My Mother and I Needed Each Other

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When I turned 18 years of age, my libido went off the roof. I just couldn’t stop masturbating, I used to do it all the time, four to five times a day, sometimes even more.

I got my first job at a Golf club, but got fired after being caught masturbating in the woman’s locker room by a female player. And it’s not like in pornos, she didn’t come and join me in the fun, she freaked out, told my boss, and I got fired on the spot. And it doesn’t help to hide when you’re a loud moaner either.

The next day I had to tell the news to my Mom, of course I didn’t tell her “why” I got fired, but did come up with some lame ass reason, I said I got caught taking a nap on the job. She got pissed but hey, it was better to lie than her learning to truth.

So, now that I had a lot of free time, I went back to my old routine consisting of masturbating pretty much all the time.

Two weeks later, after coming back from job hunting, I caught my Mom talking on the phone with my Aunt Claudia, telling her that she’s getting on Hell of a case of “Horniness”. That was her word, not mine.

My Mother was always popular with my friends over the years, especially the male friends, well, when you are 5 foot 6 inches, 120 pounds and have a tight little body, she does work out, a tight butt with long blond hair and a nice big rack, again I must say, those aren’t my words but the words of my friends, you’d understand why she was so popular.

I used to have blond hair myself but out-grew them, now they’re brown, going all the way to the middle of my back though, I like heavy metal and I think it looks good on me, at 6 foot 1 inch and 160 pounds I look more like my Father than my Mom but we do share physical resemblance. Like our facial features.

To be honest, I never saw my Mother as a sexual thing, but now that I’m eighteen, I did notice her beauty and “sexyness” and especially her breasts, they’re freaking huge, all natural she once said to a friend of mine which, I can remember, made me blush like a tomato.

Over the weeks after I got fired, I kept hearing discussions between my Mom and her sister, most of them was about how “horny” my Mom was, and how much of a “slut” she used to be before she met my Father, being divorced for a year now, she said she was ready to get back in the saddle, which, even though I was hiding in a hallway, made my Aunt laugh hard, I could hear my Aunt laughing from all the way over there. I was flabbergasted, I mean, it’s my Mom we’re talking about here, and now that she’s thirty six all she wants to do is “fuck” as she said.

I was hiding in a corner of a hallway and was eavesdropping and hearing my Mother talked like that gave me some kind of weird reaction, I got the world’s biggest erection ever! And got hornier then ever too!

I immediately went to my room, locked the door, stripped down and masturbated, not being able to hear her anymore, I did something I never thought I would do before that day, I jacked off thinking of my Mother, thinking about her sexy full lips wrapped around my hard cock giving me a blowjob. The thought of it kinda disgusted me in a way but, when I came, which happened under a minute, which was a new record for me because usually when I masturbate I go for minimum half an hour, I shot my load at about three feet in the air for more then 10 seconds, which, for real, is a whole lot. I shot my load like I just had the best sex of my life.

After that I was exhausted, so I decided to take a nap, it’s not like I had better things to do anyway, and got woken up by my Mother at dinner time.

I kağıthane escort went to take my plate and eat in front of the t.v. as I always do but my Mother stopped me and asked me to eat with her in the kitchen, and so I did.

We talked about everything and nothing, it was quite boring for the most part but the whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about what I heard earlier that day and what I did as a consequence. And maybe I was being paranoid, but I couldn’t shake the idea that she knew I was listening in, just by the way she acted, and touched me and smiled at me and laughed at my every joke, it was quite unsettling but I wanted to see where this strange and sudden change in behavior would go.

That night, after helping her wash the dishes and watching t.v. with her I told her I was going to bed, she kissed me, a strange kiss at that, on the cheek yes but she kissed the corner of my mouth, getting a little bit of lips in the process, I didn’t think of it too much at the time and went in my room, I locked the door and got undressed, I looked at the wall to my left, looked at with with fright, I used to hate that wall, because that very thin will is the only thing that separates my bedroom to my Mom’s. And of course, after I was done looking at the stupid wall, I started jacking off.

Good thing my door can be locked, because not ten seconds after I started masturbating, I was barely hard, she came and knocked on my door telling me she was going to bed herself. I said “Good night” and she told me “Good night” back.

I waited to hear her get into bed, and then I started stroking my hard cock again, trying to stay silent, not that I ever did before, I just presumed my Mom couldn’t hear my through the wall, until I heard her telling my Dad, when they were together that is, that she could hear me every night, but I never really cared, but that night was different and I tried to stay quite and succeeded, for a good twenty seconds, I can’t help it! I started masturbating harder and faster by the second, moaning louder with every stroke.

Everything was going fine until I heard something from the other side of the wall, startled, I stopped for a while and listened in. I was afraid that it was my Mom telling me to be quite, but it wasn’t her talking to me, it was her moaning.

I couldn’t believe I was listening to my Mother masturbating, it was the first time I heard her moan, I can’t even recall hearing her having sex with my Dad, let alone please herself. The second I touched my penis while I was listening in, I came hard again. I cleaned myself up, still listening to her and went to bed.

The next morning she was, well… different. She was kissing me all over, in a super good mood, giving me hugs, smiling all the time and telling me how gorgeous I’ve become and throwing lines like “I bet every girl wants a piece of you” and whatnot.

It was shocking to see my Mother give me all that attention, at the time I even forgot the mutual masturbation that happened the night before.

When night came, the same events replayed themselves, I masturbated listening to my Mom play with herself and came hard as Hell even though it was my fourth time masturbating that particular night.

Believe it or not, that went on for a little bit over a week, until that is, something drastic changed.

On that night, a Saturday, I went to bed first, but she followed right away, keeping her door open, I know that because I can blatantly hear her close her door when she goes to bed all the time, kartal escort and started masturbating even before I did. I joined in and our Moans grew louder and louder until I heard my Mother say…

“Oh come and fuck me already!”

My heart stopped, not believing what I just heard, my breathing was fast and now my heart was pounding in my chest, I didn’t know what to do. Was she talking to me? Or her little private fantasy came out of her mouth while she was playing with herself? I tried to start masturbating again when I heard…

“Jason, did you hear me?”

Too nervous to acknowledge that I did hear her I said instead…

“Are you talking to me Mom?”

“Yeah I fuckin’ am, and we both know what I am asking you to do, we both want it some come on over… NOW!”

I got up, shaking, put my black tight underwear on, that couldn’t hide an erection worth a crap, and went to go in her bedroom, and as I previously thought, her bedroom door was indeed open, why? So I could hear her better when she’d scream for me to go in her room? If so, did she plan this?

When I got inside I got quite a sight, my Mother was laying naked on her back on her king sized bed, the bed she kept after my parents divorced, with her table lamp turned on, playing with her clit slowly.

“Jason, I know this is wrong but, I don’t have your Father to please me anymore and you don’t have a girlfriend and, let’s face it, I’m a fucking nymph, and we both know you are too, probably got it from me.”

Again I froze, still in my semi-dazed state of mind, and so I just looked at her, and I mean I “looked” at her. And my God, I then knew why all my friends wanted a piece of her, because she was the sexiest woman I have ever seen, and by far!

I inched in on her, baby step by baby step, getting closer to the edge of her bed. With every step I was taking she’d caress her little clit faster and faster until she had to stop to prevent achieving orgasm.

She kept looking at me, smiling, sometimes closing her eyes with pleasure.

“Mmm I see your little friend is awake” She said while moaning.

At first I didn’t get that, but then I looked at my crotch, and indeed my friend was awake “wide” awake actually, half of it was coming out of my underwear, pointing in the direction of my belly button, same belly button that once was attached to the woman that wanted that very same cock inside her.

That thought doubled me over and I felt weak, she got up, took my hand, and walked me over to her bed where I laid down.

“Let me take care of that honey.” She said while taking off the only pair of clothing I had left on me.

All those weird thoughts were going through my mind at once, my head felt like a mall on boxing day, it was very crowded in there. So much so,at first, I didn’t even feel my Mom’s mouth wrapped around my hardened cock.

“Oh my God Mom…”

“What? Is something wrong? Aren’t I good enough?” She said with actually worry in her eyes.

I shook my head and then decided to let go of all I thought was right and wrong and just let myself feel my Mother’s mouth on my cock, that warm, wet mouth going up and down on me.

“God Mom, you’re better than my ex” I said, really getting into it.

“How long has it been since you had a blowjob?” She said while slowly and gently stroking my cock.

“Seven months, we broke up seven months ago.”

“Mmmm, I guess you deserve this than.” She started to suck my cock good and deep, making it sloppy and drooling all over it, using küçükçekmece escort her own spit to jack me off, something no one, not even myself, ever did to me before that night and it made me cum all over her hand and in the air.

Seeing this my Mom looked at me and said…

“But baby, I wanted you to fuck me.” She said with a sad look on her face.

“Mom, I jack off six to seven times a day every day, so trust me when I tell you, I still can go for a while.” I said smiling wickedly.

She moaned and licked all the cum off her hand and bed sheet.

“Wow, she’s quite the whore” I thought to myself.

She leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, I backed up a bit, being more weirded out by passionately kissing my own Mother than getting a blowjob by her for some reason, but caved in from being so overly horny and being turned on by this taboo we were doing and finally kissed her back, eventually rising to my knees and kissing her more passionately by the second, introducing my tongue inside her mouth.

I grabbed her tits and went down on them like I needed them to live, hungry for flesh like I’ve never been before, I sucked on them as hard as I could.

“You like sucking on my tits honey?” She said while looking down at me.

“Fuck yeah Mom, as long as you keep this for ourselves.”

“Well of course, we could get in trouble if we didn’t, I know it’s wrong but…” She broke her sentence with a moan.

“It ain’t wrong.” I replied, taking a break from sucking on her tits and slowly playing with her clit now. “Like you said, we both need it, and we’re just taking care of each other, ever since Dad left we’ve been taking care of each other, but now, we’re just doing it in a different way, but we are just, still, taking care of each other.”

She smiled and a tear formed from her left eye, she raised my head and kissed me more passionately then ever, that time, it felt more like love than lust.

“I love you honey.”

“I love you to Mom, lay down for me.”

She did, slowly as we locked on in each other’s eyes, and I gently laid over her, I started by kissing her neck, I kissed her and licked her all the way down to her throbbing pussy and started to lick her clit.

She moaned right away, louder then before, but after I put my fingers inside her though, it took less then her ten seconds for to cum all over my hand.

“God baby, fuck me, fuck me now OR I’LL EXPLODE!” She screamed.

And so I did, I shoved my wet, pre-cum dripping big cock inside, starting to fuck her right away, her cumming on me again in the process.

“Oh God baby, you’re so fucking good… And BIG… Bigger then your Dad used to be!”

“Oh God Mom, I’ll be cumming soon!” I said, panting.

“Cum in me baby, I want to feel my baby’s cum in me!” she said, almost screaming.

Right then I came inside my Mother’s pussy, took me less then five minutes for me to achieve orgasm, by far the shortest fuck of my life, but also by far the most satisfying.

I filled my Mother’s pussy with my warm gooey sperm, making her cum again. Following this I just collapsed on my Mom’s big sweaty breasts.

Panting I said…

“God Mom, that was the best fuck of my entire life.”

“Me too baby, me too.” She said while panting herself, petting my hair as she spoke.

“You can sleep in my room tonight if you want to.” she said, smiling down at me.

“Ok.” I smiled. “Let me just go pee first.” giggling as I said so.

We started laughing and laughed for a while, then I got up and went to the bathroom to relieve myself, a little bit of pre-cum and actual cum came out of my still hard as a rock dick as I was peeing, I came back and we slept in each other’s arms. And since that night, my Mom and I have been taking very good care of each other… Four to five times a day on a daily basis.

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