My Gorgeous Swinging Wife

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I am remarried after a long, horrible marriage…never thought THAT would happen. I am 55…my new wife is 45…but she passes for early 30’s…absolutely spectacular…hot! I have always had this fantasy of seeing her have sex with others…men…women. It all started when I arranged an erotic massage from a certified massage therapist, who also does erotic massage. Didn’t know if she would go for it. I explained what would happen and she said it sounded fun.

When he arrived, I helped him bring in his heavy table and set it up in the master bedroom…then I arranged candles all over the room. He and I talked. I told him I wasn’t sure she’d go for it, and he assured me that only two women ever, had refused to go all the way…and those two did submit to him finger fucking them to orgasm. I turned the stereo on to some new age music…and turned out the lights. He stripped and put on a tiny robe that barely covered his balls. Earlier, he had instructed my wife to strip and put on some sort of robe, and he would call for her after I left. I stood in the back of the sitting room, right off the bedroom, in the dark so she wouldn’t be able to see me. He opened the door and called for my wife. She entered, wearing a sexy negligée I had bought her for Christmas…I was instantly turned on.

They talked softly for a time…Him, “have you ever had a massage?”…”yes…but never an erotic massage…I don’t know exactly what to expect and what to do…what’s acceptable”…he explained, “this is for your relaxation…your enjoyment…you do whatever feels good…whatever comes to mind…strip away all your inhibitions…go with the flow…I promise a happy ending”. She replied…”happy ending?…you mean orgasm?…did my husband tell you I have explosive multiple orgasms? I hope he’s alright with all this”. “I KNOW your husband’s alright with this…he arranged this fully knowing what was going to happen”. He instructed her to take her robe off and lie down on her stomach and place her arms above her head…oh god, when she disrobed in front of him, I was ready to explode! He took her robe to drape it over a chair and looked at me and mouthed to me, “INCREDIBLE!”…with raised eyebrows. In the candle light, all this was even sexier!

He started at her head…gently massaging her temples then ran his hands gently down her face to her neck, then shoulders…then up her arms to her fingers…played with her fingers, touched her hands tenderly…played with her hair…then picked up the bottle of oil that had been warming in hot water…and dribbled some over her back. All the while, she’d been sighing. When he started down her back, spreading the oil, she istanbul escort sighed even harder. When he ran his hands back up the side of her body, he made sure to slip his hands gently under her breasts…and she picked herself up so he could…that amazed me she was going for this…made me extremely happy…and hot.

He moved to her feet…massaged her feet with warm oil…then, up her legs…inner thighs…with every stroke, she moaned louder. When he got to her upper thighs, she spread her legs slightly. WOW! He drizzled oil over her hot, tight, gorgeous ass…and started rubbing her ass…stopped and gently probed her asshole…she giggled and said it tickled. SHE WASN’T RESISTING AT ALL!…COOL! He then began gently massaging her pussy lips…and she gyrated her hips to his strokes…then, he inserted two fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her…and she was squirming and moaning.

He moved to her head again and pressed himself right up against the table…right at her head…and drizzled more oil on her back and started down her back…got to her ass…and reinserted fingers into her pussy. To my amazement, she slid her hand up to his robe and pulled the belt, opening his robe…rose up on her elbows and pulled herself closer to him, and grabbed his hard cock, and started licking the head…then the balls, and then, swallowed his cock and started sucking wildly.

Before too long, he pulled back, and asked her to turn over…she did. He went back to her feet and did the same massage on the front of her legs as he did on the back of her legs…and again, when he reached her pussy, he started finger fucking her again…by now, she was moaning loudly and squirming wildly. He moved back to her head and drizzled more oil on her tits…and started massaging her tits, playing with her nipples…and she reached over her head and pulled his cock to her…he crawled up onto the table so his cock was directly over her face…and she swallowed once again…and he dove into her pussy and they were locked in a 69…she screamed into orgasm.

Without stopping, he came off the table and moved to her feet…and pulled her legs and slid her to him…put her legs over his shoulders, and massaged her pussy lips with the head of his cock, then inserted his cock into her pussy, and she cried out, “OH GOD!”…and he fucked her wildly…when she screamed into another orgasm, they changed positions…she got on her knees and pressed her head into her arms with her head on the table, as he entered her doggy style and fucked her into another orgasm.

A little time later, he was standing next to the table, and she was on istanbul escort bayan her knees, and giving him one of her award winning blow jobs…and soon, he exploded all over her face, in her hair, in her mouth, down her neck, dripping down her tits…off her nipples…She licked up every drop off his cock head. Then, I appeared…she jumped a little…she asked, “did you watch this all?! PLEASE say it’s ok!…are you upset?!”…I told her, “baby, I wanted you to experience this…I loved it…did you?” She DOVE at me, and started kissing me wildly…shoving her cum covered tongue down my throat…I grabbed her head and felt his cum all over my hands…and I could tasted his cum…and being bi sexual, (she doesn’t know), I was more turned on than ever…and she shoved me onto the floor, ripped off my pants, and mounted me in front of him…and after screaming into another orgasm, she went down on me and gave me a GREAT, sexy, hot blow job…she was more wild than ever.

After, I whispered to her that it was late…and maybe we should invite him to stay the night…and we did…he agreed. We all sat around the fireplace, naked, drank some wine, and played with my wife for hours, eating her pussy, fucking her, spit roasting her. When we went to bed, we both ate her and fucked her practically all night long…I even ate her after he fucked her and came inside her and all over her pussy lips. He left the next morning, only after she fucked and sucked him one last time…we are regular customers of his now…a couple times a month…even when I am not home, he stays with her some nights…and yes, the idea of her home fucking and sucking some other guys blows me away with excitement and heat!

So…the main part of this story. I ALWAYS noticed guys gawking at her all the time…she is smoking hot. So, after reading swinging stories and articles, I slowly talked her into trying it. She has these 3 dresses in particular…we now refer to them as her “fuck me dresses”…a red one, a black one, and a white one. They are all light, wispy ,material…not quite see-through, but when she stands just right…when the light strikes her just right, you can see the silhouette of her tits, since she never wears a bra…you can see her nipples. When she stands just right, you can see her gorgeous ass…you can see she isn’t wearing underwear, that she shaves her pussy…and the dresses are short, and show off her unbelievable legs…and are so short, when she moves just right, you can actually get a shot of her bare pussy. The tops are wrap around, so when she moves just right, her nipples are exposed.

We were invited to a party by a escort istanbul Doctor friend of mine in a neighboring city about an hour away…so we felt safe starting there, instead of in our own town. We entered the party…a dimly lit night club/restaurant, and immediately, I saw the men circling…trying to get a better look, with the right lighting, of my wife…I could see the silhouette of her goodies myself…her shaved pussy, her tits, her fine ass…and so did the men…she was driving everyone crazy.

A guy asked her to dance. When she moved, her dressed flipped up a little, exposing her beautiful ass cheeks and bare pussy lips but just for an instant…enough to drive all the men there absolutely nuts! A slow song…and he wrapped his arms around her. His hands slid down to her ass slowly…she didn’t resist. Eventually, he slid his hands down under her dress hem, then back up, under her dress to her ass, and started playing with her ass. You could barely see it because it was so dark, but I positioned myself to be able to see it all. At one point, he inserted a finger into her from behind…she told me about it afterward.

Another guy…in the corner of the bar…VERY dark corner…sharing a drink with my wife…and trying to covertly slide his fingers into her top, massaging her nipples…with the other hand, he slid a hand up her dress and started fingering her pussy lips. Later, in the cloak room, I followed while she got naked and on her knees and blew two Doctors…took their cum shots all over her face…after they left, she dressed…not long after, she came back with another guy…and I witnessed him fuck her doggy style…and yet later, witnessed her give a guy a hand job outside in the parking lot.

We have been swinging now for about a year…and it is amazing…we have the greatest sex after a swinging session. One night, at another party, she’d asked me to stand by the car. As she approached, dragging a guy about her oldest son’s age behind her, she kissed my cheek, “keep watch for us baby, I’m going to give this young man the best blow job he’s ever had”…and I watched him get into our back seat, watched her undress, and watched her bob her head up and down on his shaft, and heard him scream, watched him convulse, and saw him shoot his load all over my wife’s face, and down her throat. Another time, she came and got me, and took me out with another guy, and had me stand guard, while she and him fucked in the back seat of his car.

I know swinging sounds odd to some, but to us…it is phenomenal. We don’t swing in town…we always swing out of town, so we don’t get reputations. I have started swinging also…with other women…and my wife loves it…she’s joined in several times…and I got to watch my wife with another woman…eating her pussy…sucking her nipples. The ONLY thing my wife has not witnessed, because I have hidden it, is I am swinging with other men now…that too, is erotic and hot!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32