My Luvv

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I had been feeling down in the dumps of late. My wife left without warning and headed to the east coast. The note she left me explained her reasons;

My Dear,

I don’t really know what I can say to make this any easier for you or I. I have felt that things have just not been right between us and I have felt this way for some time. I know I should have talked to you about my feelings, but you would have talked me into staying. I can’t. I don’t feel alive anymore. I have surrendered so much of myself in our marriage, and I just can’t do it anymore. I need to find the dreams I have forgotten and the self I have lost in you. I hope you can forgive me, but if you can’t I’ll understand.

Love Holly

I read the letter twice, sighed, and threw it in the trash. I knew something wasn’t right, and I tried to talk with her. But I was constantly brushed off and lately shut out of her life. The distance between us grew into a gulf and though I still loved her I felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I wasn’t happy. Holly had been the love of my life and in some ways, still was. But we weren’t happy and she had the resolve to leave, so I let her.


It was late June and I was hibernating in the house. I’d leave for work, and pick up something to eat on the way home. Once there I’d drink a few beers, surf the channels, turn to porn, then sadly head to bed without rubbing one out. I wasn’t sure if I had the desire anymore. I wanted to see beautiful women, hell even not so beautiful if they had the body to interest me. But Willy never seemed as if he wanted to be free anymore, so I never brought him out into the light. Instead I’d head to bed with a buzz. I’d wake each morning with a headache and burning eyes, drop some Visine, shower, and repeat the day prior.

Such was my life.

Until my Boss Jeff called.

I slowly walked through the kitchen and picked my cell up off the counter where I had left it to grab a beer upon returning home on a late thursday.


“HI Dan. How are you doing?”

“Okay I guess, just popped the top on a Heiney.”

“Good, Good,” he said and let out a sigh, “Dan, I need a favor.”

“Shoot, Jeff. I owe you, anything you need.”

“Well, You know, we’re shutting down for a month to retool the lines. And I thought I could give you a break from your current life for a bit,” he paused.

I needed a break, “Continue,” I said.

“Well, Susan wants us to take most of the down time and head to Fiji. However, she doesn’t want to leave the house empty. With all of the remodeling we’ve done and all the of the many people coming and going, she feels, and so do I, that we might be better off having someone stay here. Soooo,” he said looking for the lead in to ask, “What do you think of staying here. You could come and go as you please but we’d need you to stay here every night we’re gone. I’ll stock the poolside bar, And the fridge and freezer out by the new stone grill area. All you’ll need is a swimsuit, and that’d be optional as well,” he laughed.

What did I think? Hell yeah. I could use a month of me time, poolside, drinking, grilling and . . . “Yeah Jeff, no problem. I can help you out with that.”

“Damn! I knew you’d be the man! And oh, don’t say anything to Susan but I’ll kick in a grand a week for your time.”

“Jeff, you don’t need to do that,” I began to protest. After all we have been friends since high school and I’d introduced him to Susan, whom I had dated but never really was too interested in despite her wonderful to this day, physical beauty.

“Dan, I know. But you are doing me, well, us a huge favor. So It will have to be part of the deal.”

I laughed, “Sure Jeff, it’s a deal. You leaving any herbal remedies around as well?”

It was his turn to laugh now, “You know it bud. We’re heading out tomorrow, can you be here tomorrow morning?”

I tipped up the beer I was drinking and finished before I answered, “Sure, around 9?”

“Can you make it 8 Dan? We have an early flight to Chicago and then to L.A. before heading over the Pacific. It’s going to be a hell of a long flight.”

“I’ll be there.”


I made the drive to northeastern outskirts of our city and into the lush rolling hills and woods that had just begun to be developed. I entered the gated community they had bought their latest home in and buzzed the gatehouse. A small, lean man with an intense look approached the car.

“Dan Wilton,” I said, “I am here to house sit for the Andersons for the next month.”

“Sure, you were added to the list this morning. Though with this being a gated community I am not sure why they felt they needed you?”

“Well possibly because the security feels it is too safe as it is now,” I smirked, not sure if it was the right thing to say, or if he even deserved it, but it felt right.

I pulled shallow into bahçeşehir escort the drive leaving room for their car to come out of one of the four doors in the garage. As I was reaching in the back seat for my two bags Jeff had walked out to greet me.

“Hello Dan, your right on schedule. Here let me take one of those.”

“Jeff you kill me. You know I won’t let you. Lead the way,” I said laughing, “Where’s Susan?”

“Inside finishing up. You know her. Not hair can be out of place.”

“Yep,” I nodded. I knew full well. It was just one of the reasons we never clicked. Susan, despite being a very good and wonderful person, was just too deep into the high maintenance side of life.

We entered the double doors and we were met by Susan coming down the staircase on the right. She smiled, skipped lightly down the last two steps and grabbed me in her usual bear hug. Her tits slammed into my chest as her ample flesh pushed inward and was forced upward. I looked to Jeff and saw him laughing as usual. Susan knew how this always made me feel uncomfortable and she loved every minute of it. I readied for the next part as her right hand cupped and forcefully squeezed my ass cheek. I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. Our ritual was complete.

“I am sooo glad you can be here while we’re gone,” she said as she released me from her embrace, “I hope you enjoy the house, every inch of it while we are gone. But just one thing. Beware the neighbor girl.”

“Thank you,” I said and then asked, “How so?”

“Well, you’re recently divorced, and that one, well, I have heard she just loves older men. She’s quite flirtatious. And I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“Thank you for caring Susan, but I think she’ll be the furthest thing from my mind.”

With that she looked at me knowingly, smiled, said goodbye and headed out to a service car that had pulled up as we talked. They loaded their bags and left. I was alone.

I walked around the house, which had been very well redone. I was with Jeff when he had looked at it and bought it for Susan knowing that she’d probably gut it, which she did. She remodeled everything except for the lower level which had been tastefully converted into a man’s cave with theater, pool room, bar, walk out patio attached the pool, and two guest rooms. The rooms shared a large bathroom with separate rooms for two toilets, a large six by seven foot shower with bench, and a large jacuzzi bath tub big enough for four set into a corner wall of windows. This, this was where I’d be living for the next month.

I went to the bar, grabbed a beer and kicked back in on of the theater’s recliners and began flipping through 675 channels. Yes, free beer, burgers, movie, a theater and money, yes, oh yes this would be the life.

I woke a few minutes after twelve having dozed off in the soft leather recliner. Through one of the french doors to the right of the 105″ television I saw a brief flash of blurred red movement.

I sat the beer down and slowly walked to door, keeping out of sight. As I peeked around the corner I was taken aback. Laying a towel along the curve of a poolside reclining chair was a diminutive young woman of Hispanic or Latino origin. She didn’t look to be more than five feet in height, if she would even make it to that, and couldn’t weigh more than a hundred pounds soaking wet, which as she was stepping up onto the low springboard she was preparing to become. I was starstruck. She seemed so familiar. I couldn’t place her face. But I knew that somehow I was familiar with her body as well as that face. That face was so lovely. Slender, with a cute bump on the ridge of her nose. Her beauty was natural. The tiny bikini revealed small breasts that had life as she moved along the edge of the pool to the springboard she now stood upon. She brought her arms up above her head and clasped her hands together as she arched her body backwards causing her hips to thrust forward pushing a rather predominant mound between her legs forward catching my attention. She brought her arms down quickly and lunged forward like a knife slicing into the water with little splash or warning. I watched as she traversed the length of the pool under the water and popped up on the edge closest to me. She pushed up with her hands and arms and suddenly in my mind Phoebe Cates was rising up from the water before me.

I lost my balance and fell forward and nearly fell through the glass of the door. She heard the noise, and as she settled back down into the water folded her arms in front of her on the marbled edge of the pool and smiled directly at me.

Fuck. I was had. I could do nothing now but walk out and find out who this sexy young thing was.

I opened the door and tried to walk with as much confidence as I could muster after my awkward crash into the glass. She watched me as I crossed the thirty feet to where she was resting on the side of the pool. As I reached her I dropped to bakırköy escort a catcher’s crouch and offered her my hand.

“Hello, I am Dan. Who might you be?”

She hesitated, trying to sum me up. Finally she spoke but still did not take my hand, “It depends. Why are you in Jeff and Susan’s house?”

“Me? I could ask you the same? I have a reason to be here, and you?”

She thought for a moment and relented, “I’m Hannah, I live next door, at least for now, but hopefully not for long,” she said pushing away from the edge floating away from me. “Jeff and Susan let me use the side gate to let myself in so I can swim whenever I’d like.” She was warily watching me as she lazily swam back and forth on her back.

“Hmmm, well there’s a new sheriff in town. You might want to check your guns at the border.”

“My guns?”

“Umm, yeah. Do you have one piece bathing suit?”

“No. But I can make this bikini a one piece. Would you like that?”

“Ah, yes, they warned me about you. I wouldn’t mind, but it would be rather distracting.”

“Aaand, what so wrong with that?” she asked.

“Well, I have a lot of work to get done,” I said placing my hands on my hips for an authoritative look.

She began laughing heartily, “I call bullshit on that! You got nearly a month here of nothing but relaxation! Susan told me as much.”

“Well, it seems Susan likes to mingle in other people’s business. I’ll have to have Jeff punish her for me,” I said as I was remembering her words and the look on her face when she had said them.

“Why don’t you punish me in her place?” she asked with one hell of a sexy devilish smile.

Wow, I really do need to look out for this one. I turned and headed back into the house and said over my shoulder, “I think the answer to that is because you’d like it too much and it would no longer be punishment.”

“You’re pretty damn sure of yourself Dan!” she yelled after me. And as the door closed I heard finish with, “And that makes me so damn hot!”

Damn, and she makes me so damn hot. This is going to be hard concentrating on nothing for a month and relaxing. I walked over to the fridge that was next to the freezer under the bar and looked to see what was there to eat. There was a nice selection of sliced meats, a few different types of sliced cheese, well, everything needed for a damn nice sandwich, including Boetjes , a spicy stone ground traditional Dutch mustard I had gotten Jeff hooked on. I made a sandwich, grabbed a fresh beer and took a seat on the recliner nearest the door where I could keep an eye on Hannah, and not have to put a crick in my neck while watching a Detroit Tigers game.

I am not sure if I had trouble following the because of the Tigers struggles or the familiar honey swimming in the pool. My pool for the next month. I gave up on the game as Justin Verlander, the best pitcher in baseball, was showing signs of age as he struggled through five innings before being pulled. I took the plate to the bar sink , washed it, dried it, and placed it back under the sink with the others. I then walked back over to the door and watched her as she now lay face down with her straps undone sunning herself. Still, the nagging thought kept banging noisily about my brain. I know this young lady from somewhere.

I made us both a glass of ice water and headed out onto the patio and shut the door with a foot behind me. She turned to look to see where the sound had come from and in so doing so lifted just enough to give me a side view of her wonderful naturally tan breast. She smiled and said, “Thank you.”

I took a seat at a table covered by a wide umbrella.

“You’re welcome,” I said. “I had to bring this out to you, you looked so, well, hot.”

She looked back at me again this time pulling up a bit further exposing her conical brown areolas and flattened nipples. “You thought I looked hot? I like that!”

“Whoa, that is not what I meant, but, yes, you do look hot out here in that barely there swimsuit of yours.”

“Calm down big boy, I know I look hot, you don’t have to be embarrassed, I like compliments . . . and hot older men checking me out,” she said as she looked down at her exposed breasts and then back to me. “And you’re definitely hot. Susan didn’t lie about that.”

Susan again. I was beginning to wonder if my time here was Susan’s idea. She had been urging me to date and often told me to put myself back on the market. Her warnings about this girl were starting to fall in place as well. She knew I’d be intrigued about a woman she warned me about, damn it, this was going to be a hard month.

“Thank you for that compliment dear. What are you doing later? I was thinking about grilling up a couple of steaks. Would you like to come over for dinner?”

She sat up, but instead of looking happy at the invite she had a forlorn look on her face, but her breasts jiggled in a most haphazard happy manner. “I would love to, başakşehir escort but my Mother’s sister is supposed to have dinner out with us, and I haven’t seen Auntie May in some time.”

“Well, now that I know you . . . a bit . . . you’re welcome here at any time. Just come alone.”

Her smile brightened immeasurably, “But I don’t like to come alone.”

She stood, picked up her bikini top and towel and walked towards the gate where she entered. I watched her as her walk became a saunter, and then sexy. The shift of her hips and the jiggle of her spade shaped ass as she made her way to the gate had me in a trance. As she reached out and put a hand on the gate she turned. Seeing me, mouth agape, with a lascivious smile on my face she smiled, blew me a kiss, walked through the gate and disappeared behind the tall hedges.

I suddenly noticed a discomfort in my shorts, I looked down and saw that I had become rock hard in the time it took her to cross the poolside. I looked around and was happy to note that this house sat on the highest parcel of land in the neighborhood and had a very concealed yard. I unzipped my shorts, reached in and released my seven inches. It was not overly long, but fairly thick. For the first time in months I was stroking my cock to the image of Hannah’s walk. I circled the large purple soldier’s helmet and began hard fast strokes. I had to stop as the friction was beginning to hurt a tad. I spit heavily into my palm and rubbed it all over my cock and proceeded to jerk myself off. It didn’t take long before I shot a very large load up into the air and onto the table before me. Well, I felt a whole more relaxed now. I took of my shirt and wiped up the mess I had made, grabbed Hannah’s unused glass of water and my now empty one and headed inside.

I decided to lay down and see if sleep overcame me. I took the guestroom on the right and stretched out on my back and before long I was staring into blackness.

I wasn’t sure how long I had been asleep, but when I awoke to a loud rapping on the french doors of the theater room, the bedroom, except for a sliver of moonlight caressing the bed, was dark. I sat up and stretched, and went to find out who, and why someone was insistently knocking on the damn door. The floodlight above the french doors shone down on a vision in a white summer dress. Hannah.

I stood at the doors watching her knock away on the door’s glass. She was looking me in the eyes and was still insistently knocking. I sighed and opened the door.

“Young Lady, do you know what time it is?”

She laughed and slid past into the room, “Yeah, Duh! It’s only 9:30. Were you sleeping?”

“Yeah, but I hadn’t meant to sleep for so long. Now, I’m famished, and will be up all night.”

She moved close and placed a hand on my chest, “I certainly hope so,” she said leaning forward and kissing my chest where the buttons had opened.

I took hold of each arm just above the elbow and moved her back. I studied her for a moment then said, “You have no sense of the lead in. You rush things to get your needs fulfilled. Have you ever thought of the benefits of slow introduction, mental foreplay, and just getting to know someone before you Fuck.”

She cocked her head, and after a pause, “Why should I wait for what I want, when I know what it is?”

“Do you really know what it is you want? Fucking isn’t the end all, be all. I need to make something to eat, and you need to go home and grow up.”

I turned her by the arms and opened the door and let her out. As I shut the door she turned and stared for a moment, then left in a huff with a very pissed look on her face. I chuckled, she’ll be back I thought, perhaps not tonight, but she’ll be back. I walked to the bar’s counter and called the guard shack to ask them if they knew a good pizza joint. They told me about Mama Sarducci’s Pizza. I got the number and ordered their large Sicilian Supreme, and a large Meat Lovers. I paid with my card and hung up. I scanned the channels not knowing what I was looking for when I stumbled across a John Wayne movie marathon. Unfortunately it was already more than halfway through. A few moments later, there was another rap on the glass doors, I looked up thinking it was the pizza delivery person, but instead, it was Hannah again.

I walked to the door and opened it, not saying a word. She stood in the awkward silence. Just as she was about to speak the delivery guy knocked. I took the pizza, slipped him a twenty, and set the pizzas down on the counter. I looked back to Hannah who now seemed a little frazzled by the wait. I sat down on the bar stool, crossed my arms, and waited. Suddenly she broke into tears.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m just attracted to you and I thought you were attracted to me as well, and, and, I,” her tears broke into heavy sobs.

I stood, walked over to her and pulled up from the recliner. Again taking her by the arms I looked into her eyes as she slowly raised her head to look at me. “Why are you crying? I do like you, I never turned you down. I merely suggested you go home and grow up. Rushing things is childish, and you’ll never find out what it is you truly want,” I said, “Do you understand?”

She looked at me while wiping her eyes, “Yes, I think so? Would you mind if, if I stay for a little bit?”

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