My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 32

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So as the school year is winding down it gets ever closer to when Kristen will move in with us. I cannot wait. I’ve loved having Aunt Jill stay with mom and I. She has gotten comfortable here and the three of us are inseparable. I can’t imagine what it will be like with all four of us here.

Now you’ll never guess who I ran into the other day at the grocery store. Candice, my mom’s on and off again girlfriend. I always thought she was the best until mom and Jill started dating. Still Candice and I started getting super close at the end and there was more than one time we almost became intimate. Seeing her got me instantly hot. I almost skipped up to her and when she saw me coming her eyes went right to my boobs. I forgot I was wearing a low cut shirt and I guess I must have been busting out the top as I bounced up to her. I liked it that she was eyeing me.

Well we just talked for an hour I think before she realized that her ice cream had melted. So funny. So to sum things up, Candice was single. She had dated someone since my mom, but it was over now. I could tell she was interested in mom, but hadn’t outright asked about her until I acted like I was getting ready to go.

“So is Patty single,” Candice asked me.

“Well she is sort of seeing someone, but I’m not sure where it is going,” I said. “I bet she’d love it if you stopped by to say hello though. I know I’d love that.” I’m not sure I meant to flirt with her right then. It just sort of happened. I reached out and touched her hand when I said it, and I just got this huge smile on my face.

Candice blushed and that made me want to do more.

“Okay, sounds great,” Candice said.

“How about this Friday?” I asked.

“I think I can make that work.”

It took me a few minutes after she left to question what I had done. At first I just kept thinking back to how hot it used to be to kiss her goodnight in front of my mom. It wasn’t innocent and she knew it. I will never forget watching them have sex and hearing my mom talking dirty to Candice about me.

However when I got home and told mom she wasn’t as excited. She asked me how I thought Jill would react. I guess I hadn’t thought about that, but I said, “Well she doesn’t seem to care when you have sex with Carol or Kayla.”

She told me that was different, though I’m not sure I really understand why. So my mom told Jill everything later that night and I apologized though Jill didn’t seem to act like it mattered. And there wasn’t like I could un-invite her now without hurting her feelings. So the week went by and when Friday came Candice showed up at our door dressed to kill.

That’s when Jill seemed to suddenly get jealous. I was surprised, but it was very obvious to me. We had dinner at our house and even though Candice didn’t seem to be flirting at all, every time Jill and I had a second alone she would comment on how Candice wanted my mom. I certainly had not planned on upsetting anyone and now I felt bad.

I suggested to Jill that I could start flirting with Candice, and Jill seemed even more upset and blurted out, “And cheat on Kristen.” So this night wasn’t nearly as fun as I hoped it would be.

I still couldn’t understand why Candice was different, but maybe it was because mom and Candice had dated, though honestly they had only ever been friends with benefits if you asked me. So I said, “So why don’t you have sex with Candice?”

Jill gave me an awkward look.

“Well or at least flirt with her.”

Jill looked deep in thought and when I brushed her hand she said, “I wonder if that would make your mom jealous.”

“I don’t know,” I said not sure what she wanted to hear.

Well she did it. She totally started flirting with Candice. It didn’t seem to make my mom jealous at all in fact I think it got her excited. That said, I think Candice got a little freaked out and she actually didn’t stay long after. It didn’t seem awkward when she left, but I sort of wondered if it was because of Aunt Jill.

My mom actually said goodbye to Candice at the door, and I’m not sure why but it sort of made me sad. Anyway then I sort of took it upon myself to walk Candice to her car. We talked for a little bit though it was kind of chilly due to the wind. I can’t remember everything we said, but I definitely remember her saying, “Well your Aunt seemed to like me.”

I sort of just threw caution to the wind and took Candice by the hand and said, “I sort of like you too.”

It wasn’t awkward, but there was this weird moment of sexual tension as I slowly moved in closer and started to kiss her. She almost didn’t kiss me, but then she just went for it. It wasn’t sensual at first, but it got there quickly. I knew she wanted me when I felt one of her hands caress my face and soon after the other hand was touching the side of my boob. But when I touched her breast she stopped kissing me and just stared at me like she wasn’t sure if she was making a mistake.

I got bold and said, “Mom told me you used bursa escort to fantasize about me during sex with her.”

She looked completely embarrassed. “She told you that?”

“Well I sort of brought it up as I overheard you two talking one time,” I said.

“You heard us?” She looked very nervous.

“I sort of watched you a couple of times too,” I said smiling, “You’ve always been my biggest fantasy ever since I was in High School. I pictured walking in on you and mom and . . .” I sort of caught myself being too honest, but it was enough to get her crazy for me. She started kissing me again and even though we were standing in the front yard for all the world to see, she was completely making out with me.

I’d like to say we did more, but we didn’t. She drove away a while later and I walked into the house. My mom and Aunt Jill were up stairs having sex already and had no clue what I had done. I let them have their fun by themselves for a bit and then I joined them.

Mom was lying on top of Jill on the bed. I loved seeing their huge boobs smashed together while they kissed. I decided to do something I hadn’t done in a while. I got out two double dildos from the closet and started doing both of them at first with just my hands on the dildos, but then I had them scoot to the edge of the bed and with a dildo in each of them I bent down facing the other way and with a lot of work (let me tell you it was not easy) I got each dildo up both my holes. Oh my, gosh, I pounded them as best I could. It felt so good and I loved hearing us all making noise, though I wish I could have watched them.

That night I slept between them in bed. Loved them cuddling on both sides of me. Jill kept rubbing my tummy and mom kept going back and forth from sucking my nipple to kissing my cheek. It was just such a wonderful night. I love them both so much. I wish Kristen could have been there though.

Okay so the last weekend of May Kayla called me. I was actually surprised, but happy. We talked for a long time, in fact I’d say we talked for a good half an hour before she even brought up our last crazy weekend and then we talked about that for nearly an hour. I sort of let her lead the conversation and did my best not to freak her out, but I guess we started getting sort of steamy and so I mentioned that her watching mom and I was just so incredibly hot for me and how I hadn’t felt that horny or had such an intense orgasm as that for years.

She sort of peddled around it not wanting to admit anything I felt, but finally after saying how shocked she was multiple times she finally admitted that it had been exciting to watch. Then she started talking about how much she had loved making love to my mom in the shower and I just listened for the longest time, before I joked that I was jealous. To which she said that she had enjoyed me more, and I said with or without Kristen. She never really answered that, which I thought was cute.

So then I brought up how Kristen was coming home soon from Ball State and she was happy for me, but then she seemed to change then. I didn’t get it at first, but then after a while she asked me if I wanted to get together with her sometime. I wasn’t sure what to say because I was afraid she meant like me and her on an actual date. So I asked, “You mean like just you and me or with Kristen too.”

I actually thought we got disconnected because of how long she waited to answer and when I was like, “Hello.” She came back on and said, “Or maybe just you and your mom.”

WOW, I was very surprised. She was a little freak after all. My innocent little Kayla was into it. I think I was incredibly horny by now and I asked her right away, “Can you please watch mom have sex with me for a while, just watch us?”

“Yes, yes I’ll do that, plus I’d like to shower with you both.”

WOW, I was so excited. The idea of her watching us have sex made me get so wet so fast. I started fingering myself as we talked and soon had four fingers up inside me.

We talked for a while longer, but I rushed to mom as soon as I could. Jill was in the shower right then and I told mom our plan. She was super excited about it. And then she said, “But we have to invite Carol and bring a blindfold for Kayla to wear.” OMG, mom and her blindfold, but I was so horny I agreed.

Okay changing the story up a bit. You’ll never believe who I ran into the next day. Not sure if you all remember Kylee. She was one of my Track girls, the one Jordan had a crush on. We actually met at an ice cream shop and we talked for a while and then we ended up sitting in my car together as it was windy and we weren’t done talking. She told me all about her first year of college and all sorts of things and then she brought up Jordan. I guess Jordan had tried something with her, but Kylee hadn’t done anything. I was disappointed for Jordan, but not surprised, but then Kylee did surprise me when she said. “I did have a dream about you once though.”

I showed my surprise and bursa escort bayan she went on to tell me how she had dreamed that we had sex, and she told me that Jordan had told her I was a lesbian. I didn’t know what she was after exactly. Kylee was very pretty and her perfect little 34C boobs were stretching out her hoody she was wrapped up in. Kylee was 19 a year out of high school, and yet I felt like I still shouldn’t do anything with her. I decided to just explore where she was. She admitted to having thoughts about girls occasionally, but didn’t think she was a lesbian. She wasn’t sure if she was even bi, but she just had thoughts as she put it. We talked mostly about her for about twenty minutes before she said, “I think seeing your breasts that one day in the locker room . . .” She sort of looked down at her lap for a bit and then said, “I’ve never stopped thinking about that day. You have the most beautiful body I have ever seen.” (LOL, not that I am bragging, but that is exactly what she said, ?)

I just smiled at her and suddenly I wanted to show her them again. I actually started looking around to make sure no one could see as she continued to talk, when I felt confident I ducked down just a little in my chair and pulled my shirt up. I hooked my bra too and out plopped my big boobs.

When they fell out I said, “What these old things?”

She froze, stopped talking and stared at them. When she spoke she sort of whispered, “Oh shit, those are so fricking huge.”

I laughed and said, “You should see my mom’s” I then pulled my shirt down, though I didn’t re-adjust my bra and I hand my hands resting over my boobs. I could feel my hard nipples pushing through the fabric into my palms.

She looked so nervous and she said a few things that didn’t make much sense and I think I heard Jordan’s name and then something about my boobs again, and then finally she asked me if she could touch them. I said no immediately, and she looked so sad. I felt bad for teasing her, and so I explained how this wasn’t the best place to be doing anything like that. She understood.

Then she said, “Wow you are definitely not afraid to show off your body.”

I agreed and for some reason I started telling her how I like it when people saw me naked and that it was a turn on for me. She acted like she could never do that, which made me want to see hers, though I didn’t ask.

Then she asked me if she could see them again. It was so cute. I told her I really shouldn’t take any more chances and she seemed so disappointed that I started the car and said, “Hold on let’s find a place to go.”

I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it, but we ended up on a back road near a woods and I pulled off into this little gravel drive and hoped no one would come this way. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. We both leaned our seats back a bit and then I slowly pulled my shirt up again and my nipples were so ridiculously hard and sensitive that I shuddered a little when my shirt rubbed over them.

She looked at them like they were some new discovery in science, and she turned in her chair and bit her finger. So I suddenly was so horny I wasn’t sure what I would do next. I knew I wanted her to see more of me and I pictured Kayla watching me have sex with mom and I became so wet.

I started rubbing my own nipples and I licked the top of my breast and she let out this cute little chirp when I did.

Then she said, “Can I touch them?”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to get started because I was afraid how far I would go, so I said, “Maybe you should show me yours and touch your own.”

She looked really nervous, but her hoody was open and her shirt was up within a few seconds of me asking. She had very firm round boobs. And I wondered what they felt like. She started brushing her fingers over her nipples and watching me do the same and then I started to suck my own nipple. When I did my hand went right down my jeans without thinking. I got frustrated and undid them and pulled them down past my knees. Then I thought what the hell and pulled down my panties just as far. I spread my legs as much as I could with my jeans still on and started to rub my clit with one hand and suck my nipple with the other, the whole while staring into Kylee’s eyes. She moved closer but didn’t touch me and she watched me rubbing my wet pussy. I started moaning a little and rubbing faster, but then I slid my fingers deep inside of me. I pulled my soaked fingers out and rubbed some of my cum on my nipples, but then just a little on my lips too. That’s when Kylee put her hand down her own pants and started playing.

The look on her face was so sexy. I actually wanted to touch her, but I liked what we were doing. She leaned towards me further and I said, “Just watch me.” When I orgasmed I fingered the hell out of myself and I heard her moan when she came watching me. She lay there for a bit looking up at the ceiling before she looked over at me again. I was rubbing escort bursa my cum soaked hands over my breasts and then licking them off. I love doing that it turns me on so bad.

She said, “I can’t believe we just did that.”

And I was so messed up I said, “I wish you could watch me while someone fucks me.”

She was confused and thought I meant a guy, but I assured her I meant a strap-on dildo and that I was completely lesbian. She actually didn’t say anything more about that. Maybe I scared her a little, but she seemed okay with what we had done, and we talked about it while driving back to her car.

When we got back she didn’t get out of the car right away. I think she wanted to kiss me, but she never said anything or even tried. When I went home I told my mom everything and she said, “Hopefully she won’t tell anyone.”

I really didn’t think she would as she was not out and who would she tell.

Okay so Kristen was graduating from college. We all went down to help her move out. That was not fun at all, though what was cool was she ended up introducing me to a couple of her sorority sisters as her GIRLFRIEND! OMG I was so proud of her and so just HAPPY. She had come out to a few of them like the last couple weeks of school. She had told them she had lied about me being her cousin, which I was cool with as that would have just caused problems I’m sure. They all seemed really cool about it which was great. I remember a few of my friends completely ignoring me after I came out.

So anyway, enough of that. We went to her graduation too, and that was nice. Her dad showed up for that. Where was he when we needed muscle, but I also sort of get it as I am sure he is hurt she is moving in with us instead of him. So, the five of us all went out to eat afterwards. Then the four of us came home. When we walked in the door, her mom took her in her arms and was talking to her about how proud she was of her and how happy she was that she was moving in with all of us. I was happy too, so happy and I couldn’t wait to get Kristen alone in my bedroom, knowing that I was going to be sleeping with her every night now, but I didn’t get my wish. Her mom took her by the hand and led her upstairs. My mom said, “Let’s let them have their fun. I’ll sleep in your bed tonight.”

It’s not that I don’t love my mom. I love her as much as Kristen, but I was very disappointed. That said, mom and I had such an amazing night together. I think hearing Kristen moaning in the next room got me super horny. Mom and I mostly just rubbed each other and sucked our nipples, and of course lots of kissing, but she ended the night with the strap-on of course. At first she was going at it, but she seemed to get tired soon so I just rode on top of her for a long while.

While I fucked myself she talked to me about how wonderful it was going to be with the four of us all living together. I didn’t talk much, but I listened to everything she said and just felt so amazing to have my life turn out so perfect.

Then mom asked me if I had told Kristen about Kylee. I told her I had. Then she asked me if Kristen was okay with me and her going off with Kayla like we were planning. I explained that Kristen was just disappointed that she wasn’t going to be part of it. Then my mom said, “Well it seems like Jill and Kristen will enjoy the weekend alone.”

I agreed.

Then my mom said, “I’m glad it will just be you and me.”

I leaned forward and kissed her so passionately, but still continued to rock on the dildo. I ended up cumming while we kissed and then I collapsed on her body. I can’t begin to explain how much I love the feeling of our breasts together. It’s just the most comfortable, sexual position for me. As soon as I could I told her how much I loved her and then we kissed a long while before we both got cleaned up and then went to bed.

I totally slept in the next morning. When I woke up my mom was gone. I hopped out of bed and stared at myself in the mirror. I made sure my hair looked cute. I wanted Kristen to just fall in love with me all over again this morning. I was so excited to see her. I washed my face in the bathroom and then I went down stairs. No one was there. I assumed I’d have breakfast waiting for me. I figured Jill and Kristen must still be sleeping, so I thought about making breakfast for everyone, but then I thought where is mom?

So I went back upstairs and went to my mom’s room. I should have known. Jill was laying on the bed watching my mom fucking Kristen. Kristen was leaning over the bed looking at Jill’s sexy body, and my mom was pounding her doggy style. Kristen really wasn’t making much noise so I guess that’s why I didn’t hear them, but I heard her now. She was hissing. I’d never heard her do that before.

Jill didn’t even notice me and mom and Kristen were facing away so I just went down stairs and started making breakfast. I thought it would be a fun treat for everyone since I have hardly ever made any meals since I’ve been home. I just threw cinnamon buns in the oven and cut up some fruit, stuff that could wait if they took a while. Jill actually came down first. She had on a robe, and I sort of had forgotten until she whistled at me that I was still naked. I like being naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32