My Internet Lover Ch. 2

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After kissing passionately, our bodies pressed tightly together. You take me by the hand and lead me to the bathroom. Where you begin filling the tub with hot water. The steam begins to fill the room. Making our bodies hotter. You stand behind me take my long blonde hair into your hands and pull it away from my neck. Whispering in my ear, telling me how badly you want to fuck me. Your goatee rubbing against my neck, sending chills down my spine.

You help me into the tub. And you sit on the edge and watch as I slide down into the hot water. I can see your cock starting to harden. I reach my hand out and lightly touch it. Your cock twitches at my touch.

You rise to your feet. And slide into the tub behind me. I lean back, resting my head on your chest. I can feel your cock pressing against my back. You begin carressing my shoulders, my arms. I reach my hand up and run it over your head. I love the feeling of your rough hair. Even more I like the contrast in our skin colors. I turn my head as you gently kiss my cheek.

Your hands still carressing my arms. Your fingertips brush against the sides of ağrı escort my breast. You rest your chin on my shoulder, and we just watch as your dark brown hands glide over my pale white skin. Making my nipples grow harder to your touch. Your hands start to glide over my belly. And down to my thick thighs. Moving closer to my inner thighs. You lift my leg and place it on the edge of the tub. Giving you better access to my shaved pussy. As you kiss my neck, shoulders and cheek. Your hand finds my pussy lips. Making me moan. And raise my hips to meet your hand. I’m so turned on I can’t wait to cum again for you. Your kisses become harder, longer. I say “Papis, I really need to feel your cock inside me.”

With out replying, you get me to my knees. Placing my hands on the edge of the tub. You tease me. Running your hands along my back. Lean forward feeling my nipples. I can feel your hard cock pressing against my bottom. You whisper “Mami, seeing my dark brown hand on your body makes me so hot”

I Say ” Just fuck me, please.” With that you take your hand slide it between my legs. aksaray escort Running your fingertips between my pussy lips. You feel my wetness. And ask ” How bad do you want me?” I tell you ” Bad, now just fuck me!” You decide to tease me by positioning yourself behind me. The head of your cock barely touching my pussy. I move back against you. You pull away. And move closer. Finally, just easing the head in. And holding it there. Moving your hips slightly. Then slowly, inch by inch you enter me. My juices covering your shaft. You place your hands on my hips and begin slowly pumping into me. Slowly pulling all the way out. The quickly slamming back in. Faster. Harder. Making me feel every inch of you. I begin thrusting back, meeting your thrusts. You extend your hand and wrap it thru my hair, pulling my head back. Sending me over the edge. I begin cumming, screaming, “yes papis! Fuck me harder”. My pussy throbbing on your cock as I cum. With one final thrust, your cock buried deep inside me you cum. Filling my pussy.

Exhausted, you sit back in the tub. And pull me back onto you. amasya escort You wrap your arms around my waist, kiss me lovingly on the cheek. And we fall asleep in the tub.

After sleeping briefly, you wake me. Suggesting that we go to bed. You help me from the tub, wrap a towel around me. I follow you to your room. You sit on the edge of the bed. I stand between your legs. Looking in to your eyes. I can see the lust in them. I let the towel drop to the floor. Move my body closer to yours. Your hands find my breast. I pull away. And tell you to lay on the bed. Once there I climb in bed with you. Straddling your face. I lower my pussy onto your waiting mouth. You begin to devour me. I take your cock into my hand and begin sucking it, hard. Wanting you to cum fast. I press my lips tight on the shaft as I go down, and tighter as I come back up. My hand massaging your balls as I did. With your tongue working magic on my pussy. I begin grinding harder on your face. Cumming, my juices covering your face.

I take your cock from my mouth and begin stroking it. Feeling it tighten, I stroke harder. Faster. Making you cum, shooting it on my face. I turn around and sit on your chest. And let you watch as I scoop the cum from my face and suck my fingers clean. You pull me down and kiss me. “That was awesome” you say. You wrap your arm around me as I lay my head on your shoulder. Drifting to sleep again

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32