My Job Interview

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I applied for a job as a Personal Assistant to the managing director of a local family run business, it was only for a year but the clincher for me was $65,000 per year but I only needed to go into work 3 days a week the rest of the time I could work on a works laptop.

I was determined to get this job and when I received a letter inviting me to attend for an interview, now at this point I must own up to the fact that my C.V. was not entirely truthful. I do type 55 words but that is an hour not a minute, and experience should have read nil, but somehow nil was embellished and looked on the application form a lot like 4 years, in a relevant industry.

So that is the background to this story, I needed to seduce the Managing Director into giving me the position. I invested $45 in a manicure, $225 for a smart business suit navy blue, a black push-up bra one cup size to small, matching T-back panties $55, and fishnet stockings $15 and suspender belt $20 Shoes $50, total cost of getting the job $410.

However, the skirt of the suit needed to be altered to ensure the job would be mine. The skirt was knee length with a 3 inch side split. I opened both side seems another 6 inches, so that I did not look too slutty. I fixed the seem with press studs concealed so that I could open as much or as little as I wanted to show.

The letter was signed Ronnie McCallum. So confident in my ability to seduce him, I set off in my car for the 10 minute drive to the offices. Parking the car I checked make-up hair jiggled my boobs to fit them into the small cups (my cups runeth over) stocking perfect I opened the car door, stepped daintily out and walked into the building to the reception desk.

A leggy blonde, I guessed to be 30 or 32 watched me through the window as I approached, I found her expression hard to read, “Can I help you Miss,” she enquired.

I looked at her name badge Lauren McCallum. I told her I was here for an interview with Ronnie McCallum for the post of Personal Assistant.

Her face changed and she smiled, as she told me to take a seat, adding can I get you a tea, coffee or soft drink?

Coffee would be nice, I smiled, sitting I crossed my legs and in moments Lauren appeared with two coffee’s and she sat opposite me with the other. She told me she was just standing in for the receptionist, as she had to go to the dentist.

She was in charge of the Marketing department. She said since it was a family run company all staff were expected to be flexible and the family lead by example.

We chatted, mostly about nothing till the telephone rang, she answered and asked me to follow her, şişli escort discretely I popped the studs as we walked, she knocked on a door opened it and ushered me in, “Ronnie, this is Sarah.” she announced.

I entered and stopped short, Ronnie was not as imagined him, he was a she, too late to close the studs, I shook hands and Ronnie led me to a sofa, Lauren noticed my skirt, and smiled as she closed the door.

Ronnie was a little bit older than Lauren was but not as tall, she wore a black jacket fitted, over a white top, and black slacks, she had a long auburn hair falling half way down her body, she was beautiful with almost opaque skin.

Ronnie sat opposite me, and force of habit I crossed my legs, the skirt fell back revealing stocking tops suspenders and black satin panties, I flicked my skirt down, but I had a life of its own it seemed and dropped back again.

Ronnie laughed aloud, “I see you really want this job, and if my father was here today it would already be yours.”

She picked up my CV and read it “Very impressive” she said, “Now, just how much of this is true.”

I asked how she did not think it was all true.

She laughed again, “If it was true, then you wouldn’t need the outfit.”

I admitted that the basics were correct but there was some exaggeration.

Ronnie explained just what the duties would be, there were not looking for typists they had them and more than my 55 words a minute. They needed someone organised who would see that her father was in the right place at the right time. The previous person, Mrs Hope, who had been with the firm for 20 years, had recently had a double tragedy and had left the firm.

So with that she went through my CV again. There was knock on the door, it was Lauren. She came over and sat beside me on the couch, and they both stared at me like they were undressing me with their eyes.

“Well Sarah,” Lauren began when we finished, “How much do you want this position.”

“I’d love to work here.” I said.

Lauren stood up, walked over to the door, and turned the key, “Well I guess you had better show Ronnie and I.”

Lauren was wearing the same as Ronnie except for a mini skirt, which came to mid-thigh.

I stood and walked to Lauren by the door. Reaching her, I danced moving down her body my hands ran down her sides to her legs. I found she wore no stockings or tights, as my hands moved up under her skirt.

I then slowly moved up to her jacket, undoing the buttons. The front opened and I slipped it off her shoulders. My hands travelled up touching the sides of her breasts, until we stood face to face. çapa escort

I turned and unbuttoned my jacket letting it slip off my shoulders to stand in skirt and push-up bra, I reached behind and unzipped my skirt wriggling my hips it dropped to the floor.

I bent at the waist presenting my black laced bum to Lauren. I ran my hands slowly up my legs, as Lauren spanked my proffered bum one hard resounding smack. Straightening I found Ronnie had removed her slacks and jacket, she sat and pulled her top off. She was naked except for white teddy she unsnapped the studs and lifted the lacy material as she opened her legs her fingers found her slit and she ran her fingers up and down her pussy, spreading the moisture dewing from her love hole.

I wanted some of that, so I sank to my knees, and crawled slowly across the carpeted office to worship at Ronnie’s slick pussy. I kissed along each leg, my tongue making small wet circles along her thigh, her sexy aroma filled my nose, I bit the flesh of her inner thigh playfully, and she moaned and tossed her head back her hair tousled.

My hot breath blew on her wet lips and she “Ooohed,” in anticipation of what was to come.

My tongue made first contact, as I felt my bra being unclipped, my boobs bounce free and my panties were tugged over my bum and down to my knees.

Lauren was on her knees behind me, she traced my pussy lightly with her finger. I opened her sister Ronnie’s lips with two fingers to let me lick the nectar seeping from her pussy. I slid 2 fingers up and down between her lips which allowed me to take her large clit between my lips, I ran my tongue over it lightly. Ronnie bucked but I held firm.

Lauren was not idle. She now had three fingers inside me. She was using short shallow thrusts, and randomly deeper than back to short ones, I wriggled my bum and she spanked it, hard stinging spanks, and my bum reddened.

I was both fucker and fuckee between these sisters. My own juices were flowing and I felt them running down my thighs. I looked up at Ronnie as I suckled on her clit her head thrashed from side to side. I smacked her thighs and told her to open them wider, “I want to see your pussy while I finger you.”

Suddenly, Ronnie grabbed my head and pulled me against her wetness, she held her breath, her legs ramrod straight, lifting her ass of the sofa, I flicked my tongue over the sensitive pink clit and was rewarded with girlie cum as Ronnie came hard on my fingers.

Lauren sped up her fingering making me squeal into Ronnie pussy.

“Cum bitch,” she ordered. Lauren pushed three fingers as deep as she could into fındıkzade escort me. My world seemed dizzy and my pussy contracted gripping her fingers and seemed to pull them deeper clinging and relaxing in rapid waves.

My tight asshole pulsed as I came hard on Lauren’s fingers, as the wave after wave slowly subsided I was overcome and weakly I slumped onto the floor as Ronnie released her grip on me.

As I lay there, Lauren stood above me and lowered her wet pussy to my lips, I poked my tongue out as Lauren humped my face, rubbing herself on me.

“Suck me Sarah. Suck my pussy like your job depends on it.”

Instinct took over and two fingers found their way between Lauren’s wet lips. I pumped them in and out alternating speed, depth, twisting, untwisting driving her to an orgasm.

She rubbed her pussy and ass over my mouth and slapped my tits lightly playfully then harder as I worked on her holes. Lauren was in charge.

She twisted my nipples hard treating me like a whore, Ronnie joined in grabbing my head and rubbing my face over Lauren’s pussy.

“Make her cum bitch,” she growled in my ear, the slapping me, to emphasise how much she wanted me to help her sister cum. I was discovering a new thrill for me humiliation.

When I opened my eyes, I could see these sisters were French kissing. Ronnie was twisting and pulling on her sisters nipples, and a finger had snaked down and began to massage Lauren’s clit.

Within a few minutes, Lauren moaned, shuddered and orgasmed on my mouth.

After that, she lifted off my face and lay beside me and kissing me and tasting her own juices and some of her sisters. Our tongues explored each other mouths.

Looking round, I saw Ronnie, was dressed, and was replacing her make-up, as Lauren and I picked up our clothes and got dressed. Finally dressed Lauren and I sat on the sofa, Lauren held my hand and whispered in my ear, and then she bit it and licked my face tasting her pussy on me.

I had to ask, “Do I have the job?”

Ronnie said, “I can’t say yes or no Sarah. It’s my father that does the hiring, if you want the job you will have to come to the house tonight and show him and mother you’re the person they want.”

Lauren spoke, “We’ll be there too of course, it is a family company you know, shall we say 7 o’clock, dress optional.”

“If you’re coming, don’t dare be late, or you will have to be punished. We have a vast array of things to punish you with too.” Ronnie added.

Ronnie gave me her card, kissed me and squeezed my bum.

She whispered, “I hope father hires you. We can have so much fun. You, Lauren and I. Especially when mummy and daddy, have finished with you. Now, get out I’m bored with you, leave the panties and bra,” Lauren smirked.

I couldn’t wait to see what kind of interview their parents put me through.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32