My Lady Grotesque’s Fetish Evening

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The phone rang and it was Lady.

‘My husband has cancelled his trip this weekend, so you can’t come over.’

I was disappointed and it must have showed in my voice.

‘Don’t worry. We won’t have to wait long. And I will make it up to you. I will introduce you to one of my friends. I think you will like her.’

‘Ok,’ I said; and then I said ‘I didn’t know you had my number.’

‘I need to know where my boys are; and my girls.’ She giggled, and then said ‘I’ll call you when we can arrange a visit. It won’t be long.’

I was burning for her all the time, but there was nothing else for it. I would have to wait.

Lady had given me a cd when I left last time. No doubt it was another of her homemade porn films. I decided to watch it. I switched on the television and slid the disc into the DVD player, and while it sorted itself out I poured myself a drink and came back and sat down, discarding my clothes on the way. My cock was erect at the prospect of seeing Lady in action, albeit on screen, and I was curious about what she would be doing and who she would be doing it with. Maybe it would be the friend I was going to meet. I hoped not. I did not want a preview of her. I wanted her to be completely new when I met her, just like Lady had been.

The film began, and Lady, a good ten years younger, was lying on a large bed with red silk sheets and sliding a large red dildo up into herself. She looked great. She looked a lot like she looks now, except that she was a little less heavy, and less lined around the eyes, but she already had that middle aged ripeness that so became her. Her make up was almost as extravagant as it is now and her taste in lewd underwear has not changed. She was wearing a black fish net body stocking, with a hole at the crotch for easy access. The contrasts between her olive skin, the black fish net material, and the pink and brown folds of her cunt lips and the red dildo were pleasing to the eye; and the cock, and the sight of her brought me to full erection.

I remembered that she had also given me her anklet and I went and got it. When I got back a rather interesting looking lady of forty five or so had joined Lady on the bed. She sat and watched Lady sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy and then took over. She ploughed Lady’s pussy with the dildo for a little while and then went down and started sucking and licking it. As this went on, a guy of thirty or so came in and dangled his cock in Lady’s face. It was flaccid and it slapped promisingly against Lady’s cheek. She grabbed it and fed it into her mouth, and a cock only needs to be in there for half a second before it’s good and hard, as I have been learning.

Lady sat up, to get a better angle from which to come at the cock, and sucked as much of it into her mouth as she could; which was a good two thirds of its length. The other woman made her way around and started to suck his balls.

Soon it was time for the fucking and here Lady pulled one of her little stunts. The other woman was riding the younger guy’s cock and Lady had gone off screen.

Lady came back wearing a black strap on. She was holding a bottle of something in one hand, and her ever present cigarette in the other. She stood in front of the camera and pulled on her cigarette and the big plastic cock stuck out lewdly from her crotch. She ran her hands over it and continued to smoke, and watched her companions fucking.

She knelt behind the forty five year old whose pussy was already taking a good reaming from that generously sized cock and poured what turned out to be olive oil, from the bottle over the strap on cock. Nicely greased, Lady’s cock slid very nicely into the woman’s arse and Lady gave her arse a good fucking, matching the guy underneath stroke for stroke.

The grand finale had Lady wank the guy off over the other lady’s face and then lick the spunk off of her cheeks. As the film ended Lady was still sporting her plastic cock and eyeing the guy with a cruel look. I wondered if there was a sequel and I felt sorry for his arse.

It was a pretty good home made porno, and nothing with Lady in it could not but be good viewing; but it was no substitute and an exercise that was supposed to have consoled me had simply made me feel even worse. I was dying to get my hands on her again, and I wanted the present day version, even though the one in the film was younger.

The pictures of her in my mind were more powerful and more arousing than those in the film and seeing them behind my eyes made my cock twitch more urgently.

I remembered her anklet and picked it up. Holding it in my hand made the pictures in my mind even more vivid and I was almost with her. I began to run her anklet over my cock and it made me feel close to her. I tied it around my shaft as she had and pushed one of the little hearts into my pee hole. I had a nice, slow wank and saw the things we had done together and imagined the things we would do. I came finally, and fell asleep with my spunk all over my cock, and her anklet still Maltepe Escort twined around my shaft.

The following Wednesday evening I arrived at Lady’s villa at the new appointed time. Lady opened the door wearing what was for her a very simple outfit. She had on a dark red basque that pushed her tits up strikingly and at its bottom finished an inch above her navel. Black suspenders ran down over her generous thighs to sheer stockings in black, and on her feet she wore patent leather black ankles boots with sharply pointed toes and equally vicious looking thin stiletto heels. Her thickly trowel applied make up matched her perversely unmatched underwear; heavy rouge on her cheeks and black eye shadow. She had even painted a beauty spot in the middle of her left cheek, in a thick, dark brown.

You look as hot as always,’ I complimented her, as she let me in.

‘I taste good too,’ she said.

We went through to the living room and sat down and Lady gave me a nice flash of her pussy as she sat down. She took up the glass in front of her and drank a few sips.

‘Scotch,’ she said, ‘would you like some?’

I said that I would and she poured me a good measure. She passed it across the coffee table to me and took a cigarette from her pack and placed it in her mouth.

‘Would you come around and light this for me?’ she asked.

I walked around the table to her and lit her cigarette for her. As I was doing it, I felt a pull at my crotch. She was unzipping my fly and in a moment she had my cock out and was giving it a little stroke. Then smiling, she said

‘Have you got my anklet?’ she asked.

‘Yes,’ I said, and took it from my pocket.

I took hold of her lower leg and pulling the anklet around her ankle, I fastened it.

‘Now I am fully dressed,’ she said.

I ran my hand up her lovely old leg.

‘Go and sit down again, but don’t put your cock away. I want to look at it,’ she told me.

I was happy to oblige. Nothing seemed strange with Lady, and I enjoyed the feasty gleam in her eyes as she admired my tool. The majority of women of her age, although they no doubt still thrill at the thought of a young cock, could never show it with such lascivious abandon. Lady always looked as though she was about to start dribbling from both sets of lips and I wondered for a moment how much of her cunt slime that leopard skin sofa had soaked up over the years since she bought it. It seemed appropriate that it should have, as it was not merely an item of furniture, but an accessory, just like her expensive and tacky jewellery, and the clothes that she wore and which were so outlandishly sexy on her.

When will your friend arrive?’ I asked her.

‘In ten minutes or so; we will have a little drinks party.’ said Lady.

Curiosity was eating me. All I knew was that her friend was a woman. Knowing Lady and her tastes, as I did by then, it was certain that the friend was going to be something extravagant and another explorer in the realms of erotic possibility. I also what ‘little drinks party’ meant; as alcohol always flowed freely at Lady’s place.

‘You will find her very interesting,’ said Lady, ‘she is quite a woman, and the more you see of her, the more you will want her.’

I ran my eyes all over Lady’s body as she spoke and the more my eyes caressed her, the more she seemed to grow, and have even more for me to look at. I had explored every inch of her grotesque body; my cock had fucked all of her holes, and even her glorious armpits; but still there seemed to be more of her for me to discover, as though she was endless, and each time she moved a little her entire body changed with the new angle from which I could observe her, and discover her again.

‘I met her in a very rough bar and the first time I saw her she was on her knees sucking some big , dirty biker’s knob. In a bar; though she is a stripper, you see, and her act is very wild. She had never been with a woman before she met me, but I think I intrigued her, and she has had a tough life and I think she sees me now was her good aunt, as well as her lover. She is not as tough as she looks, you will find; but she is tough enough.’

As Lady described her friend, though in a way that did not reveal very much; and nothing of her appearance, it suddenly struck me that Lady had no tattoos.

I am a great lover of the tattooed female body, and it suddenly seemed to me bizarre that Lady did not have even a single tattoo; and even more strange that it had not registered with me until that moment. I have noticed that women as sexually rapacious as Lady are often tattooed; and pierced too. Lady had no piercings either.

Somehow, though, it seemed right she had not adorned her body thus. Lady was unique and her animal body generated a power that nothing on earth could enhance. Her body, adorned only by the clothes she wore and even more by the lines, stretch marks and wrinkles that mapped her body’s history, generated the same erotic charge for me as a feminine body Anadolu Yakası Escort heavily tattooed would more often achieve. And Lady’s adornments had the advantage of glowing more slowly, and thus with greater intensity, with her age and her glorious decay. By contrast, with age, tattoos become blue, grey and fade. Lady was fading, but with a glory and slow burning brightness that meant that her body had reached its strange and voluptuous perfection as she had passed sixty.

However, on other women, a single tattoo, or a great many covering large areas of the body, can both be highly erotic, but it is not the tattoos themselves that excite, but the combination of the tattoos and the lady sporting them.

The door bell rang and Lady got up and went to answer it. She returned, followed by a tall woman of forty or so, who was wearing a worn blue denim jacket and tight black roll neck sweater, with tight equally wore jeans and black sports shoes. She was carrying a sports bag in one hand and held a burning cigarette between the long fingers of the other. Her hair was black with blonde highlights and fell loosely about her face.

The first thing I noticed about the face was her prominent Roman nose, suggesting Italian descent. Her skin was dark and her eyes almost black. She had strong cheekbones that gave her a hard look. She was certainly beautiful, and in an elegantly rough way. She put down her bag and looked at me and raised her cigarette to her full red lips and dragged on it voluptuously. It was then that I noticed that her fingernails were painted with shiny black nail varnish, and that she wore a thumb ring that was connected by a chain to a bracelet that hung around her wrist. There were the hints at the delightful spectacle she was going to be when she disrobed.

She pulled long on her cigarette and looked at me intently. She was completely unfazed at the sight of my cock poking lewdly out from my fly. She just looked at it and appeared to be doing arithmetic behind her burning eyes. She pulled the cigarette from her mouth and blew out her smoke, and with it came the words

‘Nice big cock. Uncircumcised too. Very nice.’

Lady smiled, pleased that I met with her friend’s approval.

‘This is Elizabeth,’ she said, ‘Or Liz, as I prefer.’

Lady directed Liz to sit in the other chair. I was on the sofa and Lady in the chair where I had sat on my first visit.

Lady offered Liz a scotch, and she took it and drank a large mouthful. She chatted with Lady for a while about this and that and Lady asked her where she was stripping at the moment and Liz told her and added that she had started to do private parties. Lady asked her about the parties and Liz told her that they were for trusted customers who she had got to know on the stripping circuit.

‘I always work alone,’ she said, Male and mixed audiences.’

‘I imagine that a lady who sucks off guys from the audience in a bar does a good show in private,’ said Lady.

Liz smiled and said ‘like the evening I met you,’

‘Yes,’ said Lady, ‘we had a good time that night. Lady looked at me and said, ‘she’s such a whore she let me have her on our first date, and I was her first pussy.’ Lady’s eyes lit up with pride as she said it.

‘Last week I did a party for a couple’s anniversary,’ said Liz; ‘ten couples. By the time I left in the morning I had sucked every cock there, eaten every pussy and been fucked everywhere by everyone. It’s pleasure, but also it’s work.’ The she added, looking at me, ‘with Lady though, it’s all pleasure.’

I had been completely unselfconsciousness about my cock sticking out, erect, from my trousers, except for when each of the two ladies had glanced over to have a look at it as they had chatted. Now, though, Liz’s talk was increasing my excitement and my tool, which had been hard all along, was beginning to twitch, and I remembered it and looked down. As I looked up again, I saw Liz having a good look at it; to see if her words were having an effect on me. Then she glanced over at Lady’s pussy to try to discern if it had begun to leak more of its juice onto the sofa. I imagined that a good deal of Liz’s own had trickled out there too, and seeped into the material during other visits.

‘Show this adventurer of mine what you can do,’ Lady told Liz.

Liz took a cd from her bag and put it in the hi-fi.

She stood in the middle of the floor and began to dance slowly, gyrating her hips and grinding her crotch at the air. Her cigarette hung from the side of her mouth.

‘There’s a lot more to Liz than meets the eye,’ said Lady: ‘watch.’

Liz slowly took off her jacket, and now I understood why she had kept it on until now. Her blouse was cap sleeved and now that her arms were uncovered, I saw that both of them were covered with tattoos. They were good ones, well drawn, and I wanted to see them in detail.

On her right arm at the top was a rose about two inches in diameter and below it a large many-coloured butterfly. Under İstanbul Escort the butterfly was a barbed wire and roses band that went right around her arm, and on her forearm a skull with a snake wrapped around it and a dagger through its centre. On her left arm at the top she had a heart with ‘mother’ written in it; beside that another skull and below them both the head and upper body of a naked and large breasted woman that stretched down to her elbow. On the forearm was a large spider’s web.

Next off was Liz’s blouse, revealing more tattoos on her tits, her torso and her back and then her shoes and jeans, and more on her legs. She was a work of art, and a walking, talking, dancing, gyrating, grinding art gallery. When her jeans were off, she put her on a pair of black high heeled boots that she had produced from her bag.

On her right tit was her name ‘Liz’ in gothic letters and on her left a dagger piercing a heart. On her torso on the left side there was a tree of roses and beside it a larger spider’s web with a black widow at its centre. Wrapping itself around her left leg was a long snake, and on the right another naked woman with a serpent wrapped around her waist. She turned around and on her back she had a large image of Christ on the cross.

She went over to Lady, and facing me, danced with her back to Lady. I saw Lady raise her arms behind Liz’s back, and then Liz’s black lacy bra fell slowly away from her ample and slightly sagging tits to reveal yet more tattoos and, as I had expected, large, pierced nipples. The nipples were long and protruding, and a thin silver ring hung from each of them and on the left ring was a little heart like the ones on Lady’s anklet.

She danced away from Lady and her movement meant that I could not see her tattoos in detail, but I could see that at least half of her body was illustrated. She came back to me and leaning towards me, brushed her tits against my face and as her tits waved in front of me, I caught a glimpse of a black heart with a red rose entwined around it. She turned slowly and sexily around and pushed her arse into my face, though without touching me or letting me touch her. She leaned forward and her black panty covered crotch appeared from between her legs. The soft bulge on her panty gusset told me that Liz had some very big pussy lips.

She danced back to the middle of the floor and began to play with her tits as she danced, running her hands, with their long, ringed fingers, over them and pushing them together and pulling the rings on her nipples and elongating them further. Then one of her hands slid down over her slightly spreading stomach and reached for the gusset of her panties. With her forefinger she pulled the gusset aside and a large and ring adorned cunt lip slithered out. She pulled the gusset into her slit and then with the same finger pulled the other, equally ring adorned cunt lip out.

Lady evidently approved and she opened her legs further and began to run her fingers over her own cunt lips. With her other hand, she was lighting herself a cigarette. She pulled hard and inhaled deeply and with her exhalation, said to Liz

‘Come and eat auntie’s pussy.’

Liz smiled and made towards Lady, and gracefully knelt down and began to lick the inside of Lady’s voluptuous left thigh. She traced her tongue over the aged and drying flesh and the fingertips of her left hand brushed over Lady’s pussy lips.

‘You are leaking nicely on your leopard skin sofa,’ said Liz.

‘Add some of yours to you, darling,’ Lady replied.

‘I will, but first I’m going to lick your old pussy until you cum.’

Lady pulled on her cigarette again and its burning end glowed in unison with the reddening of her heating cunt. Liz’s tongue was flicking over Lady’s cunt now, and her own had sucked the gusset of her panties into her slit, and the lips sticking out at either side looked like some exotic flower. As Liz’s tongue got to work on Lady’s pussy, Lady smoked more urgently. The cigarette that she had been smoking when Liz had got down between her legs was burned down to its stub and Lady reached for her pack and took another. She placed it between her red lips and lit it from the burning end of the other.

Liz looked up just as Lady was lighting her second cigarette from her first. She watched her and said

‘You’re really turned on now, aren’t you?’

Lady just sighed and exhaled. Her smoke rushed from the mouth and billowed around her.

‘You chain smoking old slut,’ said Liz as she returned to the task of licking Lady’s cunt.

Lady leaned back further into the sofa and eased her arse forward, pushing her slow burning twat into Liz’s face. Her free hand reached down and stroked Liz’s long black and blonde hair and she smoked away. Then she left the cigarette dangling from the side of her mouth, and the combination of her hanging fag and her garish make up made her self like some tacky old slattern of a street tart who was selling it very cheap.

I was ready to join in, so I stood up and walked up behind Liz and knelt own behind her. She had taken such care to arrange her gusset between her pussy lips that I dare not disturb the arrangement she had made, so I leaned forward and ran the tip of my tongue over the damp material of her gusset and tasted her cunt juices.

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