My Husband’s Date

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“Come on Rex, Jimmy, Alice’ waiting already!”

“Wait up, I need to tie down Jimmy’s shoes! Dad?”

“I’ll tie them up, go to your Papa.”


It took a while but finally my sons got their act together and bundled up into Alice and Bruce’ car, and off they go for their weekend with my sister. It was the high point of their holidays, playing army and camping with their cousins, all of whom were close to their age, well except for Simon, a lanky sixteen year old. I watched the car trundle off into the distance. Rex was six, and Jimmy Jr was four and a half. It seemed only yesterday they were babies, and now they were off conquering made-up countries.

Suddenly I felt cold. Rex and Jimmy Jr were gone for the weekend, and now that left me and Jim. And Jim was going to collect on his promise – my promise – this weekend. I felt… delirious, like the time when I had to much coffee and could not for the life of me calm down, my heart palpitating like drums from deep inside a cave, palms sweaty and cold and clammy, feeling like standing at the precipice of a cliff, with only a hair separating me from the unknown.

I felt a warm hand tap on my shoulder. I turned and looked into the warm eyes of my husband who was smiling, perhaps aware of my whirling emotions. He was so handsome to me, my beloved husband, the man who took me, warts and all, and made me his, and gave me two beautiful sons whom I loved more than life itself. Funny saying that, how things turned out, why we were in this… predicament.

“Are you okay?” he whispered, still smiling.

“I am, just a bit nervous that’s all.”

“Nervous is good. Nervous means you care.”

“I do.” I kissed his hand, the hand that carried his ring. “Does it have to be… you know, him?”

His smile was unwavering. “You know it does. Then it will be fair. Now, be a good boy and help me dress.”

It was funny business dressing your husband for his date. I determined to present hd porno him as handsome as possible, so that his date would seethe in the fact that after everything, at the end he would come back to me. Though now watching as my husband adjusted the cuffs of his dress shirt I wasn’t so sure.

Jim took a look at me and smiled again. “Do you think I look good babe?”

“You look like a million bucks. My husband.” Unbidden, tears came to my eyes.

“Oh baby, now you look like Jimmy Jr after a bath.” He held me in his arms. For a while I was transported back to that beach in Miami where he proposed to me, and we slow danced on the porch of our chalet as the glimmering sun set. His words afterwards were plain truth, and without venom. “You brought this on yourself.”

Those words calmed me, enough that when he went out the door of our house I kept my mouth shut and my eyes dry. I faced it like a man. My father, rest in peace, would have been proud of the son he raised. I took another moment to compose myself, took out the good wine, poured a glass, and waited in the dark of the kitchen.

They came back just after midnight. I heard them bustling at the threshold, giggling, moaning, whispering. And the wet sounds of deep, soul-searing kisses. And something else, of fingers running around a wet orifice. I shut my eyes. Darkness overwhelmed me, and I opened them back again. If I concentrate hard enough I could make out the words they were saying.

“Mmm, where’s your husband? And your babies?”

“Away. We’re safe here.”

“Mmm. I like that.”

“You’re so fucking wet.”

“It’s all your fault. I can feel your cum dripping out since we came out of the restaurant.”

“Fuck man, I love that you’re so wet from my cum. Let’s take this upstairs.”

“Fuck yeah.”

I blinked again. I was unaware that I had stopped blinking my eyes all through their words. My eyes felt dry, as if on the verge of crying japon porno again. No. I took another sip of the wine as my husband and his date climbed the stairs to our room, to our bed.

I waited. I lurked in the darkness, coiled and ready. They were not quiet, in fact the sounds of their coupling permeated through our house, bed-humping echoing in the dark. I took a look at the wall clock. 1.45 a.m. My husband really had stamina to spare tonight.

Finally at 2.15 a.m. the sounds quietened down. I believed it was safe. I trotted out and up the stairs on stockinged feet, turned round the corner and took a peek inside our room. To my amazement they were still deep in fucking, his date’s round bountiful lily-white ass pressed to my husband’s crotch like his life depended on it, slowly undulating in the motions of sex, of blissful sensational sex. He was lying on top of my husband, their bodies fused together. The shadows of their bodies ran on the ceiling from the bedside light. My husband’s face was lifted upwards, his warm brown eyes dilated even from this distance, clearly in an alpha mode, in a primal zone of fucking a delicious ass. Then my husband’s blond lover turned to face the door, his eyes closed in the ecstasy of having my husband’s substantial cock up his asshole.

I remembered our talks, our conversations over many brunches. He loved brunch, it was the rich boy side of him that he reined in and toned down whenever my husband joined us. It was not missed by me, the longing looks, the lingering touches, the gentle brushes. And worse: my husband knew, too, and cultivated it. He said it made him feel young again, having someone like my friend fancying him. It took me a few weeks to gather up the courage to ask him for my – our – proposition. It was a relief when he said yes, even though the alacrity with which he said his agreement could have been a tad less conspicuous. And now there they were, having sex – no, lezbiyen porno making love on the bed I slept on every night.

“Fuck Kenny, your ass is so goddamn tight.”

“Mmm, I know.”

“I forgot how a young ass felt like, so long since I’ve had one as tight as yours.”

“Fuck, you say the sweetest things.”

“Oh yeah? How about this?” My husband whispered something in Kenny’s ear. He laughed, then moaned.

“Fuck daddy, you’re so deep inside me, you’re fucking me everywhere, mess me up, come again up my ass!”

“Your wish is my command.” With that pronouncement my husband began to pick up the speed and the power of his thrusts. Kenny’s moans grew louder as my husband’s cock bore even deeper into his asshole. Finally, finally, they reached the inevitable peak as my husband groaned aloud and released his cum into Kenny’s anal chute. That would make it anyone’s guess how many times he had came tonight, and judging from the amount of semen running down Kenny’s perineum, there were plenty.

“Fuck, Jim, I’m cumming up dry,” Kenny murmured, his hand clutching at his cock. “I’m cumming up dust, that’s the first time that happens.”

“I take that as a compliment.”

“It is, it is,” Kenny turned and kissed my husband on the lips. The prodigal couple uncoupled, and a rush of semen ran out and dripped – drop drop – onto the sheets, my sheets, creating a huge wet spot. Kenny didn’t seem to mind though, and kept kissing Jim. I turned away and went into the baby room, Rex and Jimmy Jr’s room, where their old cot was still in the corner.

I took a whiff of their sheet; it smelt of lavender, our favorite scent. Tears threaten to come but I willed them away. Next room it seemed Kenny was deepthroating Jim based on the gurgling sounds. Fuck. I knew I should be mad, I should be angry, but it was true: I had brought this on myself. I looked down. My erection was tenting my pants. Jim was moaning, calling Kenny’s name. I drew down my zipper, took out my cock and masturbated to the sounds of Kenny giving my husband a blowjob. I knew Jim still had one in his cock so I timed my release to his. Finally Jim yelled his pleasure as he came into Kenny’s ready mouth, and I into my hand. Fuck fuck fuck.

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