My Girls-Kate and Pam

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My name is…well name’s not important. Call me Ishmael-nah, just kidding. You can call me Nick. But I’m not writing this to tell you about me. I’m writing this to tell you about my girls. These are the girls I’ve known, the girls I’ve loved.

I’m a lucky man. I have a good life. I’m a musician. I’ve worked tours, studios, jingles, composing, songwriting, engineering and producing. My job is incredibly fun and I’ve made pretty good money at it. No, I’m not famous. Don’t even ask. You wouldn’t recognize my name if I told you.

I’ve had the chance to see some amazing places and meet some amazing women along the way. I’m going to tell you about some of them-not all, but some. Over the years I’ve slept with about three hundred women. I’m not bragging or anything, I’m just trying to make a point. My point is that the stories here are based on those girls. Some of the stories are combinations of more than one girls’ tale, but that’s only to keep me from writing hundreds of stories. What you’re about to read is based on true events.

Whether you believe them or not doesn’t make any difference to me. I got to live them so that’s all I need. Now I’m an old married guy, middle age is slipping by and I’m just reminiscing about the girls I’ve known in my life. Don’t get me wrong. I may not be chasing after girls anymore but I’m still a lucky man. I’ve spent over twenty years now with the same girl and I love it. I’ve never been happier and I’ve never been unfaithful. But every now and then I stop to remember….


“Here are the ground rules for tonight. You’re going to do exactly what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it-no questions, no hesitation, no bullshit. Understood?”

“Yes, sir”

“Good, girl. If you want to back out this is your chance. After we go inside there’s no turning back. I’m going to tell you to do things you’ve never done and you’re going to do them, you’re only going to speak when I ask a question or give you permission, and you will absolutely not take off your blindfold unless I say you can. How about it? I’m going in now…with or without you. Do you want to go in or go home?”

I could just barely hear her as she dropped her head and said, “In.”

“What? I can’t hear you.”

She raised her head and turned toward me. If she hadn’t been blindfolded, we’d have been eye to eye. There she was, 22, with long, blonde hair tied back into a ponytail, firm double D cup breasts, 5’11” tall, curvaceous with legs wrapped in coal black stockings, in a little black dress, black heels, a garter belt and a lacy black thong. I knew what she was wearing because it was what I told her to wear and she wouldn’t dare disobey. She also had a vibrator set on low inside her pussy. “I want to go in, sir.”

“That’s good. Come on.”

I opened the door and led her into the apartment as someone down the hall stepped into view. I wasn’t sure if he’d seen her blindfold and handcuffs or not, but it didn’t matter to me-it wasn’t my building. Giving the neighbor a quick grin and a nod, I closed the door and stood Pam in the middle of the living room. I stood back and looked her up and down for just a moment. I pulled the vibrator out and turned it off. As I unlocked her handcuffs I leaned in and flicked my tongue on her ear and said, “Stay.”

In the bedroom Kate lay on the bed just as I’d left her. She was dressed exactly like Pam little black dress, handcuffs and all. Except her hands weren’t cuffed in front of her-they were wrapped around the headboard of her bed. As I walked up to the bed I could hear the vibrator inside her humming. I knew she hadn’t come yet because I hadn’t given her permission. It wasn’t on high enough to make her come, just enough to keep her on edge.

Just to remind her that she wasn’t allowed to make a sound until I gave her permission I asked her, “How’s my girl?” (That was her cue to answer the next question) “Are you having fun?” She nodded. “Good, cause you’re going to love the surprise I have for you.”

Slowly I removed her vibrator. After one small shudder and she was perfectly still. I knew she’d be unsteady, so as I removed her cuffs I helped her to her feet. “Come with me.” I said, taking her hand. I led her to the living room, spacing her far enough from Pam to keep them from accidentally touching. Then I turned and plopped down in a chair with a good view of both of them.

The stage was set the way I wanted and I was ready for a show. Mellow jazz playing in the background was loud enough to cover any sound that might give their situation away. “Now, I want you to strip for me. You can dance if you like…in fact I’d like that. But be careful and don’t move too much, because you don’t want to bump into anything. Take your time and show me how hot you are. Show me how much you want to make me happy. Show me gaziantep escort ilanları how fuckable you are. I want to enjoy it. So strip, now.

If I’d thought of it, I’d have filmed it. I should have. A show as hot as that doesn’t come along very often. There I was in a comfortable chair, 38 floors above the city, good music, low lights with two beautiful blondes showing off for me and for the skyline through the windows behind them. For just a moment I wondered if anyone else was watching the show I’d put together, then I realized…I didn’t care. I wanted to see it for myself.

It was amazing to see two women, totally oblivious of the other compete for my attention. Just as one caught my eye, there was the other. My head went back and forth like I was watching a tennis match. As Pam bent down to slip her dress off her feet, I watched her breasts swinging under her. As Kate arched her back and pulled her dress over her head, her breasts stood out and pointed upward. Four big, full, firm tits jiggled a few feet away from me and I loved it. Then as Kate bent forward to lower her panties from her damp clean-shaven pussy, Pam turned to let her bare wet lips peek between her thighs as she drug her thong down over her heart-shaped ass. Just as the little slips of lace reached their knees I said, “Stop. Stay right there for a moment.”

I stood and walked over to them, enjoying the view of these nearly identical bodies from all different angles. “I like you in this position.” I said with a chuckle. Then I ran one hand over each girl’s body. I walked past them to the window and letting them hear it, I pulled the drapes closed in one long motion. For a second I thought Kate reacted to Pam’s tiny gasp, but she might not have heard it or not recognized it. I didn’t know and I didn’t care. They’d know about each other soon enough.

Knowing it would be harder to walk (or run away) with their panties around their knees, I saw my chance to spring my surprise. “Stand up straight and turn this way. Wet your lips and get ready to show me what a good kisser you are.” With my hand on Pam’s left arm and Kate’s right I moved them into position-facing each other. “Arms out for a hug.” I moved my hands to the small of their backs and pushed them together. Both girls stiffened when their bodies made contact, but I kept them together with gentle pressure on their backs. Pam pulled her head away for a second and I thought she might bolt, but she knew I was in charge. As her tongue slipped into Kate’s mouth I thought back on how we met.


Pam was walking away through a crowd of people when I first saw her. Any one feature would have made her stand out. But the total effect of her long legs, firm butt, blonde hair and her height was devastating. Someone with her must have told her I was checking her out because she caught me. After seeing her from behind I wanted to meet her. After she turned to expose the profile of her full firm breasts I began to lust for her. Then her face turned to me and I saw the gentle smile and curious eyes and she had me.

She was beautiful. With her long almost platinum blonde hair and unbelievable body she was Playboy material. Then there was the one thing that makes every lecherous fool like me go crazy. She was sweet and innocent. That’s where she got me. Hot looking plus sweet and innocent will do it every time. “Hot plus easy” could be fun but “hot plus sweet and innocent” was a challenge. That meant I was going to have to seduce her and that would make having her even more rewarding.

We never really dated. We never went out in the traditional sense. Just like the night we met, our times together were always casual and were always just a prelude to sex. I didn’t realize it until we’d been getting together for about six months. Then one night I called her and told her to dress up for me and I was going to pick her up. It was the first time I’d ever picked her up at home to take her somewhere. Of course it still wasn’t a regular date. That night I told her to wear something that made her feel pretty, but I’d prefer it to be a short, light, summery dress with spaghetti straps to hold it up.

My old car had a great bench seat. I had her curl up close to me and I put my arm around her shoulders. I played with her nipples through the dress as we drove off into the darkness. Her breathing got heavy when I slipped the straps over her shoulders and exposed her tits to the night. After teasing her exposed nipples long enough, I let her lay down on the seat and put her head in my lap, but only if she pulled her skirt up and played with her pussy while I drove.

She was always eager to please me and she was always followed my directions to the letter. Being submissive gave her the freedom to do things she’d never do on her own. After all, it wasn’t her fault…she was just doing what I told her to do. She even loved being told what a fine piece of ass she was. The dirtier I talked to her, the more she liked it. As one street light after another lit up her body, I asked her, “You like it, don’t you?”

“Yes. Yes I do like it.”

“You like giving up control and just being my little toy to play with, huh?”


“You like to be a little fucktoy for me don’t you?”

She shuddered with a small orgasm and whispered, “Yes I do. I really do.”

After that night she was mine. No matter whether I filled her head with fantasies of all the men (and women) I was letting use her body while I fucked her-blindfolded and tied to her bed. Or whether I had her go into a sex shop, buy her first dildo, and suck me off while she shoved it up her wet cunt as we drove, she was my toy-my little fucktoy.

Now she was crossing a new boundary. She didn’t ask me for this. She never asked for anything without begging for it. It took her a minute to relax and start to enjoy it. But it didn’t take long. Those big sensitive nipples were hard before she and Kate began to kiss. Just a few brushes of her big tits against Kate’s and a taste of Kate’s tongue and she was breathless and dripping wet.


Kate had a talented mouth. She was an incredible kisser, but that wasn’t all she was good at. The first time I saw her she was singing. I bought a few tickets to a benefit performance of the local opera company and took some friends. Going to the opera was not my favorite way to spend an evening, but I went. It was a worthy charity and I could afford to help out. I’d been fortunate to make good money writing music and I’d been asked to help out. I was asked to help by a little brunette french-horn player who spent most of the evening playing with me. She loved the opera and she loved teasing me to see how long she could keep my cock hard before I took her into a bathroom stall and fed her my come or ripped her panties off and fucked her.

When the whole cast came out on stage I saw Kate. She was one of the chorus, not a star, no one special but she stood out. She was a head taller than every other woman in the chorus and her peaches and cream complexion and curly blonde hair made her impossible to miss. She sang and I watched her. I didn’t meet her that night, but I remembered her. When I saw her waiting in line for coffee about a week later I recognized her.

Tapping on her shoulder I said, “Excuse me, you’re in the opera company aren’t you? I saw you at the benefit. You were good.”

“What? There were too many people up there for you to know if I was good.”

“No, you were good. The redhead on your right was singing flat enough to distract the other sopranos, but you ignored her and sang well.”

With that she turned completely around to face me and gave me a quick once over. “You’ve got a good ear if you heard that. Plus a good eye if you figured all that out.”

I told her when I conducted, I had to be able to pick out problems. It wasn’t that unusual, everybody does it. All it takes is practice. She stuck out her had and introduced herself. When she recognized my name she made such a fuss I blushed. She wanted to buy me coffee, but I insisted since she’d entertained me the least I could do was pay.

We sat and chatted for almost an hour when she jumped up and said, “Oh my God, I’m going to be late for class. I’ve got to get to the Conservatory in fifteen minutes. I’ll never make it in time.”

“Let me drive you. We’ll make it easy.” I offered. It was over a twenty-minute walk that I’d made lots of times as a student, but it would be about a five-minute drive if traffic wasn’t too bad. “If your professor gives you a hard time, tell him you had a meeting with me and I made you late.”

Laughing she said, “I don’t think that’ll work. None of my students will care what I was doing. They’re all too self-absorbed to care if their teacher’s on time or not. They’ll just leave if I’m late.”

It was my turn to be shocked. Her attitude and demeanor didn’t fit with the image of a music professor so I’d assumed she was a grad student. She didn’t seem old enough. A teaching position at the conservatory is hard to get, it just didn’t add up. “Oh, are you teaching while you’re working on your graduate degree?” I asked.

“No,” she said with a cute giggle. “I have a double doctorate in piano an vocal performance. I finished a couple of years ago.”

“Wow. What did you do start college right after kindergarten?”

“Not quite. They made me wait until after high school, but they did let me reschedule my auditions for grad school when it conflicted with a performance with the London Symphony.”

Then I realized who she was. Her name sounded familiar, but I hadn’t made the connection. I’d heard her before, when she was a little kid. At twelve she’d played a Beethoven piano concerto with the London Philharmonic and I’d seen her sing a Mozart aria in New York when she was nine. She was a child prodigy. Prodigies always bothered me. I never knew if the kids were there for themselves or their parents. But I remembered her from those nights. She was good-very good.

“Well, since I’ve made you late, let me drive you. You aren’t parked close by are you?”

Sheepishly, she answered, “I don’t drive. Never learned when I was a kid, and now….”

I grabbed her hand and pulled her up saying, “Come on. I’ve got to hear more about you. You got about five minutes between here and the conservatory. You gotta tell me more.”

When we got to the Conservatory Kate had a surprise guest for her students that day. Between classes I got on the phone and cancelled my plans so I could spend the day with her and her students. Though she was oblivious to it, her good looks and open mind drew her students in like moths to a flame. I felt out of place at first but she made me talk to her classes about my work and got me to answer questions all day.

That afternoon, a kid in the back asked how she got me there. Kate replied, “I tried to buy him off with coffee when we met at Starbucks this morning, but that didn’t work. I think it’s gonna take some pasta and a nice red wine tonight instead.” she said glancing at me for approval.

Then a girl’s voice from the back said, “Oh, man…I gotta get off campus more. One trip for coffee and you got him for the day and a date! Damn!”

With a laugh Kate dismissed class. As they left I heard another girl say, “I don’t blame her. I’d want to get rid of us and get the date started too.”

As she cooked we talked. After dinner we talked. We talked about our work, our friends, our families, about everything. We talked for hours and hours. She got quiet and leaned back on the couch as I kissed her. I kissed down her neck to the valley between her breasts. Then I pulled her clothes away, licking and kissing my way down to her sweet, wet pussy, tasting and teasing every inch of skin I could along the way. Going down on her was different than any woman I’d ever known before. Her tight, almost hairless pussy was topped with a tiny wisp of blonde hair. Her lips were smooth and tight and she was delicious. I made her come over and over again, eating her out gently then ravenously. I couldn’t get enough. I was hard as a rock, but it wasn’t about me-it was about her. I was going to leave her with a night she’d never forget.

When I was done and she begged me to stop, I stood over her with my cock tenting out my pants. She wasn’t quick enough to get my zipper as I stepped back, teasing her. “Please give it to me. I want it so bad now.”

“No. Not tonight. I’ve got what I wanted tonight,” I said. “You’ll have to wait ’til next time.”

Then I turned to the door. I’ll never forget how she looked as she lay there on the couch. She didn’t have the strength to stop me. She was like an addict who almost overdosed and was too high to function. Her bra was gone, her shirt hung from one arm and the little pink panties she’d had on were tangled around one ankle. That’s how she was dressed as I said goodnight standing in her open door. “Don’t leave. Stay. Please stay. You can have me any way you want. Just don’t leave now.”

I knew I had her now. “Tomorrow night I’ll be back…you can wait ’til then, can’t you?”

“I don’t know. I want you so bad right now.”

“Then you should think about what you want between now and tomorrow night.” I said as I blew her a kiss, and left.

The next night I went back and used her body all night long. She took my cock as far as she could down her throat. She bent over the couch while I fucked her from behind, and spun around so she could swallow my come as I came. A week later I took her ass, riding her long lean body until her cunt and ass were both sore.

Because of her physical stature, talent and notoriety no one had ever been so direct or demanding of her. Men had always let her set the pace and be in charge. But I didn’t. From that first night together she knew I was in charge and she liked it.

Kate began to tighten her grip on Pam and move as they kissed. Just like Pam, with me she could indulge her fantasies and not feel responsible. After all she hadn’t made the choice to seduce Pam, I ordered her to do it.

The 3 Of Us

Soft moans became to come from the two of them. It wasn’t long before their hands started to wander, testing, feeling the soft yet firm flesh, reveling in the sensations they shared. I let them build their desire for each other before I stepped right next to them and laying my hands on their faces, I pulled their lips just a fraction of an inch apart. “Would you like to hear about our little playmate?” Without waiting for a response I went on saying, “Let me describe her for you.”

“The little fucktoy we’re going to share tonight-and I mean share in every sense of the word-is absolutely delicious. As you can already tell, she’s hot and easily stimulated. You should also know that she takes direction well, and even gets off on it. I would say it’s one of the things that made me interested, but there are so many, I won’t even try to list them all.

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