My Freshman Year Ch. 04

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I hoped you’ve enjoyed my last stories, as I hope you do this one. This one happened about a month ago.

Last semester, Natalya and I scheduled one of our electives together (Bad idea. I got almost no work done. I came out of the class with a C). We thought it would be nice to see each other throughout the day, since our schedules seemed to be getting busier and busier.

This time, I got to class a little late and couldn’t sit with Nat like I normally did. I sat a few seats in from of her. When I got there, I realized that I had left my glasses at home when I had gone back to get my textbook (that day was particularly forgetful for me). The girl next to me was kind enough to let copy her notes as she typed.

The professor is rambling on about how the colonial period was the ‘foundation of the nation,’ and I was busy typing away, taking down the notes. Then an AIM box popped up. At first, I was going to close the window and turn of computer’s WiFi, but then I noticed who it was, so I read it:

NATGIRL45: Y’know, I could just lay you out right now.

Without even looking up at her, trying not to seem conspicuous, I typed:

PJONKML: Really? Well what do you propose we do about that?

NATGIRL45: We need to go somewhere. NOW.

PJONKML: Well, I’ll bet no one is in that bathroom on the third floor.

NATGIRL45: Hmmm…sound like a plan to me. Lead the way.

I calmly packed up my bag and walked out of a side door in the lecture hall. I walked up casino oyna the stairs to the third floor, and down the hall to a bathroom that was at the very end. The way it was situated, it looked as if they had added the bathroom after building the place. Anyway, I readied myself: checking my hair and situating my clothes. This was the most public place we had ever done anything in, and I was more than excited.

I heard her foot steps on the hall, and I held my breath waiting for her to open the door. When she did, I was standing across the room against the wall. She grinned, locked the door, and started walking toward me. I met her half way, and wrapped my hands around her waist, pulling her closer to me.

When our lips met, her mouth was so warm. Once again, she tasted like strawberries (She likes strawberry candy; always has it on her. Now, when I taste, smell, or even see strawberries, I think of my baby). I was trying to savor her. We had to slow down. I pulled back just enough to let her now that I intended to take it slow.

She started unbuttoning my blouse, and I unbuttoned hers. When she got the shirt off of me, she looked at me like I was a feast for her to devour. I love it when she looks at me like that. She was biting and teasing me, but I had to feel her lips against my again, so I pulled up to me, just enjoying the feeling of her body next to me and her lips next to mine.

We were standing there, in the middle of the bathroom, holding and kissing each slot oyna other, I could stay like that forever. Her mouth left mine and found my neck. She gently kissed and nibbled and licked; I not so gently sighed and moaned and grunted. She was slowly backing me up against the wall. Her had pressed against the front of my pants, I gave a little cry, my eyes closed, biting my lip. I could feel her smile against my neck. She increased the pressure and I was all hers. She was undoing my belt and pants with painful slowness. I wanted her to rip them off right then.

At the same moment her hand found my wetness, her lips found mine, and I moaned into her mouth.

“Does that feel good baby?” she asked

“Oh God yes baby, that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

She was encouraged now, and started her journey down my body. Leaving a trail of wet kisses in her path, leaving me shuddering, she reached her destination. I looked down at that beautiful face as she pulled down my jeans and panties in one fluid motion. She looked up at me one last time before dipping her head down, and putting that magical tongue to work. Up and down, in and out, round and round, this girl had me going crazy. Soon, I was bucking and writhing, calling out her name. When it hit me I almost fell over, but she caught me and held me up. I came down and opened my eyes to my beautiful Natalya, and I was once again assured that I loved her.

Now, it was my turn to make her weak.

I turned her around and canlı casino siteleri pinned her against the sink. I snaked my hands under her skirt to grab her ass and jerk her to me. When I did, she gave a little yip and grinned at me. She was enjoying this as much as I was. Pushed her so that she was sitting on the counter and stood between her legs. I started to slowly tease her and try to draw it out, but when Natalya wants something, she wants it right then. She grabbed my hand and shoved it between her legs.

“I want you to make me cum, right now!”

“Like this baby?” I asked and shoved two fingers inside.

She through her head back and grabbed a handful of my hair.

“Oooh. Just like that.”

We were working up a rhythm. She was meeting me trust for thrust. I knew she was close because she was moaning in my ear.

“Oh shit. Baby don’t stop. Just like that.”

Her legs were as wide as she could get them and her back was against the counter. We were both breathing like bulls.

She tightened her grip on my hair and gave out a cry that was almost silent. I just held on as her hips bucked and shook. When we finished, we cleaned up, fixed make-up and hair. She looked at her watch, and we saw that we had missed the rest of our class and were late for our next.

With one last kiss, we parted. Later, back at home, she told me that everyone had said she was glowing the rest of the day.

“I just laughed and said that I was in a good mood after one of my classes; I really enjoyed it.” She said.

I smiled and thought to myself that she had been glowing, but then again, she always glows when I see her.

Hope you liked it. Of course, I’m always open to feedback. Happy reading.

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