My Girlfriend’s 21st

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It was recently my girlfriend Kelly’s 21st birthday. Her mum and I jointly arranged a big party for her at our local village hall, just as she had done for me a couple of months earlier for my 21st.

Her mum had been in charge of inviting the members of Kelly’s family while I invited all of her friends. Kelly looked stunning in her outfit of tight denim jeans and a tight white top which left very little to the imagination. I wanted to fuck her there and then she was turning me on so much but I couldn’t because we were already pushing it for time if we wanted to get to the party before most of the guests.

We managed to arrive at the party just before the guests started to arrive. We stood at the door while most of the guests arrived, unfortunately I didn’t know many of them so I just stood there watching Kelly greet her family members and friends. I hardly knew many of her friends as I didn’t go to the same college as her so I was starting to get a bit bored.

After most of the guests had arrived Kelly and I went and sat down at one of tables and had a laugh as we watched many of the older family members trying to dance.

Then her mum came over to us to tell Kelly that her uncle and cousin had arrived. Kelly and I went over to the door to greet them. Kelly’s cousin Nikki looked amazing, she was only 18 but looked a lot older than that. She was wearing a very low cut top which showed of her fantastic tits to the full, a denim mini skirt and knee high black boots. Kelly introduced us and as I shook her hand she looked at me as though she knew what would happen later on that evening.

The three of us went and sat at a table in the corner, Kelly and Nikki chatted as we drank a bottle of wine between us. Nikki kept stealing glances etiler escort at me and I couldn’t help looking at her fantastic tits and legs, she knew this and would occasionally lean forward to get her drink or would move her legs slightly so her skirt rode even further up her leg. She knew I was getting turned on but I was determined not to let it show as I had never cheated on Kelly in our two years together, and I wasn’t about to start now.

After about half an hour Kelly excused herself so she could go and talk to some of the other guests, I hopefully said I would go with her but she said I should stay and keep Nikki company.

So I stayed with Nikki and started to get on really well with her, I started to think maybe I was imagining the looks I thought she was giving me, unfortunately I still couldn’t stop myself looking at her amazing legs.

After about 15 minutes she asked me to go out to her dad’s car and help her get the cake, I remembered Kelly’s mum saying that her uncle was bringing the cake so I agreed to help her with it.

As we were walking out I couldn’t help myself looking at her ass as she walked in front of me. The car park outside was full of cars so I had to follow Nikki to her dad’s car. It was parked right in the far corner of the car park next to an small building that was used as a storage room, Nikki went in and turned the light on, I followed her in to ask what she was doing, as soon as I walked into the room she pressed her body up against mine and tried to start kissing me, I tried to push her away and tell her that I couldn’t do it to Kelly. She took one arm from round my neck and started to rub my rock hard cock up and down.

“If eve gelen escort you don’t want me then why are you so hard? Come on, you know you have wanted to fuck me from the first time you saw me tonight, you just couldn’t keep your eyes off my tits and legs.”

I tried again to fight her off but this time it was to know avail, I just had to fuck her. We started to kiss other ferociously, my hands immediately reached for her ass and started to caress it through her skirt, she was still rubbing my cock through my trousers. She started to slide down my body until she was undoing my trousers, she made light work of them and discarded them along with my boxers.

She started sliding up and down my cock with her lips, she was only 18 but this was easily the best blowjob I had ever had, if I hadn’t been leaning up against a wall I wouldn’t have been able to stand I was in such ecstasy. As she continued to work her magic I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her gorgeous tits as I could see right down her top.

Nikki slid back up my body and stared to kiss me vigorously once more, again I just had to reach for her ass. She took a step back and removed my shirt, I was now completely naked and couldn’t wait to start undressing her, I reached for the bottom of her top but she slapped my hand away . She slowly, sexily slid her top over her head to reveal a sexy, black, lacy bra.

That was it, I couldn’t take it anymore and pushed her up against the wall, I immediately started to kiss her tits through her bra, i then pulled up her skirt to reveal a tiny matching thong, I quickly pulled that down over her boots and started to lick her shaven pussy, which was already soaking wet, Nikki fatih escort started to moan so loud that someone might of heard us but at that point I didn’t care. I reached up to remove her bra, she had the most amazing pair of tits ever.

She orgasmed twice while I was licking her pussy, she then pushed me down onto a chair and with her skirt and boots still on straddled me and slowly slid herself onto my rock hard cock, once again I couldn’t resist holding her ass as she slowly rose up and down my cock. I was in ecstasy as she was so tight, she started to quicken her pace as my cock slid further and further into her pussy until she was all the way down to the hilt, this was the best sex I had ever had and neither of us could stop ourselves from moaning each others name extremely loud.

Then all of a sudden we heard some voices from the car park, I instantly tried to push Nikki off but she wouldn’t budge and just quickened her pace, I knew I was about to cum and Nikki sensed that so she quickly stopped and got off, she walked round to the back off a chair and leaned on it, I knew what she wanted so I followed her and started to slowly slide my cock into her ass, she instantly loved it. The voices in the car park eventually went away and once again we were both moaning loudly. All finesse had gone as I started to pound her ass with my cock, she started to rock back against me so I went even further into her ass while inserting 2 fingers into her pussy. She reached back with one hand behind my neck and we started to kiss ferociously . This was it, I was ready to explode so I pulled out of her ass, she knew what to do. She once again started to suck me off until I shot my load into her mouth, she swallowed every last drop.

We sat there for a few minutes as we got our breath back then went back to the party. Nobody missed us so we sat back at our table. Nikki once again teasing me with her gorgeous body, Kelly came and sat with us when suddenly I felt a foot rubbing my cock once again, Kelly had no idea so I let Nikki caress my cock with her foot while I stared at her tits once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32