My Girlfriend wants My Butt

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My name is Annie, I am a 20 years old college student, a gymnast since I was seven. I am attracted to girls, and have a very cute girlfriend, much taller than me and very feminine.

We have only been together for six months, but I have known her since I started college.

It took awhile for us to become lovers. Our first night together happened after we were out with friends, she offered me a ride back to campus.

Day walked me up to my dorm, I unlocked the door, took her hand and led her into my room. I let her kiss me, it was a soft, gentle kiss, just like two girls would kiss. She wrapped her arms around my waist and I swayed in her arms. She leaned her head forward, gave me a short kiss and then opened her mouth, I felt her tongue on mine.

I closed my lips around her tongue and sucked it, our tongues rubbed and we kept kissing. I broke off the kiss and started unbuttoning my blouse, her hands move down to my tight ass cheeks, she squeezed and pulled me against her. I stripped off my blouse, turned around and let Day unhook my bra.

Her hands reached around and cupped my breast, they were soft, her fingers long, they excited me. Her palms rubbed my nipples, she squeezed my breast hard, I grunted.

I kicked off my shoes and unbuttoned my skirt. I walked towards my bed, pulled down the covers. I turned, Day was looking at me, “Can you spend the night?” I asked.

Day walked towards me, she bent down and kissed me, I started to unbutton her blouse, she unbuckled her belt and pants, I Wanted her bare body against mine, I stripped off her blouse and then her bra. I kissed her nipple, opened my mouth and sucked on her breast. Her nipple was hard, I rubbed it with my tongue, I pushed my mouth over breast.

I laid down on the bed and opened my arms, Day finished undressing and lay beside me. She kissed me, I was glad she became more aggressive, her hand went to my breast and squeezed, I moaned and I spread my legs,

Our tongues were touching, I moaned in her mouth, I placed my hand on hers and moved it between my legs, I cupped her hand over my crotched and opened my legs wider.

Day’s hand covered my crotch, her long fingers clamped over my pussy. I pulled her mouth tighter against mine and started moving against her hand. Her fingers slid along my slit, she pushed a finger into me, I pressed her hand tighter,

I felt an orgasm growing, “harder” I moaned in her mouth and she slid another finger into me.

My orgasm was quick, I pulled her close and then relaxed. Day’s fingers were still in me, “Thank you.” I said.

Day looked down at my body, “I haven’t tasted you yet.” She slid down and kissed my breast, her hand pushed my legs apart and she moved on top of me. Her face move down to my mound. She kissed between my legs, her mouth was covering my pussy, then her tongue slid into my slit. She sucked my lips and her tongue was busy teasing my clit.

She pushed my knees up and her mouth was covering my pussy.

Day was skilled, she licked my clit and pushed two fingers into me, she fingered şişli escort me and lapped the length of my slit, I came again, hard.

I pulled her on top of me and kissed her, she was gentle, and her kiss was wet. I could smell my crotch on her face, it was musty but sweet.

She smiled at me, I slid out from under her, she was laying on her stomach. I knelt between her legs, I squeezed her thin ass cheeks and kissed them. My mouth was kissing her spine and moving down to her ass.

Day reached around and pulled her ass cheeks apart, I slid my tongue down and the tip of my tongue rubbed the outside of her crinkled, little ass ring.

This was new, I’ve never had a occasion to lick an asshole. Day put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face into her ass cheeks, my tongue pushed into her ass.

Day was excited, I could feel her hips moving, her hand was pushing my tongue deeper, , my thick tongue filled he ass.

This lasted a few minutes. Day turned her body, opened her legs and grabbed my head with both hands and started grinding against my mouth.

My tongue is thick and wide, I licked her hard, she came in my mouth. Day came like a man and filled my mouth with her cum, I sucked and licked her until she pushed my mouth off her pussy.

Day was noisy, she whimpered and grunted, her noises excited me.

My mouth was full of her sticky cum, I lifted my head and spit her cum onto her stomach.

I was kneeling between her legs, I put my hand on her mound and used my thumb to rub her clit, she tried to push my hand away but I kept rubbing her. She looked at me and opened her legs, I slid a finger into her with my other hand, she kept watching me, smiling.

I could feel her hips moving, she let out a few little cries and started cuming, it was a long one. Again, she gushed, my hand was covered with her cum.

I am a typical gymnast, short hair and a tight, muscular body, small breast, and a bubbly personality. I live on campus, it is mandatory, since I have a scholarship, most of the athletes live in the same dorm, in the middle of campus. It is convenient for the everyone that participates in any sport.

My girlfriend, Day, short for Dayo, is thin, 5’8″, we call each other, “Girl friend,”, it reminds us that we are equal. Day likes to dominate me, sexually and when we are alone, I enjoy her dominating me. Sometimes, I rebel, and use my physical strength to let her know I can take her when I want.

We are outwardly affectionate, we hold hands and kiss in public, Day is proud of me and likes to show me off, she makes me the center of attention. Day drives me everywhere, I spend a couple of nights a week at her house, studying takes much of my free time. I love her, she dominates me and excites me, I let her have my body anytime she wants.

One evening after we were out with friends, we drove back to her house, Day was horny, she kept squeezing my ass and kissing me hard. I was ready for her to take me, I walked into the house and started undressing, I slipped off my underwear and rubbed her face çapa escort with them. They were wet, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard, I smelled my crotch on her face.

Day pressed me against the dining room table and kissed me, she grabbed my shoulder, turned me towards the table and bent me over. My toes barely touched the floor, I spread my arms over my head and waited, Day kissed the middle of my back and licked it. Her tongue trailed down to the top of my ass cheeks, her hands pulled them apart and her tongue slid into to my tiny ass hole.

I started lifting up to turn over but her hand on my back pushed me back down. Her tongue felt very different but good, it was moving in and out, pushing deep. I let her have her way, Day is my lover, I love to give myself to her. I lifted my feet off the floor and tilted my hips, she pushed deeper into me.

Day lifted her face and her hand covered my ass hole, a finger started pushing into me, I tried to move my hips, but it went deeper. Her middle finger was pushing in and out of me, she had me skewered on her middle finger

This was strange but I liked when Day used me. I felt her finger pull out of me, “don’t move,” she said.

I felt Day walk up behind me, her hands grabbed my hips, I felt her hips against my ass cheeks. Something was pressing into my ass, I started to get up, something entered my ass, I straightened up but Day pulled my hips back to her and pushed. She had me impaled.

I turned and was facing her, she kissed me I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her down to me, “not my ass.”

Day walked me to the bedroom, I grabbed the dildo she had strapped on and led her to the bed.

I took it off of her and brought it to bed. Day wasn’t sure what was happening but she still wanted me.

Day was lying beside me, I rolled her on her back and knelt between hers legs and kissed her mound. I pressed my tongue hard, against her clit, she groaned, I looked up and smiled. I sat up and showed her the dildo, “can I have your butt?” Day pulled her knees up to her chest, “I love you,” she said.”

Day was horny, I licked her pussy and guided the tip of dildo to her ass, I pushed it in, about an inch. Slowly I moved it in and out of her, deeper with each stroke. I looked up, her eyes were closed and her breathing was quick. The dildo was skinny, six inches long, it was a strap on. Day was enjoying my tongue and mouth, I pushed the dildo deep and held it in her while I licked her.

Her hand went to the back of my head, she was trying to cum. She ground against my mouth, faster and harder, my mouth was getting sore but I stayed down on her. Day came, a gushing orgasm.

I left the dildo in her, her knees came down, I crawled on top, my face was slick, we kissed. “Did you like that,” I said.

Day wrapped her arms around my neck, “Did you like fucking me?”

“I loved it, it felt like we were making love, maybe next time I can strap it on.”

Our lovemaking has been great, I’m exhausted when Day finishes with me. I reached down and slowly removed fındıkzade escort the dildo.

Day looked up, “do I get a turn?” “No, I don’t want anything in my butt, then I thought, maybe your tongue.” She smiled, I like tasting you, she wrapped me in her arms, we slept.

I love the female body, the smells and softness have always excited me. Day is always super clean, I am always at the gym practicing my routines, I do not always shower. Day will try to pin me and lick me when I’m sweaty, I usually give in, but I hate kissing her afterwards. She makes me kiss her, and makes sure I taste my own nasty pussy.

Day is always squeezing my ass, she is obsessed with penetrating it. So far I have only allowed her use tongue and fingers in there, I know she’ll catch me in a weak moment and use the dildo on it.

One Friday night after drinking, Day said she had a surprise for me, I was sure it had to do with our lovemaking. When we were inside my dorm room, she reached into her purse and pulled out a large, realistic strap on dildo.

I took it and put the tip in my mouth, I sucked on it while I looked at her. She laughed, I want you to use it on me, I have been fantasizing about you wearing it.

I was drunk and ready for Day, she made me stand up and started undressing me. Is this going to fit in you? Day just smiled.

I was out of my clothes and strapped on the big rubber cock, I looked down at it, wow, I thought, “it’s huge”. Day was staring, I wish I had a full length mirror, if i was Day I would be scared.

I pointed at her and told her to, “come here.” Day was glassy eyed, we started stripping her down, she was standing in front of me, bare ass. I reached between her legs, she was sopping, I smiled. I guess you’re ready, “get on your hands and knees.”

I knelt behind her, bent over and kissed the crack of her ass, my tongue slipped between her cheeks. Day wanted to be fucked, she wanted to be my bitch. I was new in being dominate, but I was enjoying it. I pulled her cheeks apart and licked the length of her exposed crack. she was leaking cum.

Day was on her elbows, her head was down, I pushed the tip past her pussy lips, she lifted her head, “use my ass.”

I moved the tip up and pressed it against her tiny asshole, I felt her push back, she was eager, I pushed forward, but had to grab her hips, the big tip pushed into her.

Day was moaning, “it hurts.”

I couldn’t stop, I was fucking into her, half of it was in her, she fell forward onto her belly and the rubber cock slipped out. Day rolled onto her back and opened her legs, I leaned over and kissed her mound. Day was dazed, I’m sure I’m her first cock, I kissed her lips and pushed my tongue into her, she ground my mouth on her crotch and started cumming.

It was over, I lay on top of her an kissed her, my face was a wet, slippery mess. I felt the big dildo pushing against her, I reached down and rubbed the tip between her pussy lips, I pushed my hips forward and the tip pushed into her. I felt hr legs open and her hips tilt, I pushed hard and half the cock was in her pussy.

Day was taking it, I was fucking into her, she was crying and cumming, she finally finished and dropped her legs down.

Our arms wrapped and we kissed, “my lover,” she whispered to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32