My Little Piggy Ch. 03

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During the first week of my captivity the best part of my day was always the moments after I woke up, before I had time to get my bearings and remember where I was. For a fleeting few seconds I could have been anywhere, perhaps I was back home in my comfy bed waking after a good night’s sleep.

But soon I would feel the hard tiles of the kitchen floor beneath me, the grotesque snout gag filling my mouth and the harsh pull of the humbler holding my balls in its vice like grip. Then I would realise exactly where I was and the despair would set in.

The first morning was the worst, after a night of fitful sleep I awoke shivering and had to push up to the radiator for warmth. Feeling a dull ache covering my ass I leaned over and inspected the damage which had been done last night. Unsurprisingly it was a red and blue mess after the thrashing I had received; punishment for my objection to being kept against my will.

I lay there for hours trying as best I could to keep warm. I was scared, confused and fearful for what the next few weeks held for me.

Eventually I heard footsteps approaching and the door swung open. Lola stepped inside looking stunning as always. She wore just a thin kimono which hung off her loosely and was open enough that her perky breasts were barely concealed. To my shame I still couldn’t forget how incredibly beautiful she was even after all she had done to me. I felt my cock, taped up as it still was, begin to stir.

She sauntered in as if last night had never happened, checked that I was alright and prepared me another breakfast of cold porridge and water. Having not eaten since yesterday afternoon I realised how hungry I was and crawled over to her, looking up pleadingly.

As soon as she placed the bowls on the floor I began to devour the contents, filling my stomach and soothing my parched throat. I was so hungry that it even seemed to be quite tasty! Lola sat on the kitchen stool and watched me eat with an almost motherly affection. When I was done she cleared the bowls away, sat me down and explained what would happen from here on out.

She informed me that she was a busy lady with many commitments so I would have to amuse myself a lot of the time. As I was just a pig now I couldn’t expect her to be spending all day with me but she would be in most evenings and ensure I was well looked after. She added that as today was my first day she had freed up the morning to help me get used to my new position and give me one or two final touches to truly complete my transformation.

I was surprised that there was anything else she could do to change me further but fearful of further punishment I just nodded obediently. As the morning went on I found out what those touches were.

Firstly she produced more of the industrial strength tape and latex sheets which she had used to imprison my cock and applied it to my hands. Instructing me to ball my fingers into fists she wrapped them in a thick layer of the tape allowing me no wiggle room at all.

Then she covered the balls of tape with the latex sheeting and applied more of the solution she had used yesterday so that they fused with the tape beneath and appeared as though it was just an extension of my skin. Lola took great pleasure in pointing out that as the latex she used today was black; it looked very much like I had genuine trotters instead of hands!

As well as taping up my hands she told me with glee that she had missed a spot when shaving me yesterday. So filling a large bowl with warm water and using the same foam that had rendered me almost hairless previously, she smothered my head and face with the sticky white foam and used a razor to remove what hair I had left. She took the hair on my head, facial hair and even my eyebrows until my head was as smooth and hairless as the rest of my body.

She showed me a reflection in the mirror of what I had become and I had to choke back the tears. I already knew that I had looked bizarre before but now I barely looked human at all. I could almost be an actual pig at a quick glance and even looking closely I appeared more animal than human. It was a hairless creature staring back at me that had been stripped of all that made it human; I realised at that moment just how far this had gone and really began to fear what Lola was capable of.

From then on my days followed roughly the same pattern. Lola fed me then let me out into the garden for the toilet once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Walking using my taped up fists certainly took some getting used to and I was very unsteady at first but after a few days I managed to get the hang of it.

During the days I was mostly alone and confined to the kitchen but when Lola was around I pretty much had the run of the house, though as my humbler made it pretty much impossible to get up or down steps I was restricted to the downstairs section of the house.

In the evenings I was allowed to sit on the floor at Lola’s feet and watch television with her. Sometimes she would kaçak iddaa use me as her footrest which annoyed me at first, but as time went on I became grateful for the contact. Sometimes if I was very lucky Lola would even let me lie on the sofa and rest my head against her legs as she stroked me lovingly.

The best nights were those when Lola decided to give me a wash. She would fill a bowl with hot, soapy water and use a sponge to keep me clean and fresh. The sponge would run over every inch of my body, leaving no skin untouched. As her soapy hands reached between my legs my cock would strain against its bonds, frustrated yet incredibly aroused.

I began to look forward to my evenings with her and was grateful for any attention that she gave me. I was aware that this was probably exactly what Lola intended but eventually I stopped caring. The human contact and company, especially from a woman as gorgeous as her, was so much better than the mind numbing boredom of being locked in the kitchen all day that I almost forgot she was the one who had forced this upon me. Instead of being afraid or angry with her, I started to find myself falling for her all over again.

Still I was counting down the days until my release. As I knew how much remaining holiday she could possibly have booked for me I had a good idea which date it would be and with each passing day I knew I was closer to getting home. Though at first I had been planning my revenge once I was free, now I had accepted my position and even started to enjoy being hers in some strange way, I figured I would let it go and get on with my life; maybe I would even see if Lola wanted to meet again, but just not let her tie me up this time!

As the day of my release finally arrived I approached the situation with renewed excitement. After all Lola had said that she would let me cum eventually so perhaps she had a special finale in mind for the end of our time together.

My suspicions were confirmed when, midway through an evening watching a film on the sofa, Lola abruptly switched off the television and told me kneel for her on the floor. She then got up herself and disappeared upstairs, telling me with a wink not to go anywhere.

As I knelt awaiting her return I struggled to contain my excitement. Tomorrow this whole ordeal would be over and I could return to my normal life, as a human being! But first I knew Lola had one more surprise for me and I had a feeling it was going to be a good one.

Eventually I heard her descend the stairs and started to turn, eager to see what awaited me. However I stopped abruptly as she barked at me to stay still. I was shaking with anticipation as she approached and almost jumped as I felt her lightly run her hand across my back. As she walked slowly past me and into view I couldn’t suppress my wide grin.

She was wearing just the lacy purple lingerie, stockings and suspenders that she had when she seduced me on that first night we met. My cock was instantly hard and raging in its latex prison.

‘Recognise these?’ Lola asked mischievously.

I nodded my head and grunted in approval. Seeing how eager I was she smiled as she crouched and wrapped her arms around me. My face was gently pushed against her tits and I could almost taste her perfume. Her hands wandered freely over my body, even running over the trapped mound of my cock and rubbing teasingly.

After weeks of being grateful for even her slightest touch I was overwhelmed with arousal. As though she sensed this Lola pulled back and again smiled at me, looking as though she was sizing me up for something.

‘I trust you realise today is the day I’m going to have to release you,’ she said.

I nodded slowly in response.

‘Well then as you can imagine this is a very big night for you and I’m sure you won’t be shocked that I have got a bit of a surprise to mark it.’

She briefly paused then continued.

‘Before I tell you what it is I’m going to have to ask that you jump back on the spanking bench here and let me tie you down. Now don’t worry,’ she went on noting the fear that appeared in my eyes ‘you’re not going to be caned or spanked, I just need to keep you still for a while.’

I looked over to the bench warily but, aware that there would be no room for negotiation, I had no choice but to reluctantly nod and follow her across to it. As the restraints clipped me firmly in place I felt a familiar sense of deja vu but tried to push any worries to the back of my mind, focusing on the fact that whatever happened I would soon be free of this mess and back home.

Once I was completely secured Lola sat perched on the edge of the coffee table in front of me, looking at her creation with silent fascination. Her eyes sparkled with excitement and for a while she just watched, running her hands over her stocking clad legs seductively.

Eventually she leaned forward and gave me a slight smile.

‘Now that I’ve got you safely tied down, there’s something I need to tell you,’ she confessed ‘I’ve not kaçak bahis been entirely honest with you these past few weeks.’

I looked up at her in confusion, trying to ignore the growing air of unease which I could feel building.

‘You see taking in a sweet, innocent guy and corrupting him has always been a huge fantasy of mine,’ she went on ‘humiliating and playing with him, keeping him as my pet and doing whatever I want to him. It’s something I’ve always dreamed about doing and when I noticed you, the shy young man staring and me on the bus each day I knew you would be perfect.’

The uneasy feeling was growing at an alarming rate, something about the way she was talking just didn’t seem right.

‘Every day I saw you looking, practically in love with me but too weak and scared to say anything. I used to masturbate at night thinking of the things I could do to you, how I could use your feelings to pull you in and transform you into a little pet for my amusement. And now I have.’

She got up and started to pace around me, like a lioness stalking her prey.

‘But you see once I had my piggy, I never really intended to let it go.’ she said, pausing for a moment to let her words sink in ‘I mean I couldn’t let you go now even if I want to, you must have realised that I can’t kidnap and imprison you then just let you go and trust that you won’t tell anyone! I could get in serious trouble!’

I stared at her unblinking, not quite able to believe what she was saying. She couldn’t do this to me. People would realise I was missing. This had to be some kind of sick joke she was playing.

‘I wouldn’t worry about anyone missing you,’ she continued as though reading my thoughts ‘I wasn’t actually lying when I told you I emailed your boss from your phone. But I’m afraid I didn’t book you any holiday.’

My worry was quickly beginning to turn to panic. I squirmed against my restraints but as I thought they held fast.

‘But I did get you some time off. You see I actually sent him quite an abusive message regarding his wife. I won’t go into detail but suffice to say you are no longer in employment and haven’t been for some weeks.’

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It had been clear for some time that Lola was not quite right but listening to this, she was completely insane!

‘Of course it’s not just your emails I got access to on your phone. I now have complete control of your finances and I must say you have racked up some considerable debt,’ she laughed ‘It’s been splashed mostly on alcohol and online gambling, the kind of things that if anyone looks at will show them that you have some quite serious issues.’

By now I was trembling with fear. How had it got to this stage? How could I be so stupid as to let a complete stranger do this to me?

‘Then this morning, with the last dregs of the money you borrowed, a one way plane ticket to Bolivia was booked in your name. To the rest of the world you will just be someone who lost his job, gambled all his money away and fled the country to escape his debts. When people realise you’ve disappeared, they’ll think that you are in hiding and don’t want to be found.’

Lola leaned down, took my head in her hands and whispered in my ear.

‘I need you to understand just how serious I am. Your old life is gone, now you have no choice but to live as my piggy from now until the day you die.’

She pulled her head back and looked me in the eye to make sure I understood. Tears streaked unbidden down my face as I sobbed into despair.

‘There there, it’s not so bad,’ she said sympathetically ‘you can have a good life as my piggy. I know you might not be able to do all of the things you wanted to, travel, work or raise a family, but you will get to be with me. I know that’s what you really want. Think about it, whatever I do to you, you will still love me, that’s why you’re so perfect for this.’

As I looked at her I wondered how someone so beautiful could be so cruel. I silently vowed that I would not play her stupid game anymore. She could spank or cane me as much as she wanted but I was done playing a pig for her.

‘Now don’t you worry, I am going take great care of my little piggy,’ she said reassuringly ‘I understand this is all very scary so to help you settle in, I’m going to break you.’

I shook my head desperately, I didn’t know what she meant break me but it certainly didn’t sound good.

‘Yes that’s right,’ she said excitedly ‘I’m going to hurt you so badly that you’ll have no fight left. Then you can settle straight into your new life without worrying about anything silly like your wants or needs. Trust me it will make the whole transition so much easier for you.’

I twisted and turned with all my might but the restraints gave me no leeway at all. I was completely immobilized and at Lola’s mercy. She could, and would, do whatever she wanted to me and there was nothing I could do to stop her.

‘I would like to point out that I wasn’t lying when I said I wouldn’t spank illegal bahis you earlier,’ Lola said, taking position behind me and tracing her finger over my ass ‘I have so many ways that I can hurt you, it would be boring to do the same things all over again.’

She moved her fingers down to the humbler and onto my balls, taking hold and giving them a playful squeeze.

‘I can’t wait to show you all the things I can do to you; you are going to learn so much. But today I think we need to pay some attention to these,’ she said, giving them a tug for emphasis ‘I find that tends to be the best way to break in unruly pets.’

Across the room I could see us reflected in the mirror hanging from the opposite wall. With me trussed up like a pig for slaughter while Lola stretched and readied herself to my rear. She caught my eye in the reflection and gave me a cheeky smile as she gracefully raised her leg and let her toes lightly touch against me.

I watched her dainty foot ominously circle my exposed balls and thought back to the first night I spent with Lola. I remembered how being allowed to kiss and worship those beautiful feet had filled me with such joy and excitement. Now they just filled me with dread.

‘I know this scary,’ she said ‘but if it helps try and remember that there is nothing you can do about it. Just lie back and squeal for me.’

With that she leaned back, drew away her leg and thrust it forwards, slamming her foot into my balls. A terrible stab of pain shot through me as her heel crushed my balls against the hard metal of the humbler. It seemed to rip through my body and explode from my mouth in an anguished, inhuman cry.

I could see in the mirror the look of sheer delight on her face as she took in my suffering. She pulled back her foot and kicked out at my balls again and again, beginning a savage onslaught that left me in absolute agony. Each blow sent waves of nausea shooting through me and left me almost unable to breathe through the crippling pain.

At first I cried and wept, begging through my gag for it to stop. But eventually I ran out of tears, only able to sob and grunt pathetically as with each blow I became more overwhelmed. Soon my vision started to blur and my thoughts began to slow, I just lay limply and took the beating as the pain became my world.

Eventually, just before I felt as though I was about to pass out, the assault on my testicles finally came to end. Unable to comprehend what was happening I just lay there with my head spinning until I caught sight of Lola, sliding back in front of me and staring me in the face.

‘There we go,’ she said as my eyes just about managed to focus on her ‘That should be enough to make you understand. I don’t think there’s any fight left in you is there?’

I managed to weakly shake my head in response.

‘Good,’ she replied ‘but if you ever do get any ideas about disobeying me, think back to this moment and know that I can do worse if I wish.’

I couldn’t imagine what punishment could be worse than the agony I was in at that moment but I forced a nod in agreement, hoping it would spare me further pain.

‘But don’t forget little one,’ Lola went on ‘as much as I can make your life hell, I can also reward you too.’

As she spoke Lola stood and bent over in front of me, waving her ass inches from my face and slowly pulled down her panties. Even in my broken state I felt the stirrings of arousal.

‘Yes, I control everything now,’ she said, leaning back and pushing her exposed ass against my face ‘I decide when to hurt you, when to spare you and even when to give you the pleasure that you so desperately crave.’

She turned sharply and pulled my face into her pussy.

‘Lick it!’ she demanded.

Fighting through my exhaustion I poked out my tongue and lapped at her pussy pathetically. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it up for long but Lola seemed to accept my broken state and was pleased by the effort. She pushed my head further into her and started to rub herself against my face, using me like a toy for her pleasure.

‘Ohhh yes,’ she moaned, steadily building a rhythm ‘you like that don’t you?’

While my battered and bruised balls protested, the fact that cock was growing hard as it rubbed against the bench below suggested she was right.

‘I have destroyed your life, taken everything from and yet you’re still here eating my pussy.’

I suddenly felt the butt plug spring into life and start vibrating deep within me. Though I was completely sapped of energy the pleasurable buzz seemed to give me a second wind and I began humping the bench below me as best I could, desperate for relief.

‘Oh yes you slutty little piggy,’ she cried ‘you love it don’t you? You want this really I can see it in your eyes.’

She was now thrusting at such a pace that I could barely breathe. All I could do was keep licking and let the pleasure take me.

‘Ohhh yes,’ she groaned ‘keep going, you’re mine now piggy, mine, MINE!’

Lola cried out as she came, burying my face deeper into her pussy and digging in her nails sharply. She took long, deep breaths as the pace slowed and she pulled away, looking down at me with and immense look of satisfaction.

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