My Loving Girlfriend

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My loving girlfriend… Has tied me down in my chair so that I face our double bed; my wrists and ankles are cuffed so that I cannot move. I am naked, so is she. She sits on the bed, legs crossed with her hands covering her shaven pussy.

My loving girlfriend… Oh so slowly parts her long slender legs until they form a V-shape; her dainty little feet point upwards towards the ceiling. Her vagina is still mainly covered by her hands, teasing me she parts her fingers so I can catch a glimpse of her tight snatch. My dick twitches in between my legs in anticipation. Her deep blue eyes twinkle with delight as she watches it twitch. A cheeky smile plays upon her lips. Slowly she brings her right hand up from her pussy, exposing more and more of the pink flesh. Firstly she brushes a strand of her silky brunette hair from her eyes; then she moves her hands down towards her chest where her huge, yet naturally firm tits are.

My loving girlfriend… Squeezes her hard, pink nipples between thumb and forefinger and pulls, twists them and squeezes them some more, one by one, they stand erect on her massive globes. The thumb of her left finger has oh so slowly begun to caress her clitoris. I still have a limited view due to the position of her hand. She knows this and now moves her right hand back down in between her legs, further restricting my view. My cock is now semi erect and working it’s way to it’s full length of around 7 inches. She seductively licks her full red lips, her eyes now full of lust and passion as she manipulates and massages her clitoris. Teasingly parting her fingers and closing them again, just enough to give me bursa escort a taste of what’s happening.

My loving girlfriend… Pouts her lips slightly as she turns herself on more and more. The wonderful aroma of her sex fills my nostrils and my dick is now fully erect and throbbing with anxiety. She now adjusts the position of her hands so that I can see her shaven mound in all it’s glory. Her tight little slit parted, her clitoris swollen and her lips glistening with her juice. She moans so softly as she expertly teases her clitoris with her thumb. I struggle to free myself of my bonds, my pulse beating faster and faster as I helplessly watch her softly slide her index finger inside her pussy. My cock throbs with frustration. She removes her finger and raises it to her face; inhaling her scent. Deep inhalation which causes her whole body to swell and her chest to lift; thrusting her tits forwards in my direction. Her beautiful, red painted toes stretch and point further towards the heavens as she fills her lungs with the scent of her sex.

My loving girlfriend… Opens her mouth and probes her tongue forwards towards the source. Gently sliding her tongue up her finger, tasting herself. she traces the outline of her lips with the tip of her finger. The hand she has left at her pussy is now busily working her clit; her other hand rejoins it and she wastes little time in sliding two of her fingers deep inside her pussy. Her lips parting and spreading as she works her fingers inside herself. Her blue eyes are now alive with passion, her lips are parted in ecstasy.

My loving girlfriend… Her fingers seem to dance around bursa escort bayan her vagina, she knows exactly how she likes it and she knows exactly how to please herself. My whole body now aches with desire, precum is seeping from my head and dribbling down my shaft as I watch her fingers slide freely in and out of her tight, wet snatch. Still she teases her swollen clitoris with the thumb of her left hand.

My loving girlfriend… Sits, perched on the edge of the bed, close enough to touch me, but out of reach for me due to my restraints. She looks deep into my eyes, hers are full of passion and lust. I know mine are too. Her soft moans are heavenly, soft and low, full of passion and life; yet intimate and private at the same time. She rests her sexy little feet on my thighs, knowing that they turn me on; her toes oh so gently touch the shaft of my dick. Still she plays with herself. Faster now than before. The smell of her sex has now taken control of everything in the room and in my body. It is the only thing I can sense. It fills my lungs and it fills my head. It makes my dick throb and twitch with anticipation.

My loving girlfriend… Passion and lust in her eyes as she slides the soles of her feet up my thighs and closes them around the shaft of my penis. They feel warm and smooth, her toes lock together. Slowly she begins to masturbate me as she brings herself closer and closer to orgasm. Her hair now falls over her face, her eyes are partially concealed, yet still the brilliant blue shines through. I begin to moan in time with her, knowing that I will not last long due to the build up.

My loving girlfriend… escort bursa Now faster, more passionately, more frantically than before fucks herself with her fingers. They glide in and out now at an incredible rate, it seems like just a blur. Her feet dance around my penis, gently stroking and brushing, then firmly gripping and pumping. Her mouth is wide open and her eyes are now screwed shut; her whole body is glowing with passion. I feel my orgasm rising deep within myself and know there is no way I can control it.

My loving girlfriend… Her moans gradually became shouts, now they are screams, pleasure, sheer pleasure, mixed with passion, lust and excitement. She lets out one final scream then I feel her feet clamp around my dick so tightly it sends me over the edge. Our orgasms hit at exactly the same time. My cock erupts with my ejaculate, it shoots out in waves; landing on a variety of things. It coats her sexy feet, some even lands halfway up her calf. All the while I ejaculate, my loving girlfriend’s entire body convulses with wave after wave of pleasure; she gasps for breath, her face is fully flushed, her eyes screwed shut, her mouth open in a perfect o. Her firm tits jiggle on her body as she shakes with pleasure. Juices coat her hands as she continues to work her tight, wet pussy with her fingers. It pools out beneath her, dribbles and runs from her pussy.

My loving girlfriend… Gradually, both our orgasms slow to a stop. We are exhausted, my dick is spent and limp and once again flops between my legs. Her pussy is a deep pink and looks fully satisfied.

My loving girlfriend… Slowly she opens her eyes and looks deep into mine. The lust and passion replaced now with love.

My loving girlfriend… We share a slow, passionate kiss before she unties me. We pull back the covers of our bed and fall asleep in one another’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32