My Graduate School Romance – Elena

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My Graduate School Romance – Elena’s Perspective

This is a sidebar to the primary story My Graduate School Romance. You do not need to read that story to enjoy this one. Most of this story is set in the nineties and aughts (2000s). Remember things were slightly different then. Everyone is at least 18.

The characters in this story are flawed, just like you and me. Sometimes they make bad decisions as they struggle to live their lives. Sometimes they make life changing decisions. Again, all characters and situations are complete fiction, a product of my fertile imagination. Any similarity to actual people and situations is purely a coincidence. All constructive criticism is welcome.


I had a very puritan upbringing – church every Sunday, lots of prayer and Bible reading. My contact with boys was limited by my parents as much as possible.

In July of my eighth-grade year, my parents sat down with me around the kitchen table. My father told me that they were going to send me to an all-girls boarding school. I was really disappointed that I wouldn’t be going to high school with my friends. My folks explained that they were making a very big sacrifice for me and that I should be grateful.

In mid-August, we packed up my things. I started to pack up my dresses, but my mother said I only needed a few. She said that I would be wearing a uniform for class. They drove me to the boarding school and I was cast adrift in strange place where I didn’t know anyone.


I will just refer to it as The School, but my education there has been a huge influence on my life. When I showed up, I had a roommate named Bernice who was from the city. Bea, as we called her, was so very nice, but very savvy. Over the next four years, Bea contributed just as much to my education as my teachers did. I learned two important things. First, I could sing and play music. Second, the world is inherently sexist against women and that a feminist outlook could overcome it.

All the girls were required to sing in the choir. It was a lot of fun. During my junior year, the choir director discovered how well I sang and she gave me private voice lessons. From then on, I was one of the featured soloists at every concert. Additionally, each student was required to take up a musical instrument. I started with the piano, but during my sophomore year, my teacher encouraged me to take up the classical guitar. It was a great decision.

Being an all-girls school, most our teachers were women and even the male teachers could be classified as feminists. On a regular basis they pointed out how society was sexist and how many obstacles we had to overcome. Then they taught us the skills to overcome those obstacles.


When I was home during the summer between my junior and senior year, I brought up the idea of college with my folks. They didn’t want anything to do with it.

My father said, “You’ve had enough education. We need to use the money for your brothers.”

What sexist bullshit! Of course, I didn’t say that to him. I just nodded and walked away.

As soon as I got back to school in the fall I started applying for scholarships. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study in college so my guidance counselor suggested a public liberal arts school. She made sure they had some career-oriented degrees. I couldn’t afford to apply to many schools so I did my homework and found one that I thought would be a good fit. I ran it by her and she agreed. I applied and was accepted. Then I landed several scholarships including one from an alumna of The School that paid nearly everything. Eventually, she ended up giving me more than I needed. When I came into money, I endowed a scholarship in her name.


College was everything I dreamed about and more. I had a great roommate, Roz, who helped me immensely. After my first semester I decided I wanted to major in accounting. I seemed to have a knack for it. I also minored in music because I loved it.

One day during my sophomore year, I came back from class and I walked in on my roommate sitting naked on her bed. She had a video in the VCR and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This guy with a huge penis had it buried in this woman’s vagina. It sounded like she was going to die.

“Roz, how can you watch this?”

She pulled a blanket over her, “What? It’s just sex.”

“He’s hurting her!”

“No, she’s loving it.”

Roz went on to tell me that this was normal sex, well the guy wasn’t normal, but that it felt good to have some guy put his penis inside you. She found out that I was still a virgin and she tried to explain some things to me.

I asked, “So, why are you naked?”

“You don’t know, do you?”

I shook my head. She was a little embarrassed, but then she explained how she was masturbating to give herself an orgasm. I had heard about orgasms, but I didn’t really know how they occurred.

She put on a robe and rewound the porn tape. We sat and watched it and she explained Ankara escort what was going on. Some stuff seemed disgusting like when the woman took the guy’s huge penis down her throat. Nevertheless, some of it had me very aroused. At the end Roz asked if I would like for her to show me how to give myself an orgasm. I was curious and I said ‘yes’.

We both got naked and we sat facing each other on her bed. She explained that it was all about the clit and I just needed to rub it. Some lube would help. She used baby oil. Roz coached me through my first orgasm. Oh my god! How did I not know about this?

Later that year I started dating for the first time. After we’d been going together for a while, the guy started asking to have sex. Sometimes he’d just start feeling me up when we were kissing. I tried to be accommodating, but it felt awkward. We’d be kissing and he’d start groping my boobs. He would take my bra off and suck on my nipples. Sometimes he’d slip his hand down my pants and start playing with my clit. It was quite obvious he didn’t know what he was doing. I finally gave in to his begging. We went to my room because I knew Roz would be cool. She left us alone.

I didn’t tell him I was a virgin and when he took me, it hurt like hell – just like my mother said it would. He wasn’t interested in giving me an orgasm or anything. He just pumped me and didn’t give a damn how I felt. In less than five minutes he pulled out and shot his semen all over my stomach. He kept thanking me, but I don’t think he stuck around more than another five minutes. He didn’t clean me up. Didn’t even kiss me. I was so pissed. Here I gave him the most intimate part of my body and just used me. I felt like a piece of meat.

When Roz came back, she asked how it went and I told her. She was pissed too. I never spoke to the guy again.


Toward the end of my junior year, I met Jim. He was the star of the baseball team and he was extra nice to me. He swept me off my feet and during Christmas break of our senior year we got married at the courthouse.

I enjoyed being married. Jim wasn’t a sexual powerhouse, but I learned to enjoy being with him. I still fell back on the tricks Roz showed me to bring myself to an orgasm when Jim wasn’t around. Looking back on it, I never had an orgasm when I had sex with Jim.

Jim had been drafted in the first round the previous summer by a major league team. As soon as the college season was over he left town and started playing for a minor league farm team (single A). I told him he needed to finish his degree and graduate, but he didn’t want anything to do with it.

After graduation I moved to be with Jim in his minor league town. He was being paid starvation wages and luckily I had my degree to fall back on. I got a job as an accountant and made three times what he was making. We got a small studio apartment and were able to make ends meet.

Soon after he joined the team, Jim started referring to me as ‘his ride’ when he talked with his buddies. Not his wife or his sweetheart, but ‘his ride’. It pissed me off and I let him know it. He said I needed to chill, that it was only in fun. To me it wasn’t fun, it was disrespectful. I started to get the impression that I was there so he could show me off to his teammates. When we went out he’d ask me to dress in a sexy outfit or a short skirt. He’d ask me to go braless and wear something that showed my cleavage. I began to feel like a prized heifer he was showing off at the county fair.

Most of the team were bachelors, but there were four of us wives. When the team went on the road we got together almost every night. One evening we were sitting around, drinking cheap chardonnay when one of the wives named Sue asked us if we’d been asked to have sex with someone from management yet.

I couldn’t believe my ears, “What did you say?”

“Have you had to fuck someone yet?’

The rest of us shook our heads.

Sue wasn’t exactly a knockout, but she had huge boobs and a pretty face. She continued, “During Spring Training we went to a social gathering for the players who were going to be on the single A team. The Director of Player Development was chatting me up and took me aside. ‘Are you ready to help your husband’s career?’ I didn’t have clue what he was talking about. He explained, that management looked more favorably on married players whose wives serviced them.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, “Did you ‘service’ them?”

“I didn’t want to, but Bobby said it would make a huge difference. I wanted to know – what happened to being a talented ballplayer? He said everything little thing that gave him an edge was worth it.

“The next morning while the team was preparing for a game, the DPD came by our hotel room. He was nice for about five minutes, then he stood up and dropped his pants. He walked over to me and stuck his cock in my face. He grabbed my hair and told me to suck him. I couldn’t believe what was happening. He grabbed ankara olgun escort my boobs and pulled my shirt over my head. ‘Come on baby, suck me.’ I was a little in shock. I couldn’t believe this was happening. He kind of sneered at me, ‘If you know what’s good for Bobby, you’ll take good care of me.’

“He made me lose my bra and put his cock on my lips. ‘Suck me!’ I started sucking on him. He was quite gross. He had a beer belly and smelled like piss. He started pushing my head into his cock. Luckily, he wasn’t big. Maybe a little below average. I got him hard and then he pushed me back on the bed and forced himself on me. He was pissed that I wasn’t wet for him. He spit on his cock and just jammed it into my pussy. He slapped my tits and pulled on my nipples. Then he got pissed off that I wasn’t enjoying it. ‘Come on sweetheart. Make some noise because you like it.’ It was a horrible experience.

“The next day he showed up again. The fucker hadn’t even showered since he raped me the previous day. Now he smelled like piss and sex. Really nasty. This time after I sucked him hard he took my head and started jamming his cock down my throat. He’s wasn’t big so I didn’t gag, but I nearly puked from his smell. Then I had to take him from behind on my hands and knees. He slapped my ass until it stung.

“I did my best to avoid the guy after that. I’d leave the hotel room early and stay away until I knew Bobby was back. I about a week later he caught me in the hallway as I was leaving and pulled me into his hotel room. I told him I was on my period. He was nasty to me, ‘You’ve got other holes sweet cheeks’. I had to suck him hard again. He got off on face fucking me. Then he got out a jar of Vaseline and fucked me up the ass. I’d never had anal before and it hurt like hell. Luckily, he wasn’t very big and he didn’t tear up anything. After that I drove back to my parents’ house until Bobby was assigned to this ball club for the season.”

I said, “There’s no way I’m fucking anyone for Jim.”

The others agreed. Sue said it wasn’t that easy. I asked her if all the baseball teams were like this, but she didn’t know. She just knew this one was. She wasn’t even sure the parent organization required sex from wives.

Toward the end of the season Jim told me that we were invited to a fancy dinner at the boss’ hotel suite. I asked him if he knew what would happen afterwards. He said that we’d just go home. I told him that most likely someone was going to want to fuck me and when they did I’d say ‘no’. He got really pissed. He lied! He did know what they expected! He was perfectly fine with me breaking my marriage vows for his career; with me prostituting myself for him.

Jim exploded saying it wasn’t a big deal. A little sex on the side would get him promoted to the next level a lot quicker. I said that he was a really good ball player and that he didn’t need me fucking anyone for him. I told him if management needed sex then he would need to provide it because I wasn’t. He could blow someone and take it up the ass, but I wasn’t going to do for him or anyone else. I didn’t go to the dinner.

I ended up being right about how good a ball player he was. The following spring he was promoted from A to AAA. By August he had been called up to the majors. Jim was the talk of the baseball world. That September there was a picture of him in The Sporting News with a blonde on his arm. When I confronted him he said that it was nothing. She was just some arm candy that he needed for appearances.

About a week later I answered the phone and it was some woman. She asked if I was Jim’s secretary. I said ‘yes, what can I do for you’. She said that she’d meet him at his hotel room after the game. If I would arrange for the hotel desk to provide her a key, then she could be ready when he got there. I told her I’d get right on it. I took her name and phone number in case something came up.

I was through with Jim. I gathered up plenty of evidence of his infidelity, plus all our financial records that showed I’d been supporting him all this time. I filed for divorce in October. I asked for half his major league salary for the rest of his career. The judge was very sympathetic during our pre-trial hearing and his lawyers knew Jim was going to lose. The divorce was settled in November and now I’m set for life, just as long as I don’t get remarried.


I had to find a new place to live. I really didn’t need money, but I thought getting a job using my accounting degree would be a good idea. I went to a job website and I found that everyone wanted to hire accountants. It wasn’t any problem finding a job, but finding a town that I liked was an issue. I moved around the country to three different towns, but I didn’t like any of them.

On my fourth move looking for a town that was right for me, I landed my present position. I did a couple of phone interviews and I had my pick of firms to work for. I flew in ankara ucuz escort for the one I thought sounded best and essentially I interviewed them. I got the job and moved the next week.

Finally, I had found a town that I enjoyed. I really loved this college town. There was always a lot happening and I was never bored. Plus, no one knew me here and I could start fresh. Once I was sure, I purchased a modest home and settled in. My work environment was really great. It was a woman-owned business and that made a huge difference.

One of my passions is fine dining. I love going out to eat. I had about five restaurants at which I became a regular. The best hotel in town also had the best restaurant. One Friday night a few months after I arrived in town I was coming out from a very nice solo meal and there was a young woman playing the piano in the lobby. I sat down across the room and just listened to her. She was amazing. She played anything and everything.

I saw an older woman come over and ask for Bach. The pianist played this scorching version of Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. I was simply blown away. The woman who requested it was pissed. “Too fast!” I heard her say. The pianist started playing it ultra-slow just to be a wise ass. I liked her attitude!

I went over and put a ten in her tip jar. There wasn’t a lot in it. I introduced myself and found out her name was Lindsey. She had quit Juilliard after a year because she learned that making money as a classical pianist was very difficult. Instead she got a business degree and now worked for a local bank.

I said, “If you don’t mind me asking, why do you play here?” I pointed to the tip jar, “It certainly isn’t for the money unless the hotel is paying you.”

Without even thinking she started playing something that vaguely sounded familiar. I think it was from the radio, “Sweetheart, this is a great way to meet quality men.”

That made me laugh, “Please forgive me, but right now I don’t think I’m up for meeting any men, quality or otherwise.”

“Why not?’

“Let’s just say I’m still recovering from a nasty divorce.”

“You’ll have to tell me about it sometime. What do you do?”

“I’m an accountant.” I told her the name of the firm.

“Excellent outfit. I always liked working with them. I haven’t seen you there before. Are you new?”

“Just moved here a couple of months ago.” On a whim I asked, “Have you thought about making music with other people?”

“Not really. Why? Are you looking to do something?”

“Yeah. Maybe. I used to sing and play in college. That was what? Seven years ago.”

Lindsey smiled, “I’ll tell you what. I’m a quick study. If you want to bring some music and sit in with me, that’d be cool.”

“Would management just let us do that?”

“Fuck yeah. They let me do anything I want. If Roger gives us shit, I’ll just go give him a blow job.”

My eyes must have popped out of my head.

Lindsey laughed, “Elena, you need to know that I’m a bit of a slut. Actually, a lot of a slut. I’m game for just about any guy’s cock going in any of my holes.”

“Do you worry about catching anything?”

“If the guy seems grubby, I’ll make him wear a condom. So far I’ve been pretty lucky. No diseases in this girl’s pussy.”

Lindsey just seemed so carefree and nonchalant about sex. She was about the exact opposite of me. She shifted whatever she was playing to something that sounded like Mozart. This girl was talented.

I looked around, “I might need to amplify my voice. Is there a plug-in nearby?”

“Right here in the floor under that brass plate. Sounds like you want to join me.”

“I do.”

“I’ll split the tips with you and I promise not to steal any men that are interested in you. You are one hot mama and you’re going to have guys drooling on you.”

“Like I said, you can have all of them.”

“Have it your way.”

I found out that Lindsey played piano on Fridays and Saturdays. I told her I’d come by the next day.


I found a local music shop and tried out a couple of acoustic guitars. I found a nice Martin dreadnought and asked the guy if he could give it some new strings and set it up while I waited. I flashed him a smile and he said he’d get right on it. While he was doing that I found a nice Shure 58 microphone, a mic stand, a music stand, and two small Fender amps, plus anything else I thought I might need. I piled it all on the counter. When the guy came back with the guitar, he was floored. Probably the best sale he’d had all year. I got a little hand cart to strap it all in and I was ready to go.

That evening I showed up and Lindsey was shocked. “I didn’t think you were going to take me seriously.”

As we were talking, an older guy in a business suit came over and said something in Lindsey’s ear.

She nodded, “Be right there.” She asked me, “What time is it?”

“About six thirty.”

“Can you give me until seven?”

I was a little surprised, “Sure.”

“Thanks, going to do a little favor for that guy?”

“What kind of favor?”

“Fuck his brains out. He’s very nice to me.”

I set my stuff up, then went off to the bar and got something non-alcoholic. Back in college after one bad night of drinking, I had decided that I was giving up booze. I wasn’t about to start again now.

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