My Heavenly Sister

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This story is complete fiction. It in no way represents any one I know. I hope you enjoy.

I have always admired my little sister, growing up. For as long as I can remember her being alive, she was a beam of light in the world. The way she carried herself with such elegance and joy made every one around her happy. She always seemed to see the best in every one. To say she was an optimist would be an understatement.

She was a model student in school and well liked by her peers. Her senior year, she was offered a full-ride scholarship to two different universities. She decided to accept a scholarship to a smaller college, close to home because it specialized in child care. Her passion was to be an advocate for the “little ones” as she used to say.

A few weeks into the summer after her high school graduation, she caught what we thought was a nasty cold. After a few days, she started getting worse. The doctor ran a series of tests. We learned that she had contracted a virus that was depleting her immune system. Unfortunately, this virus was so new that there was no known antidote. Even worse, the doctors were not sure how the virus would effect her.

Within a few weeks, my sister, Mia was admitted into a hospital. She was too week to even stand anymore. The virus was winning the battle. I visited her every day and spent as much time with her as I could afford to after work.

Her glowing smile warmed my heart the first moment I saw her each day. Even when she was sleeping, she had a faint smile on her face. She no longer looked like the strong, healthy sister I had grown to know. Her body was becoming thin and weak, but her positive attitude and smile persisted throughout.

The local minister lead prayer sessions along with my parents and friends of the family several times a week. My parents would place a “Do not disturb” sign outside of her hospital door while the prayer service was in session. A few weeks into her hospital stay, she was sent home. The doctors said there was nothing they could do for her.

I headed to my parents’ house to visit my dear sister. When I opened her bedroom door, she was sleeping. I stood at the entrance and watched her breath softly. Her chest rose and fell in a soft rhythm. Like always, she had a warm smile as if she were living a wonderful life in her dreams.

I made my way to the side of her bed, sat in the wooden chair and took her hand in mine. Her fingers were becoming bony. Her hand was warm, yet clammy. She woke up a few minutes later and turned her head to face me. Her smile widened.

“Hello Wes.” she said in a soft, angelic voice.

“Good afternoon Mia.” I replied.

We sat in silence a few moments before Mia asked me something that took me by surprise. “You are not a virgin correct?”

I was taken back by the question. It took a few seconds for me to respond. The innocent look of curiosity on her face, warmed my heart.

“No, Mia. I had sex a few times with Melanie.”

Melanie was a girl I dated for a few months. She was a sweet girl, like my sister, but things did not work out.

Mia took a deep breath, as if to gain enough strength to talk. “Tell me what sex is like Wes. How does it feel?”

I bursa sınırsız escort squeezed her hand softly. “Are you sure you want to talk about this?”

“Yes. I want to imagine what it would feel like.” she said sweetly.

My sister was still a virgin. She believed that her sanctity was something to be cherished and shared with only one man. She was a strong woman and that was one of the many qualities that I admired about her.

I spent the next few minutes trying to explain the wondrous and euphoric feeling of sex to her, though my view was from a man’s point of view. She looked at me with her deep green eyes as I talked. I could see the intensity of concentration in her face.

When I finished, Mia squeezed my hand and said, “I want to know what it feels like before I go.”

“What do you mean go?” I asked.

I knew she could see the look of horror and concern on my face. She simply gave me one of her ever so soft grins that warmed my heart and closed her eyes for a few seconds. I held my breath waiting for an answer.

Finally, she opened her eyes and said, “I don’t have much time left. The angels are calling me by name.”

I stood up and leaned into my sister. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and gave her a big hug. “Don’t say that”, I whispered.

In return, she whispered softly into my ear, “Will you show me?”

I pulled back and looked her deep in the eyes to gain clarification. Her look was simple and direct. I knew she was serious.

“Put the do not disturb sign on the outside of my door.” she pleaded.

Like a servant, I did as she requested and locked the bedroom door. My parents were at work and would not be home for a couple more hours.

When I turned around to face her, she was waving her left hand, motioning for me to come toward her. The rays of the sun were shining through the bedroom window, casting an angelic light on her body. I put my arm around her neck and held her body close to me.

“Make love to me.” was Mia’s simple request.

I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Her lips were thin and weak. I could feel her attempt to kiss back. My left hand kneaded through her hair as I continued to kiss her lips and the side of her neck. She exhaled softly when I placed a kiss behind her ear. Never in my life did I ever think I would be in this position.

When she was healthy, my sister was gorgeous. She stood 5’4″ with long, black hair. She had a golden skin tone that glowed like her personality. As beautiful as she was, I never had sexual thoughts of her. I guess that was because she was my sister and because she was three years younger than me. I was away at college before she started developing into a woman. Even when healthy, she did not have a large chest. My guess would be that she was a solid “B” cup.

Mia placed her right hand on my upper thigh and rested it there. I could hear her breathing rate increase. It felt a little awkward kissing my sister and thinking that she was becoming turned on by my actions, but I would do anything for my sister.

After a few minutes of kissing, I lifted my sister’s hips and raised her hospital gown bursa escort bayan over her head. Even though she was at home, she continued to wear a hospital gown because it was the most convenient and least restrictive material. I paused a moment and took in my fist view of my naked sister. I was astonished at how beautiful she was, even being sick.

I could feel her eyes watching me as I looked at her. Leaning forward, I kissed the nape of her neck and slowly moved my mouth down to her breasts, leaving a trail of soft, wet kisses on her skin. Her chest raised just a little as my lips surrounded her hardening nipple. I looked up at her face momentarily. Her eyes were closed. Her mouth was opened slightly and her cheeks were raised because of her half smile.

After spending several minutes kissing and caressing her cute little breasts, I moved down her body. I think I surprised her when I spread her legs. Her eyes shot open and she looked down at me. I looked her deep in the eyes as I moved my head between her legs. There was an unspoken connection at that moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I used my hands to softly spread her labia before softly sliding my tongue up and down her slit. Her hips would softly move with my movements. This was the most movement I had seen from her in couple of days. I moved my hand under her butt and cupped her cheeks. My tongue took it’s time exploring her inner folds and pleasuring her hardening clitoris. The sounds that came from her mouth sounded like angels singing songs of praise.

How could I not be turned on? Even though I was focusing my entire attention on pleasing my sister and giving her a chance to experience how wonderful it can be to be touched lovingly, I could feel myself starting to get an erection.

I spent a long time kissing, licking and sucking on her nether region while also massaging her inner thighs. A part of me wished she were strong and healthy so that she could participate more in the act. Would this have ever happened if she were not deathly ill? I guess I will never know.

Mia’s breathing was growing short and rapid. Her hips moved ever so slightly against my tongue. Her moans were faint, but growing deeper. When she was getting close to an orgasm, she placed her hand on my head and pulled gently toward her upper body. I stopped and looked up at her.

“Come up here.” she wheezed.

I wiped her juices away from my face and slowly moved my body up next to her. She tugged softly at my shirt. I understood what she was trying to tell me. To say I was a bit hesitant would be an understatement. Slowly, I undressed. I slid my naked body under the sheet and pulled it over her body as well.

My warm body pressed against her skin. She closed her eyes and leaned in to give me a soft kiss. I could smell the scent of her aroused body. It was a refreshing change from the usual smell of sickness. I kissed her back and held her close for a few minutes.

“I am ready. Thank you for doing this for me.” Mia said to me in a soft, raspy voice.

“You are welcome.” I said as I rolled over on top of her body.

Her legs spread to accommodate me between nilüfer escort them. I slowly and carefully slid inside her walls. We both groaned. Her walls were so tight. I had to pause a moment to regain my composure. This had to be perfect for her.

I began moving my hips slowly, sliding in and out of her. This felt like an unknown dream come true. I couldn’t believe I was making love to my little sister. I held her close to me. Her hands rested on my back. Her hips moved ever so slightly underneath me.

Our lips met. This was the most intense, passionate moment I had ever experienced to this date. The sound of her exhaling through her nose, her warm breath against my face, the touch of her soft lips, the smell of her sex, the intensity of her hot inner walls all encompassed me. It was like time paused and everything else in the world around me disappeared.

My hips slowly pushed deep inside of her. She grunted, making a sound that sounded like she was in pain. I froze and asked if she was okay.

She replied, “Please don’t stop. I am fine. Keep going.”

I heard her moan, “Oh” over and over as I restarted.

The feeling of her inner walls holding me tight and grasping to pull me deeper were becoming too much to handle. Her loan moans were heavenly to my ears. Over and over I pushed as far inside of her as I could muster. In what seemed like a burst of energy for her, her hips started thrusting against me. Our hips began moving in unison for the next couple of minutes until I could hold out no longer.

“I am going to come.” I grunted and prepared to withdraw.

“Keep going.” she whimpered.

Fulfilling her wishes were my goals. I continued thrusting deep inside her, I could no longer be gentle. My hips smacked against her hips which were no longer thrusting with mine. She must have run out of steam.

Her hands rested on my shoulders. Her body started to shudder underneath me. Her legs rose up until her knees were just a few inches from her chest.

I kissed her deeply one last time before coming up for air. Her body’s shudders combined with her contracting inner muscles pushed me over the edge. I started filling her with my manly juices. Our bodies melted together like warm butter soaking into bread.

I moved over to her side and held her close until our breathing returned to normal. Her eyes stayed closed. Their was a heavenly glow on her face as she said, “That was wonderful. Better than I could have ever imagined. I love you, Wes.”

Those were the last words I ever heard her speak. I replied, “I love you so much Mia!”

She fell asleep in the warmth of the sunlight. I slid off the bed and made my way to the bathroom across the hallway. I ran warm water over a wash cloth and returned to the bedroom to clean my sister.

My parents normally washed her in bed, but I felt it only right to clean her up. When I finished washing her body, I put her hospital gown back over her sleeping body.

I pushed her wiry looking, black hair away from her face and kissed her on the cheek. For a few moments, I watched her sleep. Her bony cheeks were raised. She smiled so gently and softly, like an angel. She had a look of contentment and satisfaction on her sleeping face. The sheet rose and fell as she breathed slowly.

The next morning we woke to find Mia had move on to the heavens. I will never forget what a special person she was nor will I ever forget the last day I spent with my sister, Mia. I have no doubt she is an angel sitting in the heavens working with “little souls.”

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