My Loving Neighbours Ch. 02

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The buzzing aroused me, I quietly went to the bathroom and took one of mum’s red silk thongs which she must have been wearing this evening, they were damp, I smelt them, her juices smelt good. I lay on top of my bed and wanked myself with mum’s thong covering the crown of my cock. Mum’s moans were making me horny, we both climaxed within seconds of each other. Mum’s thong was saturated with my spunk. I then decided to leave a message for mum, I left the soaking thong not inside the laundry basket but on top of it.

I awoke just after six and went to the bathroom, the red thong had been replaced with a black one which was soggy with mum’s cum, there was also a short note written in mum’s beautiful handwriting, it read, “Tom, so happy that we now realise that we both give ourselves relief. We are both adults with needs and urges. If you want, when you read this honest message, then join me in my bed, if I am sleeping then spoon in behind me, my cunt is always wet, I would love to feel your cock slide inside me, love mum.”

This aroused me and my cock was getting harder. I walked through mum’s bedroom door which was now wide open. Mum was lying on the right hand side of her king size bed, she was facing the right hand side bedside table. I pulled the duvet up and slipped under it on the left-hand side of the bed. I was naked and my cock was rock hard. I spooned in behind her, I could feel the warmth coming from her naked body. I started to kiss her neck and sucking on her ears. She was still sleeping but was also moaning with pleasure. I gently was playing with her huge tits, her nipples were so hard. I wanted to suck them but she was still dozing. I then slide my right hand south.

Mum moved a little as I did this which was good as it allowed me access to her sex slit. I ran my index and middle finger up and down her sex slit, she was very wet. I decided to do as she had suggested, I positioned my cock in the middle of her swollen smooth labia then with a gentle push my cock slid deep inside her. Mum moaned then I felt her gripping my cock with her strong cunt muscles. Mum said, “What a way to wake up, I was hoping that you would do it. Your cock feels wonderful, let me get on all fours then fuck me doggy style.”

We did that and mum was fantastic, I soon had a powerful rhythm going and mum was gripping me at the crown and base of each thrust. I was rubbing her huge clit as I rode her. I started to go harder and deeper, she loved it. Twenty minutes later we climaxed simultaneously, it was a marvellous feeling as I squirted my hot cum inside her as her warm cum flowed out if her cunt. Mum was very active, I came off her and she laid me on the bed and then licked and sucked the last drops of my cum away. I thought that those beautiful lips that had given me throughout my life were now around my thronging cock. I said, “Mum, that was fantastic, thank you bursa anal yapan escort for leaving that note, I appreciate it a lot. Could you let me see your profiles on the dating sites as I belief that they would give me a better understanding of you? I know that you’re honest and I would love to read what you have written.”

She then kissed me, her tongue was deep in my mouth, I could taste the cocktail of of both our orgasams, it was a loving kiss. Mum said, “No problem, we will shower now and you can read them as I make breakfast. I’m looking forward to tonight. We have crossed the line and I feel so good, how do you feel?”

I kissed her then said, “It feels good, we both enjoyed it.”

We showered, then I dressed and went downstairs. Mum had her laptop on the kitchen table and the two dating apps were open. She had the same profile picture and text on both sites. It read, “Widowed Professional lady is looking for a companion for evenings out. I am five foot eight inches tall with a curvy body. I enjoy sports. I am fifty-five years of age. I still enjoy sex. I do not seek an adventure or a ONS. I am looking for an intelligent man for evenings out. If there’s a chemistry then holidays could be spent together. I am well groomed and expect my partner to be the same. I look forward to hearing from you.”

I took her in my arms and hugged her, the weight of her tits felt good against my chest. She was pushing her cunt against my leg, I said, “Mum, I would like to be your partner, we can even holiday together. When will you be home as I would like to see you before we go out? I’m so happy that you still enjoy sex.”

Mum laughed then said, “Tom, I love sex, I love an Alpha Male, I love to be dominated. I would like to be your cum slut. I love it in every hole. I know that Jill wants you to father her child, I believe that you should do that as I am sure, God willing, it will be a very intelligent child. You’re the first man that I have had since your father died. I am bisexual, Jean and Jill are two of my lovers, they both love how I eat their pussies, I am a cum slut for women too. Are you comfortable with that? I can be here at four this afternoon if that’s good for you?”

I replied, “That’s good, I can be here at four too. I will book the table for seven so that gives us three hours. Jean gave me a wonderful blow job last night. I think that Jean and Jill could be my cum sluts too, they both love my cock. I think that we all can have a lot of fun, I am comfortable with that.”

I left after breakfast, I had a meeting at nine but I needed at least an hours research and surprisingly I managed to get it in thirty minutes. My client arrived fifteen minutes early and I was able to give him a complete understanding of the property that he was purchasing. He instructed me to put bursa eskort in an offer. The rest of the day flew by and I arrived home at three-forty-five.

I stripped and waited for mum in the lounge, I was only wearing a toweling bathrobe with an enormous hard on underneath, I had to loosen the belt as my cock was pushing the fabric straight up. Mum arrived on the stroke of four. She was glowing, she was going to have a shower as she did every day when she came back from the Clinic, she was always washing her hands.

She stripped slowly and seductively in the bathroom, her body was gorgeous, I took of the bathrobe and my prince looked massive. There was a little precum on the slit on the head of my cock which mum with one flick of her tongue removed. We then showered, teasing each other with our fingers and the shower gel. We did this for over twenty minutes, mum’s cunt was dripping. I was now planning our fuck. Kill loved to be ass fucked first as the crown of my cock stimulated her G-spot and gave her powerful vaginal orgasams. As we dried each other, I asked, “Mum, do you have any lube?”

She replied, “Yes, I have a water-based one in my bedside cabinet. I’m glad that you asked as I love to be ass fucked deep and hard but do me doggy style.”

We went into mum’s bedroom, I pushed my cock deep into her mouth as I got the lube from the bedside cabinet and started lubing her tight ass. I asked, “You love a big cock?”

Mum answered, “I love it, I fucking love it, I want you to stretch my ass and cunt, your cock is so long and thick.”

I now had three fingers in her tight ass, she loved it, she said, “That’s wonderful, can you try and fist my ass, Jean and Jo love their ass’s fisted.”

This surprised me as Jo was mum’s Clinic manageress, she was a widow and had run her husband’s surgery before he died. She had worked for mum for over twelve years. Her daughter Kay, who was also a doctor, had been working in mum’s Clinic for four years and had an excellent rapport with the patients. They were both very good looking women. Jo was going with mum to the seminar as the seminar was about the operation of the new software which was being installed in the Clinic.

I was now fisting mum, she loved it, I was stroking her huge clit, her moans told me that she was enjoying it. I then positioned her bending over the bed with her ass at the level of my cock, her hands were just short of the middle of the bed. I then centered the tip of my cock on the middle of her ass hole, with a gentle push, my full length slid up her ass. I moved very slowly initially as I sensed that mum was experiencing pleasure and pain, mum said, “That’s fucking amazing, I can take it OK, fucking me a little harder and deeper. I love that fucking cock.”

I then started to pound her ass with powerful thrusts, I was still bursa escort kızlar rubbing her hard clit, I couldn’t wait to suck it as it was so big. I felt that I was pounding her ass and couldn’t go any deeper. Then two things happened, first, mum had a body-shaking or gas, secondly, I felt her cum squit on my fingers as I played with her clit. Mum said, “I don’t believe it, that’s the first time I have done that in my life, it felt so good, the tip of your cock is stimulating my G-spot, I have never had a vaginal orgasm as strong as that before, Tom, make me cum again like that.”

I did more than that, I made her cum twice more by ass fucking her. Mum loved it, then I cunt fucked her doggy style. We went to the Italian restaurant, mum looked gorgeous in her heels. We fucked again when we came home. When mum left on Saturday morning, I had cum inside her nine times which was a lot if you consider it was two and a half days, mum had lost count of the number of orgasams that she had had, it was a lot.

We were both comfortable with each other, I hadn’t been very dominant with her but we had both given each other a lot of pleasure. We had stayed in on Friday night and ordered an Indian takeaway. We had both got home at four in the afternoon, I had cum twice, mum had had multiple orgasams. Mum was sitting on her television chair and I was kneeling in front of her, her legs were wide open and I had perfect access to her gorgeous sex slit, mum was holding her legs at the ankles, as I sucked her huge clit, it was like a little cock that I was sucking. Mum’s smartphone rang, it was Jo, mum switched to speaker phone then put her hand on her ankle again. Jo said, “Hi Dot, I hope that I’m not disturbing you but this evening, Kay and I stayed in, we had wonderful evening, good food, good wine and a lot of honest conversation. Kay has not had much luck with men recently, she’s used dating sites but with no success. A slightly older woman wrote with her and this made her bi-curious, I told her that I was bisexual and enjoyed it a lot, it was pleasure without the pain.”

“We have had a wonderful evening and now Kay is bisexual, she’s a turbo in bed, she gives wonderful oral. The reason that I am phoning is would it be possible if Kay joined us for the seminar, we could all share the one room, are you comfortable with this?”

Mum was getting close to an orgasm, I was sucking her clit as I used my index and middle fingers making the come here movement on her G-spot. Mum was pushing her slit hard against my mouth, I thought of the time at my birth and I slid out of this beautiful cunt. Mum said, “Jo, that’s not a problem, we are staying in the Holiday Inn and all their rooms have two king size beds. Jo, tell Kay to come with you tomorrow morning. Come here at seven tomorrow morning and we will go in my car. I will phone them and explain that your daughter is coming with you and we can use the one room. See you tomorrow morning. ”

She ended the call and then had a body-shaking orgasm. Mum squirted into my mouth, her cum tasted so sweet and there was lots of it. Mum said, “Fucking hell, I am having so many firsts today, this is the first time that I have squirted when my cunt was being fingered.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32