My Lust

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Big Tits

My tale is one of arousal, shame, embarrassment, and lust. I dropped out of college to marry an awesome man. He didn’t care that I couldn’t have kids. We had twelve great years together, but then he died suddenly on the job. That left me with a nice amount of money but an empty bed. I had gained weight due to “grief eating”, going from a size twelve to a size twenty and from a C-cup to a double or triple D. Luckily I am tall, my 5’10” frame carried the weight well and I am healthy. So as a woman in her mid-thirties, I came across as voluptuous or full-figured rather than plump. I waited a couple of years after my husband’s death before dating again but it wasn’t any good. Mentally I compared every guy with him and they all came up short. A girlfriend finally diagnosed the problem.

“The problem is that you’re looking for Mr. Right instead of Mr. Right Now.”


“Don’t look for a guy to replace Steve. Look for a guy you can fuck.”

“Oh my god, Karen!”

“No, really.” She said pressing on. “You need someone to fuck, not someone to live with. Don’t get all high and noble girl. You need a good man with a good cock to give you a good orgasm whenever you want it. Plain and simple.”

It was a week later that the arousal came out of the blue.

I was shopping for groceries when I saw him. His kilt was the first thing I noticed. One of those new modern canvas utility kilts. He was tall, slender and had a mane of long red hair. I admired both his looks and his attire. He stayed ahead of me, or perhaps I stayed behind him for quite a while. Soon I was remembering what Karen had said. Hell, maybe I did need a simple one night stand. Or an afternoon rendezvous. He moved with calm assurance and grace that seemed so arousing. I found myself fantasizing a little. I wondered if he wore anything under the kilt. I wondered what it would feel like to touch him and be touched again. I debated passing him and trying to catch his eye. Somehow I found the courage. Glancing around and seeing that no one was paying me any attention, I unzipped my hoodie until my bra barely showed. My cleavage on display. I wished I was dressed nicer but the jeans were tight and I knew my ass looked good in them. I passed him, forcing myself to not look and then stopped a little further on and bent over to get something from the bottom shelf. Then I crossed Sakarya Escort the aisle and repeated the maneuver, facing his direction this time. My hoodie hung open giving him a good look at my bra and tits. He stopped a couple of feet away and I could see his boots in my peripheral vision. He was facing me. Good. I grabbed a box of crackers and straightened up and froze.

He was a puppy! He couldn’t be more than nineteen or twenty! Cute, yes. Adorable even. But too young! Way too young! Flustered I fumbled and dropped the box.

He picked it up and handed it back to me.

“Here ya go,” he said, his voice far deeper and softer than you’d expect.

“T-Thank you,” I mumbled.

He glanced around, then stepped closer and whispered. “Okay, you’ve got my attention, now what?”

“W-What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well you unzipped that hoodie and bent over to show me your tits, which look amazing by the way, so I have to assume you wanted to get my attention.”

I blushed. “Was it that obvious?”

“No, not really. But I was already watching you so I noticed.”

“You were watching me?”

“Sure, I can’t help noticing a beautiful woman like you.”

“Oh? Really?” I snorted. “I have trouble believing that.”

“What? That you’re beautiful? Well, it’s the truth, you are. And I’ll bet you are an awesome lover. The guy you’re fucking is the luckiest guy around.”

I blushed again.

“Wait… no… you’re single? Damn, that is so wrong. A sexy woman like you deserves a harem of young guys like me to see to your every need, want, or desire…” he leaned even closer until his lips brushed my cheek and whispered in my ear, “no matter how decadent or wicked it might be.”

My knees almost buckled and I bit my lip. I felt myself trembling with excitement. I looked into his hazel eyes and knew I wanted him.

“Oh god, this is so wrong…” I mumbled.

“Who cares?” he replied. “Let me make love to you. Let me please you. I promise you it will be worth it.”

We left our carts and walked out. “This is crazy!” I said grinning. “I don’t even know your name.”

“Yeah and I don’t know yours, or where we’re going or anything.”

I threw caution to the wind, “Call me Sarah, and that’s my car there.” I said pointing. “Get in.” I drove around the block and hit the Sakarya Escort Bayan button to open my garage door. We rushed inside and suddenly his hands were all over me. He pulled me close and we kissed. They were hungry, passionate kisses full of need and want. He unzipped my hoodie and I shrugged it off as he planted kisses all over my breasts. I kicked off my shoes and undid my jeans. I paused to tug his shirt off over his head and then finished stripping. He guided me backward to the sofa and down. Lifting my legs, he wasted no time and started kissing my inner thighs, switching sides and inching closer to my pussy. By the time he reached it, I was aching with desire. His face was baby-smooth and he knew his way around a pussy. His cunnilingus skills were second to none and I was quickly moaning and panting as he kissed, licked and lapped my wet folds. I grabbed his hands and brought them up to my tits and he began to play with them.

It had been years since I’d been with a lover and months since I’d masturbated and my desire for this overwhelmed me. I gazed down, between my breasts to see his face between my legs. He started in on my clit and my orgasm exploded with surprising suddenness. I cried out. He held on, continuing to work my clit as the orgasm filled every inch of me. Then he rose up and lifted his kilt and I felt his cock entering my trembling pussy. I continued to cum as he slid in deeper and deeper. I grabbed him and pulled him to me. I kissed him and tasted my fluids. For the first time in my life, I didn’t give a damn. His hips rose and fell as we fucked. I honestly don’t remember the first orgasm ending. We just fucked and every single stroke of his wonderful cock filled me with joy. It felt so amazing! I know I came again minutes later but then he came and I felt his cock spasming and jerking deep inside of me. He held on for a bit longer then slowly rose up and pulled out. I felt his cum and mine leak out and run down over my ass. I knew I was staining the sofa but didn’t care.

He smiled at me. “That was amazing!”

“You’re telling me!” I replied looking at his wonderful organ.

It was still semi-erect and glistened with my moisture. A drop of tardy cum oozed from the tip and I found myself reaching out, grasping it and stroking it slowly. In the past, I had found the mess of Escort Sakarya sex distasteful. Now I was embracing it. His wet cock in my hand, cum milked out by my actions, running down onto my skin. My own fluids and his seeping from my pussy and I didn’t care. The important thing was my desire for this young man.

He leaned back and I leaned forward, my breasts hanging and swaying as I crawled up and straddled him. I guided his cock to my pussy and slid my lips up and down its length several times with agonizing slowness. My nipples grazing his chest were as arousing to me as to him. Finally satisfied that he was hard enough, I slid further forward until I felt his cock line up and then I slid down onto him. I took him inside, very slowly. When at last I had all of him in me, I began to grind my hips in circles. He brought my breasts to his mouth and kissed them, then sucked on my nipples. I closed my eyes and sighed. God, it felt so damn good! I began to rock my hips forward and back, causing him to moan in pleasure. I leaned forward and kissed him, my tongue offered and accepted. His hips began thrusting upwards, driving his cock in and out of me faster and faster. He grabbed my ass in both hands and pounded me and I loved it. The room was filled with the surprisingly loud sound of our flesh smacking together, his grunting and my moans. He buried his face in between my breasts as we labored. I was amazed by how good it felt. I had missed this for so long.

In time he slowed but didn’t stop thrusting. Each stroke now was longer and slower and it felt incredible. I raised my head and could see out the window into the bright, sunlight summer outside, where the world moved on heedless of the two lovers on my sofa. I watched cars drive by, and the postman passing down the sidewalk. A neighbor walking her dog and birds visiting my shrubs. It felt thrilling and wild. Sex in the middle of the day with a man at least twelve years younger, whose name I didn’t even know… My orgasm was a gentle swell rising and filling me. It lingered for a long time before ebbing away.

I now know his name is Mark. And he comes by whenever I call, which is usually every Wednesday around noon. We make love for an hour or so and then he leaves. Right now, as I’m typing this, my pussy is still tingling. His cum oozes slowly onto the towel I’m sitting on and I feel both good and bad. The orgasms and pleasure he gave me are offset by the fact that I’ve seen him around town with other women. Two of them I know. I’m having sex with a young gigolo… And I can’t bring myself to stop. I am ashamed of my behavior… and yet I know I’ll call him again next week.

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