My Mom Ch. 06

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Julie and Tina stood there with their mouths hitting the floor as they watched their little sister and Alan on the bed naked and fucking. Mom and Cathy moved towards the bed and started to strip their clothes off and got on the bed beside Alan and Louise.

Julie stared in disbelief at the site before her not believing this was happening.

Tina seeing her mom and Aunt Jade naked on the bed kissing and fondling each other next to Louise and Alan was reaching for her breast with one hand as her other hand slipped down inside her panties running a finger over her pussy lips and onto her clit.

Louise reached over and put her hand on her moms butt feeling the soft rump in the palm of her hand. Cathy moaned out as she felt her daughter run a hand over her well formed ass. Tina started over to the bed next to her mom and Jade and laid a hand on her moms bare back running it down her spine to her ass.

“Mmmm yes that feels so nice.”

Cathy moaned as she felt the hands running all over her body. It wasn’t long before Tina had taken her clothes off and joined the 4some going on before her very eyes.

Julie was still standing at the bedroom door with a hand inside her pants rubbing on her clit as her excitement grew. Her other hand was inside her sweatshirt and bra tweaking on her nipple and massaging her breast as she kept watching all that was going on in front of her.

Alan was now French kissing with his mom as Louise kissed her mom, both running their hands over their mother’s breasts. Tina was now behind Louise with her hand on her right tit.

“Oh yes Tina that’s it, tweak my nipple harder, harder!”

She moaned out in pure bliss as she sat on Alan’s hard that was buried deep inside her pussy.

The site before Julie was getting too much for her, watching her family before her in the throws of incest and sexual heaven. She took off her sweatshirt and dropped her jeans to the floor, along with her bra and panties, which joined the off rest of the clothes that were scattered all over the bedroom floor.

Standing next to her Aunt Jade she lowered herself onto Jade’s face rubbing her almost hairless cunt onto her Aunts waiting mouth.

“Oh god yessss!”

Julie cried out as her pussy was invaded by her Aunt’s tongue as her mom’s hands massaged her boobs and began tweaking her nipples. Julie was now lost in the orgy of flesh before her and was now enjoying every moment of it.

Mom was now devouring Julie’s pussy with her tongue as her fingers played with Julie’s clit. Cathy was now sitting across mom’s upper thighs, their pussy’s almost touching as Cathy sucked on her daughters right tit, while pulling and tweaking on her left nipple. Tina now had Alan’s face buried in her pussy as Louise had his cock to the hilt up inside her hot bursa escort slick cunt. The grunting , moaning and slapping of flesh on flesh filled the room as they brought each other nearer and nearer to orgasm.

Cathy was pulling a double headed dildo from Louise’s bag and rubbing her soaking pussy over the head as she rubbed the other end of it over mom’s sopping cunt. Inch by inch she pushed it into Jade until it was buried as deep as it would go then Cathy inserted the other end into her own pussy until she could feel the head filling her to the brim. Cathy began to rock back and forward on top of mom as the dildo slid in and out of her sopping twat.

Julie was the first one to cum, as she ground her pussy on mom’s tongue as mom rubbed two fingers over her throbbing clit. All over mom’s face Julie came, up her nose, in her mouth and over her hair as she screamed out and convulsed on top of mom. Tina was next as Alan fingered her soaking cunt hole with two fingers while sucking and biting on her clit. She fell forward as she spasmed out of control and landed on Louise’s big ripe melons and bit down hard on her right nipple which sent Louise over the edge and had her cumming over Alan’s cock as he in turn spurted his spunk deep inside her love canal.

Julie slipped onto the floor with the biggest grin on her face as mom and Cathy began to fuck the double headed dildo in earnest, bringing themselves closer and closer to cumming. As Louise, Alan, and Tina came down from their high they watched as both their moms fucked the big black dildo for all they were worth.

“Yes that’s it, fuck her mom fuck her till she screams!”

Louise said out loud as her eyes glared at the scene before her.

“Come on sis fuck me you bitch make me cum I’m almost there!”

Jade panted as they both fucked the rubber cock buried inside them.

“Oh god you fucking slut here I cum!”

Cathy screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy gushing her love juice all over the rubber cock and onto Jade’s bald cunt that set off Jade’s gut wrenching orgasm as she came almost uncontrollably.

We all lay there for what seemed like an hour before any of one could move. By now it was almost 6pm and we all cleaned ourselves up in the shower. Jade and Cathy going first washing each, then Louise and Tina went into the shower as Jade and Cathy dried off and got dressed and went downstairs. Which left Alan and Julie together in the bedroom.

Julie got up onto the bed beside Alan.

“How long have you, mom, and Jade been fucking each other?”

“It’s been a couple of months now.” Alan replied.

“Louise told me earlier downstairs she found the photo I took of mom on her back with Cathy eating her out while I fucked Cathy doggy style and wanted bursa escort bayan in on the action.”

“I still can’t believe what went on here, I have never touched another woman in that way before.” Julie said almost in a whisper. “I enjoyed feeling your mom’s mouth on my pussy but its no substitute for a nice big cock.”

She smiled as she looked as Alan’s semi hard dick. Reaching out wrapping her fingers around his cock.

“I want to have this inside me before I go back home after Christmas.” She grinned.

With that she got up from the bed headed for the shower. Alan headed towards the shower where Julie was still washing herself. He stepped in behind Julie.

“Here let me wash your back for you.”

He said as he took the soap from Julie’s hand and began soaping her back. Once he had soaped her back Alan said, “O.k. turn round and let me do your front too.” And she did as he told her.

Alan’s cock was now coming back to life as he washed her neck then down onto her tits as her nipples stood out a good inch at least as he ran his palms over them. Julie reached out and wrapped her hand around his now hardened prick and started to jerk him off as Alan slid his hands down her stomach towards her pussy.

“I want this big hard dick of yours inside me and I want it right now you little fucker.” She commanded.

On hearing this Alan was only too happy to oblige her, pushing Julie against the wall of the shower and raising her above his now throbbing cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist and locked them behind him. As Julie slipped onto his love pole she let out a, “Oh god yes, that’s what I want in me!”

As she took his whole eight inches deep inside her cunt which had a Mohawk like strip of trimmed blond hair just above her pubic bone.

Julie’s breasts felt firm but soft in Alan’s hands. Her nipples were a dark shade of pink and were an inch long and as wide as his thumbnail and about three inches of dark brown surrounded her nipples. As Julie began moving up and down on Alan’s big thick cock the water from the showerhead rained down.

“Oh yes Alan fuck me, fuck me hard, deep and fast!”

She moaned out as he rammed his meat deep into her depths.

“Keep fucking me like that I’m almost there!” Julie cried out.

“Oh yes honey me too, I’m gonna splatter your insides for you!” Alan said.

“Yes baby, yes I’m cummming, Oh god here I cum!”

She screamed out as the water splashed onto her face as she pulled herself as close as she could to Alan’s body.

“I hope you are protected.”

Alan cried out just as he spurted his hot white sticky spunk deep inside her pussy as she came over his cock. They held each other as there orgasm hit them, spurt after spurt shot into her pussy as escort bursa Alan finally spent leaned against Julies tits and suckled on a nipple as Julie came down from one orgasm to hit her second orgasm as her nails dug into Alan’s back.

After she came down from her high she dropped her legs down from his waist to stand against the shower wall grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat that had just got the cream. It was now that the question Alan had asked her just as he came inside her dawned on her.

“Alan I am not protected.” she said with a little sob.

“Holy shit, you mean you let me cum inside you knowing I could make you pregnant?” Alan asked her.

“I was too far gone to care if I was protected or not.” Julie snapped back at him.

“My period is due any day now so I should be o.k.” She said hoping.

The rest of the day went by like a blur for Alan, thinking he could be coming a dad to his cousin’s baby had really hit him hard. What would the rest of the family say he wondered. Alan went to bed a little earlier than usual stating he was tired after the exertions of the day. Soon after that everyone else started up the stairs to bed, Jade and Cathy sharing a bed, Tina and Julie sharing the other bed and Louise having the single bed that was put up in their room.

Christmas day was a big success and all too soon it was over and on Boxing day (the day after Christmas) Cathy and her daughters were heading home again. Alan was feeling lost after they had gone home, he had enjoyed their company, and was looking forward to joining up with them for New Year’s.

Now that they were alone Jade called her son into the kitchen and told him to sit down. Alan did as he was told and his mom sat on the other side of the table stretching out taking his hands in hers.

“I have something to tell you honey, please let me finish before you say anything ok?”

Alan nodded and Jade took a deep breath the told him as calmly as she could.

“Alan please don’t be angry with me, I found out last week that I’m pregnant. You have been the only man I have been with in a very long time, your going to be a dad” She stammered out.

Alan sat there for a few moments, his face had turned as white as a sheet and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Holy fuck! Mom I have some news for you too and I hope you won’t be angry with me either. You might not be the only one having a baby by me.”

Jade looked at her son with a questioning look in her eye .

“Who else is gonna have your baby?”

“Julie may be pregnant and also Anne our neighbour.”

Jade stared in disbelief at her son, “Julie and Anne?”

“Yes mom when Aunt Cathy left to go home this morning I found a note that had been put through the letterbox, it was from Anne saying she was pregnant with my child.”

“But you only fucked her last week?”

“Mom I have been fucking her since before you and Aunt Cathy.”

So Louise was right after all, this is a Christmas that would never be forgotten.

To be continued!

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