My fuck-buddy Stacey

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The voice on the over end of the phone said “hi babes! Remember me?” I instantly recognised the cute voice mingled with the mockney/Chav accent as that of Stacey, a friend of a friend who We both spent the night sucking and fucking with a couple of weeks ago. We made polite conversation for a minute or so before Stacey said “what you up to tonight babes?”. I was meant to be meeting up with friends for an evening of movies and cannabis, but given the option of spending it with a bunch of stoned lads & ladettes or a cute kinky little BBW there clearly was no contest.

I opened the door and my dick instantly became hard! Stacey a big and sexy brunette was wearing a tight low-cut white top, a pair of the smallest tightest jean shorts I’ve seen and black PVC calf length boots. She hugged me tightly and the scent of ripe female filled my nostrils making me even more hornier. Feeling my erection pressing against her belly she grabbed my bulge and gave it a squeeze “pleased to see me babes?with no Lindsey here I’ve got you all to my self now” she said wickedly. “You smell so and look so fucking sexy” I whispered in her ear, “I kept ‘natural’ just cause I know you like it babes” she replied before pushing my head down her amazingly gorgeous curvy body towards her crotch. Her natural scent was amazing as ever as I pushed my face against her denim covered mound and inhaled Stacey’s horny fragrant pussy in deep long breaths through her skimpy shorts. I then looked up and asked Stacey to turn around which she did and knowing what I wanted she slowly bent over to touch her toes, I instantly stuck my face between her beautiful jeans covered cheeks and inhaled the funky aroma from her sexy bum as I reached round and slowly began unbutton the front of her shorts and she slowly started to gyrate sexily grinding her fragrant arse in my face.

My dick was already throbbing hard as I began to slowly kiss the insides of the top of her thighs, “let me taste you Stace! Please” I said as I began to slide her jeans shorts slowly down exposing her big beautiful pale white arse. Stacey stood up and removed her shorts and top letting her big juicy tits fall out and bounce around as she laid back in the armchair hooking her hands behind her knees and spreading her self open. I had a sense of déjà vu as I admired her beautiful plump pale white body! especially her beefy red pussy lips and brown puckered anus all surrounded by a thick bush of black hair, not only did she look incredibly sexy she smelt even sexier. I placed my nose infront of her hairy pussy and arsehole and breathed in her very natural fragrance, “eat me babes!” She cooed and I responded by running my tongue slowly between her meaty pussy lips making her jerk and gasp. I smiled and winked at her before repeating my actions but this time flicking and sucking her swollen clit into my mouth, this produced a deep heavy moan from my sexy cute fuck-buddy as her pussy started to dribble it’s juice down over her sweet puckered bumhole.

Whilst I carried on orally working her pussy I began to slowly massage her free-flowing pussy juices on to her Beşevler Escort hairy tight anus with my index finger, this made her begin to pant and shake drawing her ever closer to cumming. “Lick my bumhole please babes!” Begged Stacey as I began to kiss my way down to her beautiful little anus. As I slowly kissed her hot steamy bumhole and flicked at it with the tip of my tongue she slipped a couple of fingers into her creamy wet pussy and slowly frigged herself off. Copious amounts of creamy pussy juice now flowed from her hot fragrant pussy and ran down her hairy arsecrack which I lapped up lovingly, “I’m so in love with your hot minge and arsehole you sexy girl! You gonna let me fuck you?” I asked as i kissed the inside of her pale juicy thighs. Stacey giggled and offered me her two pussy cream coated finger to suck which I slowly sucked clean to show her how much I wanted her juicy pussy. Pointing to her creamy wet sex she said “you know what I want babes! Make it happen and you can fuck me! I’ll give you a special treat too!”. This was all the incentive I needed as I then began to munch her pussy feverishly, Stacey began to writhe and buck moaning loudly as I slid two fingers inside her hot dripping wet pussy too trying to find that right spot inside her. When Stacey started to shake and whimper obscenities I knew I had found it as I sucked her engorged clit into my mouth, to take her to the edge and over I slid the mid-digit on my other hand deep into her hot tight bumhole and slowly began to finger-fuck her which became too much for Stacey as she screamed squirting several huge jets of thick hot cum over my face and into my waiting mouth.

She laid there shaking and in tears of pleasure before saying “that was intense babes! Haven’t cum like that since that night with Lindsey”. I crawled up on top of her and kissed her letting Stacey sample the taste of her horny pussy, “I can smell and taste my pussy on you babes” she giggled as she kissed me again only more deeper and slower as she tasted and savoured her fabulous pussy and arse. I replied “you smell and taste so extremely sexy Stace! You know I love your beautiful natural scent” as I then made my way down to her large heavy tits and sucked on her swollen erect nipples making her moan softly. My straining cock was still in my jeans but pressed against her hot juicy pussy and I could feel the heat from it as I began to rub myself against her showing what I now craved so badly.

“Get your cock out babes!” She requested and I stood up unbuttoning my fly to release my throbbing dick for this beautiful girl, as I did she leaned forward and began to kiss the end of my cock whilst looking at me with her sexy ‘fuck me’ eyes. “I want this!” She panted before beginning to envelope my throbbing dick with her hot mouth. It felt so good as she began to slowly suck me slow and hard stopping occasionally to stick the tip of her tongue into the end of my cock which made me leak pre-cum that Stacey licked up declaring “I love the taste of your spunk babes! I want you to fill my mouth with your hot sticky sperm please”. Escort Beşevler She carried on her expert blowjob before she stopped and kissed me whispering “do you want to fuck me babes huh? I’ve still got to give you your present haven’t I?”. With that she got into position spreading herself out in the chair again and spread her juicy labia open too showing her hot juicy wet pussy driving me mad with lust.

Without hesitation I approached my beautiful friend and nudged the head of my cock against her soft wet pussy watching as it enveloped my hard dick with ease. As I slowly shafted her she reached up and unzipped both her PVC boots and said “take them off for me babes”, I slid the first one off and was instantly hit by the smell of her foot which was clad in a very sheer dark nylon pop-sock. Stacey knowing all about and loving my naughty little foot kink pushed her foot gently in my face so the underside of her cute pudgy toes were against my nose, “Is that nice babes?” She purred as I began to kiss the moist sole of her nylon pop-socked foot. “It so fucking sexy! You don’t know how much this turns me on” I replied just barely keeping it together as she slowly wiggled her plump toes and flexed her chubby foot against my face. This overloaded my senses and I had to stop fucking her hot creamy pussy because I was so close to cumming, “getting to hot babes?” She asked cutely and I nodded mutely as I carried on kissing her stinky foot.

Stacey rolled over on to side and spread her bumcheeks apart to reveal her tight hairy bumhole, “make my little pooper happy babes for a while whilst you cool off” she drawled as I then got back on my knees and began to kiss up and down between her wispy bumcheeks. She the lifted her leg slightly and began playing with her messy hairy pussy again as I started to slowly penetrate her sweet bumhole with the tip of my tongue making her whine and frig her pussy faster and harder. My horniness reached a peak as I stood up and firmly rolled her onto her back again and slammed my hard cock back inside her making her pant “fuck me babes!”. As I banged away on her hairy wet pussy she brought her other boot clad foot to my face, I slowly her pulled her boot off to reveal her other nylon pop-sock covered foot which I instantly pressed my face into inhaling her hot nasty scent. Pulling off her pop-sock I wrapped my lips around three of her cute porky toes and sucked hard on them relishing her salty funky taste as I removed her other sock to give her other beautiful foot the same treatment. Stacey was clearly loving this as she watch and gasped excitedly as I gave her a long slow ‘toe-job’ whilst I continued to fuck her with long deep strokes.

Having seen she was a flexible girl I cupped her ankles and gentle bent and spread her until her feet were nearly touching her cute pretty face. Stacey giggled “they’re so stinky!” and began to lick at her own toes, I lent forward and we began to lick, kiss and suck both her feet as well as kiss each other. Whilst we worshipped her beautiful stinky feet she whispered to me “you want to fuck my bum-bum babes? Beşevler Escort Bayan Want to fill my tight little hairy pooper with your cock huh?” In an instant I was up off of her and turning her over to get her into the ‘doggy’ position. “Slow down babes! I’ve got to lube up! Pass me my bag babes” she said as I handed her handbag to her. She rummaged inside it and pulled out a tube of KY and a vibrator, after handing me the lube I began to squeeze it out on to her puckered bumhole which she slowly began to rub and finger her own hot little anus. “Come on the babes! I want you bugger me to within an inch of my life” she requested grinning back over her shoulder. I placed the tip of my cock at her beautiful anus and pushed it in surprisingly easy, I then slid in even further just as easily. “Ever since that night with Lindsey I toy my arse everyday thinking about you banging away on my tight pooper and filling it with a hot load for Lindsey to lick and suck out” She panted as I fucked her now with deep long strokes. I leaned forward and began to kiss my way up her sweat coated back to her neck and ear whilst I reached under and began to play with her pussy. I whispered in her ear “I want to watch you and Lindsey get it on”, Stacey began to whine loudly and replied “I want to fuck her so badly! I’d love her to be here now watching you porking my tight pooper hard and deep babes!”

Stacey stopped me and said “let’s go to bedroom babes! I want to do something”, picking up her vibrator she the led my to the bedroom and sat me on the edge of the bed facing my full length mirror. Stacey straddled my lap facing the mirror and lowered her hot gaping anus onto my throbbing cock, she began to fuck my cock with her greasy bumhole with long deep strokes whilst toying her clit with her vibrator. As I kissed her love handle on her upper back I asked if she liked watching herself getting fucked! She replied “I love it! It’s such a turn on and I would love Lindsey to be here eating my pussy and sucking my toes and soles while you plunder my bumhole”. I placed my hands under her knees and laid back lift her legs and spreading her wide. I then began to drill her arse hard whilst she fucked her pussy with her toy and watched herself in the mirror getting sodomised hard and deep. “Is this what you want Lindsey to see? You want me to fill your pooper with hot spunk to feed to Lindsey?” I asked her and whilst wailing yes loudly she came like a geyser squirting and shaking uncontrollably over everywhere before slumping on top of me like a rag doll whimpering softly.

I waiting until she had got some sort of reasonable composure back and whispered to her that I badly needed to cum. I stood over Stacey’s face and she rolled her legs back and placed her sexy bare feet back on my face, she then began to jerk my cock slowly whilst I again smelt, licked and sucked her gorgeous stinky feet which instantly had me close to cumming. “Open you mouth babes” I pleaded as I began to squirt jet after jet of hot salty spunk across Stacey’s waiting tongue and in her sexy mouth which she then swallowed with a big smile.

Whilst getting dressed to leave Stacey said she would try and get Lindsey to get together for another threesome soon but until then we would just have to fuck each other!!! which good enough for me…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32