My Future Father-In-Law Ch. 06

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Future Father-In-Law 6

“Can I join you?” my fiancee Mike, Jr. asked as he tapped on the shower door. “Please?”

“I don’t know,” I teased as I luxuriated in the warm water pummeling my still tingling body. “What did you bring me from the store?” I asked grinning with a giggle in my voice.

I was glad I had made it a practice over the past year that Mike and I had been together to only allow him to shower with me occassionally, and then only after asking. At the moment, the last of my father-in-law’s semen was just being rinsed from big bust. I watched intently, sighing, as the thick white globs of sperm ran down my belly and on to the flesh of my tanned legs. I couldn’t help visualizing the huge meatus in Big Mike’s glans flaring open as he had repeatedly hosed me. I sighed again and watched as the rivers of thick white juice swirled down the drain.

“You know what I brought you,” Mikey replied. “I didn’t get anything last night or this morning. So I DO have something for you!”

That was true. I smiled broadly as the warm water ran down my still slightly quaking belly. My father-in-law and I had gotten off several times in the past day or so, but Mikey had only had me once. And he was a sweet, horny fiancee who loved my puss – several times a day if I let him. So…

“OK.” I replied glancing around to make sure that no remnants of his father’s fluid remained, “But don’t start trying to maul the Big Girls.” I laughed out loud as I softly stroked my nipples with my left hand as I firmly cupped my mons with my right hand. I thought of Mikey’s iron hard cock pounding me and I tingled more. I didn’t know if I could help daydreaming of his Dad’s big tool, but I knew Mikey would bring me off good.

My father-in-law, Big Mike, had gotten me off just a very few minutes ago while pumping my massive mammary flesh with his big side of beef, but I wanted some hard man flesh inside of me now. It was really great orgasming by nipple stimulation alone, but I wanted a bit more too. I was very warm and moist between my petals. I guess I am a bit selfish, but I knew Mikey would love it too. He always did! Besides… What’s good for the Goose is good for Gander! And I know how men are! I ran my right middle finger up over my Little Girl in the Boat very, very gently as I shivered and closed my eyes visualizing that big slab that hung between Mike, Sr’s legs and waited for my fiancee to join me. Mikey had a choice to make right now and I knew it. Put on a rubber or take a handjob. I made his decision for him!

“Put on a ‘Coat, Mike,” I said, “I really want to have you in me!” I almost grunted out this latter and I knew he would enter the shower as hard as a rock and sealed in latex. I always made him use a rubber.

“Yeah, Baby!!!” Mike hissed as he stepped into the shower. “I been needin’ this all morning, Honey.” he gasped as he ogled my big bust and took hold of me by each hip and kissed me softly. I ground my mons against his thigh and he kissed me harder pushing his tongue into my mouth. The movement of his tongue into my mouth instantly gaziantep ateşli escort bayan brought a twinge of discomfort to my jaw. My future father-in-law’s monstrous girth had nearly split my head and left me with quite an ache in my jaw. I sucked Mike’s tongue for a moment with that vision of Mike, Sr.’s huge thick tube spreading my face and then I pulled back and smiled at my fiancee.

My breast were heaving a bit and my nipples were still erect from my earlier encounter with my father-in-law’s big shaft. I looked into my dear, sweet fiancee’s face and smiled. He was wild-eyed. Just like his Dad had been when that hose of his had erupted while buried deep in my cleavage! What a facial and shampoo that had been.

“Wanna little nipple time, Honey?” I cooed to my fiancee. I knew he did as I had never really let him work on my bust the way he wanted. Every guy ogled me and that had started when I was 11. They – the Big Girls I carried – were something I guess. Mikey wanted to really handled them badly; he wanted to maul them. But, I was saving something – well a lot of things – for after tomorrow. Tomorrow was our wedding day and I had promised Mikey a lot more action then.

“Yeah, Baby, yeah!” he nearly slobbered. “I love those monsters of yours.”

“Okey dokey, Sweety!” I breathed. “Just run your finger tips around my puffy areolas lightly. But that’s all OK?” I asked as I took his face in my hands and kissed him. I looked down at my swollen nipples as he took the middle finger of each hand and began to softly circle each of my thick nipples.

“Uuuunnnngggghhhh….Yyyeeeeessssss….” I moaned through clinched teeth. “That’s nice…that’s nice…keep going…Yyyeeeaaahhh” My flesh quivered under his touch and my puss was beginning to really warm up and wet. “Use your thumbs on my nipples, now, gently, gently…” I whispered as I took his sack in my right hand and softly fondled him. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. I couldn’t help seeing Big Mike hanging there. I wondered how any woman could ever take him! And I groaned over and over as Mike softly thumbed my nipples.

“AAAAAHHHHH, YES!!!!” Mike, Jr. grunted in response to my hands on his bag. “Ooohh Honey I can hardly wait for tomorrow night to get here! I’m gonna fill you up, Baby. Every drop of cum is goin’ in then. Bareback, finally!!!!”

I looked forward to taking his man fluid. We both wanted a child – a son hopefully – right away. In fact we had planned our wedding day around my fertile period. And, I would be ovulating tomorrow.

“Ooooohhhhh, Sweety.” I moaned in response to his throbbing penis’ touch on my hand “Jeeeez, that feels good.”

My flesh trembled with his words and my skin dimpled under his touch. Mike and I were the perfect pair. Everyone said so. We were both intelligent. He was tall, dark and handsome. I was a bit pretty myself in a wholesome, girl-next-door sort of way. I knew I wasn’t ugly, but I didn’t have that classic beauty that made men stop and stare. But, I learned bakımlı escort gaziantep very early on that I had a body that more than made up for it. I had a tight, slightly muscular body with long, long legs and I had a bust that DID make men’s jaws drop. And I kept those ‘F’ cups in form fitting clothes at all times. Men just couldn’t keep their eyes off my chest; Mike, Sr. – my fiancee’s dad – had been ogling me since the second I had arrived. I often wondered if my father would have been proud of me if he had stayed around long enough to watch me develop. I wondered what my fiancee’s brother would think when he arrived later today; when he saw me would he sport a big bulge like Mike, Sr. had.

Mikey was good to me and we loved each other. We wanted our marriage to be special and I had done my part by making him wait for bareback intercourse until we were married. I had made him wait for a lot of things. I gave him protected intercourse whenever he wanted and I had stroked off his little ejaculation skin to skin many, many times but that was all – no oral from me, no pussy without a rubber, no anal, no big hand fulls of breast meat. He had to wait for all that. I gently squeezed his sack.

“Kneel down and lick me, Sweety.” I cooed “Stick you tongue in me.”

Mikey was on his knees in a split second and I spread my thighs for him. He inserted his tongue between my lower lips and I sighed and gurgled loudly as I lay my head back against the marble wall of the shower and closed my eyes. There it was again! My father-in-law’s huge log was bobbing and swaying in my memory as chills washed over me from head to toe as Mikey ran his tongue up over my clit repeatedly. The sensations – and the visions – continued until I took Mike by the hair and gently tugged him to his feet. We kissed as I sat back on the edge of the big tub and splayed my thighs completely. Mike inserted his slimey tongue deep into my mouth and my jaw twinged again. What girth I’d taken!!! My future father-in-law had been in ecstasy.

“Oh yeah, Honey!” little Mike gasped “Spread those legs. I love the way your petals just open right up when your legs are apart! Here it comes, Girl!”

Mikey kneeled in the tub and guided his sheathed penis into me. I was very, very tight, but VERY wet and he only had to push a little before he had penetrated me to his full 4 or 5 inches. He pressed into me and I could feel his meat throb. I groaned out load.

“Uuunnngggnnnggg!” I gasped! “Do me, Baby, do me hard, do me fast!!””

“Yyyeeeaaannnhhh, B – a – b – y!!” Mikey stuttered as he commenced to pump.

S – L – A – P. . . S – L – A – P. . . S – L – A – P. . . S – L – A – P. . . S – L – A – P. . . S – L – A – P. . .

Our wet flesh came repeatedly together as Mike’s steely rod prodded as deeply as it could in to my tight space over and over and over and over… I was in heaven… The climb had begun rapidly…Mikey was grunting and grinding. My head swam and the vision returned. Mike, Sr.’s huge slab filled my gaziantep bayan escort mind again and I climbed higher and higher in pace with Mike, Jr.’s increasingly firm and rapid jolts.


“Ooowww…Aaahhh…Wwwhhheeewwuuu…” I mewled into my fiancee’s ear as he slammed into me with increasing speed, force and power. Our pubic bones pounded together and my insides were turning to jelly through and through. My gut was swirling as I urged him on.

“G-o…G-o…Go, Ba-by, Go, Go, Go!” I gurgled as he throttled my narrow canal and my spring wound tighter and tighter.

“Ungh…Ungh…” Mike grunted, “Lordy, Honey, it’s good! You’re so wet and hot!”

I looked up at my husband-to-be flailing between my thighs. I was resting backwards on the edge of the tub on my elbows and he knelt between my legs pounding for all he was worth. He looked up into my eyes with a dazed expression and then back at my huge mounds floundering on my chest in perfect time with his drilling. He smiled and looked back down between my legs where his cock furiously sliced into my flower. We were close to the edge of the precipice. I was so tightly wound!!!

“Yyyyuuuugggghhhh,” we groaned in unison and looked into each other’s eyes smiling and grimacing.

Mike continued to pound at an insane rate and I relaxed backwards and closed my eyes. Mike’s Dad’s massive meat swung in my mind’s eye again and I moaned loudly. My sheath involuntarily tightened spasmodically around my fiancee’s pistoning wiener. I lay awaiting the power surge and the fiery short-circuit that approached with lightning speed. Our hot, moist flesh slapped at a madding pace.

BlapBlapBlap BlapBlapBlapBlapBlapBlapBlap BlappityBlappityBlappity BlappityBlappity Blappity…

“A-A-A-A-H-H-H-H-N-N-N-N!!!!!” Mike bellowed and froze in place as deeply impaled me as he could go. I felt his meat expand slightly and I fell headlong over the edge as the warm rushing waves from deep in my loins collided in my mind with a flashing and sparkling display of fireworks. Deep within my belly the earthquake shook and shivered. My entire body throbbed from within for at least 4 solid minutes and then I collapsed into the misty darkness.

“Oh, oh, oh…oh…oh…yeah, Honey,” Mikey croaked “That was awesome!”

I could barely manage a glance upward and smile as my entire being was still traversing the heavens. My breasts heaved with my gulps for oxygen. I looked down at Mikey’s tightly wrapped organ and saw that he had almost filled the reservoir tip of the condom. I looked up at him and grinned.

“Is that good stuff or what?” I gleamed at him!

“Yeah, Baby! And tomorrow night I’m making a direct deposit…or 3…or..7 or whatever reloads we can manage!” he gloated.

I glanced again at the condom on my fiancee and the vision returned. Big Mike’s flaring meatus and the rigid laser beam of semen that had slammed my head flat to the chair when the white rope slapped against my cheek as I stroked his huge organ through a magnificent finale. I couldn’t get the visions to stay away. What a rush! I wondered if ‘Daddy’ could even fit it in a condom.

Life was great and getting better. Tomorrow Mike and I would be wed. Mike kissed my brow. I collapsed in the tub as he stepped back…

“Hey, Mike!” came a shout from my future father-in-law, “Your brother’s on the phone.”

(To be continued.)

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