My House is Your House Pt. 02

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I rolled over in bed, reaching for Jake as the sun peeked through the curtains. His arms wrapped around me as I nuzzled my face into his neck. “Good morning,” I whispered. He kissed me and ran his hands down to grab my ass. I could feel his morning wood pressing against my belly. “Do you smell coffee?”

“Yep, Alyssa’s probably up already.” He said, pulling me closer.

“I am.” Alyssa said, walking into the bedroom carrying a tray with three cups of coffee. She set the tray down on the bedside table and crawled into bed with us, wearing nothing but a short t-shirt. She nestled against my back, and I felt her smooth legs intertwining with mine and Jake’s.

Alyssa had been staying with us for three weeks. Three unforgettable weeks that I hoped would turn into six, maybe twelve. I didn’t see myself tiring of our living arrangements anytime soon. We cooked together, cleaned together, shopped together, and fucked Jake together. While I had fantasized about watching Jake with someone else, I hadn’t been sure I could do it without jealousy until I saw him kiss Alyssa. I enjoyed it, I didn’t feel a touch of jealousy when I saw them touching or kissing. It still surprised me.

Jake reached out to run his hand down Alyssa’s arm. I rubbed my body against Jake’s erection, my ass against Alyssa’s groin. She pressed closer to me still. I pushed Jake onto his back and straddled his body, his cock teasing my clit. I smiled at Alyssa, who slipped her t-shirt over her head, letting her huge breasts free. She grabbed Jake’s hand and guided it between her legs, using his fingers to masturbate. Jake’s eyes roamed over her body, then mine, as I came down on his cock fast, wanting him to fill me up. He groaned as I moved up and down, leaning forward and back until he hit my gspot again and again. Glancing at Alyssa I saw her watching us and she used Jake’s hand to rub faster and faster. We orgasmed at almost the same time, both crying out in pleasure. Jake pulled me down and held me close with one arm, his other hand now wrapped in Alyssa’s.

I slowly slid to Jake’s other side, so he was in the middle. Alyssa cuddled up to him. “What time do you have to be at work, Rose?” She asked.

“Eight thirty. I probably need to hop in the shower. Thanks for the coffee.” I rolled off the side of the bed and walked around to where the coffee sat, still hot. I reached for my mug and then walked toward the attached bath. I could hear Alyssa and Jake talking as I ran the shower and brushed the tangles out of my hair.

I stepped into the hot shower, shampooed and conditioned my hair, then lathered up my body and shaved my legs. I imagined Jake and Alyssa in bed and smiled. I was thrilled that they had grown so close over the last few weeks, and it hasn’t affected my marriage negatively at all. In fact, my marriage felt stronger than it ever had. Jake and I were closer than ever. I rinsed off, turned off the water, and reached for my towel.

After toweling off my hair and body, I walked naked back into the bedroom to find Alyssa on her stomach, ass in the air, as Jake pounded her from behind. She was moaning in obvious pleasure. I was immediately wet again. I leaned against the wall to watch, reaching down to touch myself again. Jake slammed into her and leaned his body hard against her as he came. I watched his face as he orgasmed, his eyes closed, and felt another orgasm rocking my body as I struggled not to slide down the wall. Jake and Alyssa were rolling onto their side, spooning, as I finished and stood up with shaky legs. “God, you two are hot.” I said, as I walked toward the closet to get dressed.

As I emerged from the closet, Alyssa sat up, and reached for the two remaining cups of coffee, handing one to Jake. She leaned against the headboard, still naked, her large breasts on display. Jake sat up as well, taking a sip from his mug. “What are your plans for the day?” I asked them.

“I’m off today, so I told Alyssa I would take her apartment hunting. Most of the better places sıhhiye escort have waiting lists, so I thought she could tour a bunch of them, and then get on the waiting list for the ones she likes best.” Jake told me.

“Yeah, and I have my second interview today for that salon I was telling you about, Blaze. If I get that open chair I can start as early as next week. It’s high end clientele, too. I could afford pretty much any apartment I want once I build up a client list.” Alyssa is a professional cosmetologist. She has been hoping to land a job at a high end salon, renting her own chair. She would have the freedom to set her own schedule, which would allow her to work as little or as much as she wanted to.

“Good luck. If they are asking you back for a second interview, that has to be good news. I’m kind of hoping the wait list is long for those apartments though. I love having you here.” I told her, as I finished dressing and slipped my shoes on.

“Yeah, me too. I have two of the most beautiful women in my house and in my bed. I don’t know how I got so lucky.” Jake chuckled as he set his coffee cup on the nightstand and walked naked toward the bathroom door. Neither Alyssa or I could take our eyes off him. The shower started again, and Alyssa rose from the bed.

“I love you guys. I don’t want to leave either. This whole situation is perfect for me.” She walked toward me and leaned in to kiss me. The kiss was slow and deep, and long. I kissed her back, and wrapped my arms around her waist. We didn’t usually mess around without Jake, so this was new, but nice.

“I have to leave for work. I wish I could be with you guys today.” I said, pulling away and reaching for my bag.

“Me too. I’m going to go jump in the shower, too. As much as I want to stay here, apartment hunting is fun. Love you! See you tonight!” She said, as she walked toward the bathroom to shower with Jake.

Reluctantly, I turned to leave, imagining them together in the shower and wishing I could join them.

* * * * * * *


I heard the shower door slide open and closed behind me as I rinsed my face under the running water. Arms encircled my waist, and I felt Alyssa’s breasts pressing into my back and her hands slid over my stomach, reaching down to lightly brush my penis. I turned to face her, wiping the water from my eyes. “Hey, you want under the water?” I pulled her close and spun her around under the spray. She leaned her head back, wetting her long hair. I felt myself getting hard again, still pressed against her.

I never could have imagined this happening in my wildest dreams. Rose had always been so shy and quiet. She had told me once or twice that she’d always thought it would be hot to watch me with someone else, but I thought of it more in terms of fantasy than reality. The last three weeks have been wild. It started off as sex as a threesome a few times during the first week, then Rose had told us she was fine with Alyssa and I having sex without her around as well, as long as we didn’t hide it or lie about it. She actually enjoyed hearing that we had messed around on our own. And now here I was, showering with Alyssa while Rose walked out the door for work. I might be the luckiest guy on the planet.

Alyssa pressed against me as she shampooed her hair. I ran my hands through the suds sliding down her breasts, and leaned in to kiss her again. She reached out and ran her fingers through my hair, pulling my face to hers. My member pressed between her legs, and she started to rub against me. I lifted her up, her legs wrapping around my body, as I slid inside her again. I pushed her against the wall of the shower and drove into her again and again. She moaned and tried to find the leverage she needed to grind against me. I moved slowly in and out, until she cried out as she came. I set her down again, letting her find her footing before turning her into the shower spray again. She leaned back, rinsing her hair tandoğan escort as I reached down to finish myself off while watching Alyssa. Thick ropes of cum covered her belly as I came. She kissed me chastely one more time before reaching for a loofa, and covering it in body wash. She washed herself first, while I watched, then began running to loofa over my body as I shampooed my hair. We took turns rinsing off, and I turned off the water and handed her a towel.

“So breakfast first, then apartments? Want to eat here or go out?” Alyssa asked as she brushed her hair and twisted it into a sloppy wet bun.

“Let’s go out.” I replied, walking into the bedroom to find some clothes. Alyssa followed me out, heading for her room to get dressed herself.

* * * * * * *


Apartment hunting with Jake was a blast. After a big breakfast, we viewed 4 different apartment complexes. All 4 were beautiful, with pools, and landscaping, wonderful floor plans, and new appliances. I had put my name on two of the waitlists. One waitlist was about three months out, the other one six. I wasn’t itching to move out, though. Living with Rose and Jake felt like home.

After my first night there, I was slightly nervous. We had all been pretty drunk on the first occasion, and the next morning I wasn’t quite sure how to act. I had come out of my room the next morning to find Jake in his boxers and Rose in her skimpy nightgown, drinking coffee. I sat down, still in my pajamas, and said, “Soooo…last night.”

“Was amazing, Rose said. “I mean it, Lys, it was hot. I have honestly always been turned on by the thought of watching Jake with someone else. And yes, I’m sure, and no, I’m not jealous, so you don’t have to worry. I want this. I talked to Jake about it last night in bed, too. Don’t feel weird, or worry about me. If something bothers me, I will speak up. But I meant what I said. My house is your house, and I want you to feel at home here, with me and with Jake. Okay?” Rose grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

“Yeah, okay. And Jake, you want this arrangement too?” I asked him.

“Two beautiful women? Of course I do. I’m still a little shocked about it all, but yeah, it’ll be fun.” He replied.

And just like that we fell into a routine. I didn’t mind if took six months for an apartment to open up. Six more months of amazing sex with two people I adored? That wouldn’t be too bad, would it?

I had spent the afternoon at a job interview, followed by celebratory shopping. I walked into the front door, dropping my keys on the entryway table. “Hello?” I called, walking toward the living room to find Jake and Rose cuddled on the couch. “I got the job! I start Monday!”

“Lys, that’s great! Jake told me about the apartments you looked at, too. What do you say we celebrate?” Rose said. “Let’s go out.”

“Sure! Just let me change into something a little nicer.” I walked into my bedroom, throwing my bag onto the bed and heading for the closet. I pulled out a sundress, and quickly changed, then went to the bathroom to let down my hair and freshen my makeup.

By 7:30 we were seated at a table on the beach. I slipped off my sandals and dug my toes into the warm sand. Jake and Rose had brought me to a new bar and grill that had recently opened. Jake and Rose were seated across from me at the table as we sipped our drinks and waited for our food. Jake smiled at me and I felt his bare feet against mine. We played footsie under the table like a couple of teenagers while his right arm pulled Rose to his side. I ran my foot further up Jake’s inner thigh.

The waiter was walking our way with a tray. As he set the dishes on our table, my eyes met Rose’s across the table and she grinned mischievously, grabbing my toes as they reached Jake’s crotch. She rubbed my foot around slowly and I could feel Jake shifting as he grew hard. The waiter was oblivious to our under-the-table play. He asked us if he could bring us anything tunalı escort else, then turned to go.

Rose reached for her food and smiled, lowering her voice so no one could overhear. “After we finish here I think we should take a walk down the beach toward the pier.” I knew she had more in mind than a walk, and I grinned at Jake.

* * * * * *


Jake had told me about the shower I had missed that morning, and I was wet just thinking about it. As we ate dinner, we chatted about the apartments they had seen, Alyssa hinting that she and Jake had flirted and messed around in some of the apartments.

I finished my drink, excited for our walk on the beach. As Jake paid the bill, I grabbed Alyssa’s hand, pulling her with me to the restrooms. “The beach won’t be too busy this time of year,” I whispered, “I want to find a secluded spot so we can have some fun. I want to watch you suck Jake’s dick.”

“As long as you will be a lookout. I don’t want to get arrested!” She laughed. We finished and headed back toward the beach. Jake was leaning against the rail at the edge of the bar, waiting for us.

I held Alyssa’s hand as we walked past him, smiling over my shoulder to see him following us down towards the water. We turned south and headed toward the pier, Jake catching up to us and squeezing in the middle, wrapping one arm around my waist and one around Alyssa’s. I turned to kiss him lightly on the cheek. Alyssa giggled as Jake’s hand found her ass and squeezed.

The pier loomed ahead in the darkness, and I let go to run ahead. As I reached the pilings, walked underneath and turned to see Alyssa and Jake jogging toward me, still holding hands. The area around us was deserted, the only people I could see looked small in the distance. I wrapped my arms around Jake and kissed him long and hard, feeling his strong hands on my lower back, and drifting lower. I reached for Alyssa and pulled her to my side, grabbing her hand slipping it between me and Jake. Then I broke away and pulled them both deeper under the pier.

“Kiss him.” I demanded and stepped back to watch as Alyssa wrapped her arms around Jake’s neck and pulled his face down to meet hers. This kiss was long and sultry. The attraction between them obvious. Alyssa’s hands worked at the buttons on Jake’s jeans, then slipped the band of his underwear down just enough to reveal his erection. Her hands worked his penis while her tongue was still in his mouth. After a couple of minutes, she slid down his body and took him into her mouth. He leaned against the piling and moaned softly in the dim light. I glanced around, saw no one coming near, and leaned against another piling, lifting my dress to slip my hand into my underwear. Alyssa ran her tongue around the tip of Jake’s penis slowly, stopping at the bottom and licking back and forth slowly, allowing her upper lip to rub the top of his dick in a teasing way, then she took the full length of him into her mouth and throat, sucking and bobbing faster and faster. Jake moaned as he watched his cock disappearing behind Alyssa’s full lips, then he looked up to watch me rubbing myself as I leaned against the piling. I glanced over his shoulder and saw a dog-walker down near the water’s edge, heading our way.

“Hurry, someone is coming. We have maybe a minute.” Jake glanced over his shoulder and looked back down to Alyssa, who had grabbed Jake’s ass in her hands and she sucked and licked. Jake wrapped his hands in Alyssa’s hair, adjusting her speed, and I could tell by the look on his face he was close. I rubbed faster, feeling the orgasm building inside me, so close. I held off until Jake grunted and slammed into Alyssa one last time, then let myself come with him, legs trembling. Alyssa swallowed, and quickly stood to wipe her face and straighten her dress while Jake buttoned his jeans. I dropped my dress and walked toward them.

“Close one.” Alyssa said, watching the man and his dog closing in on the pier.

Jake grabbed my hand and squeezed, then slipped his other arm around Alyssa. “That was so hot. One of the best blow jobs I have ever had.”

We walked back down the beach toward the restaurant where we had parked our car. “I think you should repay Alyssa for that when we get home. Don’t you Jake?” I squeezed his fingers and bumped my shoulder against his. I couldn’t wait to get home.

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