My Job Sucks

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It all started one day when her live-in boyfriend had walked out on her. She had stayed at home. Kept him diapered, pampered and fed, yet what did she have to show for it? Nothing. He left her with no income, so what was she supposed to do when she saw the ad in a local paper. “Make up to $500 a week.” She called the number that was listed in the paper, and within a few hours, she was in the office that was located at the back of the store filling out paperwork. It was then that she noticed the shoes at her feet. The feet of a rugged man who was all brawn.

The store manager looked her over, and then he looked her papers over. “Damn, she’s 40. Wow, she doesn’t look a day over 25,” he thought to himself. And with the rise in her chest he could tell that there were many restraints called for here. So he asked her if she would be willing to start right away, and she eagerly agreed. He didn’t ask her what to start. She didn’t have to ask. The answers could be seen in the way they both looked at each other.

So he took her to the stock room to start her training to sell the vacuum cleaners. They made small talk at first. At one point he told her that if business was really good, that it really sucked. She grinned and asked, “How well does it suck?”

He just smiled and said, “You could always show me your model sometime.”

She looked around at the empty warehouse and willingly told him that a demonstration would be just fine with her. With that he told her to meet him there right after work, and she willingly agreed.

But he needed a distraction for the moment, so he took her back onto the showroom floor, and started explaining the different models of vacuum cleaners to her, and how to show their selling points. It was then that he noticed her with one of the attachments in her hands, silently stroking the long hard tube. He almost collapsed right there from the thought of having her stroking his cock in the same manner, but the sight of those long slender legs in the Gucci high heels told him there were some things worth the wait.

It was at that time that the last customer left the store, and the assistant manager walked over and asked him if he would lock up so he could stop at the butcher shop and get the dog a bone.

“Sure, no problem,” he said, thinking to himself that he didn’t have to fetch a bone, he already had one. As soon as the assistant manager was gone, he walked over and locked the front door. Then he went to find this goddess that had walked into his store and into his life. She was already waiting for him in the stockroom. At first all he saw were the heels. Then as he rounded the corner, the legs, the slender sloping thighs that led up to the prettiest mound he had ever seen twinkling with the dew drops of her scent, reflecting her abdomen which led to the firmest, most round mountains that had ever been in front of him.

It was then that she smiled and said, “Now, what do you think about a job that sucks?”

He grinned and said “It’s been so long for me, I think I need a reminder of how it actually works.”

It was then that she leaned over and unbuttoned the khaki pants that he was wearing, slowly sliding them down over the growing hose in his pants. Then as she revealed his magic wand, she let her right index finger slowly wander down its length and back up to the tip of his cock several times. Then she let her left index finger Rize Escort shadow the right one and she kept up the back and forth motions down the smoothest uncircumcised pole she had ever touched. It had been so long since she had been with a man, and she ached so badly inside to bring pleasure to someone again who appreciated her efforts.

She slowly lowered her mouth to him, and as she did, she grasped him firmly with both of her hands, letting her fingers intertwine to get a better grip. She let her lips slide slowly over the foreskin, tickling it with her tongue.

He groaned and lifted his hips, but her touch was firm, and her suction remained unhindered, as she put the full torque on the complete length of his manhood. He groaned again, and she knew at last her efforts were not to be in vain. She felt him stretching her lips with his growing fullness. His swelling cock filled her mouth so much that she let her lips retreat towards the tip of his cock, and she let both hands now grasp his hardness as she stacked one on top of the other and started a pumping motion with them.

His hips began to lurch upwards as her tongue encircled the tip of his cock. Faster and faster she moved her hands in a pumping motion until he spewed forth the sweetest fluids onto her face, which she let drool down her cheek and onto her own rising and waiting peaks.

It was then that she grabbed him and kissed him, letting him taste the juices mixing with hers in her mouth.. But she couldn’t wait any longer. She had to have him. But alas, she would have to wait. The night security guard knocked on the front door and the scurry of clothes flying would’ve looked like a twister to the untrained eye as they both quickly dressed and went back out to the front of the store.

The security guard couldn’t help but notice the dishevelment before him and he smirked and excused himself to the back of the store so that he could clock in for his shift.

They both agreed that they needed to get home also, both knowing that her training was coming along well. But she would surely need more of it in the coming days. So they did as only they could at the moment, and politely excused themselves, telling each other good night, secretly knowing that they both yearned for more.

“Man, I hate this traffic on the drive home,” she said. But at least she had a job that would be interesting. Just thinking about today at work started a wet spot between her legs. Thank goodness the car interior was leather, as she had a light blue short dress on, with no underwear. She liked it that way. She thought that it kept her pussy hairs drier with the wind blowing between her legs. Even now with the top down on the car; she still ached for a little more wind on her. Just thinking of possibly having his lips on her pussy sent shivers down her thighs. She had to get home and get more comfortable, or she was gonna create a scene in traffic.

Just as she was pulling into her driveway she recognized someone who was parked near her house and walking her way. Could it be? Should it be? She let out a chuckle and thought to herself, “Today really is my lucky day.” He was smiling that same smile he had worn earlier in the stockroom. And she was smiling even more, with the thoughts of where this night may lead to.

But just as he approached the car where she was sitting, he nodded and kept going. It was then Rize Escort Bayan that she realized it wasn’t him. But it really did look like him. Oh well, another night in front of the lonely TV set.

So she gathered her mail from the mailbox and picked up the paper that was lying at the door, and she threw everything on the foyer table as she entered the house. Not feeling like cooking a meal, she popped a TV dinner in the microwave and heated it. Then she grabbed a drink from the fridge and carried her meal and drink into the living room to watch the local news while she sat by the fireplace.

Just as she was getting comfortable, the doorbell rang. “Damn, who is it now? I just want to be left alone right now,” she thought to herself as she stood up and walked to the door. She checked the peephole, and couldn’t believe her eyes. It really was him on her doorstep. She opened the door with a smile, and he greeted her with a devilish grin and said, “I was going over to see my twin brother and visit for awhile. He only lives a few houses down from here, but he’s not home, so I remembered your address from your application and thought I might stop by to see how you were doing after your first day on the job.”

“I’m doing great,” she said. “I’m kinda tired at the moment though.”

He started to retreat, but then hesitated as he said, “I’m sorry; maybe some other time would be better. I smell food, and I may be interrupting your supper. Once again, I’m sorry to bother you.”

“Oh no, you didn’t bother me at all,” she replied. “I was just heating a TV dinner and watching the nightly news. But now that you’re here, maybe dinner will be even better.” A wicked little grin came across her face and she opened the door further so that he could come in.

He smiled back and walked in, following her down the narrow corridor of her home. He sensed the heat from the fireplace as he approached the living room door, or was that the heat from his loins burning inside of him? Either way, the message of her statement was perfectly clear to him.

She sat back down on the floor where she was sitting before, and he joined her by her side. But neither of them were really interested in what is going on during the news segment, their eyes were glued upon each other instead.

He leaned over to kiss her warm inviting lips, and at that instant she sat up and asked him if he wanted her to heat him anything up. He told her no, that he is heated up enough, but if she is offering him something to eat, then she can lie back down on the floor and relax and let him take her up on her offer.

She stopped to think for a second, but her body took over almost as quickly, and she laid down on the carpeted floor, propping her head on some large throw pillows she had been propping against earlier when she first arrived home.

He eased himself down beside her, and gently slid her skirt off. It was then that he realized that she didn’t have any underwear on, so his objective was in plain view and totally unobstructed, as there was no hair covering her love nest. He leaned over and with the tip of his tongue lightly brushed the outer edges of her vagina. She spread her legs even further to allow him easier access. He traced the outer edges of her vagina in a circular motion with his tongue, spiraling more towards the warm moist pit at the center of all her loveliness.

As his Escort Rize tongue crested the top of her pussy, he suddenly grabbed onto her clitoris with his lips, gently sucking and teasing her clit with his tongue. He took her vaginal lips in his fingers so that he could rub and press them hard against each other, while still sucking and tonguing her clit. All this created a sudden moan from her and she arched her back, gasping and straining for more of the pure pleasure that she was receiving right then, yet loving all of the attention that he was ravishing upon her body.

He then started a sucking motion on those same lips, drawing them further and deeper into his mouth, causing her to inhale from the sensations that were coursing through her body. She began to thrust her hips toward the ceiling, trying to obtain the moment where the rush of her warm juices that were waiting could finally be released.

Just when she thought that it couldn’t get any better, he started tickling her vaginal lips with his tongue by running it up and down the length of the folds. It didn’t take long for her to feel the mounting pressure rising up within her and then to begin to release all of what she had held back for so long.

As his tongue was circling the folds of her vagina, and his lips were pulling and sucking the swollen lips of her pussy, she started to scream in ecstasy as her love liquids burst forth and oozed into his mouth. She lay there on the floor as he took his time and allowed her to ride wave after wave of her orgasm and while he licked up all of her creamy offerings, until they were both deliciously satisfied.

But then she did something that startled even herself, as she reached down and grabbed his arms and shoulders and lifted him up to her face, and their mouths met. As she searches out his mouth she could taste her sweet nectar still on his tongue. As she does this she also reaches down and un-straps his belt while unzipping his pants and she wasted no time in removing them from his body.

Then she rolled over on top of him and maneuvered her head towards the waistband of his briefs, and with her teeth, pulled them down exposing his pride and joy. She then took his testicles in her mouth, sucking on one, then the other, while her hands reached up from behind and grasped his firm buttocks and kneaded them slowly as she massages his manhood with her tongue.

But she couldn’t wait any longer. She had to have him inside her, and she had to have him then. She used her arms and pushed herself onto a sitting position on top of him. Then as she lowered herself slowly down onto his groin, she started to gently ease his cock into her.

He felt the tightness of her pussy as his cock was being squeezed by her vaginal walls and realized that yes; it has been awhile for her.

So she continued to ease herself down onto his cock by just taking in the tip of his dick into her pussy, working it in and out a few times, until she could feel her pussy start to stretch and allow his cock to plunge further inside.

Finally she was able to continually plunge herself down on him to the point that his cock is hitting the deepest depths of her well. And it doesn’t take long before they are able to explode in an orgasm together, and collapse upon the floor, panting and sweating, but feeling thoroughly refreshed and content. She looked at him lying beside her and reached over and wrapped her hand around his still rigid cock and continued to pump the last of his liquids from his cock. When she was sure that there was nothing more to be gained, together they fell asleep there on the floor, not to awaken until the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32