My Married Neighbour

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My neighbours are Mr and Mrs Warner, John and Jill. She is about the same age as my mum while he is 18 years older than her. They are both doctors and she is very sophisticated and well spoken. At first I doubted she had ever used a bad word in her life. She always wore make up and looked stunning. I found a Facebook photo of her and wanked over her all the time.

When she spoke to me I found myself looking at her very kissable lips all the time. I would have liked her to wear redder lipstick but I still longed to kiss her.

As I knew them when I was younger I always called them Mr and Mrs Warner.

On my first summer break from university she asked if I wanted to help out with odd jobs in their garden including cutting the grass.

Of course it also let me get closer to her and I loved her perfume. Whenever she spoke to me I was mesmerised by her lips and I found myself staring at her mouth.

She suddenly asked, ‘why do you look at my mouth when I speak to you.’

I found myself apologising and blushing.

She said, ‘don’t feel embarrassed I just want to know why you do it.’

I eventually plucked up courage and said, ‘you have very kissable lips.’

‘Thank you, that’s very nice of you,’ she replied.

When I finished the work that day we sat in her kitchen and had a soft drink. I noticed she had put more lipstick on and as we chatted I found myself getting aroused. I finished my drink and she got up and kissed me on the cheek. She hadn’t done this before. The next time I was due there the weather was awful but I still went round as she usually gets me to tidy the shed or garage. She opened the door and looked as attractive as ever.

She said she was going into town and asked if I wanted to go with her. Of course I agreed. We got in her car and I loved the way her skirt rose up and showed her thighs. I asked where we were going and she said she needed to buy some more make up. We parked up and walked into Debenhams and into the make-up department. She knew what she wanted and quickly picked it up.

Then she surprised me and asked, ‘if I was going to let you kiss me which lipstick would you choose.’

I was really shocked and asked if I was going to be allowed to kiss her.

She simply replied, ‘well which one.’

I quickly found one. It was a really vivid red and I handed it to her and said, ‘this one.’

She shocked me when she said, ‘that’s really slutty, is that how you see me as a slut.’

‘No definitely not,’ I replied.

She took it and we went to the till and she paid for it all.

As we drove back I asked her, ‘are you going to let me kiss you?’

She smiled and said, ‘wait and see.’

I could feel myself getting aroused. We got back and sat in her kitchen while she made a coffee. She picked up haramidere escort the lipstick and started slowly putting it on. I stared as she did it and it excited me. She let the lipstick dry and then put some more on. She leaned towards me and kissed me. It was sensational, she parted her lips and I felt her tongue in my mouth. It was sexy and the lipstick tasted great. I was now very hard.

Then she felt me through my trousers and squeezed my cock and said, ‘are you going to fuck me?’

I couldn’t believe what I just heard her say. Here was this posh, sophisticated woman using language I never believed she would use. I didn’t get a chance to reply as she took my hand and led me upstairs into her bedroom.

She stood in front of me and said, ‘you’d better undress me then.’

Trembling I undressed her.

She said, ‘play with my nipples, squeeze them, pinch them.’

I loved the feel of them as they grew larger. She had undone my trousers and was stroking my cock. She took my hand and put it between her legs. She was very wet as I felt her open her legs. She lay down on the bed and pulled me down on top of her. She reached down to my cock and eased it inside her. It slipped all the way in easily and soon we were frantically fucking. I was concerned that I would cum too soon but suddenly she started moaning and groaning as she climaxed. I followed her very quickly.

We lay beside each other and she told me that her husband had fucked her in that bed two days ago but wouldn’t be able to manage it again for another couple of weeks. She then told me that in between those times she masturbated. This was not what I expected to hear from the sophisticated, well-spoken doctor who lived next door to me.

She then asked me, ‘do you wank?’

I felt myself blushing then admitted I did.

She was now stroking my cock and getting me hard again and said, ‘I can feel your cum trickling out of my pussy, our next fuck is going to be very messy.’

She pulled me into her and we fucked and both cum again. This continued throughout the summer. Sometime her shifts at work didn’t always work out but we had lots of sex. Whenever I went round there she would be wearing my lipstick and we had a sexy kiss. During the summer she taught me about oral sex. We had just fucked and lying next to each other.

I was playing with her nipples which she loved and she said, ‘kiss me down below.’

I got in between her wide open legs and could see how wet she was. I kissed her and then she told me to lick her. I loved the smell and taste of her. She sat up and put her hands behind my head and pulled me tight against her and started grinding herself against my face. As she got more aroused she got even wetter and içerenköy escort soon I felt her cum against my face. I moved back up to her and she kissed and licked my face.

Then she shocked me again when she said, ‘I adore having my cunt licked and the taste of my own cum’.

Yes this really was the language that the posh doctor actually used. She was now rubbing my cock and got me hard. Then she sat up and moved down the bed and took my cock in her mouth. It was sensational as she pulled my skin back and licked and sucked the head of my cock. I quickly told her I was going cum but she carried on licking and clamped her lips round my cock and I shot my cum deep into her mouth. She then sat up, opened her mouth and showed me my cum in it and then took a deep swallow. She leaned over and kissed me and I could still taste my cum on her lips. A few days later when we did the same she kept my cum in her mouth and then kissed me and swapped my cum from her mouth to mine.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it but soon got to love it. It was so wonderfully messy. Because she worked different shifts it didn’t always work out every time. Once I got there and she had to leave in 30 minutes. She took her panties off and I fucked her standing up while she wore her work clothes. I cum inside her and she just pulled up her panties and went off to work with my cum inside her.

Another time she had to leave for work and she handed me two pairs of her panties and said, ‘one of them smells of my cunt so I expect you to smell those while you wank and cum into the other pair, I expect to find a nice cummy pair when I get home.’

Another time we had fucked and as we lay there she asked me what I looked at as I wanked.

I felt myself blushing and she said, ‘come on tell me.’

I replied, ‘well to tell you the truth it’s you and Abi.’

‘My Abi, my daughter?’ she replied.

‘Yes, well you have to admit she is very sexy,’ I replied.

‘I want to watch you wank,’ she said.

‘Ok, as long as I can watch you at the same time,’ I replied.

She reached into her bedside cabinet and pulled out a vibrator. We sat facing each other and I was already hard as I started wanking slowly.

Jill was sliding the vibrator in and out of her and I made sure I didn’t cum before her. I loved the look on her face as she got closer to cumming. I spunked seconds after she did. On another occasion she made me kneel beside her and play and pull and pinch her very sensitive nipples.

She kept saying, ‘harder, pinch them, pull them.’

At the same time she was playing with herself and gave herself a thundering orgasm. One day she really shocked me when she told me that her husband John knew what we were doing. But innovia escort he was fine with it as he knew he couldn’t give her as much sex as she needed and he knew she wouldn’t fall in love with me and leave him. All she had to do was tell him what we did. About a week before I went back to university she told me she was on a late shift which meant we’d have most of the morning together. I was surprised when I saw Mr Warner’s car outside and assumed I would have to just do some gardening today.

Jill opened the door and was wearing her see through negligee and my favourite lipstick. She kissed me passionately and took my hand and led me into the lounge. I was shocked when I saw her husband standing there.

‘Good morning Robert,’ he said.

I said, ‘good morning John.’

Jill then said, ‘John wants to watch us today, you don’t mind do you Robert?’

‘Of course not,’ I replied.

She took my hand again and led me upstairs. John followed us.

Jill and I kissed as she undressed me and pulled me down on the bed. We kissed and I pinched and squeezed her nipples while she stroked my cock.

John sat in a chair beside the bed and she said, ‘why don’t you take your clothes off darling.’

John stood up and undressed. As he sat back down I could see he was erect and smaller than me.

After a bit of foreplay Jill said to John, ‘darling, Robert is going to have me now, I think it will be nice if you help to guide him inside me.’

John stood and when I was in position between his wife’s legs he reached for me, took my cock and eased it inside his wife.

‘Oh darling, that’s wonderful, push it all the way in me,’ she said.

I was soon deep inside Jill and we were fucking frantically. I knew she would not take long to cum.

She looked at her husband and said, ‘darling I’m going to be climaxing soon why don’t you pleasure yourself and ejaculate on me as I orgasm.’

John stood next to his wife and started wanking himself. They looked in each others eyes as they got closer to cumming. I sensed when she was there and she told John. He rubbed faster and shot his cum on her body. I followed both of them and cum deep inside her. John moved away and said he was going to shower.

I lay beside Jill and she said, ‘scoop his cum up and feed me it.’

I did as she said making sure I smeared lots over her lips and then rolled over and kissed her, not realising that she still had her husband’s cum in her mouth. Then she moved and started sucking and licking me. I was soon hard again. Suddenly the door opened and John came in and saw his wife sucking my cock and said he was off to work. I was soon ready to cum and told her but she was more than happy for me to cum in her mouth. We then kissed again very easily. She told me that John didn’t like her using filthy language, but it turned her on.

We finished with me licking and sucking her clit. My mouth was very messy what with all the cum in it. When she climaxed it made it even messier.

After that I went back to university and Jill sent me some photos of her masturbating and we had several filthy phone calls. I can’t wait until the next holiday.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32