My Girlfriend and Her Daughter

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I met Cheryl at the gym. She was working out with a personal trainer and was always near or within earshot and sight of whatever station I was using. She was probably near my age, I thought (mid-50s), with semi-curly auburn hair that fell just above her shoulders, and she had a full, round, plump ass that I could not take my eyes from, a small B or c -cup chest, a bit of a belly. She, like me, was overweight and hitting the gym to straighten that out. I found myself watching her and her trainer closely, and he was getting her used to exercise again, working with her gently, but pushing her, too, to put forth as much effort as possible. Every time I saw her, she was drenched in sweat, very flushed in her face and winded, but she also seemed very determined to make the most of her time at the gym.

We struck up a conversation on the stationary bikes; she was cooling down from her latest workout, and I was also on my cool down time on the pedals. We made small talk, and I encouraged her to stick with her trainer, Jared, whom I had known for years, and who worked out with me back in the day, and helped me get back in shape. And here I was back at the gym, attempting to get rid of that pesky winter weight gain and get back in shape.

We both were exiting the showers and heading to the doors when I asked her if I could buy her a smoothie at the juice bar in the gym lobby, and she eagerly said yes. I bought us too energy recovery smoothies and sat down at the counter. We were both chubby, winded, red-faced and shaky after our respective workouts, but there was definitely some chemistry there. She noticed the absence of a wedding ring on my finger, as I noticed her empty finger as well. When the bar server brought us our smoothies, she made the flip remark, that we “both look like such a cute couple.” We both stammered to try to correct her, but she persisted with us, “well, you should be!”

Cheryl was the kind of full-figured girl I’ve always been turned on by, round ass, perfect small round breasts and a smile and devilish eyes that promised a hungry sexual appetite. We compared careers; she was a part-time ER nurse practitioner, I was a food writer. She jumped on that fact to quiz me on my favorite restaurants, what I liked to cook, and my favorite foods. I think we both saw our hearts skip a beat when we agreed that pizza was our favorite indulgence. I know my heart twinged more than a little. She complained that pizza was her downfall and that’s why she had the additional weight. I assured her that she looked fine to me. I also made the bold move to say that pizza was “my favorite FOOD to eat, anyway…” She laughed, but I think she knew what I meant, and she knew I was more than attracted to her.

I flat out wanted her. Naked. Legs spread. Moaning as I ate her pussy.

“I LOVE this smoothie,” she said, “but what I really want…” I leaned it, over-eager at her request. She nervously giggled. “…is a coffee.” I pretended to be disappointed at her desire. Another nervous, seductive giggle from her. I thought the interest was definitely mutual.

“Name the place, let’s go get a coffee, “I volunteered. We both got up to leave, and walked to our cars. “I’m kind of coffee snob,” she said. “Me too,” I answered, “I grind my own beans and everything, every day.” “Hey, so do I,” she said, “What kind of beans do you use the most?” “Anything from Trader Joe’s,” I countered, “but I look around and get beans from other places, too, as long as they’re dark and strong and mysterious.” “Oooooh,” she cooed, “dark and mysterious, yum!” Oh man did I want to seduce this one.

“I read this article in a magazine, and it made me want to try all these different beans. Places all around here, I never even knew about these places!”

“That was my article, I think,” I answered. “No way!” she screamed, “The one that talked about all these little roasters in the burbs that are like secrets except to coffee geeks?”

“That’s the one!” I responded. “Omigod! I can’t believe it,” she screamed, “I LOVED that article! I bought all those coffees you wrote about!”

“No you didn’t,” I answered her, confidently. “Oh yes, I did,” she replied. “I’m just gonna have to show you. You’re coming to my place for coffee.” I was more than attracted now. I was aroused. She made the first move, and my cock was getting hard.

I followed her back to her townhouse, which was just a short 10 minute drive from the gym, in a nice new development that had been built in the last couple of years in nearby town. Fresh eucalyptus scented her home, fresh, herbal and stimulating. With every step into her home environment, I was getting more and more aroused.

“C’mere wise guy, take a look!’ she shouted at me. “I am, I am,” I stammered back at her, “nice ass!” I took a chance at lewd comment, the vibe of attraction was definitely in the air, and I really was getting turned on by her full round ass contained in her tan capri pants. I wanted her, no doubt about it. Her energy, her sexuality, her confidence, was raising my desire.

“Not my ass, motherfucker, my coffee,” she Sancaktepe Escort shocked me with her dirty talk. There in a cabinet above her coffeemaker were six different bags of coffee beans. “All from YOUR article,” she huffed. “I told you I was serious.”

“Oh God, you’re a coffee slut like me!” I joked, throwing in the “slut” to see if she’d react. “You even have the same fucking coffeemaker as I do!”

“No fucking way,” she answered, ramping up the dirty talk, “that’s kind of amazing, really. But I AM a total coffee slut. And I am gonna make some, so pick one, I’ll let you choose.” I drew closer to her, standing right behind her at the kitchen counter. “You don’t have to have coffee if you don’t want to, you can have something else,” she teased. “What would you like?”

I was just inches from her delectable ass, and I also noticed that she was at least 5 or 6 inches shorter than me. “Hmmmmm,” I hummed, acting like I was actually considering a choice. She spun around to almost face me. I peered in to the cabinet at the bags of coffee. “I think…I want…hmmmmmm…I think…I would like…a kiss.”

“Ohhh!” she acted surprised and interested. “I can do that!” And she wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me down slightly for a warm, sensuous kiss. I wrapped my right arm around her waist and drew her closer, eliciting a moan from her as she continued to work her lips around mine. Her fingers found their way into my hair as we continued to lock lips and softly moan to each other, encouraging each other, pressing our bodies against each other. I could feel her hunger, and she could feel mine. And I know she could feel my hard cock pressing against her waist, and she pushed into me, as if to encourage the hardon, moving slightly up and down and we clutched each other. I lowered my hands to her ass cheeks, gently squeezing them to show my interest, and to help her subtly hump my hardon. As I began to knead her ass, she let out a louder moan, and slid her tongue deep into my mouth, breathing hard through her nostrils, showing me how aroused she was quickly becoming. The kiss lasted for 2 minutes or more, and when we released, we both let out a gasp and a simultaneous “Woooooo!” causing us both to laugh out loud. “Honey, that’s some great coffee!” I spoke first. “Well I want another cup,” she answered, pulling me in for another breathy kiss. I moaned in agreement and went back to kneading her beautifully plush ass, causing her let out a pronounced, loud moan. So she loves her ass to be played with, I noted.

“Feel good?” I mumbled through the kiss. “Yesssssss,” she hissed. “Bedroom. Now. Come. Fuck the coffee. Fuck me instead.” She was on fire, and quickly, I thought. I underestimated her interest and her arousal. But I adored her bluntness.

She reached into her refrigerator and grabbed two bottles of water, reached for my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. Her bedroom was large, sweet smelling and dominated by a king size bed. She dropped the water bottles on the nightstand and pulled me down on the bed on top of her. She spread her legs wide and I slid in between them, kicking off my shoes and diving into her open mouth. We kissed wildly, and she immediately started to grind her pussy into my bulging hardon. We dry humped for a few minutes, as I planted kisses and bites to her neck, pawed at her breasts. She slid her fingers into the waistband of my khaki shorts, fondling my ass and boldly playing with my ass crack.

I spun us both around on the bed and pulled her on top of me, sliding my hands into her capri pants and kneading her naked ass cheeks. “I want you fucking naked,” I whispered into her ear. “And I definitely want me naked, too.” She quickly pulled off her spandex tank top and pulled off her sports bra, straddling me topless. Her breasts were almost perfectly round with just a slight sag, and her bright pink nipples were hard. I reached up to pinch them and to squeeze the breasts around them, and Cheryl hissed in delight. “Ooooooooohhhhhh,” she moaned, as I kneaded them and pinched them alternately.

“I gotta taste them,” I begged, as I stuck out my tongue lewdly. She bit her lip and lowered her right tit into my waiting mouth. I licked around her large engorged areola and sucked on the firm, sweet nipple. She was delicious. I moaned and gulped her breast hungrily, and sucked even harder on her nipple. “”Oooh yeah, yeah, ooooh yeah, oh God, ooooh yeah, “she growled, “I loved my tits sucked.” She then moved her left breast into my mouth and I attacked it like the sexually starved man I was, licking and moaning and biting her nipple, getting squeals of delight from her mouth. My hands were fully down the back of her pants, feeling and groping at her ass cheeks, coaxing her pants off her hips, and she was wiggling to get them off while continuing to dry hump the hard cock concealed in my shorts.

She tugged at my t-shirt and I lifted my torso up just enough to let her pull it off me, pulling her down on top of my bare chest for a hungry, growling kiss, feeling her warm wet Escort Sancaktepe breasts pressing into my chest hair. I pushed her pants off her hips and then pulled her panties with them, and in an instant, she was naked on top of me. Her skin was soft and lush, and I caressed as much of her naked body as I could reach, luxuriating in her full figure, loving her wide hips and full, round ass. She tugged at my shorts as I continued to rub her all over, and at once she found the top button and zipper of my shorts and tugged them down my legs, taking my tighty whiteys with them. She slid down my chest and wasted no time taking my cock in her left hand and licking it all over with her tongue, covering it in spit and plunging her mouth over its entire 7 inch length. She was relentless in sucking me, gulping and gasping, moaning and purring, she was letting me know just how much she loved to suck cock.

“Holy fuck, you’re as hungry as I am,” I said.

“I am, and it’s been a long time since I did this,” she answered. “I really love sucking cock, really really love it, do you have a problem with it?”

“Fuck no,” I answered, “you can have my cock anytime you want it, anytime anywhere, no matter what. I love your hunger. You suck cock like I eat pussy. I could do it for hours.”

She continued to pump her mouth up and down and all around my cock, licking at my balls, then back up the shaft, then down over the entire thing like a starving person. She held my cock firmly, stroking it slowly, and dipped below it to suck and lick my balls. He tongue was magnificent, firmly probing and then licking loudly, with loads of saliva bathing my balls. Then she ran her tongue below my ball sac and gently pushed my hips up and began to lick and probe my asshole with her tongue. “Oh fuck yeah, do it, eat my ass, eat my ass, you hungry girl, you,” I moaned.

“You like it?” she asked.

“I fucking LOVE it, really love it, don’t stop,” I begged. “I can’t wait to eat yours.”

“You like to eat ass too?” she replied.

“I fucking love it,” I answered, “can’t get enough of it, I crave it like heroin. Love it as much as pussy.”

She quickly spun her hips around and backed over my face, lowering her neatly trimmed, soaking wet pussy over my mouth. I grabbed her soft round ass cheeks and squeezed them, opening them and giving me a look at her sweet rosebud, glistening with pussy juice. I extended my tongue and gave her pussy a wide wet lick, probing her fuckhole, oozing with juice. I then trailed my tongue upward to her anus, licking furiously, to show her my appetite for ass.

“Oh God, yeah, lick me, yeah, oh yeah, lick me,’ she screamed, just before plunging her mouth down onto my hard cock again, gurgling and moaning as she filled her throat with dick. Her ass was fantastic, soft, supple, sweet, as I probed it gently with my tongue, then more aggressively, probing and plunging my tongue into her ass, savoring the pussy juice dripping all over my face and chin and neck.

“Oh yeah, I love it, I love it, eat me, eat me, ohhhhhhhh,” she moaned, popping my cock out of her mouth and licking my balls and shaft and making noises to let me know she approved of my mouth and tongue. Her moans just made me want her ass more, as a circled her rosebud with wide, wet licks and kisses, and bolder plunges into her anus, bringing yelps and squeals and frantic licks across my ball sac and cock shaft.

“Stop, stop for a minute,” she gasped, spinning her hips around to face me and kiss me forcibly, plunging her tongue down my throat and groaning into my mouth. “I need you inside me, I need you inside me so fuckin bad,” she gasped.

“How do you want it?” I asked.

“Can I ride you, can I ride you, can I ride you?” she gasped again, her eyes filled with lust and hunger. She ground her hips into me, as I spread her ass cheeks to help with entry into her soaking wet cunt. I slid quickly into her, and she hissed into my ear, “Oh God, that feels so good, it’s been forever since I had a cock inside me.”

“Anytime you want my cock, you can have it, anytime, I promise,” I panted into her ear, grabbing her face to kiss her passionately and explore her mouth with my tongue. “Taste your pussy and ass all over my face?” I gasped. “Taste it? Lick it off me. You taste so fucking good. I could eat you all day. I wanna eat you all day and night. I love your ass, I want to eat your ass all day.”

“Anytime you want my ass, it’s yours, I promise”, she said, repeating what I said to her. I plunged deeply into her pussy, showing her my joy at her willingness to feed me what I craved. “I want to eat yours just as bad, I swear. I loved your ass.”

“I love my ass eaten,” I whispered in her ear, “I love it fingered, I love getting fucked.”

“You like to get fucked in the ass?” she whispered back, “You like a cock in your ass?”

“If you fuck me, I know I’ll love it, “I moaned in reply. “Whatever you want to do to my ass I’m gonna love it.”

“I have a nice anal dildo for you,” she whispered, “I love it in Sancaktepe escort Bayan my ass, I’m gonna love it in your ass.”

“Whatever you want, do it, do it, I want it already,” I gasped. “I wanna fuck your ass, too.”

“Oh God, you’re gonna fuck my ass for sure,” she said aloud,” you’ll definitely fuck my ass. I fucking love anal.”

That image put me completely over the edge and I unloaded an explosion of cum into her pussy. “I’m cumming,” I gasped, thrusting hard into her.

“Oooh yeah, cum in me, baby, cum in me,” she screamed,” I love it, I love it, oh God I can feel it, oh God I can feel it!”

She plunged her mouth onto mine and kissed me violently, savagely. It was as good an orgasm as I have had I years. She was screaming and bucking on top of me. “Me too now, oh God, me too,” she blurted out, as she shook violently, grinding harder into me, spasming and gasping for air.

She collapsed on top of me, and her body seemed to drape itself perfectly over mine. My hands remained holding her ass cheeks, soft, warm, perfect. She reached for the bedcovers with her left hand and covered our panting bodies.

“I’m a little chilly after my workout,” she breathed into my ear.

“I like our workout,” I answered. “I love this gym.” She kissed me deeply, softly, romantically. We looked into each other’s eyes. Hers had a dreamy, emotional desire in them. I think we both realized we had found an almost perfect partner.

We dozed off for over an hour in that position, her atop me, warm, plush and softly purring. I gently slid her off me and to my right, and pulled her tight to my side, planting kisses on her forehead and hair. Her right hand landed on my softened cock, and she gently squeezed it and ran her hand across it and over my balls. I ran two fingers of my right hand down to the crack of her ass and softly played there, grazing her tasty rosebud. We fell back asleep, caressing each other, purring for each other. It was one of the most restful naps of my life.

From that day on, we managed to hit the gym at the same time and found ourselves back at her place and into the shower together, soaping each other up, kissing passionately, probing each other with our fingers and hands. Cheryl took great care in washing my back and ass, using her razor to shave my back pristinely and delicately, painstakingly grooming my ass until it was smooth a bare as a baby’s bottom. Every time she soaped my ass up, she would rinse me and then bury her face between my cheeks to tongue and probe my rosebud, tongue fucking me, finger fucking me, tickling my prostate and making me harder than I’ve ever gotten on my own. She was as orally obsessed as I was, and giddily offered her ass to me in the shower and I would copy her ministrations to me, trimming the cute patch of auburn muff above her totally shaved pussy lips, lapping her cunt and ass and fingering her fuckhole with two, three, even four fingers while tongue fucking her sweet delicious asshole. We’d get out of the shower, towel off and tumble into bed, attacking each other, and she would spread her thick thighs wide and offer me her pussy for fucking. Best sex ever, with a deepening love for what we both knew we shared: passion for food, drink and sex.

I knew Cheryl was a single mom with a daughter, as I had seen the obviously femininely decorated bedroom next to hers, and she eventually mentioned her, talking about how she shared custody with her ex-husband, a Wall Street exec, who spent only several days a month with her daughter.

Her daughter’s name was Carrie, and I finally met her when I lingered at Cheryl’s townhouse after one of our long afternoons in bed and she invited me to stay and cook dinner with her. Carrie was in high school, a senior, and she was an almost exact younger version of her mother. A little bigger chest, but the same slightly full figured body, gorgeous, full round ass and solid thighs, and the same sparkling, inviting smile and personality as her mom.

Dinner with the three of us was fun, a simple rendition of chicken marsala and wild rice and carrots, and we managed to down almost two bottles of wine, with lots of talk about school and how much Cheryl and I had in common, and how glad Carrie was that her mom was seeing someone and feeling happy again. When Cheryl excused herself to use the bathroom, Carrie told me was how quiet and lonely her mom had become after the divorce and how much she had been staying home while Carrie was out with her friends. Carrie and I definitely got along and were immediately attracted to each other, in an almost innocent flirty way.

We cleaned up after dinner, loaded the dishwasher and tumbled onto the recliner couch and I got the prized position on the couch, in between these two engaging, sexy women. We watched a movie that Carrie selected, and, before it was over, both mom and daughter fell asleep and both ended up nestled against me, so natural, so relaxed and comforting. I eventually dozed off myself. Cheryl and I seemed to wake up at almost the same time, noticing that it was already 1:30 in the morning. She noticed Carrie had fallen asleep on me, and said “Oh that’s so cute, she must’ve felt comfortable with you, that’s a good sign. She’s never liked any guy I’ve tried to date, and I know she can’t stand her father, so I’m kinda glad she took to you.” I was too. I liked everything about Carrie, just like her mom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32