My Lovers Ch. 01

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Author’s Warning: Story contains male/male/female (and all possible permutations thereof) sex and relations. If you’re going to be obnoxious about the male/male best take your homophobic stupidity elsewhere. If you’re cool with it, read on.


I awoke to a world of sensations. From behind me, I felt warm breath on my neck, then a hot mouth, then hands creeping over my side to tweak my nipple and fondle my bare breast. From in front of me, a cock nudged my lips, asking for entrance into my waking mouth. A hand ran through my hair, stroking and petting.

What a wonderful way to wake up.

My lovers.

I opened my lips and reached a hand up to idly stroke the cock near my mouth while I lapped at the head. Thank God for morning wood, I thought, feeling another hard cock pressing into my back as the hand on my breast and the mouth on my neck grew more persistent, pinching hard in bursts and sucking the blood up to the surface of my skin.

I let the cock laying on my lips slide in gently, slowly, as if we had all the time in the world.

Mark was behind me; I knew because Tom had an uncut dick, and that was definitely a foreskin my hand and my mouth were sliding over. Mark’s hand moved down my side, nails tickling enough to make the nerves dance under my skin. His long, beautiful fingers wrapped around my thigh, pulling it back and over his hips as his fingers slid between my lower lips.

Mark leaned up to my ear and whispered, “You’re so wet. You were having a naughty dream, weren’t you?” and bit my earlobe. He returned to his former position, biting and sucking my neck, the pressure of his teeth and the pull on my skin was delightful.

“Keep that up,” said Tom’s deeper voice from above us. “Every time you suck, so does she.” haramidere escort I felt Mark smiling, his lips pulling back briefly before settling back onto my skin. His fingers worked me over lightly, keeping me on a plateau instead of bringing me higher. One, then two fingers slid inside me—not enough, and I rocked my hips, hoping to encourage him more. I could feel how hard he was, how ready he was, but I also knew he prided himself on taking his time. So I wasn’t surprised when his mouth left my neck to gently bite his way down my back—I shuddered and shifted; my back is very sensitive—until he slid between my legs. No biting there, just soft lips and tongue sliding around my clit, sucking kisses along my thighs and groin, and his fingers inside me.

I rolled onto my back, pulling Tom with me by his cock, and I bent my neck to pay attention to his balls, licking the smoothly shaven spheres. I kissed them, flicking my tongue out between my lips before opening my mouth and drawing one of his testicles into my mouth. My hand continued to glide over his shaft gently, swiping my thumb around the head, feeling the precome leaking from the tip: Tom loves having his balls sucked and it always makes him wet.

Mark’s mouth worked over my cunt, placing sucking kisses around my skin there, my thighs, my mound swollen with arousal. Finally he wraps his lips around my clit and lashes it with his tongue, and I suck hard on Tom’s skin, drawing a moan from him. Tom’s hand moved to my head, wrapping his fingers loosely in my hair. I looked up to watching him watch Mark’s mouth buried in my pussy, Mark’s lips sucking my clit.

I feel Tom stretching, reaching down to tangle his other hand in Mark’s shaggy hair, pressing his mouth içerenköy escort against me. “Taste that pussy,” he whispers huskily. “Taste that cunt you were inside just last night. You fucked her until she came screaming, remember that?” Mark nodded, his chin rubbing on my clit enough to stimulate. “Well, it’s my turn,” Tom said now, pulling away from my mouth. I made a small noise of discontent, but Tom merely bent to kiss me, then worked his way with lips and tongue—no teeth from him—down my body.

He and Mark met over my cunt, their tongues tangling together as they tried to kiss and lick my clit at the same time. I moaned, since I loved watching my lovers kiss: sweet and sloppy, with lots of moaning and writhing.

Then Mark knee-walked up to my head and tapped his cock gently against my lips which I opened to let him slide in. He was wet with precome and I kept the head of his cock in my mouth and began to lap it all up.

Tom slid his hands under my thighs and pulled them up until my legs hooked over his arms and he held me open, his cock sliding inside me in a smooth motion. I clenched around him, squeezed with my thighs, trying to hold him in place. The sight of Tom fucking me made Mark groan, long and broken. I sucked harder on his cock, reveling in the sensations of being filled at both ends.

Tom began pounding into me, making my breasts bounce to the rhythm, and Mark reached down to pinch and roll my nipple between his fingers. I was constantly grunting and groaning around his cock as Tom’s fucking brought me closer to orgasm.

Then Tom leaned over me, dropping my legs—which I squeezed tight around his waist—bracing himself on his hands over my shoulders, and nudged Mark’s cock. I let it innovia escort slip from my mouth and Tom took it into his, his rhythm inside me never faltering. Mark’s dick slipped easily into Tom’s throat, and I could see his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed. I pulled Mark’s testicles into my mouth, licked and sucked and squeezed them gently, then reached down to press two fingers inside him. I could feel his thighs quaking, and I knew he was ready to come, so I searched for his prostate to push him over the edge.

Mark began panting harshly, and he was gripping the headboard so his fingers turned white. Tom stilled inside me, and we concentrated on making Mark come. I pulled one of his testicles into my mouth and tickled it gently with my tongue, sucking on it, while I pressed another finger inside him and wiggled the tips against his prostate. I saw Tom’s throat working, swallowing, and he groaned, his hips rotating unconsciously against me.

Eventually Mark’s breathing slowed and Tom allowed Mark’s cock to slip from his mouth. Mark half-collapsed on the bed and gestured for me to sit up. He slipped behind me on the bed until I half-lay against him, his arms over my shoulders and his legs on either side of me. “I want to watch him fuck you,” he whispered in my ear, then again teased my skin with his tongue and teeth, while his hands moved to my breasts and began to massage them.

Tom groaned and planted his hands on Mark’s legs for leverage, then began to fuck me in earnest. The feel of him moving inside of me, of Mark’s hand pinching my nipples and his fingers pressing into my clit, the sounds of their mouths moving together, was too much for me. My hips bucked against Tom’s thrusts and I groaned, panted and whimpered as I came.

Tom followed after several more thrusts, and collapsed onto Mark and me. I might’ve dozed off again, comforted by the heated weight on top and below me. I awoke a few minutes later when Tom climbed off and landed a kiss on my collarbone. I turned my head in time to see Tom and Mark’s hands separate as Tom headed for the bathroom. I smiled.

My lovers.

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