We hoped into his car and headed out. He asked me what happened and I told him. I started to cry and asked him “What’s wrong with me John?? Why don’t guys ever ask me out? They tell me they love my personality and then I will express and interest and I get “I like you as a friend” I’m sick of it and I’m getting frustrated. He put down his sandwich and turned to me and said, “You are a very beautiful woman and I don’t know why they don’t see you for what you are. I think that you are a great all around person with looks, smarts and you have a wonderful smile. I would ask you out.” I put my arms around him and hugged him tightly and gave him a kiss right on the lips. We’ve hugged before and it never felt like that before.

As we broke the kiss I felt a warmth in my body like never before. He took my head in my hands and said “Thank you that was a great hug and kiss”. With that he leaned into me and again we kissed but it was deeper and I stuck my tongue down his throat and he returned the favor. We kissed and hugged and then we started to make out a little bit.

We packed up the lunch with tons of leftovers and headed to his car. He put it all in the truck of his car and we got into the back seat and we were kissing again and touching each other and he grabbed for my tits and I grabbed for his dick.

He opened my blouse and took out my tits from my bra as he opened the front clasp. He sucked on one and squeezed the other. I could feel his dick getting hard and he asked me to give him a blow job. I told him, “John I know what they are but I have never done it before”. He said “I’ll explain it to you and then you do what what comes naturally”. With that he took out was the largest and blackest dick I have ever seen in movies or magazines. And his balls were huge. Before I started I told him I was afraid to tell him that I was also a virgin. He told me that it was okay he won’t hurt me nor force me to do anything I didn’t want to do or felt comfortable doing. He told me to open my mouth and take his dick in and suck it and use and up and down motion on it. I’ve seen it on some porno flicks that my one friend’s dad had that we watched from time to time when they weren’t home.

John told me that I was doing great but stopped me to tell me that we would have to do something when he does have to cum. I told him that I saw women in the adult films (turning red I’m sure) swallow it and I wanted to try. He told me that if I didn’t like it to use his hanky and spit it out. I never experienced anything like this and I was never with a black man like this before. He finally did cum and I swallowed every drop. He said that I did very well and would love for me to do it to him again. He told me that any guy would enjoy that was much as he did. We that we hugged and kissed and I thanked him for showing me. We had to work late that night and at first I felt awkward after what we did lunchtime but I felt much Escort Lara closer to him but I wondered if he did it just to make me feel good. Since it was just the 2 of us that night, I asked him if he did it for that reason and he said, “No I didn’t. I’ve always found you an attractive girl and didn’t think you would ever want an older man like me and black man hitting on you”. I told him that I always found him attractive and I didn’t look at him as a man of color but a very sexy attractive older man”. He smiled at me and said “I think that this is the beginning of something special between us”. We did our work and kissed good night before we left for home that night. When I got home that night I noticed that John had given me a hickey and I had to hide it from my mom as she knows that I wasn’t seeing anyone and I was working. She knows of my friendship with John but didn’t want her to question me. I slept pretty good and had thoughts of John and what he and I did and what he taught me. I actually couldn’t wait for more.

We didn’t have lunch the next day but we had our leftovers and ate separately as he had to take an earlier lunch to pick up a shipment that was held up a few towns over. I missed him terribly and he said “we have tonight”.

Thursday night came and we were getting close to finishing the inventory. John told me that if we didn’t finish tonight he would wing it along the next night as he knows that I usually go out on Friday nights and I told him I wasn’t going out. I had work to do and I wanted to be with him.

We had lunch on Friday and we talked and John told me “Don’t stop going out because of me. If you see another guy you want, you go right ahead”. I told him, “I don’t want anyone but you. I know you are a married man but you make everything so right for me”. Friday night came and we only had few more things to do so it would be an early night. Half way thru he came behind me and hugged me and then we kissed and touched and I wanted to suck him off so badly. He told me that his wife was out with the girls that night so he didn’t have to rush home and he knew I wasn’t going out with my friends. He asked me if he could show me how to make love and I said yes. We went up to the office lounge and he began to undress me slowly as I kissed him and in no time we were both completely naked. He admired my tits for being large but firm and a beautiful pussy. He explained to me what it was like to eat each other out and then I began to suck. As he started to harden he took my mouth off his dick and told me to lie down and open my legs as he slowly entered my virgin pussy. He was slow and gentle and said he didn’t have a condom didn’t use them but he would pull it out in time so he wouldn’t make me pregnant. I told him I appreciated it and I would then start taking birth control if we would be doing this more often.

He was so good and gentle and he showed me all the moves and said that I was doing well and that it was like I have always been doing this and ask if I was sure I never did this before. I guess I tried to remember how it was done in those movies.

I enjoyed it and felt like a woman. I thanked him over and over again and then we went back to work and finished. I didn’t want to leave him as I wouldn’t see him until Monday morning. I told him I wanted to see him when he had free time and he said we would work out something. I wasn’t having a relationship – I was having an affair.

I went out less and less with my friends and talked more and more about how well John and I worked together. We got raises and a bonus for a job well done.

Mom noticed that I had the hickeys as I didn’t keep them concealed anymore and she asked me about John and I told him that I really liked him and she said “He’s married, he’s never Lara Escort Bayan going to leave his wife for you. Don’t be so foolish and stupid. There are plenty of boys out there for you”. I told her “None of them want me but John appreciates me and has taught me so much about love”.

We would meet when his wife was out or he would go out and we would just meet to kiss and hug and sometimes he would get a blow job.

On the rare occasion we would meet at a out of the way motel and make love.

Months have gone by and we have been getting closer but we had to act cool in work. Mom was getting more and more upset with me but didn’t tell dad. One Monday I came in and John wasn’t at his station. That wasn’t like him and I guess I didn’t notice his car not in the lot. When I got to my desk my one boss approached me with a report that I had done and told me that he is proud of me and thinks I am doing a hell of a job. He also told me that John’s wife had called and said he was in the hospital. They are checking him out as they think he suffered a heart attack early Sunday morning. John and I met on Saturday for just some hugging and kissing but nothing more. He seemed fine then I thought.

I was so upset and I couldn’t think straight all day. I asked my boss if I could call and check on John and he said that he was going to see him after work if i wanted to go with him. I had to see him so I said yes. He said we would grab a bite to eat and head to he hospital.

We went to John’s room and found his wife crying and they said John was rushed to the ER and was having open heart surgery as he had a valve completely clogged. She was a pretty woman, black and his 2 girls walked in and they were beautiful. I talked to all three of them and I felt like I did something to cause his issues.

They were really nice and said he spoke highly of me and how hard I worked and did a good job.

We left them and asked them to let us know how the operation went in the morning. I couldn’t sleep as all my thoughts were on John. I was so glad that I told him that I loved him each and every time we were together and he told me he loved me too.

As I got dressed I had a really bad feeling in my stomach and headed off to work. As I got there and walked in I could see people standing around with my bosses which was so unusual and it didn’t seem right. As I got closer they called me over and told me that John had died on the operating table. He had a heart condition that he never knew he had. His was only 52 and it hit me hard. My bosses knew how well the 2 of us got along and told me that if I wanted to go home and take the day of (I never took anytime off) and relax and they would call me with his arrangements as they found them out.

As I headed for home I was making stops at all the places John and I have been and crying and sobbing like I was his widow. How could he leave me like this?? He was the only man who ever said he loved me and showed me and showed me how to love a man. I would never forget him or love another man like I loved him.

His funeral was sad and I was there for his wife and daughters. His girls and I became friends and are still friends to this day. His wife died about 4 years ago from breast cancer.

Last summer I met a great guy and we have fallen in love and oddly his name was John and he was black. I don’t know if it was because of his name and skin color, but he is bringing “my John” back to me.

We are planning to get married in June which is the month my John was born and passed away.

I will never forget how he taught me to love and treat a man. I visit his grave every day on my lunch hour and I am part owner of the business that I worked for all those years ago. It took an older man to show me what love was all about and now I am getting told by guys that they always liked me but I didn’t want to hear it. I met my John on a business trip and we hit it off right away.

My heart will always be with “my John” as I carry his love with me all the time.

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