My Hot Brothers Ch. 4

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“All right then,” I said. I nodded to Jamie, who leaned forward and grabbed the cross rail of the headboard. He thrust hard into Mom’s mouth, paused withdrew, and thrust again. He gave a strangled cry, and as his cum exploded into the back of her throat, I ripped away her blindfold.

Mom’s eyes were closed as she struggled to swallow the gysering loads of cum Jamie was pumping into her mouth. As Jamie’s convulsions slackened, Mom opened her eyes, saw who was astride her, and gave a strangled cry. Jamie’s cock slid free of her lips and one final spurt of jizz trickled down her chin. Jamie leaned forward and planted a deep kiss on Mom’s cum-soaked mouth, and rolled over.

Mom gave another gurgling cry as she saw Johnny between her shapely thighs pumping his hard dick into her wet pussy. She pulled against the restraints, but her flushing face, throat and breasts told that she having another violent orgasm.

Johnny threw his head backwards, and gave a final mighty thrust that lifted Mom’s ass off the mattress. His climax roared out of his stiff cock inside Mom’s churning pussy. Their cums, hot and milky looking, flowed over Johnny’s tight ballsac and down the crack of Mom’s ass. Johnny supported his heaving torso on his arms, looking down at Mom with a sly grin. Mom’s eyes were screwed tightly shut, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Johnny gave a few more soft but deep strokes of his cock, then withdrew with a wet slurping sound from Mom’s wet cunt.

Both boys cuddled beside Mom’s heaving form. Four hands began to caress her curvaceous body. Two pairs of lips began to kiss her cum spattered face, and murmur soft endearments. Mom was trembling. Quietly, I climbed over the foot of the bed, and nestled between her legs.

“Pretty Mommy,” I said, my hands gently spreading her double-fucked pussy. Her scent, mixed with Johnny’s generous offering of seed assaulted my nostrils. My own pussy was wet and flowing as I bent my lips. Mom gave a cry as my lips kissed her labia. My tongue darted in, and my head spun with the combined flavors of her and my brothers. I savored her taste. My brothers were kissing Mom and caressing her. Her struggles against the restraints were decreasing in intensity because the fire in her pussy was regaining control.

Slowly and carefully, I licked Mom’s sweet love hole. Her taste was always sweet, but this time it was doubly intoxicating, being commingled with Jamie and Johnny’s cum. Soon, her hips were moving up and down in unison with the tongue fucking I was giving her.

I glanced upwards. Mom was turning her head from side to side, receiving wet deep tongue-dancing kisses from her sons, Johnny on the right and Jamie on the left. I saw lips meet and tongues entwine between and over the V-shaped valley of her breasts. The boys, meanwhile, were caressing her, touching her everywhere, and the effect of their strong gentle hands was raising Mom’s sexual desire to an explosive level.

Resuming my oral ministrations to Mom’s throbbing clit, I felt my own cunny aching. I forced myself to be patient. It was Mom’s coming out to her family, as it were. I found her opening, and her swollen labial lips clenched at my tongue live an eager lover seeking the kiss of her beloved.

Mom began to make Sefaköy Escort soft cries of passion, her hips bouncing on the mattress. I looked up, and nodded at my brother. Quickly, they turned and released Mom’s arms from the restraints. I turned and unbound her feet.

I scooted upwards, lying atop my mother’s writhing body. Our lips met in a hungry demanding kiss. Mom’s arms went around me, and our legs entwined as mounds meshed and pressed together. On either side of me, I could hear the boys pant for breath as they watched their sister and mother in hot lesbian love.

Our breasts were flattened against one another. Our hips pressed and ground into one another. Our legs entwined, and our kisses were loud and wet as our tongues met, danced, meshed, and parted again. On the edge of a volcanic orgasm, I rolled off Mom.

Johnny was atop me in a wink, as Jamie took his place between Mom’s thighs. Two hard straining cocks sank into two wet holes. I groaned with delight as Johnny’s fat fuck muscle spread and filled me. Next to me, I heard Mom’s ecstatic cry as Jamie did the same for her. I glanced over at her, and saw her expression of hungry lust. I grasped Mom’s hand in mine, as Johnny leaned over me and began to suckle my nips as he began to stroke in and out of my flowing pussy.

“Which is more beautiful?” Johnny gasped to his brother, his face twisted with pleasure as his hips pumped slowly but firmly. “Our pretty sister, or our gorgeous Mom?”

Jamie gave a small grin as he ground his ass against Mom’s upturned hips. Mom squealed happily as Jamie’s pubes rubbed against her throbbing clit. “Can’t tell you, bro,” Jamie gasped. “They look more like sisters to me.”

“Fuck yeah,” Johnny agreed. He speeded his thorough fucking of me, feeling my pussy contract and squeeze tightly on his thrusting pole. I was fast approaching another crisis. Johnny leaned over me and kissed me with lots of tongue, his dick finding new depths inside me.

“Oh god, oh god, Jamie,” Mom began to pant. She’d locked her ankles in the small of Jamie’s back, and her luscious ass was humping upwards. “Take me, baby,” she pleaded. “Oh god, take me hard, son. Oh Jamie, you feel so wonderful baby.”

“Yeah, Mom,” Jamie panted back. “I want you. I love your hot cunt wrapped around my dick. Goddam, I love fucking the hole I came out of.”

“The hole you’re gonna cum into, you mean?” Johnny gasped with a grin.

That did it for me. The sight and sound and smell of my handsome hunk of a brother pounding my lovely voluptuous mother sent me over the edge. My hands found Johnny’s ass and my cunt clutched at him furiously as my orgasm broke over me like a breaker spraying spume over the rocks at the beach.

“She’s cumming,” Johnny yelled, fucking me with fast steady strokes, milking my climax to full intensity and letting my body ride the waves of sensation that were streaking through me. I cried out unintelligibly again and again as I came on Johnny’s savagely probing pole.

I fell back weakly, utterly spent. Johnny gave me a few finishing strokes to bring me down, then withdrew his still turgid tool, sopping and glistening from my cum. He sat back on his haunches, smiling down at me, one hand slowly stroking Escort Sefaköy his still engorged cock.

Beside us, Mom was making low moaning noises. Jamie was atop her, raised above her writhing form resting on her arms. Mom’s lascivious ass was humping upwards to meet him on each stroke. Her ankles had locked in the small of his back, and her hands were clutching his upper arms. Jamie’s face was twisted in the lovely expression between utter ecstasy and agony. Mom’s head thrashed from side to side. Suddenly her eyes flew open, and she gave a sharp cry. Her back raised off the bed. The air was filled with the pungent scent of her orgasmic flood.

Jamie’s cock continued to pound in and out of her, with wet gushing sounds. He looked to his brother, Johnny, who was still on his haunches stroking his own engorged cock. Johnny nodded.

Quickly, Jamie pulled out of Mom’s flowing cunt, and scuttled up to where he was kneeling on one side of Mom’s still heaving body. Johnny kneeled on the other side. I slid off the bed and went to stand and the foot. The boys pumped their swollen stiff cocks. And then Mom was bathed in two spewing streams of thick hot young cum. It spattered on her bouncing breasts, her heaving belly, and her neck and face. Her hands reached out instinctively, and grabbed her sons’ two spewing members, and milked them, as she writhed under her hot cum shower. I watched breathlessly as my brothers bathed my Mom in their essence. The room was redolent with spunk, the air heavy with the hot humid aroma of sex. The boys collapsed wearily, fully spent. They cuddled on each side of Mom, as they had often cuddled next to me.

The sight was so erotic, and so tender, I felt my eyes filling with tears. The fell quietly down my cheeks, as my brothers’ hands moved over Mom’s body, massaging their cum over her flesh, making her body glisten like burnished gold in the flickering light of the candles. Mom kissed Jamie thoroughly, then turned her head and gave Johnny and equally long tonguing kiss. She let go their softening cocks, and patted their thighs.

“Let me up a moment, boys,” she said smiling.

Mom slid out of bed, and came to me. I looked at her. Her expression was contented, but hard to read. The Mom gave me a dazzling smile, and I was in her arms. My brothers’ cum was sticky between us as we embraced.

We kissed. Our lips parted and our tongues met, entwined, parted, and entwined again. I felt her love for me, for us, flood through me. Still holding each other, after the kiss, she whispered to me, “You brat. You set me up.”

I giggled. “Yes, I did. And I’m not sorry.” We kissed quickly. “And neither are you, so don’t pretend you are.”

Holding each other close, we looked at the bed. The boys were watching us. Their faces were solemn, but their eyes were dancing with laughter and love. They are magnificent specimens, my brothers. Naked as young gods, the dew of my and Mom’s pussy still wet on their dicks and pubes, they looked at us with unabashed admiration and love.

Johnny got up first, and came and joined us. Jamie was right behind him. We all stood in a great group hug, kissing, and crying, and laughing, all at the same time.

Together, we went downstairs, Sefaköy Escort Bayan and out to the pool. The sun had set, but it was still warm, and plenty of light to see by. Naked, we all went swimming. We splashed and ducked each other like rambunctious children. This time, however, the play was generously sprinkled with kisses, and touches, and hugs. After a time, I felt a little winded. I climbed out of the pool (to the appreciative catcalls and whistles of my brothers) the water streaming down my body. I stretched out on a chaise and watched Mom and the boys. Mom came out next, and told the boys that if they wanted food, they had to arrange it. The boys bounced out of the pool, and ran into the house, water flying from their hair and bodes and their wet feet leaving footprints on the deck of the pool.

Mom stretched on a chaise beside me. We reached out and held hands. Mom gave my hand a gentle squeeze.

“That was a dirty trick, Marian,” she said with mock severity.

I smiled. The air was warm, and I’d be sexually sated (well almost anyway, and the night was still young).

“If I had told you,” I began, choosing my words carefully. “That the boys and I were—“

“I would have been shocked and horrified,” Mom said honestly. We heard the boys’ raucous laughter from inside the house. “No, honey. I suppose you did the right thing. If it was all right between you and me, then the boys . . .” She gave me a long look, then giggled. I giggled with her.

“They are very good, aren’t they?” She said laughing.

“You don’t know the half of it, Mom,” I said, laughing with her. “Just wait until they want to take you up the ass! I thought I’d split wide open.”

“Marian!” Mom looked at me. Then she looked down at her own nude body, and apparently the events of the afternoon caught up with her. She smiled, and squeezed my hand again. “I guess,” she said, “I’ll have to tell you how to do that so it doesn’t hurt so.”

“Hey you two!” came a shout from inside the house. “You coming in or what?”

We went in, Mom and I. To our sons, our brothers, and now our lovers. That night was spent in lovemaking. None of us got very much sleep. I had my fantasy realized of seeing Mom get the double-treatment, one of the boys taking her doggie as the other fed his cock to her mouth, and she watched them do the same to me. Then the thrill of a daisy chain, as I sucked Jamie who was eating out Mom who was sucking Johnny who was hungrily licking my clit. Then we put the boys on their backs, side by side, and Mom and I rode those wonderful cocks, changing places. Then Mom and I had some private moments, except the boys were watching gleefully.

At last, we were all tumbled together, a sticky confusion of legs and pussies and arms and torsos. One by one, we drifted into a satisfied and exhausted sleep. I was the last to drift off.

The only thing that had marred the day’s plans had been the arrival of a certified letter, just before the boys had left on their “camping trip.” I’d signed for it, and put it my room to give to mom later. It was from out of state. But I recognized the name of the sender. After an eighteen-year absence, Daddy had written home.


Once again, thanks to all you faithful readers who enjoyed the “My Hot Brothers” series. There may or may not be more to this story, I don’t know yet. In the meantime, I do have several other stories in the works,if the “Brothers” Parts 3 and 4 are as well received as were the original two installments. As always, comments and criticisms welcomed. Peace, JerryL50

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