My Husband Pimped Me Out

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Married life was wretched for me. Jake had big plans but he was too feckless to make a success of anything. He had lots of get-rich-quick schemes but somehow it was always the other guy that got rich. We just seemed to get poorer. I got a job in a hairdressers as soon as Tina went to school so we had a bit of money coming in. I worked hard and enrolled in night school and soon I landed a better job as a rep for a hair products company. By the time I was thirty I was running my own business with three beauty salons.

By that time Jake was completely useless. He drank, he whored around and he’d developed a worrying gambling habit. He’d never been much use in bed and he hadn’t touched me for five years. I was happy though. At fifteen Tina was delightful. She doted on her useless father but treated me more like a big sister. So when she went into her rebellious teenager stage he got the worst of it. When she came out of it at seventeen she and I were best friends. The business was still growing nicely and we were comfortably well off — or so I believed.

People said we looked like twins — shameless flattery of course — but we did look very similar. Same 5′ 5″ height, same 34:27:36 figure, same perky C cup breasts, very similar oval face and green eyes — my chin is a bit more pointy. Tina’s hair is very pale gold where mine is more red-gold.

I was very surprised when Jake and I were invited to a posh day at the races by one of his ‘business contacts’. He rarely even talked to me anymore so I couldn’t imagine why he’d included me instead of one of his regular tarts. When we got to the racecourse we were shown up to a suite in the main stand overlooking the race course. There was a huge security guy standing in front of the door. He examined our tickets and opened the door. As we walked into the suite a handsome guy walked up to greet us. He took both my hands and said “You must be Mary. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you!” He ignored Jake completely.

Jake wandered off to the bar while the good looking charmer put his arm around my waist and led me to the other end of the room. A waitress came by with champagne and my new escort took two. As we sipped and chatted I was more relaxed than I had been for months. I wondered how Jake could have swung a jolly like this?

After half an hour and another glass of champagne I was actually feeling happy. Then Richard — my host — said “Before the races start there’s something I need to discuss with you. Would you step into the office?”.

“Of course.” I said, oblivious to the undertone in his voice.

He escorted me to a door a few feet away and we entered an office/bedroom. He closed the door behind us and went to the desk. He picked up a sheet of paper and handed it to me. It was Jake’s gambling account. He owed £653,761.74.

I staggered back and sat heavily on the bed.

I looked at him. “How could this happen? How could you let him be so stupid! You must have known he couldn’t possibly pay it back!”

He explained: “His debt to us was less than half of that. When I found that he’d been betting with six other syndicates I began to realise how deep he was in. He has no credit left anywhere in this country and he’s been blacklisted by all the online outfits. He’s a gambling addict though. He will find a way to bet again. I bought his depts off the others at 50p in the pound.”

“Why have you brought me here?”

“To offer you and your daughter a way out. He has signed over your house and your business to me but he’s still short.”

I felt light-headed and my heart was beating wildly. I started to shake uncontrollably and things started to grey out. I wanted to cry but some how couldn’t get my breath.

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I was in the bed. My shoes had gone but otherwise I was still dressed. Richard was sitting in an arm chair by the bed, watching me. I started to cry.

Richard knelt by the bed and held me until I stopped crying.

“What do you want of me? Are you going to take everything I’ve worked so hard for?”

He squeezed slightly and kissed my forehead. “There’s worse to come yet.”

“What else could he possibly do to me?”

“He’s promised that after we have taken everything you own you will pay the remaining debt to the syndicate with your body.”

I stiffened and fought free of his grip. “He couldn’t! He wouldn’t do that to me! He is completely useless but he loves me! And our daughter!”

Richard stood and walked to the TV. He turned it on and returned with the remote. He played the video. There was no doubt, Jake had sold me — and our daughter — to this man and his associates. It was a long, rambling, cringing display of cowardice. Some bits will stay in my memory for a long time.

“The millstone is a useless shag really. No real sense of cock. But her cunt is still tight and her body’s ok if you like ’em skinny. The kid’s the same but she hasn’t lost her cherry yet so you can break her in for me.”

He was eyüp escort wrong of course. Tina gave her virginity to a sweet boy named David the year before. She’d told me what she was planning and I made sure she was properly prepared. On the night Jake was away somewhere and I was next door in my bedroom. They were so happy and the next morning she was radiant. David was so solicitous and proud as a peacock — as he had every right to be. It’s not often a young boy gets to pluck a cherry as sweet as Tina’s. That relationship lasted a year but she still talks very fondly of David.

But I didn’t say any of that to Richard.

“I am not responsible for his gambling debts and my daughter is certainly not!”

“Legally you might have a point. But by the time we’ve been through the courts you won’t have any business left. You can’t fight me and work at the same time. And Chrissie will suffer badly. She won’t get to university — if she’s lucky she’ll end up stacking shelves.”

“She hates being called Chrissy.” I said absently. “What do you want of me?” If I had to have sex with this man to protect my daughter then so be it but he wasn’t touching Tina!

“If you’ll spend a week with me at my house in Crete I’ll pay all his debts. You’ll keep your house and your business.”

I thought for a while. This was too good to be true. But how could I keep Tina out of Jake’s hands while I was away? And how could I stop him running up more debts while I was away?

Richard waited patiently while I thought it over.

“Well? What do you think?” He smiled. “I’m not that repulsive!”

He was in fact very attractive. If he’d tried to sweep me off my feet he’d probably have met with little resistance.

“I can’t possibly be worth that much to you.”

He shrugged. “The money’s not important to me. I have to demonstrate that he’s lost everything or every bum is going to try it on.”

“So you have to have me?”

“I have to have it all. You, the house, the business… and the daughter. I have to be seen to have won everything. But I’m offering to give it all back to you when the dust has settled.”

He sat quietly while I thought it all through.

“OK. I’ll come with you and you can do what you wan’t to me. And you can keep the house and the business — I’ve done it once, I can do it again — but you can’t have my daughter. If you try I’ll fight you through the courts and make it as messy and public as I can. You might win in the courts but I’ll win in the media. And you still won’t have Christine.”

“It’s her birthday next week. She’ll be an adult. You’ve brought her up to take responsibility. You are an outstanding mother. You’ve mentored her though every major event in her life but still insisted that she make all the decisions. Shouldn’t you let Christine have a say?”

“You can’t! You can’t tell her! She worships her father! You can’t destroy that. You can have me body and soul but please don’t tell Tina!”

“I’m sorry but it’s too late. She’s read a copy of that statement and she’s watching his video as we speak. She knows what he’s done and she knows he’s sold you both.”

“You bastard!” I started to cry again.

“Christine is stronger than you think. I believe you’ll both be joining me in Crete.”

He gave me a few minutes to regain control.

“I’ll give you and Christine a month to decide, I can keep the wolves at bay for that long. In the mean time — whatever you decide — my lawyers are at your disposal for your upcoming divorce. Or for anything else you want for that matter. There’s a bathroom through there so you can get cleaned up. Join me next door when you’re ready and we’ll enjoy the rest of the day.”

He smiled and moved to the door.

“This will work out for you and your daughter — I’m very impressed by you both.”

He left and closed the door.

Five weeks later we landed at Chania airport. There was a limousine waiting at the vip gate to drive us across the island. Tina was now eighteen and had allowed no argument. I knew that when we got to Richard’s house he was going to fuck us both. I was so unprepared for what really happened.

The limo drove us to Sougia and out on to the quay. We were escorted to a luxurious boat. We boarded and put to sea. After two hours steaming East along the coast we approached a seemingly virgin cliff that dropped sheer to the water. In fact there was a hidden sea-cave at the base of the cliff leading to a long tunnel that opened up into a spacious boat-house deep in the mountain. We were shown to an elevator that whizzed us up to the top of the cliff.

The ‘house’ as Richard had called it was as big as some luxury hotels. It was almost completely hidden inside the cliff. The only outward signs were a small helicopter pad on the top of the cliff and a floor to ceiling panoramic window that spanned the whole of the central floor. It was set back from the cliff face so that it was barely visible from the sea. A deep balcony of polished stone ended in esenler escort an unfenced edge. We were given a huge suite looking out across the Libyan sea. Tina sunbathed nude on the shelf with the dizzying drop at her heels.

There was a handwritten letter from Richard addressed to us both.

We had a week to ourselves. The full staff were at our disposal including chefs, housemaids, dressmakers, beauticians and Amina.

Amina was a strikingly beautiful fifty-something asian woman who announced herself as our house mother. She gave us a brief cv — she’d been a professional courtesan (as she put it) since her late teens and had done ‘everything possible with every sort of partner’ for almost forty years. Her job was to prepare us for the big party.

There were to be twelve guests at the big party plus Richard and we would both be fully available for all activities to all guests for three days. After which we would be free to stay for ‘a few weeks or so’ and then transported to any destination we chose.

It was pretty much according to the contract that we’d negotiated with Richard’s solicitors. I realised now why my solicitor (supplied by Richard) kept hinting about the need to ‘limit the scope’. Naively it hadn’t occurred to me that there’d be anyone there other than Richard.

The next shock was when Amina told us that we would certainly be required to perform together and that we should get some practice. I was mystified but Tina wasn’t fazed.

She leaned towards me “She means we have to make love to each other.”

“NO! We’ve never done anything sexual with women and never would! And she’s my daughter!”

Tina pressed her left breast into my arm. “What’s this ‘we’?” I looked at her, shocked. She was gazing into my eyes. “Mother it’s the most wonderful thing. You’ll love the way I make you feel. I know how your body works — it’s just like mine.”

I ran to the bedroom that we’d been sharing and locked myself in. Moments later the door was unlocked from the outside and Tina walked in. She stood in front of me as I sat on the bed and opened the kimono that was her only garment.

I’d seen her naked many times of course — she was never shy about her body in my presence. But this was different! With her glowing tan and freshly waxed body she looked like a Cretan goddess. The unmistakable expression of desire on her face was indecent. The silk hung on her elbows for a moment and then whispered to the floor.

“Look at me mother. Desire me. Let me teach you what ‘that’ man never could.” I ran out of the room.

I spent the rest of the day trying to deny the evidence of my constantly wet vagina. When Amina stripped off her clothes and lay on her back I tried to look away. But Tina held my gaze while she lowered her knees to the rug on either side of the woman’s head and lowered her vulva to Amina’s lips.

A sudden stab of jealousy let me know that I was lost. That night I would be sleeping with my daughter — if she actually let me sleep.

My first taste of my daughter’s pussy gave me a small orgasm. The only time I’d tasted pussy before was when my husband had forced me to clean his cock after he’d fucked me. I was well used the acrid taste of his semen — he often used to cum in my mouth — but I had been able to detect the feint taste of my vagina underneath. It was not very exciting. I never thought anything about it really. I was stoical about the cum in my mouth and that was all.

Tina’s was like nectar. So sweet and exotic. I could have licked her all day. Amina coached me in how to gently suck and lap Tina’s clitoris and she had a series of huge orgasms that left us both breathless.

Then they insisted it was my turn. I was so embarrassed. I hid my head under the pillow as I felt Tina’s breath on my pussy. She needed no instruction. She was either a natural or was very practiced. I tried hard not to cum but the resistance just made the end even more shattering when it — when I — came. The most wonderful orgasm of my life. It surpassed my most vivid fantasies. And the taste of my pussy on Tina’s lips as she tenderly kissed me really was just like hers — sweet, spicy, delicious.

I slept in her arms that night dreaming of the ‘guests’ that would arrive the following day.

At midday the following day Amina answered the phone in our apartment.

“Richard would like to come and visit you. Please make yourselves decent ladies. He will be here in thirty minutes.”

I was a bit surprised that he’d asked permission. We were all three dressed in silk kimonos and hadn’t bothered with the belts. I had spent the morning having lessons from Amina and Tina and had had several orgasms including what Amina called the ‘circle of fire’ where we lay in a circle each with our cheek on the next woman’s thigh.

It seemed odd to be dressing for a visit by the man who’d be fucking us all in a couple of hours.

Tina and me dressed conservatively in knee-length skirts and cashmere sweaters. şişli escort I had never worn street clothes without underwear before. It was exhilarating.

When Richard entered he kissed us all in turn. Amina then me. Tina danced up to him and held his upper arms as he held her close and kissed her cheek.

“Hello Richard. Thank you for giving us a chance to escape from this mess.”

“You’re welcome Christine. I’m so glad you understand.” He looked at the three of us. “Are you ready ladies? Your men will be ready for you at six.”

Amina said “We are at your service my love.” and bowed her head.

By six o’clock we were plucked, perfumed and very, very horny. Dressed in cashmere kilts, white hold-up stockings and 4″ red patent heels. With a hint of eye shadow and scarlet lipstick. Our hair trailed over our naked breasts as we walked slowly into the room.

The twelve men sat in large overstuffed leather armchairs in a horseshoe. In the middle was a large circular futon style mattress with a silk covering. Taking our lead from Amina we kicked off our heels and walked to the centre of the mattress. There was no sign of Richard.

I looked around at the men. I estimated that they ranged in age from early 40s to 70 or so. A couple were a bit overweight but none were obese. A couple were rail thin. They were variously dressed.

As we stood and waited the door opened and Richard walked in.

“Good evening gentlemen.” He bowed to us: “Ladies.”

“This evening we will enjoy Amina, whom some of you have met before. Mary” He indicated me. “and Christine.”

“Treat them well gentlemen — you all know the rules.”

“Charles.” He nodded towards one of the older men. “I’d like to ask you to watch for a while if that’s OK?” Charles nodded his assent.

“And Stephen I’d like you to begin the proceedings if that’s OK with everyone?” Nods all round.

“Then I wish you all a pleasant evening.” And he turned and left!

One of the younger men stood up and walked to the edge of the futon.

“Ladies.” He said and started to remove his clothes.

Again following Amina’s lead we knelt in a circle. Stephen finished undressing and walked between us, facing Amina. She took his semi-hard cock in her hands and lifted it to her mouth. She placed the head on her tongue and I watched as it swelled. He was fully hard now and she began to suck him steadily. Holding his cock in her left hand and cupping his balls with her right. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock and he twitched a little. She sucked him in deep. He must be right at the back of her throat I thought. She sucked him for another minute or so and then passed his cock to me.

It was only the second penis I’d ever seen up close. It was uncut, quite long and thin compared to Jake. I took it in both hands as Stephen turned to face me. I took it in my mouth and sucked on it. I had always hated sucking Jake’s. He was so rough about it. Stephen though was patient and let me take my time. He tasted very different from Jake — not at all unpleasant. I started to suckle on his cock. I was quite content.

Then I felt a nudge from Tina. “Don’t be greedy. I want some too!” There was a smattering of laughter from the men. I passed the cock. As Stephen turned towards Tina she took his cock in her mouth, clasped her hands behind her back and pushed forward until his cock was completely buried inside her. She had her back and neck arched and her shoulders thrust forwards. I realised that she must have swallowed his cock like a sword swallower. I’d heard of it of course but I never thought I’d actually see my daughter deep-throat a penis. He started to thrust in and out quite slowly. Tina started to match his thrusts, her hands still behind her back. Her breasts thrust forward and jiggling.

I watched in awe as my daughter accomplished feats I’d never dreamt of. Suddenly Stephen started to moan. He thrust in hard and held his cock deep in her throat. I could see her throat working as she milked his cock. He was shooting his cum into her. After a moment she pulled back and wanked the last of his cum into her mouth. She stood and turned to face the men. They were now all naked except Charles. She dribbled some of Stephen’s cum on to her breasts and rubbed it in. Amina stood and kissed Tina on the mouth a deep French kiss. I still knelt on the mattress, my head spinning.

Stephen went back to his chair as ten rampant cocks moved towards us.

One of the men knelt beside me. “I’m Harry.” He was middle aged and a bit podgy.

I said “How do you want me?”

“On your back please.”

I lay back and opened my legs. My kilt bunched up around my waist. He knelt between my thighs and lifted my knees. I took his cock in my hand and guided it to the lips of my pussy. The third cock I’d held in my hand. The second ever to enter me. He was longer and fatter than Jake. Without hurry he steadily pushed into me. I was overcome with emotion as I made my first payment of Jake’s debts. He fucked briskly and steadily for what seemed ages. I looked around me. Tina had four! She’d one in her mouth, one fucking her from behind and one in each hand! Amina was bouncing on one and sucking two alternately. The other two guys were watching and waiting.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32