My Gym Fantasy

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It’s a Friday at 2am in the morning and after doing some cuddling and watching a movie in our bed we decide to head to 24 Hour Fitness for a workout. Although we don’t typically work out at this time we missed our usual workout time of 12pm due to a hectic schedule between the both of us. You proceed to get dressed for the gym in one of your ‘sexier’ outfits. I tell you how fantastic you look in that blue sports bra, those skin tight shorts you’re wearing (they look almost like booty shorts!), and your dirty blonde hair pulled back tight in a pony tail. I mention to you how much of a tease you are when you wear outfits like this and you reply by telling me “I do it just for you babe”. I smile upon hearing that and then grab your hand as we get in the car and head to the gym.

Upon arrival at the gym we notice that there’s only 2 cars in the parking lot not including ours. This doesn’t surprise us as it’s a Friday night and everyone is likely out at the bars getting wasted. We enter the front door of the gym and the lady behind the counter (who seems rather preoccupied by what appears to be piles of college homework) scans our gym cards and checks us in. We both head straight for the locker rooms to put our gym bags away and then we meet up on by the free weights to start our workout.

Friday is our chest workout day I suggest that we warm up with a little bench press. I’m glad I have you there to spot me because sometimes that little extra push helps more than you know. I warm up with the bar and then slowly add weight to it until I’m good to start lifting heavy. I put on 275lbs and start with my first set. You take advantage of my inconvenient situation and proceed to make sexual gestures at me rubbing your clit through your pants and using your other hand to rub your breasts at the same time. You can hear me gasp for air as I painfully drive out my last few reps of that set.

Once I catch my breath I stand up and grab my ass very discreetly with my hand. I whisper in your ear that you shouldn’t tease me like that while I’m working out or someone could get hurt. You whisper back telling me that the gym is empty and it’s not like anyone is going to see us. I smile and nod but continue to get back to my workout. I start with my second set of bench press adding more weight this time. Before I even get 2 reps down I notice you’ve started at it again with your teasing except this time you decide to straddle me on the bench I’m laying on and grind yourself against my cock. I instantly put the weight back on the rack and you point out that I’m very hard all of a sudden. I respond by saying “Gee, I wonder why?”.

You look around and don’t see anyone in the gym except the girl at the front desk who is in a world of her own and far out of sight. You start to take off your sports bra top and right as I am about to object you put your hand over my mouth and tell me to shush. You tell me that no one is going to catch us because we are the only ones here. It doesn’t take much convincing me because after a quick look around I can clearly tell this place is as dead as a graveyard.

So there you are on top of me with your top off laying on the floor next to us. You stand up next and start to take your shorts off in a manner that is provocative and sexy. You watch me there mecidiyeköy escort laying on the bench and you can tell by the look on my face how turned on you’re making me. I waste no time at all by quickly taking off my shirt and pants and laying back down on the bench anxiously awaiting you to hop on top of me and straddle me. You walk over towards me laying on the bench, completely naked with your tight, toned body… You proceed to sit on top of me and straddle me as I move your body up towards my face. You sit on my face as I begin to gently lick your clit and get you all wet. You let out little moans as my tongue flickers on your clit and you start to get more and more aroused. It turns from a gentle lick and slowly starts to get harder the more you moan. You use your hands and hold onto the bench press bar as you smother my face with your pussy. I can taste your wetness all over my mouth and it turns me on so much. You reach behind me while I’m eating your pussy and grab my huge hard cock and start to stroke it as I eat you out. I use my finger to fuck your pussy while I lick your clit with my tongue at the same time. About 10 minutes has passed already and your pussy is absolutely dripping wet. You beg for my cock and I tell you that you can have it… I stand up and position you on the ground on your knees. I look down at you as you grab my cock and start to stroke it, spit on it, and insert it in your mouth as you begin to suck it.

All of a sudden we are startled by another man standing right next to us. He can tell by our facial expressions how shocked we are and doesn’t hesitate to ask if I need some help. I look down at you before responding to him and you just smile at me which is all I need to invite him to join us. I tell him that you’ve been a naughty little slut and I can’t think of any better way to punish you than to give you two cocks to fuck. He quickly gets out of his gym clothes and stands right next to me while you are still down there on your knees sucking my cock. While you’re sucking on me you grab his hard throbbing cock with your other hand and admire how big and firm it is. You begin to stroke his hard cock as you suck mine at the same time, eventually switching to sucking his cock and jerking me off with your other hand. We both look down at you while you take turns sucking us and jerking us off. He grabs the back of your head while you’re sucking on his cock and puts it as deep in your throat as he can. You start to gag as he bottoms out on the back of your throat and the saliva starts to run down your chin, on to your breasts, and down to your throbbing, wet, pussy. You rub your breasts and play with your tits as you deep throat his cock. He pulls out and you switch to my cock taking it in the exact same fashion as you took his. There’s so much saliva running down you now that it looks like someone came all over your face ten times. It’s turning me on so much watching you please us both. I grab you by your wrist and pull you to your feet. I spank your ass very hard as I tell you that it’s time for you to get fucked by two hard cocks. I tell you how you’re my dirty little slut and you know how much I love watching you get all your holes filled by multiple cocks.

He lays down on the bench press and I tell you şişli escort to get on top of him and ride his cock. You do this facing away from him (think reverse cowgirl style). You start to ride him slow at first and then faster and faster. I play with your tits, suck on them, and use my other hand to stroke my cock as I watch you ride him. You make dirty faces at me while you ride his huge cock and moan in pleasure. You can see by my face how turned on I am just watching you and as a result this makes you get more and more into it. You lean over and start to suck my cock as you continue to ride his cock over and over with it thrusting in and out of your dripping wet pussy. I grab you by the arm again and tell you to get up and be a good little slut. You do as I say and I trade places with him laying down on the bench.

This time you get on top of me and ride me (facing me this time) while he stands there and you jerk him off. I ask you if you like my hard cock pounding away at your tight little pussy while you ride me. You nod your head and tell me you love it. Our friend reaches down into his gym bag on the floor next to us and grabs a ball gag out of it and asks me if he can use it on you. I smile and tell him yes, please do. He gets behind you and straps the ball gag around your neck good and tight as he inserts the ball in your mouth and it silences your load moaning. I tell him how much better this is because now we can really fuck this little slut good and hard and make her scream all we want with no one hearing it. I pull you down towards me and tell you that it’s time for you to have a cock in your pussy and ass at the same time. At first you squirm around when I tell you this and try to fight it off but I lightly slap your face and tell you that the more you resist it the harder we will fuck you. He grabs the lube from his gym bag and applies a liberal amount of it to both his cock and your tight little asshole. He starts by fingering your ass with one of his fingers while you continue to ride my cock. Upon insertion of his finger into your ass you squirm and moan through your gag. I tell you to let it happen and relax. After warming up your tight little ass with his finger he gets in behind you in a doggy style position and prepares to fuck your tight ass with his huge hard cock. He sticks the tip in slowly as you let out muffled moans from behind your gag. Eventually he slowly works his entire cock into your ass at which point you begin to loosen up and start to feel good.

Faster and faster you start to ride us both. You ride my hard cock on top of me as I lay there against the bench as he fucks your tight little asshole doggy style from behind. We’re so close that I can almost feel his cock pumping in and out of you as my cock does the same. I ask you how you like having a cock in your pussy and ass at the same time and how you like being double penetrated. You moan loudly through your gag and nod your head to tell me how much you like it. I slap your tits as you ride me and from behind he plays with them as well as he spanks your ass and continues to pound away at your ass. You know that my biggest turn on is double penetrating you with another guy and this makes you fuck us both even harder just knowing how much it turns me kağıthane escort on. We’re all dripping sweat as we continue to fuck you. You grab ahold of the bench press bar and use it to push your weight against. We’re no longer doing the thrusting as you are using the bench press bar as a means to move your body back and forth as you grind on both of our cocks, one in the pussy and one in the ass. You lean down towards my face as I kiss your neck. I pull the gag out of your mouth and let it hand around your neck. The first thing you do once that gag comes out is shove your sexy tongue into my mouth and kiss me so deeply and passionately as we continue to work your pussy and ass at the same time.

Now that your gag is out you begin to get more vocal. You tell us how you’ve been a naughty little slut and deserve to get all of your holes fucked all night long by our two big cocks. You whisper in my ear how much you love two cocks and how you wish we would do this more often. I reply by telling you that I’d love to do this anytime you want. We abruptly stop and he and I switch positions, this time you ride him on top while I fuck your ass from behind doggy style. I can feel my balls slap against your ass as I spank it hard enough to leave a red hand print and continue to fuck you. He sucks on your tits and you begin to kiss him good and hard as I grab your hair from behind and pull it as I continue to fuck your ass. I pull out of your ass, wipe my cock off with my gym towel, and you start to suck it while still riding his cock. You suck my cock for a few minutes before you tell me that you want your ass fucked more to which I happily oblige.

After a good thirty minutes of us double penetrating you and taking turns switching back and forth on your pussy and ass, we position you laying on your back on the bench press. I sit on the edge of the bench press and begin to insert my cock into your tight pussy as I start to fuck you harder and harder. He is on the other end and has you taking turns sucking on both his cock and balls while I pound away at your pussy. You slobber all over his cock as you take it as deep into your throat as you can and moan in pleasure. I fuck your pussy harder and harder to make sure you get a good hard fucking. I slap your tits and rub your nipples as I continue to fuck you. Eventually I pull my cock out of your pussy and begin to fuck your ass instead. I do this back and forth numerous times before eventually reaching over and grabbing a dildo out of the gym bag. I have you use your hand and fuck your pussy with the dildo as I use my cock to fuck your ass. You rub your clit and fuck your pussy with the dildo while I thrust my hard cock in and out of your tight ass at the same time. You love having your pussy, ass, and mouth all filled up at the same time and moan as you have all of your holes pleasured.

I bend you over and put you on the bench press on your hands and knees. I grab another toy from the gym bag, this time it’s a butt plug. I insert it into your tight little ass as you suck on his cock from the other end. He and I switch positions and this time I have you sucking on my cock while he fucks your pussy good and hard while that butt plug is still tightly placed in your ass. You can feel his pelvis slapping against yours as he fucks you harder and harder. I grab the back of your head and start to use my cock to actually fuck your mouth. You start to gag a bit as I do this and saliva runs down your face and all over your sweaty body. You moan in pleasure and keep telling us how you need two cocks to get off.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32