My Mom Uses Me: The Shower

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The Shower And The Bath

So life was good. This story takes place about a year later in 1996. I had quit the restaurant by now and had gotten a job at a factory to make more money. I was saving up to get my own car, and working at a restaurant wasn’t going to cut it. You may be wondering why I didn’t go to college. Although I did graduate from high school, the bad experiences there didn’t entice me to continue my education. Do I regret it? Sure. I did however go on to get my Associates Degree ten years later. But stopped again because schooling is expensive. But I digress.

My Mother continued to be my one and only lover. Our trysts were still only two, maybe three times a week. But we had expanded from the massages and sex over the coffee table, to when I would brush her pussy hair and fuck her with the hair brush, to licking at her pussy when she needed her “puppy,” to fucking missionary, and the occasional blowjob where I would cum in her mouth and fill her tummy.

Life was good.

For this story I need to describe in a little more detail where it is that my Mother and I lived. So, we lived in an upstairs apartment. In the previous stories where I would come home or my Mother would come home, we would have climb a flight of stairs. So when either of us were on the couch waiting for the other, we could hear them on the steps, and our anticipation would build with every step taken. Also, there was no need to worry about peeping Toms looking in the windows or hearing us being incestuous on the second story.

So, like I said at the beginning, this was 1996, in the spring, sometime in May. My Mother loved to garden, and every year the landlord would let Mom have a garden in the backyard. Mom had the garden tilled a few days earlier and now was the time for some planting. Mom would always start several plants from seed to sit in the windows sometime in April, so they already had some nice roots for the soil.

I was always drafted to help Mom with the gardening, planting and weeding and harvesting. All through my teen years I had loathed helping Mother with gardening. My thought was just buy the veggies from the store. But now this year, now that I know how much my Mother loves me, I understand a little more why, and I didn’t mind helping too much at all.

It was early in the morning. The day was warm, but the wind had a little bite to it, letting us know that summer wasn’t quite here yet. I helped Mom bring out the seedling plants, the fertilizer, shovel and trawl, and other odds and ends. So we spent the next few hours digging and planting and fertilizing and watering.

Maybe it was a half hour into the gardening that I noticed Mothers outfit. It was a tee shirt and shorts, an outfit I had seen multiple times over the summers, a bandanna covered her head to keep the sweat out of her eyes. I was also in a tee shirt and shorts, my long headbanger hair pulled back into a ponytail. She was on her knees, on a mat, digging a hole, for potatoes I think. I was behind her, also on a mat on my knees, digging holes for green peppers I’m pretty sure. I happened to glance over and see her, her shorts stretched nice and tight over her round backside. The shorts were short, not like daisy dukes or anything, but enough that they rode up her cleft. On either side of that thin strip of fabric her pussy lips were spread, the beautiful curls of pubic hair poking out.

“Mom!” I softly cried out.

She turned and looked at me over her shoulder. “What is it, Honey?”

“You’re not wearing panties!”

She smiled a devilish smile. “So you finally noticed.” I had to admit, she looked totally sexy. Looking at me over her shoulder, her sweet pussy on display to the neighbors if they happened to look over. She went back to work planting, her curvy butt wiggling a little bit with every motion. I was getting aroused. I went back to work as well, but I never missed an opportunity to steal glances at her, and admire her.

It was a short while later, that I was looking at her head on. I looked around to see if any neighbors were out and about, but none were. She was working away on her knees, on carrots I believe this time. The neckline on her shirt was low, it was an old shirt and was stretched out. Down her shirt I saw her big, beautiful titties swaying.

“Mom!” I softly cried out again.

“Yes, Honey?” She looked up at me with that same devilish smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

“You’re not wearing a bra!”

Her smile grew bigger. “You like it?” She shook from side to side and those titties swayed so nicely.

I smiled back, I had been getting aroused off and on for the last hour or so. “I love it!” I said. She blew me a kiss and I blew one back, and we went back to work.

An hour later I went back inside to get us each a glass of water. Moms shirt had patches of sweat on her front and back, mine did as well. I could see her nipples poking her shirt proudly.

“Are you cold?” I asked and pointed to her shirt.

“Maybe. özbek gaziantep escort Maybe it’s something else.” She said, and shook her titties from side to side, and I was mesmerized.

She giggled. “Put your eyes back in your head, dear. We still have a little more to go for the day.”

I stuck out my lower lip in a pout. “Okay.”

We went back to work for another few hours. Her curvy body teasing me the whole time. Her hairy pussy lips peeking out of her shorts, her big titties swinging free inside her shirt. The inside of my underwear was sticky with precum.

Finally we were done for the day. Mom had said she might do a little more tomorrow, but I had to work so I couldn’t help. I returned the items we used to our basement, then went upstairs. Mom had just finished drinking her glass of water, when she handed me mine. I thanked her. Then she went into her bedroom off the kitchen.

If you remember me saying how she like to keep her door open when she changed or undressed, it still held true a year later. I still wasn’t pervy about it, but if I happened to be in the kitchen when she was, I enjoyed the show. Like now, and I couldn’t help but feel like she did it quite deliberately.

She turned the bedroom light on then turned to face me, her smile still devilish. She lifted her sweaty shirt over her head. Her tits bounced free, her nipples still noticeably erect. She tossed the garment into her laundry basket. I forgot about my water, my eyes were riveted to her show. She unbuttoned her shorts, then unzipped them, then she turned around slowly. The curves of her ass were hugged so tightly by those shorts. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and bending over, she slowly slid them down her thick thighs. Her plump butt was freed. She bent over until her shorts were around her ankles. Her hairy pussy peeked from between her thighs. She pulled one foot out of the garment, then the other, then stood up and tossed it in the laundry basket.

She turned to look at me. “I’m going to take a shower,” she said casually. Then walked to bathroom. The bathroom was also off of the kitchen, next to her bedroom actually. So I just stayed where I was and watched her. She leaned into the tub and turned on the water, then the shower head began to spray. She closed the shower curtain.

“Honey?” She said, looking at me.

“Yes, Mom?”

“Come here,” she said, biting her lower lip.

I drank my water, set the glass on the kitchen table and went to her, my cock straining in my own shorts from the show.

She looked up at me with a twinkle in her eyes. “Kiss Momma,” she said. I leaned down for a kiss and she tilted her head up to meet mine. Her lips were soft, and it lingered there for a few precious moments. Then her mouth opened and her tongue slid into my open mouth, and we kissed and kissed. Her hands went around my neck, and my hands went around her waist.

She broke the kiss then looked at me intently. “Take a shower with me,” she said. I nodded my head. She grabbed at the hem of my shirt and lifted it over my head, then tossed it to the floor. Her agile hands went to my shorts, unbuttoned and unzipped, she squatted down, taking my shorts and underwear with her. My cock swung free, wet with precum. I stepped out of my shorts and she left them piled on the floor at my feet. She ran her fingers through my pubic hair then grabbed my cock by the root and guided it to her hungry mouth. She sucked the precum off the tip, bobbed her head up and down for a few precious moments or so, then stood up.

“Come on, the water should be nice and warm now.” She opened the shower curtain and stepped inside, I followed.

For those of you fortunate enough to have experienced taking a shower with someone, you know the routine, someone is always under the showerhead while the other isn’t. Mom tilted her head back and got her hair wet while I watched. She moved to the side and pulled me to her. Now we were facing each other so the warm spray of water doused both of us. She tilted her head up for a kiss and our tongues met again. Her hand moved between us and stroked my hardening cock.

She broke the kiss and released my cock. “Get your hair wet so you can wash it,” she said. I did as I was told. Mom stepped to the back of the tub while I wet my hair. She got her shampoo and started lathering. I watched the gentle shake of titties as she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Switch,” she said, and we slipped past each other, her wet skin gliding across my wet skin. I started shampooing my hair as she rinsed hers. It felt so wonderful to have another new experience with Mom. As I lathered I admired her body and how the water ran over it. She so deliciously wet, My cock throbbed.

“Switch,” she said again when she was done. Again our wet bodies slipped past each other. I adored the contact. My cock, still thick, but hanging in front of me, would brush teasingly gaziantep özbek escort across her belly and the wet curls of her pussy hair. I began rinsing my hair as she got the soap and washcloth lathered up. Remember this was the 1990’s, the mesh loofah scrubber and liquid soap wasn’t really a thing, and besides, even if they were, Mom was old school and would still use the hard soap and washcloth for years yet.

When I was done rinsing my hair Mom surprised me by scrubbing my chest with the washcloth, I thought for sure she would wash herself and I would wash myself next, But she had other plans. She ran the cloth over my chest, she was smiling, and her eyes shone with an admiration. She was enjoying what she was doing. Next came my arms.

“Turn around,” she said and she began scrubbing my back as I rinsed my chest and arms. She began scrubbing my butt, really working the washcloth between my cheeks. The sensations were running up and down my spine. She worked the back of my legs down to my feet.

“Turn around, Honey,” she said. I did, and she was squatting in the tub. She licked her lips as she began washing my cock and balls, working my pubic hair into a lather. She stroked my cock hard all slippery with soap. I just watched her use me, stroking my cock inches from her face.

“Now turn around one more time and rinse your cock off,” she directed. I turned around and let the water wash over me. Then Mom surprised me again by reaching between my legs and fondling my balls.

“Put your leg up on the edge of the tub,” she told me. I did, and she got a second hand between my legs to stroke my cock. She did this for a little bit, stroking my wet cock and fondling my wet balls. Then she surprised me again. I felt her hot breath against my anus. Before I could register what she might be up to, she licked at my asshole.

“Jesus!” I cried out. I heard her giggle as she continued to lick at my asshole. The stimulation was overwhelming. She was stroking my cock and caressing my balls, gently tugging on my scrotum, and lapping her tongue against my asshole. I moaned and groaned as she used me. I found God that day. I called out his name more times than I can remember.

“Jesus, Mom! I’m gonna cum!” I cried out.

“Turn around and give Mommy your cum!”

I turned around and Mom sucked my sensitive cock into her gentle mouth. The change in stimulation from her soft hand to her warm mouth made me melt. My mouth hung open as she sucked and sucked on my turgid member. My hands went to her head and gently guided her movements. This was different than before. My fingers were in her hair and I was pulling her on and off my cock. I was fucking her mouth. I was fucking my Mommy’s mouth! My breathing became quick and shallow as I fucked her face.

“Momma!” I cried out. My grip on her head tightened. My cock plunged in and out of her mouth, making sweet wet sounds, barely audible above the din of the shower.

“Mmm-hmm!” she moaned, her mouth full of my cock.

“Momma! I’m gonna cum!” I cried out, looking down at her face being ravaged by me.

She looked up at me, her eyes wide in anticipation. I could hear her breathing through her nose as I fucked her mouth. “Mmm-hmm!”

“Momma, I’m cumming!” My mouth hung open as I came inside my Moms hungry mouth. I looked into her beautiful eyes as rope after rope of cum filled her up. I held her head in place as I fed her and she took it. “Oh Momma! Take all of it! Take all of it!” I told her. I came so much into her warm, hungry mouth. She started sucking as my orgasm waned. “Oh Momma, you took all of it!”

She pulled her head off of my cock and swallowed. “Don’t I always, Dear?” she said, then kissed my cock before standing up. “My turn!”

My legs were weak and my head was soup. What? Her turn? I don’t even know my name right now! We slid passed each other. My sensitive cock brushed against her sending bolts of lightning through my spine. I numbly got the soap and washcloth and started to lather it up hoping my senses would come back to me soon. I couldn’t disappoint Momma, especially after she was so nice to me just now.

She noticed my awkwardness. “You okay, Honey?” she asked.

I looked at her. “My legs are all wobbly,” I said.

She laughed. “That good, huh?”

“Oh yeah!” I said nodding for emphasis. “That was the best, like, ever!”

She laughed again, smiling. “Thank you, dear.”

“No. Thank You!” I said, emphatically.

“You’re welcome. Now, if you’re okay, get to washing your Mommy,” she said, and stuck out her chest proudly and in anticipation.

I was just a puddle as I started washing Mom’s breasts. The admiration I had for her body was reflected in how washed her. It was sensual. Running the cloth across her collarbone to dip it down the sides of her tits, then over and around them, under them, lightly across the hard nipples, then roughly across them a few moments later. gaziantep özbek escort bayan Down her sides and across her belly in slow deliberate circles. I was taking pride in my work. I washed up and down one arm then the other.

She abruptly turned around and offered me her back. I moved her hair off her shoulders and got them and her neck. I started washing down her spine and sides in delicious circles. I got to her plump bottom and began to affectionately clean it. I scrubbed it roughly in circles and it responded by giving me an appreciative wiggle. It looked so yummy. I dipped that soapy cloth into her crack and sawed it up and down. Mom moaned and I was hard again as I was rough with her sensitive anus. I squatted down and did the back of her thighs and calves admiring her as I washed her.

She turned around again to let the soap rinse off her back, butt, and legs, and I was face-to-face with her wet, hairy pussy. Water trickled over her belly and ran through her pussy hair. Some of it continued down her thighs, some of it dripped off the soft curls. I started washing her pussy hair, getting it nice and lathered like she had done mine. I went up and down her legs from the front, then the inside of her thighs. She put a foot on the edge of the tub and opened her center to me. I scrubbed her pussy lips softly at first, then a little harder. She was moaning and gasping with every stroke of the cloth.

I dropped the cloth and started to finger her. Her pussy was so wet and juicy my fingers slipped inside her. In and out, in and out, in and out. I stared at her pretty pussy as my fingers worked in and out of her, lost in the sensations.

“Lick Mommy,” she said. I looked up at her. Her eyes were lusty and her mouth was open. I grabbed her full hips and pulled her to me so the water wouldn’t drown me. My tongue searched through her folds until it found the little morsel of her clit. I licked her clit and fingered her pussy. She gasped and moaned. I looked up at her and she was playing with her titties, her head tilted back.

“Oh! I’m cumming!” She called out. Her pussy squeezed my fingers and her hips rolled grinding my face into her pussy. I pulled my fingers out of her and kissed her pussy hair.

I was about to stand up when she rested a hand on my head. “Not yet, Honey,” she said. Then she turned around, placing her foot again on the edge of the tub. She reached back with one hand and spread her ass. That tight, pink center, flexed and winked at me. I was mesmerized. I leaned forward and ran my tongue over that tight little wrinkle. Mom gasped. I licked at her asshole. I remembered how it felt for me, and I relished in the fact that I could do the same for her.

“Oh! Lick Momma’s asshole, Honey. Oh! It’s so naughty! It’s so naughty!” She cried out.

I licked and licked at her pink little asshole. I grabbed her cheeks and spread them as wide as I could. I made out with her asshole just like I would as if it was her pussy. I stuck my tongue up inside her, tasting her insides. I sucked on that little wrinkle like a clit. One of my hands went between her legs and searched for her hairy pussy. My fingers snaked their way inside her and began fingering her again as I lapped at her asshole. Mom moaned and gasped as I devoured her ass and fingered her pussy.

“Oh! You’re so naughty! Eating Momma’s ass! You’re gonna make Mommy cum!” She cried out.

I licked and licked and licked at her tasty ass. I loved it. I loved eating ass. I had found a new passion. I loved how naughty it was, how taboo. I stuck my tongue inside her again, tasting her insides. I was in love with eating ass. My fingers worked her pussy fast and hard.

“Oh, Honey! I’m cumming! Oh! I’m cumming! Eat Momma’s ass!”

Her pussy clamped down on my thrusting fingers. She rolled her hips as I continued my feast. I licked her ass as her second orgasm crashed through her. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy. She stepped forward taking my meal away from me. She turned around and I stood up.

The shower still pounded us both as she wrapped her arms around me and drew me in close for a kiss. My mouth had just been on her asshole, making out with it, tongue kissing it, and now our lips were locked and dancing in each others mouth. She was tasting her own ass on my lips and tongue. My hands roamed down to her full hips and held her for a moment. We kissed beneath the spray of the shower. One of my hands snaked around to her back, and a finger dove between her plump cheeks until it found that little wrinkled morsel. I started to rub her asshole in little circles as the water washed over it. She moaned into my mouth. Her hands found my cock and she stroked it slowly until it was hard again. I played with her asshole as we kissed. I started to probe her tight asshole with my finger, but couldn’t get it in there. I had found a new frontier to conquer. But it was too much for Mom and she broke the kiss.

“Fuck Mommy!” She placed a foot on the edge of the tub opening her pussy for me. I bent at the knees to get a better angle and she guided me home inside her. We both sighed as I filled her pussy. It was so nice to be inside her again. I fucker her wet, slippery pussy, with quick thrusts. She pulled my head in again and we kissed as my cock pushed in and out of her.

“Momma, your pussy feels so good!” I said breaking the kiss.

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