My Mother’s Beautiful

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It was a warm night and my mother had called me from work, she owns a ladies fashion store down town. Her car was in the shop so I told her I would pick her up after she closed the store. I pulled around back to wait. I watched as the three ladies that work for her left out the back door. After ten minutes I started to get impatient. Getting out of the car I walked to the back door but it was locked. There was a widow off to one side and there was a light coming from it. I moved a large trash can over so I could stand on it and look inside. Mothers had moved into this new store since I have been away at school. I had only been in the front so did not know what was inside the window. I had to stand on my tip toes as the window was high up. But I could see well enough to see my mother standing naked just out side a narrow shower stall. I did not know she had a shower in the store. But I should have guessed as she has always been a clean freak.

When I was a kid she would wash my hand several times a day and make me change my clothes every time I came in from playing. So seeing that she had a shower was not a big surprise but seeing my mother gorgeous body was. I had no idea she had a figure like what I was looking at. Mother was tall five ten I think. Her breasts were firm large and shaped like a ski jump. They slopped down and then curved up to a rather large pointed nipple. Her shoulders were broad and her waist narrow. All this was set off to perfection by hips that were just broad enough to make everything else look very sexy. Her dark hair was pushed up and covered by one of those little plastic things to keep it dry. But the other patch of dark hair was long and dripping wet. She had a wide patch of hair forming a dark vee trailing down between her legs. He legs were long a little thin but still had a good shape to them. They kept her fine firm ass off the floor and it was a fine ass. If I don’t know anything else about women I do know about asses. Mother’s ass was plump and solid as a rock. I knew she worked out but god she was as solid as I am. She has the most beautiful body I have ever seen on any female regardless of age.

I stood there ogling my mother as if I had never seen a naked female form before. I had one hand on the window ledge and the other on my erection. I was standing on tip toes looking at my mother and gripping my erection as if it were going to run away if I did not get a grip on it. Then as I watched her dry off she did the sexist thing I had ever Beylikdüzü Yabancı Escort seen in my life. She put the heavy towel between her legs and worked it back and forth rubbing it wildly across her pussy. It was almost like masturbating. Drying her own body was like some kind of religious risqué ritual honoring her fine physique. I felt my hardness grow to the point it hurt. But I was not about to get down till I could not longer see her beautiful form. That was when she stepped through the door into another room turning out the light as she went.

When she came out I was sitting in the car my breathing back for normal as well as my erection. As she emerged from the building I got out came around and opened the car door for her. She was dressed to a “T” and she was still gorgeous even with cloths on.

We did not go straight home she wanted to show me a new restaurant so we headed off up Charity hill to park in a wide open space that was once the finest place in the county to come with a girl to park and spark. Almost all the fine large trees were gone but I must say the building was petty spectacular for a small country town.

We were seated off to one side of the dance floor. There was a three piece band playing softly and the place was packed. The lights were low and there was a soft murmur of voices that seen to float just above my head. Our first order of drinks came before we ordered our meal. The second round came before the meal was ready and the third was served just as the table was cleared. Mom reached across touching my arm softly “Robert dance with your mother will you?” she was smiling and there was a bright twinkle in her eyes I had never seen there before. The smile was broad yet her teeth did not show. Her hand moved to my wrist as she started to stand. We floated around the floor to the music our bodies molded together as if we were one. It was as if the drinks were taking hold of us both and we were just letting it happen with out resisting.

I felt her warm firm breasts fit neatly into my chest between my breasts. My erection came up and fitted neatly between her legs as it pressed firmly against her soft mound well hidden by that dense dark vee of hair between her legs.

The lights were dimmed and in the shadows we paused and just held one another. Mother tilled her head up to look into my eyes. I lowered my mouth over hers and we kissed as lovers do warmly and wet as our tongues found Beylikdüzü Yaşlı Escort togetherness. My hand came up between us to caress a breast. Her hand went down between us and found my erection full and hard. “Oh, my God Robert I need you so. Take me home.” I had no idea mother had been feeling the same as I but I did not need a second invitation.

In the parking lot I opened her door and she slipped in letting her skirt slide up to reveal that she did not have panties on. Before she could turn fully into the seat I reached and blocked her with my leg. I kneeled down between her legs and parting her legs with my hands I quickly placed my mouth over her wet opening. She grabbed my head and pulled me hard into her wetness. I licked and suck her clitoris while listening to her gasp and moan to a rhythm all her own. My tongue was licking over her clitoris as my finger found her wet juicy cunt. This drove her wild and again she cried out for me to take her home. But I was not about to let this moment pass me by so I let my fingers go deeper and my tongue lick faster. It did not take long for her to scream and give forth a sweetness of nectar that filed my every desire and dream. Sucking and licking till she pushed me away.

I stood and looked down at her “Robert get in the car and please let’s go home?” We had hardly started to move when Mother leaned over putting her head close to my lap. He able fingers were on my zipper and my erection was free in seconds. Her mouth was warm and dripping wet. She slipped her mouth down over my cock head and kept going till she had as much as she could take in her mouth. I was stunned and surprised but the feeling of my cock in my mother’s mouth was beyond anything I could describe. . It was an emotional high unlike anything I had ever known before. My beautiful mother sucking my cock was more than I could take. I jammed on the breaks jerking to a stop. I shot off the pulsations were quick and strong the volume of fluid was supreme to anything I had ever given up before.

She said “Robert are you able to drive safely.”

My reply was “Of course mother I will get you home in one piece for many more pieces after that”

She blinked and only smiled. So I repeated my words “Of course Mother I will get a piece of you at home.” No that is not what I had said, the first time. I laughed and said, it again “I want a piece of you as soon as we get home?”

Then we laughed and put Beylikdüzü Yeni Escort our head together. I whispered ‘Mom I think I am fucking drunk.” She laughed loudly. That was when a man came up to us. He was one of the parking valets. He said “Sir, let me drive you home at no cost to you. It is a courtesy of the restaurant.” Mother and I happily crawled into the back seat.

The sun was sneaking around the edge of the heavy drapes shielding the three of us from the break of day. Mother was nude, lying in his black arms I was laying with my head to the foot of the bed looking at her very red puffy pussy. My mouth tasted like last years dog shit or something like that. I touched my now soft cock it was covered with a sticky fluid I knew all to well. I sat up to look over the sense of much lust and sexual intercourse. The young valet was sleeping like a baby. I saw his rather long cock was also covered with a creamy semi-clean foamy fluid. What ever had happened here it had not been long ago or this stuff would have been dried my now. Mother looked very sexy in her nude relaxed form. There was a smear of the same foamy stuff on her face and down bout legs. That lovely pile of thick dark hair between her legs was matted with the same thick cream. “God all might we three must have fucked like crazy all night long.” That is when the realization of what had happened set in. I had along with this young man had fucked my mother for what looked like several times during the night. “Gee’s what was I going to do now.”

I got the guy up and out the door with a hundred dollars in his hand for taxi fare without waking my mother. I showered and dressed in a pair of pajamas and checked on mother one more time before going to bed. She was still asleep and she looked so beautiful laying here naked.

It was nearly eleven when I woke again. Mother was sitting on the side of my bed smiling at me. “Robert we had fun did we not?” she asked.

I flipped back the covers and pulled her down next to me. “Yes mother I do believe we did.” We kissed and her hands were on my erection and they felt so wonderful. I said “How did this all start?” She smiled at me and said “I watched you in the shower a few times just after you came home from school. I knew than that I wanted you. Then when I saw you looking in the window at the store I felt you wanted me to. So why fight it and here we are. Do you mind?”

I did not fight it and neither did mother life goes on and we are lovers still. Every once in a while we do talk about that first night and the black man that joined us. It seemed to excite us both but we have never invited any one to join us. I often want to tell my wife about myself and mother but that I do believe would spoil what we have. Mother is older now and still beautiful to me and she always will be.

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