My Little Mermaid

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So there I was, perched on a little promontory above my favourite out-of-the way little lake in Canada’s desert land. It was one of the few really hot days of the summer and I was stretched out under the shade of a spruce tree.

I remember watching a hawk circling in the hot updrafts high overhead…

Some time later, I awoke, drenched in sweat. As the day had worn on, the temperature had risen. It must have been 40 degrees in what was left of the shade of my spruce. My shirt seemed stuck to me, sweat was dripping from my hairline, moisture pooled in my belly button.

As I reached for the now-warm water bottle beside me, I heard a splash from below. Rolling onto my side, I sipped lukewarm fluid from the bottle and gazed over the ledge of my promontory.

Below, I saw a stunningly fascinating sight. A naked woman with long jet-black hair was stroking her way from shore into deeper water. As I watched, she did a slow breaststroke, dolphin kicking and stroking with her arms. Being above her, I couldn’t see her face, of course, but her body was magnificent. Long legs led to a firm bum and, from above, I could see she had a sculpted form. As she went through her kicking motion, her cheeks would break water momentarily, leaving them bare to the sun.

Watching her move through the water like a sexy porpoise, I felt I was intruding on a private moment, but I simply couldn’t tear my eyes away. As I lay on my stomach observing her, I felt a stirring in my crotch – a quite pleasant sensation on a warm day.

As I continued to watch, she rolled onto her back and did a lazy backstroke across the surface. I could now see dark eyes and a beautiful face and full, firm breasts, nipples raised to the sun like an offering. Her belly appeared wonderfully flat as the water flowed over her and I could detect no hair where her obviously toned thighs merged with her hips.

I watched as she slipped effortlessly through the water, seemingly perfectly at ease in her watery environment. As she reached the centre of the little lake, she rolled onto her stomach yet again and dove into the depths.

As the bubbles rose from where she dove, I watched. And watched. It may have been short moments but it seemed to me she had been down a long time. I stood, ready to dive in myself, but she surfaced in a bright shower of water. She must have shot up from the deep, because her body shot out of the water.

Feeling somewhat stupid at worrying about someone who was obviously an incredibly capable swimmer, I sat down again, legs hanging over the ledge. As I continued to watch the freshwater mermaid, I realized she was moving closer to my perch.

She dove once again, obviously deep, and this time I marveled at her ability to stay under. Again, long moments seemed to creep by, but she suddenly splashed to the surface just a short distance away from where I sat.

As I watched, she treaded water and looked at me, looking at her. I couldn’t help but stare, and couldn’t help but be embarrassed by it. But damn, how often does an incredibly beautiful naked woman tread water right in front of a guy?

As she treaded water, she gave me a little wave and, feeling kind of dopey, I waved back, which brought a smile to her lips. She then motioned at me to come to her, waving her fingers sensually.

Well, I figured, what the hell, right? She was inviting me in and both she and the water looked damn fine. And I didn’t want to be unfriendly. So, I stood, haramidere escort kicked off my hiking boots, pulled off my shirt and stood on the ledge. It was only 10 feet to the water and I knew it was plenty deep because I’d jumped here before – but never toward a beautiful woman.

I stepped back, pushed off, took to the air and landed inelegantly in the water, with an awkward splash. Nothing like showing fine form in front of a babe. I went deep, touching bottom amid a swirl of sand, pushed off and floated upward, looking above me toward the surface.

And what a sight. As I rose in the water, there she was, tanned all over, treading water, her face under water looking down at me looking up at her. Incredible. I broke the surface in front of her, quite close and could see that she had incredibly dark eyes, black really, and a freckled face. As close as I was now, I could see she had freckles over her shoulders and, well, all over, really.

Unable to of think of anything cool to say, I just said, “Hello.”

She smiled again, a bright smile, then gestured with her fingers. I was going to say I didn’t get it when she kicked up out of the water, her breasts breaking the surface in front of me, tantalizingly close, then dropped back under. I stuck my face in the water, but she had already disappeared. I spun around, to find she was behind me, very close. As I pulled my face out of the water, she blew a kiss at me, made another gesture, then back paddled away.

It suddenly struck me that she was signing something to me – I guess she couldn’t speak. Something I couldn’t understand. But I understood that she was backing away, so I naturally paddled in pursuit.

And there we were, me dog paddling, and she finning away on her back, tantalizing me with a view of her body, long legs fluttering, breasts peeking out of the water, black hair swirling around her.

Finally, I have to admit, I was getting tired. But just as I was, she stopped paddling. I stopped too, and as I did, I realized I could stand on the bottom. She signed something again, and pointed down. I have to say that not understanding what she meant was getting a little frustrating. Who would have thought it would be so hard to communicate with someone?

She smiled at me again, signed again, then pointed down into the water. I held up my hands to try and show I didn’t understand. I said so, too, but of course, that was useless. She pouted a little, then sank beneath the water once again. She circled me and I turned to watch her body. Then she stopped and came up for air in front of me again. She signed again, then put her hands in the water, near her waist. But sand was swirling in the water and I couldn’t see what she was doing.

And again, she sunk under the surface.

This time, though, she moved closer and touched me. She’d been in the water for a while, but her touch was warm on my chest. Then her hands moved down to my shorts. On her knees under the water, I couldn’t believe she was undoing my shorts. She deftly undid the button and the fly, then slid them down my legs. I stepped out of them. Now, like her, I was naked in the warm water of my favourite little lake.

My cock now sprang immediately to hardness, as it doesn’t take much to get me in that state. In front of me, she broke the surface again and smiled at me. I smiled back – who the hell wouldn’t? She now made the same sign and I içerenköy escort understood; it meant drop my drawers, or get naked, or take them off, or… who cared?

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Here I was, naked in a lake, with a beautiful woman standing naked in the water in front of me. A woman who had just dropped my drawers in the lake. As my shorts floated between us, she eased closer to me, then stopped as the tip of my cock touched her belly. She smiled again. I smiled back. She pressed a little harder against me, then reached a hand out of the water to touch my face.

I brought a hand out of the water to touch hers. “Damn, you’re beautiful,” I murmured. She pressed her face to my hand. As she looked into my eyes, she ran her hand down my neck and into the water to caress my chest and belly.

As I looked deeply into her eyes, she wrapped her fingers around my cock, smiling as she did so. As she held me, she raised her other hand out of the water to make a large O, mimicking my size. Her eyes opened wide and she smiled once again, appreciative, I guess.

With her hand firmly wrapped around my cock, she rubbed the head over her goosebumpy belly. As pleasure swept through me, I moved my hand from her face into the water to a breast, feeling her fullness, caressing a firm nipple. She closed her eyes and stroked me under the water. I slid my other hand to a breast and squeezed, prompting another smile. She reached her other hand out of the water once again and gave me a sign I could finally understand – the simple touching of forefinger and thumb in the universal OK.

I fondled her breasts as I pumped into her hand, then bent to kiss her. Her eyes opened then and she looked into my eyes as we explored with our tongues. As we broke contact, she smiled again, let go of my cock and pushed my hands from her breasts. I frowned as she did so, but she gave me the OK again.

She moved her hands to my hips, took a deep breath, then dropped below the surface. I felt her lips lightly brush the head of my cock, then she opened them and moved over me. As I looked into the clear water, I watched her take my cock in her mouth, sliding down the shaft as she held her breath. As she sucked me, I looked around the lake and saw absolutely nobody. Good thing, too, as I would have looked like some kind of idiot, standing there in the water with a goofy smile on my face.

Long seconds passed as she blew me and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the spectacle. Finally, she pulled off me and burst to the surface once again, gasping for air. Again she smiled, and ran her tongue over her lips. As I moved strands of dark wet hair from her face, she pushed against me and began stroking toward shore on her back.

I was compelled to follow her, of course, but could now do so walking on the bottom. As she glided to shore, I waded after her. As she reached shallow water, she stood, and moved the hair from her face. Raising her arms to her face, her breasts rose, dripping water from her nipples. She ran her fingers through her hair as I waded out of the water.

I had to stop a moment and look at her, now out of the water, for the first time. It’s not an overstatement to say she was statuesque. Long shapely legs, flat belly, beautiful breasts, hairless pussy – pretty much my idea of a goddess.

She saw me staring and smiled, then held up her hands like a frame, gazing at my innovia escort cock through the opening. She walked backwards a little further, until she was on the sandy beach, then beckoned me with a finger. As I walked toward her, and onto the beach, she eased herself onto the sand, bum first, then lay back. Again she beckoned.

As I stepped closer, she raised her knees and spread her legs, allowing me see her perfectly shaved pussy. Touching herself, she lay back in the sand, closing her eyes against the sun’s glare.

I sure as hell didn’t need more of an invitation. I dropped to my knees on the sand in front of her and moved in close to run my tongue over her still-wet pussy. As I explored her soft lips, she pushed against me and spread her legs wider, opening herself further to me. I pushed into her, penetrating her lips. Licking her, I moved to her clit and sucked. She pushed harder against my mouth and squeezed my head with her thighs.

Locked there, I continued to lick and suck her firm little nub, and I could feel ripples of pleasure running through her. But as I ate her, and she became wetter and wetter, my cock throbbed and my balls began to ache a little. I wanted to fuck this woman like I’d never wanted another.

Pulling out from between her thighs, I then moved over her to where my cock was poised for entry at her lips. I looked into her eyes and she smiled yet again, giving me the OK with both hands. Needing no further encouragement, I pushed slowly into her. Wet as she was, I easily slid full length into her body.

As my balls touched her bum, I stopped to enjoy the feeling of being deep inside this mysterious woman. Her eyes were now tightly closed against the glare and her arms were outstretched in the sand. As I plunged in and out of her, I watched her face, her smile. I pulled out so my head touched her lips, then drove deeply into her. Over and over. She met he with thrusts of her hips and we made sloppy noises fucking there in the sand.

After a time, I could feel myself needing to cum and, although I desperately wanted to continue fucking this exquisite woman, I could feel the surge. I quickened my pace, fucking faster, and as I did, she met my thrusts with enthusiastic ones of her own. She squeezed with her vagina as I went deep and was she breathing hard beneath me.

Fucking faster as she bucked against me, I was about ready to explode, to happily shoot my load in her body – when she slowly groaned; “OH, MY FUCKING GOD.”

I was fucking shocked myself and stopped mid-stroke. This was the first sound I’d heard from her and it surprised the shit out of me. With her face now in my shadow, she opened her eyes and looked at me. “Don’t stop. Fuck me. Fuck me. I’m cumming.”

She squeezed me and I began fucking again, plunging into her as she now laughed out loud. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Fuck me, fuck me.” I was now the speechless one, but I happily continued to plow into her body, driving, plunging, fucking deep and pulling out. Over and over. Over and over.

Finally, amazingly, we both reached orgasm at the same time. As I poured my cum into her, I could feel ripples going through her. “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” she moaned.

I echoed her moans as I slowed, now spent, empty. Finally, both cummed out, I stopped, still full length inside her. As sweat dripped off me from the heat and the energy our fucking used, I looked down at her. “I’m Dave,” I whispered.

“Hi. I’m Erin. I’m extremely pleased to meet you Dave.”

“And I’m damn surprised, to meet, and please you.”

And that event time at my, now our, favourite little lake was just the first of many surprises we’ve shared since. Erin, it turned out, is a sign language teacher and had just been toying with me.

Just shows, I guess, that a person never really knows what’s in store for you.

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