My friend Anna

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She had been my friend a long time but she was acting odd of late

She was spending a lot of extra time at her new summer job as a flag girl on a construction crew

She had no time and no energy for her friends and she claimed that it was all sitting around on a chair

She had also been dressing UP for such a job makeup and lipstick seemed out of place

But as she was my friend i let it go at that until that fateful day

I was called out of town to drop off some supplies to a construction site

Now as i drove and listened to my tunes i came upon a large road crew and saw Anna there as a flag girl

But what a sight my eyes must have popped out as i pulled up alongside her steel toe boots, shortie shorts and

a tied up t shirt showing her solid Cs to best advantage under a mesh orange vest with a pink hard hat

she looked hot and not because of the sun

We chatted for a few min waiting for the all clear and i continued on my way completing my task

Now a was returning late that evening about 8pm now on pure chance i spotted her car at a

Nearby motel in a tiny town so i figured id drop in and pass some time as these places rarely even have cable

i pulled in and parked my truck out front and wandered into the office

the motel clerk said she was in room three and just go around the side so i walked around to her room

and just as i was about to knock i heard a squeal and saw light coming from the window

and thought what the hell ill have look

what i saw next will be forever etched in my mind there was Anna on all fours while being drilled from

Behind by the longest cock i had ever seen and what’s more they were not alone three other men were

Sitting around in various states of undress watching and drinking

Anna was letting out another little squeal every time this guy bottomed out in her

“Don’t you hurt her Billy she has all night to go yet “

She was decked out in a black body stocking that just accentuated her hips and tits head pulled back

By force with Billy using gaziantep travesti his fist in her hair to keep her in place as he drove in to her sex with abandon

He kept this up for a few more minutes until with a grunt he sank deep inside and just pulled her hair tighter

So she could not escape his eruption deep within her cervix then with a sigh he sat back and let

his long limp cock flop down on his thigh

Anna turned at once and put the meaty morsel in her mouth cleaning it of their combined juices

as she worshiped this cock another man just stood up behind her and simply rammed

his thicker but shorter cock in her waiting pussy boots on and cigar in mouth this guy was

just using her for his own lust as he pounded her viciously from behind hard and fast like a jackhammer

anna kept sucking the horse cock in front of her to fairly hard state then with every thrust

from the crude man behind she took more and more of it in her throat

the others were hooting and hollering things like “holy shit lookie” and “dam girl your goina choke”

and she was she had six or seven inches down already and trying to stuff more down her throat

she made little choking sounds as her nostrils flared and her face turned red

the crude man behind her picked up his efforts and drove her deeper still forcing more and more in her throat

till her nose touched his crotch hairs “that’s 10 inches of prime meat gone “ ” this girl is amazing ”

exclaimed the one called Billy and then the crude man just pulled out and shuffled up to her face and started to pound

his own meat until he was cumming all over the side of her face and dripping down on Billy then he grabbed her hair

and pulled her totally off Billy’s cock With a choke and a gasp he then pushed his own cock in her mouth “clean me “

is all he said Shoving her face to his nasty looking cock i could see her jaws working to suck the scum off and get the last

drops of cum in his balls Once he was satisfied with her efforts he pulled her off and threw her back on the bed

The next guy stood and just crawled up and mounted her missionary right where she fell up on the bed

Without any hesitation he was balls deep in her creamy pussy He was in a few strokes when he pulled back grabbed

her ankles and lifted them high in the air so her shapely legs looked great and drove his cock right up her unprepared ass

she let out a scream and right then Billy just rolled over and put his cock right back down her throat

her muffled gagging was still audible as the guy i learned was Jim started using her ass roughly keeping her legs high

on his shoulders after a few more strokes Jim spoke out “lets fill this one” calling one of the other men over

he lifted her up just as Billy withdrew and he lay on his back pulling her ass right back down on his cock “fill her up boys “

Billy moved over and thrust in her waiting pussy causing an audible woof from Anna

The final guy stood up then and walked to Anna and placed his cock in her mouth standing over the others

Grabbing her hair and using her as a fuck doll while not as long as Billy this guy had a thick piece of meat and

he was filling her throat as Billy and Jim filled her ass and pussy to overflowing then Anna started a rocking motion

she started to buck faster and faster in frenzied movements like a pinball between bumpers and a low growl kept

coming from what was possible from her throat as she was mouth fucked

she was a wild thrashing sweaty mess a wild animal caged by these three men All three kept it up till they filled

her and you could literally see it oozing all over from her ass, her cunt and from her mouth.

the velvety flow of the cream they released was unbelievable. Dripping from every orifice

while all this was happening i lost track of the last man until i felt a heavy hand on my shoulder “son that’s rude”

busted i stood and stammered as i turned to face this beefy man who saw something in me and took pity

“come on in for a drink” “no sense getting all worked up alone” and pulled me into the room “look boys new meat”

They all turned and grinned Anna was still gyrating and did not see me past the bodies of those men

The older man Sam was now turning to the table brushed everything off it pushed to the open space in the room

They put her soaked body full of hot creamy cum inside and out on the table Billy grabbed onto her legs spreading

them wide I thought she is really limber and he pounded her pussy so hard she was screaming again and the table

was rocking violently

The other two wanted back in the action so the one with the boots on shoved him out of the way flipped her

on her stomach and just rammed her over and over again like before

Sam walked to her head hanging limp off the other end of the table and popped his cock between her slack lips

Jim and Billy just moved to the sides and her hands automatically closed around their cocks and started stroking them

It was finally too much for me and id roped my pants and started stroking my own cock Billy had pity and moved over

So now for the first time since playing doctor as children Anna was touching my cock now everyone was in on the action

And with grunts and squeals we all drove for eruption then one by one we came first it was the crude man he pulled out

and started spraying her pubes and Billy filled her belly button i came next not able to control it i just splashed

where ever it fell Sam pulled out and covered her face and eyes with spunk as did the others in turn

she was a beautiful fucking mess black body stocking covered in cups full of cum her hair face and bush a matted mess

she just hung there limp and drained like a doll it was the hottest thing i have ever seen this little minx took on

all these men and still looked great i was hard once more so quick i still don’t believe it and i had to fuck her

i moved between her legs and with one slippery thrust i was balls deep in my best friend and had to add my

cum to her full pussy i did not last long but it felt like my balls were gripped by pliers as i came so hard it hurt

adding my load to this crew of men that used anna so well

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32