My Flight Attendant

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I’ve never been into big girls, but this one was different. Usually I go for more athletic women, being something of an athlete myself.

She’s a flight attendant for a major airline, but I can’t say which one because I don’t want to get her in trouble, or myself sued. The names and places have been changed to protect the guilty.

She welcomed me onto the plane with a warm smile. She had flaxen blonde hair loose about her shoulders, and flashing blue eyes that totally lit up her face. It was her eyes that attracted me at first, and her classically beautiful face. Leonardo da Vinci could have sculpted her, she was so beautiful.

My flight went from Miami to Atlanta to Denver to San Jose, California, so I would see a lot of her that day. I found that I wanted to see all of her that I could.

I sat in the rear of the plane. I know the best seats are supposed to be up front, but I like to sit toward the back, because if Something Bad happens the passengers there are the most likely to survive.

Laura was her name. She had a big, round, perfectly inverted-heart shaped ass, large breasts, and a perfect hourglass figure to carry them. As one old female friend of mine said about such a figure, she had hips that could give birth to a nation and breasts that could feed them. She was underpinned by shapely, proportionate legs, and surprisingly small feet.

My gaze was drawn to her ass every time she walked forward, and to her face every time she walked back, and I couldn’t help but make eye contact with those magnificent blue eyes. Lovely, sparkling eyes that inspire men to write poetry and songs. Every time we made eye contact I smiled at her and she smiled back.

The thought kept running through my mind that I should say something to her. Anything. I should start a conversation. But how? She was a professional doing her job, doing it well, and one of only 4 flight attendants riding herd over 180 passengers.

First stop, Atlanta. As I remained seated instead of jumping up to get off the plane she approached me and she started a conversation.

“Hey there. Where are you going?”

“All the way to San José.”

“Me too. We’re going to see a lot of each other today.”

“I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see a lot of,” I said.

I couldn’t help but watch her swish that big, perfect ass up and down the aisle as she worked. I was drawn to her face, her eyes, her hair. She noticed me noticing her. She seemed to like my attention. She began almost to perform for me. She would swish up the aisle with an exaggerated wiggle as she passed me, and a discreet wink as she returned.

Professional exchanges turned to small talk, and small talk became subtle flirting. We had a mutual attraction that was impossible to deny.

I customarily sit in the window seat, but this time I chose to sit in the aisle seat so I could have more contact with her. I had the second to last row to myself, and she discreetly motioned for me to move over, and she started sitting next to me on her breaks.

She sat turned toward me as best she could in the tightly cramped airline seat, and crossed her legs, letting her skirt ride up a bit, and showing me a delightful bit of panty-hose clad thigh.

As we approached San José we found out that we were going to the same hotel, down town by the convention center. Not only was it one of the convention hotels, but the airline also put up their off duty crews there.

“So, maybe you can have dinner with me tonight?” I asked.

“That’s an excellent idea.” she replied. “We get meal discounts at the hotel, so I’ll buy.”

She got a mischievous look on her face.

“Is it true what they say about visiting conventioneers?” she asked.

“Depends.” I replied. “What do they say?”

“That they’re always horny?”

“Of course it’s true. Why do you think they say it?”

She giggled.

“Is it true what they say about flight attendants?” I asked.

“What’s that?” she responded.

“That they’re insatiable?”

“Of course.” she said with a smirk, as she discreetly traced a finger up my thigh. “Why do you think they say it?”

I got hard so fast I thought my dick would poke a hole right through my pants. This would be a very interesting night.

We exchanged phone numbers. The airline has a policy against flight attendants dating customers, so we had to be discreet. We agreed to meet in the hotel restaurant after getting settled in.

She had a ride to the hotel courtesy of the airline, and I had baggage to claim, so we had to go separately. Parting, as the old adage goes, is such sweet sorrow. All the sweeter knowing I would see her later that night. The intense anticipation made my juices flow. If I couldn’t take my mind off of her then I would certainly have a mess of man juice on the front of my underwear.

Got the bag, got the shuttle, got to the hotel, and fifteen minutes after checking into my room I was showered, shaved, and dressed for a casual dinner. cevizli escort Just as I finished zipping my pants and buckling my belt my phone pinged. A text message from Laura directed me to a booth in the back corner of the hotel restaurant.

I walked through the lobby bar, where a jazz combo played lively tunes for some early drinkers, among whom were the other flight attendants from my flight in. One of them, a tall, thin blonde seemed to have found a hook-up of her own, holding hands with and whispering into the ear of a small, dark woman with silky black hair. I smiled as I continued through to the restaurant.

As I customarily arrive early to conventions and trade shows, I did not see any of the other conventioneers who I knew. This was good, because it added to the discretion of the evening.

The restaurant was cozily dark, and I found Laura in the rearmost booth. I sat with my back to the back wall, where I could see the dining room, but nobody could see Laura unless they walked all the way to the back. The subterfuge felt delightfully clandestine, which added to the fun of the evening.

Laura’s face lit up with a smile, and her blue eyes sparkled. Unlike her uniform, which hid much of her endowment, the floral broom skirt and light red silk top she wore now accentuated it. She went braless, and the light silk top left little to the imagination. When she saw me her nipples sprang to attention, showing through the fabric of the blouse, and her large, perky breasts swayed gently as she moved to invite me in. The sight of her went directly to my penis. This thick girl wore her thickness very well, and I couldn’t wait to get her out of those clothes.

We ate a light dinner, getting hornier all the time, because eating is a sensual experience that goes well with sex. This dinner made all the more sensual by feeding each other occasional morsels. As much as I wanted to tear into a steak dinner, it isn’t good to try to have sex while in a food coma.

As we ate, I felt her foot brush against my leg, and start to work its way up toward my crotch. I scuffed off my shoes, and started to return the favor, running my foot up her skirt, and up the inside of her calf. She parted her legs invitingly, and I continued my way up the inside of her thigh. When my knee bumped against the table, stopping my progress, she adjusted her position so I could continue.

As I inched my toe toward her pussy I found, to my delight, that she was not wearing panties. She opened her legs further, and shifted her pelvis forward, giving me access. I gently worked my big toe into her soft, moist flesh, and as I touched her labia she gasped slightly, and her moistness got very wet. She moaned softly and shuddered.

While I was toe fucking her, at the same time she worked her big toe against my dick through my pants. I was stiff as a tree, the seminal fluid was flowing, and I could already feel a wet spot forming on the front of my underwear.

I held myself together long enough to call the waitress for the check. From the smirk on her face she knew exactly what was going on under the table.

“Scott,” she gasped. “We need to stop. I’m a gusher, and if I cum here I’ll make a mess all over the booth and all over my skirt.”

She’s a gusher. Oh my.

“That’s alright,” I replied. “If you’re going to make a mess then I want it all over me.”

She beamed. We changed positions, put our feet back on the floor, and she pulled me across the table and kissed me firmly on the mouth.

I slipped her a room key, told her my room number, and slid out of the booth. She would follow a few minutes later, so we would not be seen together.

As I walked back through the hotel bar, the tall, thin blonde flight attendant was now kissing the the small, dark woman with the silky black hair. A good time would be had by all tonight.

I went to my room and immediately brushed my teeth. I wanted my mouth fresh because I wanted to spend some time kissing Laura, starting at her mouth, working my way down to her toes, and then back up again, to the last follicle on her head. As soon as I put my toothbrush back into its case I heard the lock cycle, and Laura slipped quietly through the door.

I stepped out of the bathroom and she was in my arms. We wrapped each other in a tight, full body embrace. She wrapped her right leg around me as I pushed her against the inside of the door. We kissed furiously, hungrily devouring each other’s mouths. She moaned and whimpered quietly. I broke the kiss, lifted her head, and moved down, placing a line of kisses down the line of her jaw to her neck.

She smelled wonderful! A light perfume, wildflowers with a note of sandalwood, but mostly she smelled like a healthy woman. And she smelled like sex.

I moved my hand to cup her breast, and ran my fingers over her rock hard nipple, which strained against the fabric of her blouse.

She yanked the blouse over her head, dropped erenköy escort it to the floor, and clutched my hand to her bare breast, gasping at the contact, which sent an electric shock through her.

I moved us toward the bed as she fumbled with the buttons on my shirt, which soon yielded, and I let it drop to the floor. We embraced hard again, and kissed deeply, she sighing as her bare breasts pressed against my naked chest.

I pulled the tie on the drawstring of her skirt, slid my hands under the waistband, and cupped her big, round ass, dropping her skirt to the floor. As we kept kissing, I ran my hands up and down from the nape of her neck, and caressed her ass.

She worked at the buckle of my belt for what felt like several minutes, then finally got it free, released the button, undid the zipper, and slid my pants to the floor beside her skirt.

Now unhindered by my pants, my dick stood proudly at attention, and she ran her hands over it, which made me shiver with the thrill that it would soon be inside her.

I turned her and lowered her onto the bed, which I had turned down earlier, knowing we would soon be in it. She was even more beautiful naked. She scooted back and propped herself on the pillows, and opened her legs invitingly. Her cute, round belly made a ski slope from her navel to her pussy, which was tufted with well groomed pubic hair, pink with her excitement, and glisteningly wet.

I lowered myself on top of her, relishing the feel of her smooth, soft skin against mine, and once again kissing her deeply, as she wrapped her legs around me. I kissed my way down her neck, which drew moans from her, and then down her cleavage. I ran my tongue in circles around her right nipple while rolling her left between thumb and index finger. I took her nipple completely into my mouth and teased it with my tongue. She rolled her head back, and ran her fingers through my hair, hugging my head to her breast.

As I played with her breasts I could feel the heat building between her legs, and the natural perfume from her pussy made my own juices flow even more than they already were.

I nibbled her underboob as I rolled both her nipples between my fingers, which she found delightful and encouraged.

I ran my tongue down from her cleavage to her navel, which I kissed and ran my tongue around. I stuck my tongue into her navel, which made her squirm and giggle.

I made my tongue take a twisty ski run down the ski slope between her navel and her pussy, but jumped off just shy of her bush, which made her gasp and shudder with anticipation.

I lifted her legs up and ran my tongue down the inside of one thigh and up the other, not touching her pussy, but just giving a breath of air over her pussy hair, which drew a gasp each time.

Her pussy became engorged with blood, opening her inner lips, and showing off the button of her erect clitoris. She was dripping wet, and juice ran down the crack of her ass over the rosebud of her anus. Her pussy smelled wonderful, and I hoped she tasted as good as she smelled.

I paused over her pussy, and just touched the tips of her short, well groomed pussy hair with my lips, breathing through my mouth, which made her gasp repeatedly, and vibrate with anticipation. I reached out with the point of my tongue and just touched the tip of her clitoris, which made her shudder and cry out, and produced a gush of girl juice.

I just touched my tongue to the crests of her inner labia and ran it up one side and down the other, skipping her clit as I went, which made her roll her head back and forth and moan.

I ran my tongue around her opening, licking up her pussy juice, which tasted wonderful. I ran my tongue straight up the middle of her labia and gave her clitoris a little flick, which made her shudder and cry out, issuing forth another gush of pussy juice.

She rolled her pelvis forward, giving me better access, ran her fingers through my hair, and guided my mouth onto her clitoris. I opened wide and did my best to take her entire pussy into my mouth, saturating my face with her juices, running my tongue over her clitoris from the shaft to the head.

She thrust toward me, fucking my face. I ran a finger up the crack of her ass, collecting the juices there, and slipped my index finger into her vagina, which sent juices down my wrist. I felt rhythmic contractions of her pelvic floor, and I knew she was close.

I put a second finger into her, reached forward, and massaged her G-spot as I flicked her clitoris with my tongue. She cupped her breasts, pinched her nipples, and exploded into an orgasm, and the tide flowed, covering my face, and hand with slick-sticky pussy juice.

I licked and kissed her entire pussy, lapping up her juices as the orgasm rippled through her.

She pulled my up and kissed me deeply, and kissed her juices off of my face. The smell of herself all over my face turning her on even further.

She esenyurt escort began caressing my rock hard dick as she kissed me, and I knew I was ready to pop and it wouldn’t take much effort to make it happen.

She rolled me over onto my back, climbed on top of me, and put her breasts in my face, which, of course, I had to suck on. Her soaking wet pussy left a trail down my belly as she moved down to kiss me again. She slid her slit down my cock as she moved down to kiss and gently bite my nipples. Her teeth on my nipples went right to my dick, sending electric shocks through me on the way.

She licked her way down my belly, around the base of my cock, and one at a time took my testicles into her mouth and sucked on them.

Seminal fluid flowed out of my dick, and she licked it off as she worked her way from the base to the glans, which she pulled into her delightfully warm mouth. She scooped up some of her own juices to lubricate her hands, and ran them up and down the shaft of my dick while she sucked on the glans.

She worked my dick into her mouth until she sucked in the full length, working her tongue on the underside, which sent me into orbit. When I felt the head of my dick press on the back of her throat that did it. I sent torrent after torrent of cum down her throat, which she swallowed and sucked greedily for more. I shuddered and twitched as the orgasm started at my dick and moved outward in waves through the rest of my body.

When I was spent she kept gently sucking my dick as I caught my breath. I pulled her up, turned her around, and settled her over me in a 69 as she continued her ministrations on my now flaccid dick. She was so juicy that cooze ran down the inside of her thighs, and when I put my mouth onto her clit also ran down my chin onto my neck. Her pussy pulsated and her whole body vibrated as I pressed the tip of my tongue on the hood of her clitoris and worked it up and down.

As I continued to work the shaft of her clit, I reached around her leg, and put one, then two, then three, and finally four fingers into her vagina. I felt rhythmic contractions of her pelvic muscles, so she was close to orgasm. I reached around with my other hand, coated my index finger with her juices, and gently pushed it into her anus. She cried out, convulsed, and niagara flowed as she burst into a powerful orgasm. Her pussy and her anus repeatedly pulsated around my fingers, and her juices coated my face, and ran down my neck onto my chest. She collapsed on top of me, breathless, still pulsating for several minutes.

When she had caught her breath she rolled off of me and admired her handiwork, as my dick once again stood at attention. She straddled me, and once again kissed her juices off of my face, while rubbing her pussy on my dick.

I have an odd physiological quirk. If a partner stimulates me to an erection before my body has completely recovered from the last orgasm then my dick goes into what I call “fuck forever mode”, and I won’t cum again for a really long time, if at all, and I’ll stay rock hard as long as stimulation continues. She had engaged that mode, and I was ready for action.

She looked at me, eyes bright and sparkling. She bit her lip adorably, and smiled.

“Are you ready for the main event?” she asked, her voice sultry.

“I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life.” I replied.

She scooted down and straddled my legs. From somewhere she produced a condom. Looking me in the eye the whole time, she tore open the wrapper with her teeth, and sensually unrolled the condom down the length of my dick.

I hate condoms with a passion, but wearing one is a small price to pay to fuck this amazing woman.

She positioned herself over me, guided my dick into her vagina, and mounted me cowgirl style, slowly lowering herself until my entire length was inside her, a look of pure bliss on her face.

She began to thrust forward and back, slowly at first, but picking up tempo until she was really going to town, riding me for all she was worth. She began to glow with a lovely sheen of girl sweat. She increased her intensity until she was nearly bouncing my head off of the headboard. Her breasts bounced, and all of her thick parts jiggled. I ran my hands all over her body, relishing the feel of her. The whole area between us was slick with her juice, and I could feel it running between my legs and down my balls, into the crack of my ass, and that delighted me.

I matched the tempo of her thrusts with thrusts of my own, trying to drive myself into her as deeply as possible. She rocked backward so that my dick hit her G-spot. She rocked forward, and ground her clitoris into my pubic bone.

“So close…” she murmured. “So close…”

I reached up to the nape of her neck, laced my fingers into her hair, grabbed a double handful, and pulled. She cried out and came, first with a big orgasm, then followed by several smaller ones, the aftershocks vibrating and reverberating through her body. This only seemed to excite her more, as she kept fucking. She steadied back into a rhythm, and tension built in her body as she climbed toward another orgasm. The tension built and built until she was like an overwound spring aching for release.

My own tension built up. I felt like my whole crotch was full, waiting on the edge of bursting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32