My Last Night of Freedom Ch. 03

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Big Ass


The cussing from the basement was loud enough to reach the kitchen. Domina was upstairs, recently fed, and I spent an hour at church. Johanna came down stairs after her turn at church and relieving Domina’s bladder. Two plates were on the floor with eggs and sausage on them.

“Honey I need you. She filled me up.” Johanna said. So I lay on the floor and opened my mouth. Johanna moaned as she watered me. My chastity device kept my cock from getting too hard, as I loved drinking from my girlfriend.

“Much better, thank you Will. We have to eat fast, Domina said she has to go to work and Lindy needs another lesson.” Johanna knelt in front of her plate and began sucking up the eggs. We were not allowed silverware. Steaks were a challenge.

“MMM, you have to breed her today, Domina said she doesn’t care if she fights. Baby you gotta rape her.”

“No. she’s one of us. I don’t mind breeding but she has to want it.” I said chewing a sausage link.

“Seriously?” Johanna swallowed the toast. “She was bought for breeding! If you go against Domina she will shred you!”

” I will beat you both for talking later, Don’t think I didn’t know that the two of you are in love. Boy feed her beer, get her calm, then bitch, you talk to her. I’m locking you both in the basement today for talking in my presence. You have anything to say?”

“My apologies Domina. I love you Domina!” I said.

“It’s my fault Domina, please forgive your Alpha Domina!” Johanna said. ” I love my Domina!”

“Maybe not a beating. Bitch no pooping till I get home, the boy and the new womb are allowed to use a toilet. Oh Bitch? You water your boyfriend. Boy, you can drink from the new cunt too. Sorry boy you are a white male…lowest rank. See you all in 10 hours!”

She locked us in the basement, after giving Johanna the key to my chastity belt. We let Lindy loose and she spat insults at us. I finally asked.

“How did you end up in slavery?”

“It beat being homeless. Roof and what not.”

“So you volunteered?”

“Yes, but I didn’t want to be a slave to a black!” She heaved.

“Tough luck. Our Domina is pretty fucking cool. William, go get the beer.” Johanna ordered.

“Yes my love.” I walked toward the place under the stairs where Domina kept our vices. I could hear Johanna talking. Lindy tits were small, but she had a great ass. She was pretty too. Not as pretty as Johanna, but close. Of course my Goddess was the most beautiful woman in the world.

“He’s my sub, and boyfriend, and he rescued you from black cock. He told our owner to buy you.” Johanna explained.

“What the fuck? You like it here?” Lindy spat.

“This is heaven for a white person, we serve a superior race!’ I said as I set down the beer, smokes and the ashtray. Johanna backhanded me.

“He spends too much time at church. He thinks he’s a toilet…well he is a toilet…moving on.” I heard my girlfriend say.

I opened three beers and lit a cig for Johanna.

“She is not very demanding of us females. We just have to get pregnant. She intends to profit from the adoption of our babies.” Johanna explained.

“The two of you are brainwashed!” She yelled.

“Honey please make her stop yelling in my face.” Johanna ordered.

“Yes dear.” I said and picked up a dowel 4 feet long. I began to beat the woman’s back with the dowel until she finally yelled out.

“Okay okay! Please stop! I will submit to you Johanna!”

32 red welts crisscrossed her back.

“No!” Johanna barked.

“Continue William!” My Alpha ordered. Johanna pulled Lindy into a laying position so I could work her ass and legs.

“You are the property of Goddess Karen! You VOLUNTEERED to be here! You are here to be bred! Submit or my slave will beat you longer!” Johanna yelled over Lindy’s cries.

Lindy kept fighting.

“Break her baby!” Johanna ordered.

I reached back farther and hit the woman harder. The dowel broke in half after 14 hard strikes.

“I submit to Goddess…um” Lindy began though tears.

“Karen.” Johanna helped

“Goddess Karen, and I am to be bred! Please stop! I have to pee!”

“Boyfriend she is above you.” Johanna said. I frowned at her and she shook her head. I lay down on the cold cement floor. She removed the chastity device as I waited.

“Piss into my slave.” Johanna said blandly.

Lindy had a sweet ass, and a perfect vagina. Her piss however was not watered down like Domina’s and Johanna’s. It was acrid and horrid. I followed Tipobet my girlfriend’s orders and drank Lindy’s piss.

“Welcome home Lindy. I’m going to need you to fuck him now.” Johanna said with resentment.

Lindy wiped away her tears and sat on my rock hard cock. She found a rhythm that worked and had me growling in just 10 minutes. I grabbed her hips and blasted a massive load into her. Shortly after Johanna showed her how to make the sperm find an egg. Lindy was on the floor with her ass in the air. Sobbing quietly.

Johanna caught the cum that dropped out and fed it to me.

“She says that she wants you addicted to cum.” Johanna said.

“Impossible!” I said smiling

“Baby, will you eat me?” She asked with a mirrored smile.

“Happy to!” I dove between her legs and sucked, licked and tongue fucked my girlfriend till she came.

As soon as she came down from the orgasm, she said:

“Piss now!”

I lay my body on the floor again and felt her straddle my face. Her hot water poured into my throat. For some reason I loved this.

When she was finished, Johanna had Lindy squat over my face.

“Please her!” Johanna ordered. I knew she was doing this to get Lindy to trust her. Lindy’s perfect cunt rode my nose and tongue. I ate her until she had cum three times. It took an hour. My jaw was sore.

We then set to drinking and smoking.

Lindy’s mood had become almost optimistic after a third beer.

“So we aren’t allowed to poop?” Lindy asked.

“Nope, need permission to drop a deuce.”

“And your boyfriend is our toilet otherwise?” Lindy played with Johanna’s clit.

“White men are not worth anything, their only purpose is to breed white cunts.” Johanna said as if I was not there, I was laying on her tits, drinking a beer and listening to the very hot Lindy coming to terms with her slavery.

“You will fall in love with him too Lindy. He’s a good man. Yet…He loves our owner a bit too much!” Johanna said. I sat up. Johanna pulled me back to her tits.

“You don’t get to speak, the women are talking.” She said. She pulled me to her left tit, so I sucked on it.

“Men are giant babies, here’s proof.” Johanna laughed.

“What did you mean he loves our owner too much?” Lindy asked.

“He volunteers to attend church.” Johanna began.

“He’s Christian?” Lindy asked.

“No he’s loyal to our owner, she is our God, and church is her massive ass, the alter is her asshole.”

“Ugh, I hate that rimming bullshit!” Lindy spouted.

“You will attend church Lindy. She is your God now!” Johanna warned. “But this one likes it there, he loves to be at church for hours.”

I nodded my head as I sucked on Johanna’s left nipple.

“So he likes the taste of her shit?” Lindy asked.

“No, he just is very eager to please her. He wants to be Alpha over us.” Johanna explained.

“Will she let that happen?”

“Never, as I said, white women are more valuable and cherished then white men.”

I felt my heart sink, but my cock harden.

“Oh when this happens we need to put him in the machine.” Johanna pulled me to the milking rig. “You and I are most likely pregnant, so all cum not needed for breeding is to be harvested.” Johanna said as she locked me into the machine. She set it to begin milking.

“I’m home!” I heard Domina yell. The basement door was unlocked. Johanna and Lindy left me in the machine and went upstairs. Something close to an hour later, Johanna came down and detached me from the machine. I had cum twice. She replaced the chastity rig over my cock and led me upstairs.

“She wants pizza for dinner, so you are off the hook for cooking. Lindy is at church. Domina kind of forced her to worship. Grab beer for all of us, and sit on the floor in front of Domina.” Johanna ordered. I reached into the fridge and grabbed four cans.

I walked into the living room and handed a can to both Johanna, and Domina. Domina was sitting on the couch. Lindy’s upper half was covered by Domina’s dress. Domina was clearly sitting on her face with her full weight.

Lindy was let out of church to eat

“You girls don’t like church. He does, cause the video worked. You two get to watch the video tonight. Boy can eat pussy damn good now! You did good, alpha bitch.” Domina smiled at Johanna.

“Boy, you love your Black Goddess?” Domina asked me. I leaned my head against her thigh.

“With all of my being, Goddess. Can I go to church now? That slave was Tipobet Giriş there till dinner!” I asked slightly whining, looking at Lindy

“Sure baby, let me get the movie ready for them. You go get your snack jar, and put my recorded stories on. You can spend the rest of the night at church.” She said as she waved up the two collared women. I heard them go downstairs . Shortly after that, I heard the movie I had memorized.

“Welcome to your new world. Today you are going to learn why you are a failure to the human race, and why African-American women…”

My snack jar was in the warm water that kept it at body temp. It was a recycled baby food jar, and it was near full. This jar was filled with cum. It was not mine. It had been bought at the show the other night. There was something besides cum in it. It make me a little high. Johanna might have been right that she wanted me addicted to cum.

Goddess would probably do the same to the women too. I didn’t care. I just wanted to worship well enough, so that I was allowed to visit the honeypot.

I set up the pillows on the couch just the right way so I could breathe freely while at church. Domina had said it took a while to figure that out with her husband, but they did. My cock fought it’s small cage as I heard her come up the stairs and through the kitchen.

I went to my knees with my snack jar in my hands. I was so excited I was shaking. A little cold too. Domina ran hot. So it was about 65 in her living room. This was fine when she was on your face. A slave warmed up quick. But here on the floor, a bit chilly.

She took the jar from me.

“Undress me.”

I did so, carefully folding her long skirt and blouse.

“Leave the socks, it’s a little cool in here. Lay in the ‘couch worship’ position.” She ordered. I saw her tuck the jar between her heavy tits to keep my snack at the right temperature. I laid with my head in a well surrounded by pillows, as she sat parallel and on top of my body. Her calloused heels rested on my stomach. She unlocked my cock cage and moved her heels in between my legs.

She did this to make me pay for every mistake the writers made as she watched her daytime soaps. My balls would be slammed when she felt someone was wronged. Thankfully that was about three times, only once per show.

It was crude, but somewhat funny. Any time she would fart, she would say, “You have been blessed.”

If something more threatening was coming she would say that it was time to get on my knees and pray. She would leave, and about 20 minutes later come back. I learned much later that she took enemas constantly to keep us safe at church.

After her stories, I would get to visit the honeypot. If I wore her out by giving her enough orgasms, I got to sleep at the foot of her bed. Sometimes she would hold me to her under the blankets with her. She would kiss my face as she drifted off.

Every other week or so, she let me be inside her. She was always on top, and I was always restrained.

Once the women had seen the female version of the training movie a few times, one of us was always at church.

Domina’s, as well as the slaves pregnancy tests came up positive. They were promptly taken off of bladder duty, where as it became a full time job for me.

A doctor was brought in, to put me on drugs that would help me deal with all of the urea I was digesting. My kidneys and liver were modified by the drugs. Yet another Company invention.

While Domina, Alpha and Lindy went through pregnancy, I was poked, pricked and prodded to get my sperm count higher, and my prostate to produce more semen.

After two months, I began at the police academy. With the natural hormones I had been given, I passed with flying colors. I graduated with three extra courses under my belt. I rode with a trainer for what felt like way too long. The man always yammered on about his bitchy wife, his ungrateful kids, and having to “train dip shits” like me.

On a routine traffic stop, I saved his life, and that of a couple pedestrians. It made the news and reporters showed up at the medal ceremony held by the mayor. I was to pose for pictures with my “wife”. Domina was too old to be my wife for the news. Johanna looked drugged out and haggard, so Lindy became my public wife. 4 months pregnant, and smiling for the cameras.

I thought it would be another year before I could go out on my own as a cop, but I was promoted to corporal. I would be a junior supervisor at Tipobet Güncel Giriş minor incidences. I would have to take over as communications officer in a chase. It put me in a place where I could begin helping Domina.

She needed more income. She wanted to move out of the three bedroom house before the babies were born. She also wanted more slaves. The Company had no black Masters nor white slaves in the local department, other then me. Her businesses were all in the same county.

So she ordered me to transfer to the county Sheriffs Department, as she began looking at a remote property in the woods. I requested, and was put on vice. Here I would find the type of women and men that Domina could enslave.

Three women all 7 months along, and now quite horny. Me, with a cock cage on, and smelling all the pheromones. It made my new job hard to say the least.

To say that my schedule was hectic would be an understatement.

I woke up, cooked breakfast for three grumpy women, Spent 20 minutes at church, then got Domina dressed for work. Before she left I always took her nastiest bladder. The morning ones are the worst. Then it was over to Johanna, she needed a bath and a piss, and normally ordered me to eat her till she came.

Last was Lindy who never asked for orgasms, but liked to piss on my head right after I got out of the shower. I’d carry her scent though the day as she told me to dry my hair before I left. She thought it hilarious. I was almost always running late for work… thinking I still smelled of Lindy piss.

Later I found out that my teammates, teased about my bulge behind my back. Deputy Dick They call me. Most giys thought I had a sock in my pants. It was my cock cage. They never detected Lindy’s piss.

In vice, I found the types of girls Domina knew would sell, and I literally pulled them off the street. I drove them to a farm owned by the Company 30 miles outside of my jurisdiction. I dropped them off and went back into my county to continue my shift.

It was on one of these “harvesting” runs I found a young prostitute who was dirty, sickly from lack of food, and desperate. I pulled my car up to her, got out and began my usual speech.

“Ma’am? Are you working tonight?” I asked. My long heavy aluminum flashlight was in my left hand, shining into her face. My right hand was on my holster. This woman was only 19 but looked 45. Meth had destroyed her face, teeth and willpower. Her shirt was at her waist and her saggy “C” cups waggled as she twisted around.

“Ma’am you need to put your clothes back on” I ordered.

“Can I suck your cock?” She asked in a drugged haze.

‘No I don’t own my cock, but I can take you to the woman that does.” I said as I put her in the back of my cruiser.

“I wanna eat your shit!” She murmured in the back seat as I drove with lights and sirens towards home.

” I have a feeling you are going to get all you can eat,”

Her name was Vicki. Her screams and rants came from the basement for weeks as she detoxed. She drank piss like it was iced tea. Her color came back to her face, and she began to gain weight back. By the time Domina brought her up from the dungeon, she almost looked attractive. Johanna, Lindy and I all said that she needed proper teeth.

When Domina offered her slavery she signed the contract in seconds. I was a bit pissed about it as she was more religious then I was. I had to fight for time at church. Domina spend thousands on Vicki’s mouth. It was worth it. She was now the best looking female slave in the house.

It was a Tuesday morning, and I was spending it in my Goddesses honey hole while she played “Star racer” against my girlfriends. As I slurped and sucked my Domina’s lips and brought her to orgasm, I felt a cunt take in my hard cock.

“If you give me a me a baby…(unintelligible) IF NOT, (unintelligible) Highest bidder!” I heard.

I had her close to cumming a second time. I could smell it. My nose rubbed her clit in time with my tongue diving deep into her wide holy place. Her honey hole. It was sweet juices when she finally came all over my face. I knew to hold still so she could empty her bladder into me after her racking orgasm.

I felt the loose cunt sliding up and down my cock as Domina moved so I could worship at church. I was blessed with her gas as I was near cumming. It is impossible to ask for permission to cum when you have your whole tongue in your Owners ass.

She was almost clean when I lost my load.

“He put is seed in your garden, you best get me good white babies!”

So many couples without children! I thought.

Domina readjusted again so my tongue could worship better. Then she put her full weight on me. I sucked in a deep breath. It would be 90 seconds before she let me breath again.

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